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Male, 4 years old, about 4 pounds
Poncho is a truly tiny Chihuahua! He's quite timid, but very gentle, and when he feels comfortable in his environment he's quite curious and loves to sniff around and explore. Like most small dogs, he loves to be held, and he will approach you for comfort if he's feeling uncertain about his surroundings. Poncho is the sweetest little thing. He is perfectly content to be cuddled up near his human or a resident dog all day. He would thrive in a home with another friendly dog, since he loves playing with dogs of all sizes.

Poncho is currently not so sure about men, but has bonded quickly with the women he's been introduced to. He's great on car rides and loves being carried around in a doggy backpack. He can handle short walks, and kept up just fine with a more energetic dog's pace.

When left home alone for a few hours he remains calm, waiting in his bed. He has been learning routines and leash skills and is a fast learner. He responds positively to training cues but will need someone who is willing to take the time to continue working with him.

He was very nervous in the shelter environment, and he has a skin infection under his right leg. He also has a significant heart murmur that will be further evaluated. Aside from that, he seems to be healthy, and he's just a quiet little soul who'd love to be a companion dog.

Poncho came to us from San Jose Animal Care.
If you would like to meet Poncho, press the Adopt Poncho button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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