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Looks like: Large Mixed Breed
Male, 9 years old, 85 pounds
Agave- here's a terrific dog who will definitely sweeten your life! This big boy has a magnetic personality, and he lights up a room when he enters with his charismatic energy. Agave loves to give a bark or two as a hearty "Hello!" when greeting new humans and dogs, and then settles right into his mellow friendly self. He's the ideal companion for someone who loves to have a dog keeping them company while working from home.

Agave loves to play, and also is a champion nap-taker. He's a "leaner", asking for head rubs and cuddles. Agave LOVES long walks and needs them to help him trim a bit of extra weight (and what a great way to motivate his human to be healthy as well!) Agave is always appropriate and has been kind and gentle with everyone he meets. He enjoys car rides with the wind in his face; Agave seems to want to "drive" the car, however, so he is safest with restraints in place. He is fine being left at home, and you will get a joyful greeting that will make your day upon your return!

Agave is just a happy, sweet, all-star dog who will soon make you realize that adopting him was the best decision you've ever made! We all need some happiness in our lives right now, and Agave wants to share his with you.

Agave came to us from Monterey County Animal Services.
If you would like to meet Agave, press the Adopt Agave button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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