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Flora aka Catalina

Flora aka Catalina
Flora aka Catalina
Flora aka Catalina
Flora aka Catalina
Flora aka Catalina
Looks like: Large Mixed Breed
Female, 2 years old, 60 pounds
Flora (originally called Catalina) was part of a litter of puppies born to POMDR dog Nellie in 2018. Flora was an adorable puppy, and in the past two years she's grown into a stunning dog, with her creamy coloring and mile-long legs. Flora is gentle as can be, and deeply devoted and attentive to the small circle of people she knows well. She can be quite shy when meeting new people though, and requires some patience while she takes her time to warm up. Flora would do best in a home without young children.

Flora has spent most of her life in the quiet countryside, so she's easily overstimulated by new sights, smells and noises. She will need an adopter who understands how to keep her safe and knows that she may try to bolt through doors and gates, so a firm grip on her leash is crucial. She's an athletic pup that will make a great exercise buddy, but could turn into an escape artist if her energy doesn't have a healthy outlet. Flora would do best in a home with no cats.

Flora absolutely adores the company of other dogs, and she has enjoyed her stays at her local boarding facility, where the highlight of her day is big-dog play group. Ideally, Flora will find her forever home with a confident dog (or two, or three) who can help her feel comfortable and show her that the world is not such a scary place. She's also looking for a caretaker who can handle a nervous, strong-breed dog on leash and can help Flora get plenty of exercise. Flora is still a young pup, so we are hopeful that she can outgrow some of her anxiety with continued support.

Flora has returned to Peace of Mind because her guardian's health has declined in the past year, and she's no longer able to provide Flora with the exercise and continued training she requires.
Flora aka Catalina was adopted!
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