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Looks like: Chihuahua mix
Female, 10 years old (estimated), 14 pounds
This sweet and mellow little Lady is a perfectly polite companion who likes to slowly follow you around the house until she knows that everyone has settled in. Then she will find a comfortable dog bed for a peaceful nap, preferably next to a canine buddy by her side. She appreciates gentle head and ear scratches and is slowly learning that it is okay to trust, receive love, and be someone's most precious Boo. Although she does not hear and see so well anymore, she enjoys sniffing around the yard, going for short leisurely walks, and coming along on rides in the car. Her foster family reports that she shows off with the funniest victory lap after a successful potty break in the yard. She cherishes regular meals, a couple of well-timed treats, and a home that is predictable and quiet. Although she prefers when her human companions are around, she is also fine when left home alone for a little while.

Mild-mannered, demure Boo never demands anything and that is exactly why she deserves nothing less than to be mollycoddled, fussed over, and doted on from here on out. She gets along well with other dogs and would benefit from a tender canine companion in the home. She would most likely be agreeable living with cats. With her slightly stiff hindlegs, she would prefer a house and a yard that she can easily navigate, without tricky steps or long staircases. She is currently on a low protein diet but may graduate to regular dog food soon.

Boo came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Services after she was brought in as a stray.
Boo was adopted!
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