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Looks like: Husky Mix
Female, 13 years old, 52 pounds
Chubbs is a regal and gorgeous Husky who had fallen on hard times before coming to POMDR. She was neglected, being emaciated and needing some TLC. She is now at a good weight and is feeling great.

Chubbs greets people with a soft kiss and a hello. She has a gentle spirit and comfort around other dogs and with people. She walks nicely on leash but does get eager to meet other dogs, pulling with a desire to sniff. Chubbs is good with children and is happy to receive pets from them. After a safe and proper introduction, Chubbs is sharing space and is very respectful toward the cat in her foster home. If Chubbs sees a cat outside or on a walk, she will want to lunge and vocally inform you that there is one there.

When she hears sirens on the tv she will do a cute Husky howl. She likes to have her head out the window in the car. She does follow her people around as she just wants to be included. She will come up and put her head in your lap when she wants cuddles and pets. She loves to be included on the couch or to hang by your chair to receive as much love as you can give.

Chubbs has a sweet disposition and she'd appreciate being in a home with another dog because it will make her feel more settled and comfortable. She'd also do well in a home where she can get tons of attention. A mellow home is best, where she gets walks but will having plenty of nap time while her person works.

Chubbs was seized from a bad living situation by Hitchcock Road Animal Services. They asked POMDR to take her and help her find the life she deserves.
If you would like to meet Chubbs, press the Adopt Chubbs button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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