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Looks like: Terrier Mix
Female, 14 years old, 17 pounds
Whiskey is pretty wary of new things. She seems pretty shell shocked with all the recent changes in her life, but if you offer to pet her, she will slowly but surely take steps in your direction. Once she trusts you, she will tiptoe over and politely ask to get into your lap. Whiskey likes to be held and gently snuggled. She is completely complacent around other dogs and she strikes us as the type that would be indifferent toward cats as well. She is timid with more energetic dogs.

Whiskey walks nicely, sometimes on the slower side, but she is a very easy to walk. If left alone, she does whine a little and does display slight separation anxiety. She does like to snuggle on the couch, sit on your lap, and sleep next to you. She will give kisses if you are on her level and she does follow her people around. Whiskey is a love bug when she warms up to you and is a good work partner for those who work from home. She is the best coworker to have on your couch and pet when on a virtual meeting. She also has cute snores and likes belly rubs.

Her ideal home is a quiet setting with someone who can give a lot of love and snuggles and likes shorter walks, which can be multiple a day. She would be best with adults who do not have younger children.

Whiskey's family was evacuated due to the fires in Santa Cruz County. Sadly, due to the guardian's health, they were not able to take her back after the evacuations lifted and she needs to find a new home. She was surrendered to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.
If you would like to meet Whiskey, press the Adopt Whiskey button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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