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Looks like: Cattle Dog Mix
Male, 12 years old, 50 pounds
Ready gets a second chance! He was tied up at a ranch that was burning during the Del Puerto Canyon Road wildfire near Modesto. Thankfully, the neighbor had been keeping an eye on him for years, and when they went to evacuate their own livestock, they grabbed Ready too, and saved his life.

He has lived outside on a ranch for most of his life, and he's looking forward to his future as a "family dog." He spent most of his life on a long tether at the ranch. Despite this, he is an amazing dog with a gentle personality. He may need some patience from his future people while he becomes accustomed to living indoors. Ready is good around kiddos, sheep, cows, horses and other dogs! He really seems to enjoy people and attention. While not affectionate, he does enjoy pets. For being new to cars, he rides well in them but will try to ride shotgun every time.

Ready REALLY enjoys his walks! He will stop and mark everything if you let him, but if you keep him close to your side he will happily follow along. He does veer off randomly sometimes or run into the side of your leg which has caused his humans to trip if they weren't paying attention. If he starts pulling a lot (like he's on a mission), he has to go to the bathroom! Ready doesn't seem overly interested in other dogs when out on walks, but interactions he has had have been positive. He will politely sniff and then usually walks away - not overly excited, not fearful or shy, no play bowing.

Ready is also not overly interested in people, kind of aloof. He is very mellow! We couldn't get Ready to play, but he seemed content just lounging around! For the most part, Ready-boy enjoys his space. He will occasionally follow his people around and is selective about doling out kissing, but sweet talking gets his little nub wagging!

One of his foster parents said "he is seriously SO sweet! He reminds us of a little old man - he sometimes burps and farts and often lets out these moans and groans. He will come up and stare at you or put his face in yours (if you are at his level) - you can't help but love on him!"

Ready would flourish just about anywhere, but a place with a yard is needed so that he could freely roam outside. This lucky boy is definitely... wait for it.. "ready" for his new life!
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