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Looks like: Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
Male, 10 years old, 11 pounds
Pupperoni is a wiggly and spunky little boy who is very excited to meet his forever family! He loves people and other dogs and jumps around to let you know he's ready to make a new friend. Once that excitement has passed, Pupperoni is a pretty mellow guy. He enjoys short walks and is a bit slow, but with encouragement he'll pick up the pace. He is polite around other dogs, sniffing them to say hello. Pupperoni does not mind being alone and uses that time to take refreshing naps. He loves to chew, and gnawing on chew toys is one of his favorite pastimes.

Pupperoni has a heart of gold and is a low maintenance, loving dog. He enjoys being in the company of his person. If you sit on the floor with him, he will sit in your lap and give you endearing little finger kisses that will melt your heart.

Pupperoni came to with little bumps all over his body that turn out to be caused by a virus called canine viral papillomatosis. He is currently being treated with an antiviral therapy. Until the lesions clear up, Pupperoni is contagious to other dogs. Once his lesions are resolved, he will no longer be contagious and he should have lifelong immunity to the virus. This virus is not contagious to people.

Pupperoni is a good-natured boy, but if you accidentally touch a sore spot, he does nip a little to let you know that is not a good place for him to be touched.

Pupperoni came to us from San Jose Animal Care and Services.
If you would like to meet Pupperoni, press the Adopt Pupperoni button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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