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Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Looks like: Labrador, Border Collie Mix
Male, 12 years old, 57 pounds
Anderson Cooper is the happiest, most loving boy! He's friendly, but not overly nosy, with other dogs, and he LOVES people. If you give him pets, he leans in and can't get enough. Given his high energy level, you'd never guess his age. He runs around like a much younger dog in spite of the arthritis in his back legs.

Cooper loves going to the beach and for daily walks in which he can explore. Sometimes he pulls gently on the leash when encountering a particularly enticing smell or prospective food item but can normally be redirected with a gentle tug of direction. Cooper politely sniffs other dogs but will keep walking. He is very social and loves to meet and greet new people. He gets overly excited sometimes and needs to break his focus to relax again. He spends his days sleeping or lounging while his foster parents are working from home but is quite active in the morning in the evenings as people are moving around the house, preparing meals, or playing outside.

He is extremely food-motivated, and can be vocal during human meal times and also also vocal if separated from people he wants to be among. The fixation he has on food means he often needs to be kept separate during meal prep and eating. While generally a pretty relaxed and loving fellow, he becomes very alert, persistent, and vocal during mealtimes (or when he suspects someone is snacking in the other room!). Prospective adopters should be aware of this behavior and have a strategy (or plenty of patience!) to negotiate it.

Cooper lived with kids in his previous home and was great with them, was uninterested in cats, and is great in the car - being on his best behavior while in the car. Cooper is not super interested in toys. He has a squeaky, plush toy that he will play with once in awhile but shows no interest on balls, Kongs, etc. Cooper gets anxious when being left alone but perhaps this will diminish over time as he settles in with a new family. He always wants to be where the action is and hates being left out. Countertops need to be kept clear and trash cans put in a separate room if Cooper is to be left unsupervised.

Cooper is great in his foster home and will wake them up in the morning by pawing at the bedroom door if he is ready to go out and use the bathroom. Cooper is very affectionate, loves to snuggle on the couch, and likes to stay as close to his people as possible while are around the house. He is very smart and affectionate guy and quite energetic for a dog his age. Cooper's ideal home would be one where he is able to spend his days in the company of others while being taken for regular walks and/or having a fenced in yard to play in.

Anderson Cooper was with his previous guardians since he was a puppy, and was much loved by them. Unfortunately, they are currently going through a divorce and neither party is able to continue his care.
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