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Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie
Looks like: Medium Mixed Breed
Male, 8 years old, 15 pounds
Oreo Cookie is ready to be adopted. He has had a journey and is glad to be out of the shelter, where he was confused and stressed. He is cautious of people at first, but a loving hand is received with enthusiasm. Poor Oreo was found to have BBs imbedded in his skin, including some that we had removed from the top of his head. He is such a strong boy for trusting in humans after someone did that to him. He just wants to be loved and it is so sweet and endearing.

Oreo is a true tail wagger that blends well with other dogs. His happiness is contagious and we are excited for him to be in a forever home. He came to us from Monterey County Animal Services.
If you would like to meet Oreo Cookie, press the Adopt Oreo Cookie button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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