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Looks like: Terrier Mix
Female, 9 years old, 8 pounds
Perlita is excellent with people, a tad shy at first, but warms up once she feels safe with you. Once she bonds, she loves you. She gets a little nervous around other dogs in her space but can peacefully coexist with them if introduced slowly. Perlita is looking for a particular home because of her previous experiences.

She LOVES walking. Absolutely loves it. And while fairly good on leash, there is the occasion in which she will want to go a different direction than her person. Putting all eight pounds to oppose you, she is surprisingly strong. The big obstacle with her and walks though is her reaction to other dogs, as she is reactive at dogs who approach. She needs a dog savvy person to help her and she will need walks in locations with little to no other canine traffic. Thankfully, she is friendly to strangers she meets on walks.

Perlita is looking for a home without children. Using her mouth to communicate is in her vocabulary and could result if scared, surprised, or in reaction to someone moving too fast. She is also looking for a home where she is rarely if ever alone because Perlita is afraid of abandonment. She will follow her person everywhere, sleeping close and finding her way to her person's lap. She is so sweet and becomes attached in a short amount of time. Loves people and adores belly rubs. Likely will do best as the only dog in the home. So, if you have no children in your home, are home often and want a little companion, and have desire to go on lots of walks, she is your dog. Perlita is great in the home, is quiet, and has lots of energy for walks and then sleeps well through the night.

This sweet girl game to us from the SPCA.
If you would like to meet Perlita, press the Adopt Perlita button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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