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Adoptable Dogs

Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog! All of our dogs are altered, microchipped, and vaccinated unless our veterinarian advises against sterilization surgery or vaccines due to age or other health concerns. Adoption fees range from $100-$300 depending upon the age and health of the dog and expected future medical expenses that will be taken on by the adopter.

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs on this page, please email us or call (831) 718-9122 or fill out our online adoption application for the dog you are interested in.

Some of these dogs need foster homes. Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. You may also want to foster as a way of finding the perfect match for your home if you are looking to add a dog to your family. For a complete list of dogs that need fostering click here.

More information about our adoption policies and process, and info about other places to adopt, is at the bottom of this page.


Sponsored By: Pamela Dovala. The Wolf Pack

Linus is a 29 pound, 7-year-old Cocker Spaniel. He is a love bug of a dog; he adores affection and leans into it big time. He is a snuggly guy who sleeps contentedly at your feet. He especially loves to have his belly rubbed and it's easy to rub his belly because he often lays around with his paws in the air, just inviting a scritch on his belly. He is reliably housetrained. He is visually-impaired in his left eye from cataracts and glaucoma (he gets eye drops multiple times a day and had his right eye removed, as it was nonvisual and had glaucoma). He can see shadows and light from his left eye. Even with his vision loss, he adapts quickly to new surroundings and is confident about getting around.

Linus loves to ride in the car and go for walks but he does pull and he does need close supervision, as he will run into things and stumble into holes/off of curbs, etc He does not seem to have had any basic obedience skills instilled but he learns things very quickly and will be a great student.

Linus has been living with six small dogs and has done beautifully with them, even when he gets "corrected" by them because he often runs into (or over) them due to his vision problems.

Linus is living peacefully with his foster brother and sister dogs but he gets very agitated and anxious when meeting new dogs. He loves to go for walks but he really can't handle "dog-heavy" areas well. For this reason, he needs a home where he has a yard of his own to do his business and a person who understands how scary it is for him to meet new dogs and will help him work on and manage this.

Linus does not like being confined when left alone. He doesn't like being crated or being behind a baby gate, but if left unconfined he doesn't destroy things and will calmly wait for you to come home. He needs to be in a home with other dogs who do not mind him running into them accidentally, or he'd be fine as an only dog as well. His ideal home would be one with tolerant other dogs who are okay with him bumping into them a lot and one in which he could have free-roaming privileges and lots of love.

Linus came to us from Salinas Animal Services a few days before Christmas when the shelter was full and they needed to open up space to save dogs from being euthanized.

If you would like to meet Linus, fill out our online adoption application.

Chloe Poodle
Chloe Poodle

Sponsored By: Susan Creveling

Chloe is a 23 pound, 13-year-old poodle. She is an adorable, loving dog, who will happily kiss strangers and loves to sit on anyone's lap. She schmoozes with everyone she meets, wanting them to tell her that she's super-cute, and is adored everywhere she goes. She's friendly with other dogs, and enjoys romping with them at the beach. She keeps her distance from loud, rambunctious children.

Chloe is overweight and needs to lose about 9 pounds. She walks well on the leash and enjoys being your company for walks, so this should not be too difficult with a restricted diet and exercise.

Chloe loves her walks and loves to go to the beach, but when it's time for mom to work Chloe curls up in her basket and sleeps and is happy to wait until the next play time.

Chloe is house trained, knows basic commands, and walks well on a leash. She is quiet most of the time, though she will bark appropriately at odd noises. She was barking a lot at the foster home cat, but she's getting better at that. She doesn't like to be away from her people, so would do best in a home where she doesn't get left alone often.

Chloe's previous foster mom says "I wasn't fond of small dogs until I met Chloe. She is calm and sits happily in a basket while I'm working, then she's excited and energetic when it's time to play. She is affectionate and cuddly but not whiny and fearful or yappy."

Chloe came to us when her guardian couldn't afford to keep her and give her the care a senior dog deserves.

If you would like to meet Chloe Poodle, fill out our online adoption application.

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Shaggy is a 20 pound, 7-year-old Cockapoo mix. He has a stellar personality. He is great with people, children, dogs and cats. He is house trained, rides well in the car, walks well on leash. He is an all around easy keeper.

One of Shaggy's guardians passed away and the remaining 90-year-old guardian is unable to care for him.

Lucky Poodle
Lucky Poodle

Sponsored By: Laura Poll

Lucky is a 10-pound, 8-year-old Poodle mix. In a crowd, he's the laid back little dude who gets along with just about everyone - other dogs, children, and adults.

At home, he's content just hanging out in the pack, snuggling next to you or relaxing on his own with free range of the house. He likes car rides, too, where he's actually more comfortable if crated. Lucky doesn't have much to say except when he hears a siren, which causes him to bark and howl along until things quiet down again.

Lucky was bit by another dog a few years ago and suffered some nerve damage. Because of this, he doesn't take long walks and he can't jump very high, but he is happy doing short walks until he gets tired.

Lucky is housetrained but also does well being crated. When we first met him, he was badly in need of a haircut. He sat calmly for the groomer and came out looking like a brand new dog.

Lucky was surrendered to POMDR when his guardians were no longer able to care for him and he's adjusted well to his drastic life change. He's a sweet, sometimes shy, guy in need of a little love.

If you would like to meet Lucky Poodle, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Manutech Mfg., Duke Bartholomew

Dixie is a 23 pound, 11-year-old cuddly Cockapoo. She is a peppy little senior gal that loves attention and really thrives on human contact. She is on the timid side when meeting new people; she takes her time and then slowly warms up to them. Dixie's sight is impaired which may explain her timidity.

Dixie is intrigued by cats and would love to have a cat friend in her life if possible. She has lived with dogs, too, and would be fine as an only dog or part of a pack. She hasn't shown interest in toys.

When walking on a leash, she doesn't pull, but she wanders in all directions. She never runs unless encouraged to do so. When she gets excited in the house, she does have accidents. This can likely be corrected with training. She whines a little when separated from her foster, but quiets down eventually.

Her foster mom says "Dixie loves to take car trips. She doesn't act her age. Minus the cataracts, you wouldn't know she was about 12. She acts younger -- bouncy, and happy!"

Dixie has multiple health issues that need ongoing attention. She is on daily eye medication, but only sees the ophthalmologist every six months. She has chronic ear and skin issues and is under the care of a dermatologist. She has environmental allergies and takes daily medication to help keep her skin and ears healthy and needs weekly medicated baths.

She also has low thyroid and is on a thyroid medication and needs to have her thyroid levels checked every 4-6 months. She is looking for a devoted adopter who isn't bothered by her special needs. Dixie came to us as a stray from Salinas Animal Services.

If you would like to meet Dixie, fill out our online adoption application.

Scooter is a lively 9-year-old, 15-pound Chihuahua mix. The first piece of feedback we received about Scooter from one of our volunteers was, "Scooter should be called 'HAPPY'." He is exactly that! This adorable little dude has a great personality and loves to go for walks. You'll have a blast following his little wagging tail around your neighborhood, as he sniffs and makes lots of friends.

Scooter is just a super sweet, friendly pup looking for his forever home. He gets along well with people and other dogs. He has also lived with several kitties and did fine with them. He enjoys being held and will definitely fall in love with his person.

We will post more information about Scooter's personality as we get to know him better.

Scooter came to POMDR after being surrendered to a local shelter when his guardian could no longer care for him.

If you would like to meet Scooter Chi, fill out our online adoption application.

FOSTER NEEDED - This dog needs a foster home. Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. You may also want to foster as a way of finding the perfect match for your home if you are looking to add a dog to your family. For a complete list of dogs that need fostering click here.

Armand is a 10-year-old, 18 pound Poodle mix. He came to the shelter as a severely matted stray. After a grooming, this little guy is looking dapper and is ready for his second chance at life!

Armand is a sweet but timid boy. He likes interacting with people and enjoys affection, but needs to be reminded that he can trust people before he warms up. Once you've proven that you'll be gentle with him, he is a little lover.

Armand is good with other dogs and has been very polite with the pups he has met so far. We believe that in a calm, loving environment this pup will blossom and have a tight bond with his people. Because of his shyness, Armand will do better in a home without children.

Armand came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services after coming in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Armand, fill out our online adoption application.

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Disney is a 13-year-old, 18 pound Cocker Spaniel/Shih Tzu mix. This sweetheart was left at a shelter in the night drop box with no note or explanation. Based on this guy's wonderful personality, their loss will be your gain and we're just happy that Disney will have the opportunity to have a loving family! He is going to make someone an amazing companion. Disney is mostly deaf and will need someone who can accommodate his inability to hear.

Disney is absolutely adorable and very friendly. He doesn't mind being carried and enjoys being cuddled. Be prepared to fall in love with Disney's cute little face and buggy eyes!

Disney responds well to strangers and other dogs. We do not know how Disney feels about cats.

We will post more information about Disney as we get to know him better and he gets settled into a foster home.

Disney came to POMDR from the Hollister Shelter.

Lady Bug is a 7-year-old, 10 pound Chihuahua mix. She may be a bit shy at first, but it only takes a few seconds for Lady Bug to trust you and be in your arms. She is a sweet, gentle and slightly timid girl. Above all, Lady Bug is loving. She adores when you to pet her and give her attention. Lady Bug has a beautiful, smooth coat and is a very pretty girl. She has been living with several other dogs, both big and small, and did fine with them. Lady bug is also house-trained.

We will post more information about Lady Bug when she gets settled in a foster home and we have the opportunity to get to know her better.

Lady Bug came to POMDR from a senior guardian who had to change her living situation and was no longer able to care for her.

If you would like to meet Lady Bug, fill out our online adoption application.

Archie is a 13-year-old, 10 pound Chihuahua mix. This sweet old gent has a heart murmur and epilepsy but is currently on medication that is effectively controlling his seizures. He needs a loving guardian that can monitor his health and is able to administer his medication every 12 hours. Archie also appears to be blind in one eye, but it doesn't seem to effect his temperament. Archie is a gentle, kind dog that will be endlessly grateful for some TLC and will be a wonderful buddy to the right person.

Archie is good with other dogs and was previously living in a household with both small and large dogs. He is quiet but is friendly when meeting strangers and will happily accept a pet on the head. He doesn't mind being held and really just wants someone to care for him in his golden years. Do you have a warm spot for this special boy to relax in?

Archie came to us when his senior guardian had to change her living situation and was no longer able to care for him.

If you would like to meet Archie, fill out our online adoption application.

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Angel is a 7-year-old, 20 pound Mini-Schnauzer. She is a smart girl who loves anyone that will take her for a walk! She walks great on leash and has been around children as young as five years old. She is fine with other dogs and easily learns tricks - she is motivated by treats and has already mastered the basic commands!

Angel has never met any cats so we don't know how she feels about them. She typically likes to sleep on the sofa or her guardian's bed and does well when left home alone. She will bark at a stranger at the door, but once she meets them she settles down.

Angel came to POMDR when her guardian became ill and was no longer able to care for her and her sister, Misi. Although we would love to keep them together, they do well separated and we would be fine with them being fostered or adopted to different homes.


Sponsored By: Meredith & Disun den Daas

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Sheba is an 18-month-old, 50-pound Cattle Dog mix. She is a smart kid who's already learned almost a dozen commands, walks well on a leash, and is house-trained. Praise and treats are great motivators for Ms. Sheba and a good way to focus her unbounded energy. She's a willing student looking for a good teacher.

Her favorite thing in the world is to spread her toys around the room and take time playing with each one. She loves tennis balls and is especially fond of her squeaky giraffe.

She plays well with small dogs and bigger dogs who take a little time to get to know her. And cats! Sheba loves playing with cats, and she and her kitty foster sister spend their days rolling around on the floor having a grand time. She responds well to strangers, being a bit shy at first and then happily climbing into a lap for some kisses and snuggles. If allowed, she loves to sleep at the foot of the bed and give you hugs in the morning.

Sheba's cattle dog instincts mean she loves herding the menagerie and keeping things in order at home. When you leave, she watches you through the window then settles down. Sheba is very quiet and typically only barks when another dog is being vocal.

Sheba came to POMDR when her senior guardian had to change her living situation and moved into housing that was not pet-friendly.

Hannah Chihuahua
Hannah Chihuahua

Sponsored By: Sharilyn Cabelera

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Hannah is a 4 pound, 10-year-old Chihuahua. She is a delicate little girl with bad knees so would do best in a home where she doesn't have to maneuver stairs. She is a total love with people she knows, but is shy with new people. She is being fostered with a 5 year old child and adores her. She loves to go on walks, as long as most of the time she is in your arms or in a shoulder bag. She will walk nicely (but very slowly) on a leash for a little while.

Hannah is not interested in other dogs, and will ignore them unless they are too nosy, in which case she will try to hide behind her person. She hasn't shown any interest in playing with other dogs, people, or toys, but she does cutely play with her food.

Hannah has no problem being left home. She is quiet, curls up in a bed, and goes to sleep. When her person comes home, she will let out a little crying noise or tiny bark to express her happiness. She doesn't bark at other times. Hannah has quite limited vision so sometimes will bump into things. She is a great car rider. She likes to be in the front passenger seat in her doggie car seat.

Hannah loves to cuddle on her person's lap, under a blanket, or in bed at night. She loves having her back scratched and her ears rubbed. She would do best in a quiet home with someone familiar with the special needs of tiny dogs.

Hannah was rescued from the Silicon Valley Animal Shelter, where she had been left by someone who had adopted her a year earlier from a shelter in Arizona. She is an amazing little girl who deserves a loving home for the rest of her life.

FOSTER NEEDED - This dog needs a foster home. Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. You may also want to foster as a way of finding the perfect match for your home if you are looking to add a dog to your family. For a complete list of dogs that need fostering click here.

Mimi is a 7-year-old, 15 pound Pomeranian mix. She is a wiggly, happy little girl who adores attention and makes friends with everyone she meets. She is generally excited about life and would love to be your companion for walks. Mimi also enjoys playing with other dogs and is very good at making new canine friends. She would do better in a home without cats, however, as she thinks it is more fun to chase them than befriend them.

Mimi is a fun loving dog with a great energy level for someone who wants a super cute, bouncy sidekick.

Mimi came to POMDR after her guardian passed away.

If you would like to meet Mimi, fill out our online adoption application.

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Chevy is a 3-year-old, 9 pound Papillon mix. Chevy is a bundle of joy! He is a peppy, funny dog who LOVES being cuddled and held. Chevy is absolutely adorable, affectionate and animated. If it were up to him, he would sit in your lap and give you kisses all day. When he can't be in your lap, he is happily sleeping in his bed at your side. Chevy gets attached to his person and will make a great companion for someone who has the time and love for this sweetie.

Chevy has completely come out of his shell and is not intimidated by much of anything. Chevy is house-trained but would do best with a guardian who keeps him on a schedule so he remembers that the only appropriate place to go potty is outside. He walks well on the leash and loves to have a good sniff.

So far, Chevy has ignored the cat he has met. He gets along well with other dogs and is adored by everyone who meets him. Chevy strongly prefers to sleep with his guardian and will sleep peacefully through the night. When put in a crate, he will vocalize his displeasure but eventually settles down. He'd just really prefer to be cuddled.

Chevy came to POMDR after one of our volunteers saw him listed for free on an online buy/sell/trade website. His senior guardian could no longer care for him and didn't know what else to do. Luckily, he is safe in our care and we will help find him the forever home he deserves.

Precious is an 8-year-old 69 pound Border Collie mix. Precious is a very sweet and timid girl who absolutely loves people. She is calm and friendly when meeting other dogs, but would really prefer to be leaning on her guardian's knee as opposed to playing. She will be a "Velcro" dog and would do wonderfully with someone who could give her lots of love and attention. Precious did not thrive in the kennel environment because of her shy and sensitive personality - we are certain she will blossom in a calmer, loving foster situation.

Precious walks enthusiastically on the leash and we believe she is house-trained. She is an overall healthy dog, but needs to lose about 15 pounds. She loves trotting at her person's side on walks so we don't anticipate this will be difficult with diet changes and exercise.

Precious was surrendered to San Jose Animal Care & Services before coming to POMDR.

If you would like to meet Precious Border Collie, fill out our online adoption application.

Tucker is an 11-year-old, 13 pound purebred Dachshund. He gets along well with new people although he is a bit shy at first. His guardian has taken him to the dog park before and Tucker was fine, but he definitely prefers the company of smaller dogs.

Tucker would prefer to be in the company of adults or mature children, as loud children can intimidate him. He is house-trained and knows basic commands.

Tucker's guardian is surrendering him to POMDR because her busy schedule is not giving Tucker the time and attention he deserves. Although he is currently home alone over nine hours per day, he would be happier in a home where his person is able to spend more time with him.

If you would like to meet Tucker Dachshund, fill out our online adoption application.

ADOPTION PENDING - These dogs are on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for these dogs if the adoption does not go through.

Lucy and Jack are two wonderful Black Labradors. Jack is 3.5-years-old and weighs 70 pounds and may be a mix of Labrador and Saint Bernard. Lucy is almost 5-years-old and weighs 69 pounds. These two are definitely best friends and we want them to find a forever home where these two sweeties can be together. When their previous family rescued Jack as a puppy, Lucy took it upon herself to be his surrogate mother and they love one another very much.

Jack is a very loving boy who can be hesitant in new situations but quickly gets comfortable and wants to be your buddy. He loves keeping his person company by sharing their bed at night and hanging out at their side for most of the day. Jack is house-trained and even knows basic commands! He is a mellow, happy boy.

Lucy is a total sweetheart that will easily integrate into your family - she loves all people, enjoys walks, playing with toys and is an overall good girl. Lucy is also house-trained and knows basic commands. Doing further training with Lucy will be easy, given she is easily motivated by tasty treats and your affection. She likes other dogs and does well making new friends.

Both dogs do well with other pups. Jack did well on group hikes during his time at the shelter. He is cautious when meeting new dogs but shows no signs of aggression. He has lived with cats in his previous home and did well with them. Jack can be shy and would be great around gentle or mature children. Lucy has a few pounds to lose but really likes going for walks, so this should be an easy feat for an active person or family! These two are your typical joyful Labradors who love everybody and just want to hang their heads out of the window of your car, happily wagging their tongues.

Lucy and Jack came to POMDR when their guardians moved into assisted living. They have been loved family dogs and are very bonded, so we would like to keep them together.

Anthony is a 2-year-old, 6-pound Chihuahua. He's an introverted fellow who just needs a little love and security to gain some self-confidence. Initially shy with people, he quickly grows to adore them with all his heart. His foster family is already seeing a big surge in his confidence level as he becomes accustomed to being taken care of. In fact, they see in him great potential for training - he's agile and eager to please, so with the promise of a treat or two he could be trained to jump through hoops, high-five, and even run an agility course.

He has a dynamic personality, shifting gears between mellow and active. He's happy at home, curled up next to you on the couch and relaxing. But he's also happy taking a slow walk around the neighborhood or riding in the car (in your lap). On a walk he enjoys stopping and sniffing but can get an energetic pace going when he wants to.

Anthony currently lives with two other small dogs and four cats. He has no problem getting along with his foster guardian's dog-savvy kitties. He's house-trained and free to roam the house, but his foster family does put him in a kennel when they're gone for more than a few hours.

Anthony's foster mom says Anthony is "quite smart, quite cute and quite easy to fall in love with." He loves chewing bully sticks, sleeping on the bed and the great outdoors.

Anthony was found running through the streets of Salinas, and a family member of a POMDR volunteer was luckily able to rescue him. He's looking for his second chance in a loving household (that maybe also has a few treats to share).

If you would like to meet Anthony, fill out our online adoption application.

Harrison Shih Tzu
Harrison Shih Tzu

Sponsored By: Karen White

Harrison is a 10-year-old, 10-pound Shih Tzu. He's a special boy who's been dealt a rough hand. He came to us missing his right eye, and shortly after had to have his left eye removed as well. Has his misfortune impacted his spirit? Not at all. In fact, if you were lucky enough to see him in action at the Pacific Grove Pet Parade, you saw a little guy with a big strut who loved being the center of attention. His foster family says Harrison is one of the happiest, most loyal dogs they've ever had the pleasure to know.

Though he can't see, Harrison takes his beauty routine very seriously. He loves getting a bath followed by a quick blowout with a hair dryer. Then he's ready for a walk. He follows closely behind you, listening to the sound of your feet to find his way. When meeting dogs, Harrison sniffs hello with no anxiety. He's also calm and curious when meeting new people. It only takes a moment for him to roll over on his back to receive a tummy scratch.

Harrison likes to know you're around and will sometimes bark in the morning until he hears your voice. When left home alone, he makes a little noise for a few minutes then quickly settles down for a nap. He doesn't suffer from separation anxiety and is a perfect gentleman while waiting for your happy return. Though folks meeting Harrison might notice he's blind, he seems to have forgotten about his misfortune and is still the life of the party.

Harrison came to POMDR from the Stockton Shelter where he arrived as a stray.

If you would like to meet Harrison Shih Tzu, fill out our online adoption application.

Pepper, also known as Piper, is an 8-year-old, 14-pound Manchester Terrier mix. Pepper is a sweet girl with a wonderfully animated face and expressive ears. Before coming to POMDR, she was a favorite of the volunteers at the shelter and quickly stole their hearts. The same can be said about her foster family today. She's a total sweetheart.

She is a little shy at first but quickly warms ups to people, especially when treats are involved. Pepper also gets along great with the other dogs and is friendly to those she meets on her walks. She walks very nicely on leash, is house trained, and knows a few basic commands. Piper likes to ride in the car and is always up for an adventure - her foster family takes her to the beach and on hikes. She doesn't seem to have the prey drive that some terriers have, and she has not reacted to the cats in the neighborhood.

Pepper was clearly a well-loved member of a family. Who knows why such a sweet pup ended up at the shelter. Piper is looking for someone to be her forever companion. Can you give this girl her second chance?

Pepper was left in the night drop box at Hollister Animal Services before coming to POMDR.

If you would like to meet Pepper Terrier, fill out our online adoption application.

Peaches and Bailey Papillons
Peaches and Bailey Papillons

Sponsored By: Sharilyn and Ed Cabelera

Peaches is a 10-year-old, 7-pound Papillon. Bailey is her mother, an 11-year-old Papillon who also weighs about 7 pounds. They are a couple of sweethearts who like everyone they meet, including children. Peaches and Bailey like other dogs, too, though they prefer to meet them off leash. With training, they're learning to behave better on leash and soon will be as polite on walks as they are the rest of the time. We're not sure what they think about cats.

These girls are warm, cuddly, and affectionate - and very food motivated! Belly rubs are also good currency with these two, and they're quick to roll over as soon as they see a willing hand. Peaches and Bailey are fine being left alone as long as they're together. They roam freely in their foster home and are perfectly well behaved and house-trained. If someone's at the door, you'll hear barks of warning, but otherwise Peaches and Bailey are quiet and relaxed. Their favorite place is curled up next to you on the couch.

Papillons are known for their happy disposition, medium energy, and adorable butterfly-like ears - a perfect description of Peaches and Bailey. One look at their happy, sweet faces, and you're sure to fall in love. Both girls are healthy, though Peaches eats special food to help prevent bladder stone recurrence. This also causes her to need to go potty a little more often, but she does sleep through the night without needing to go out.

Peaches and Bailey came to POMDR after their guardian passed away.

If you would like to meet Peaches and Bailey Papillons, fill out our online adoption application.

Winnie is a 10-year-old, 17-pound Jack Russell Terrier mix. She has been well-loved her whole life and is excited and ready to find her new forever family. Though she can be shy when she first meets new people, she is quick to warm up to you and soon won't want to leave your side. She enjoys being around children, especially those who rub her belly!

She really likes hanging out in the yard and still has enough pep in her step to go for walks. She can be a bit reactive to some dogs when on a leash, but overall she gets along great with both dogs and cats.

Winnie would do fine in a home by herself, but some canine companionship might be good for her if she will be left alone all day while you go to work. When you're together, she loves curling up in your lap or chasing the toys you toss for her. She is house-trained, has good manners, and has a tail that wags a big "hello" every time she sees you.

Winnie was very loved by her lifelong family and even acted as an assistance companion for one of her guardians. Her guardians are moving into assisted living and unfortunately cannot take her along.

If you would like to meet Winnie, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Grady, Jem, Van & Buster, Ellen Wunder

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Coda is a 15-year-old, 34-pound Queensland Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix. Don't mention Coda's age to her - she seems to think she's much, much younger. This girl still has a lot of spring in her step. Her foster home includes two cats, two Corgis, and six chickens, and Coda gets along well with all of them. She's all about peaceful coexistence when it comes to animals and humans, always friendly but never needy or overbearing.

She loves riding in the car and sticking her head out the window to feel the wind in her hair. Walks are great, too, and Coda's happy to gently lead the way. At home, she loves being near her people and will snuggle next to you on the couch if that's okay. If it's not, she responds quickly and well to instructions to stay down.

It's hard to take a picture of Coda where she isn't smiling. She's a happy, sweet lady - she doesn't even bark! When she needs to go out, she politely stands by the door for you to let her out. When you leave for the day, she enjoys hanging out in the yard, always keeping an eye on the front door awaiting your joyous return.

Coda has a lot of love left to give, and her mellow nature makes her a great fit for almost any home. She came to POMDR when guardian moved to a living situation that doesn't allow pets and was unable to keep her.

Little Joe is a 2-year-old, 12-pound Terrier mix. He's a quiet dog who's slowly coming out of his shell thanks to a little loving support and attention. He loves to go on walks and does well on the leash, only stopping here and there for a sniff or to bark at a nearby dog. In fact, as soon as he senses it's time for a walk, he's right at your heels in excitement until you leave.

Due to his history (more on that in a moment), he is a bit wary around other dogs and would likely do best in a home without them or small children. He's not fond of riding in the car, either, but that may get better with time. Little Joe may whine a little when you leave, just to let you know you're appreciated, but he settles down soon after and rarely barks. When you want to put a smile on his sweet face, take him for a walk or let him snuggle next to you at night.

Though Little Joe is small, he's also tough. He came to POMDR after coming in as a stray in Gilroy who was found with serious wounds in his neck area from an altercation with another dog or wild animal. His wounds have almost completely healed, and so has his spirit. He's opening up more and more each day.

If you would like to meet Little Joe, fill out our online adoption application.

Tiny Jonathan
Tiny Jonathan

Sponsored By: Sharilyn Cabelera

Tiny Jonathan is a 6 pound, 6-year-old Chihuahua. He does great when meeting dogs, politely sniffing. He has been around both large and small dogs without a problem. He may try to chase a cat, but can also sit calmly next to a kitty. He can definitely be trained to live with the right cat. He walks nicely on a leash and can walk for at least a half hour at a time. He is house-trained.

He loves to be held, cuddled, and have his belly rubbed. He also likes to go for walks and is reasonably active at home, but he certainly enjoys his naps on your lap or in a cozy dog bed. He likes playing gently with small plush dog toys. He likes to sit in the sunshine and watch what is going on around him. He enjoys riding in the car.

Tiny is on a bland diet and medication for a sensitive stomach, but does well with the right food and meds.

Tiny Jonathan came to us from Salinas Animal Services after coming in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Tiny Jonathan, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Karen White

Roadie is a 12-year-old, 60-pound German Shepherd/Border Collie mix. He's a shy, gentle soul who has much love to give. He gets along well with animals of all kinds, as long as they're laid back like he is. His foster home includes other dogs, a cat, birds, and horses. Roadie also likes kids and would do well with calm, polite children in the house. He's a bit reserved around strangers, but once he gets to know you he's ready for an ear scratch and a kiss.

He loves going for short walks of 10 to 15 minutes. They bring out his youthful personality and suggest he used to be a great hiker and adventurer. He does well on the leash, and as he gains weight and muscle it's likely he'll be able to work up to 30-minute walks in the future. Roadie loves having access to the yard to roam around - he's a nature boy at heart. He does well inside, too, as long as he can go out often. When you leave, he settles down for a nap until your return.

Roadie has mild hip dysplasia, which causes him pain getting in and out of the car or going up/down stairs. He takes anti-inflammatory meds daily, and they can easily be mixed into his food. His hearing and vision aren't very good, so he spooks easily and can get confused. Then he tilts his head and looks at you with his sweet face, and you can't help but adore him. Roadie's adaptable, mellow, and ready for your love. Oh, and chicken. Roadie loves chicken.

He was surrendered to POMDR when his guardian could no longer care for him.

If you would like to meet Roadie, fill out our online adoption application.

Yoda is an 8-year-old, 11-pound Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix. He has a very sweet temperament and is easy to get along with. He'll go out of his way to get your attention and affection - cuddling on the couch is one of his favorite activities. He also enjoys going for walks, and, though he's no spring chicken, he still has a lot of pep in his step. Occasionally, he's even up for a short run if you are.

He's a very friendly, housetrained guy who gets along well with other dogs and cats, but he most enjoys just being with his person. When you leave, he might whine a bit but quickly settles down and patiently waits for your return. If you take him with you, he's a good traveling companion in your car. Ultimately, Yoda would make someone a great lap dog.

Yoda was found under a bridge in Salinas and went to the Salinas shelter as a stray before coming to POMDR.

If you would like to meet Yoda Chi/Greyhound, fill out our online adoption application.

Lily is an 11-year-old, 6-pound Rat Terrier. She's an affectionate, if somewhat timid, girl who loves being held. When picked up, she immediately relaxes in her handler's arms.

She loves to go on car rides and walks and especially enjoys smelling things along the way. She tends to pull on the leash a little, but not too hard. When she meets other dogs, she'll politely sniff if approached but otherwise isn't much interested. She might growl a bit when a cat gets too close but is generally a laid back little lady who rarely growls and never barks.

Lily is a cuddle bug who bonds with anyone who will hold her. She can be a bit jealous, and she likes having your undivided attention. If you aren't putting her first, she'll notice and politely let you know. Lily is house-trained when she has a mindful guardian who takes her outside frequently enough!

Lily came from Santa Cruz Animal Services where she was surrendered when her elderly guardian could no longer care for her and her sister. She's a love bug who will make someone a wonderful, loving lap dog.

If you would like to meet Lily Rat Terrier, fill out our online adoption application.

Jerry is an 8-year-old, 10 pound Norfolk Terrier mix. He is a quiet, gentle dog and gets along fine with other dogs. He doesn't have much experience walking on the leash but is making progress. He calmly tolerates being groomed and treated by the vet staff and is learning to understand that humans are also petting him to show him love.

Jerry is looking for the perfect person to show him some kindness and affection and make him part of their "pack." He would love someone patient enough to teach him that the world is a safe place to be! Once he gets comfortable, he could become a great, appreciative little dog.

Jerry arrived as a stray that was really in need of medical attention and grooming. He is currently being treated for skin and flea issues that are responding well to medication. He is working on re-growing some hair that was lost due to his previous condition and will someday be very handsome.

Jerry came to POMDR from San Jose Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

If you would like to meet Jerry, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Michelle Hilton, in memory of T.J. you were an awesome dog gonna miss you

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Heidi is a 45-pound, 10-year-old Lab/Hound mix. One look at this wise face, and you'll see a sweet lady who's had an interesting life. In addition to being house-trained, she walks beautifully on a leash and is very polite. She seems interested in chasing cats and would do better in a home without them, but other dogs are just fine. In fact, Heidi will fit right into your menagerie with a wagging tail that never stops expressing her happiness.

She loves children and is friendly to strangers. Heidi can be a bit anxious when left home alone and may vocalize her loneliness. Take her along with you - she loves riding in the car. Her hearing isn't great, but that doesn't slow her down one bit. She has a decent amount of energy for a dog of her age and can occasionally be found running up and down the stairs or doing loops in the back yard.

Heidi came to POMDR after being abandoned at a boarding facility in New Mexico with two other dogs. They've found their new homes, and now it's Heidi's turn!

Old Red

Sponsored By: Santa Cruz Bullies & Buddies, Debra Violini

Old Red is a 46-pound, 10-year-old Pit Bull mix. She's a calm and attentive girl who loves being petted and giving kisses - she's very affectionate with everyone she meets. In fact, when out on walks she'll change her direction so she can introduce herself to people along the way. She's a slow and steady walker who enjoys a couple of short outings a day.

A quiet lady, she only barks when she sees an animal. Knocks on the door and doorbells don't phase her at all. Aside from small bursts of energy (usually when playing with a soft squeaky toy), Old Red is pretty low-key. She is content to lie on a comfy bed while chewing on a bone and enjoys roaming the house while you're gone. When you first leave, she might whine for a moment before settling down (just to let you know you'll be missed). She is housetrained, sleeps soundly through the night, and is a late riser.

Old Red is being fostered with a small dog. Sometimes she gets over-excited meeting new dogs, so she might do best as the only dog in the home. Old Red came to POMDR after being hit by a car. She had a dislocated hip, which has been repaired, and is currently participating in doggie rehab. Because of her injury, she'd be happiest in a home with no stairs and lots of relaxing.

If you would like to meet Old Red, fill out our online adoption application.

Jack and Levi
Jack and Levi

Sponsored By: Linda Maiola, Vicky & Athena Poll, Tammy Hilbrich, Lois Hansen, Debra Couch

Jack is a 67 pound, 12-year-old black and merle Aussie mix. He is house trained, knows basic commands, and walks well on leash. He is good with other dogs, cats and children. Levi is a 85 pound, 13-year-old Shepherd/Catahoula mix. He is also great with dogs, cats, and children.

Jack and Levi are very bonded with each other. We hope to place them in a home together.

Their foster dad made a Tumblr page for Jack and another one for Levi.

Jack and Levi's guardian passed away several months ago. A friend took them in, but had to surrender them to POMDR when he lost his housing.

If you would like to meet Jack and Levi, fill out our online adoption application.

Lucy Sussex Spaniel
Lucy Sussex Spaniel

Sponsored By: John Click in memory of Joe Buck

ADOPTION PENDING - This dog is on a trial adoption that may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Lucy is a 7-year-old, 37-pound Sussex Spaniel mix. This pretty girl has a zest for life, happy to go for a walk, chase a tennis ball, take a ride in the car, or just hang out with you around the house. Whatever adventure you have in mind, Lucy is ready. She's a smart cookie who learns new things easily and has a stable of tricks she's ready to show you. She's also house-trained, crate-trained, and very polite.

She walks nicely on a leash and thrives with regular exercise. On walks, she ignores other dogs unless they charge her - if they do, she defends her space. Though she takes a little time to warm up to other dogs, she prefers their company when left home alone. Lucy would do best if she has a doggie friend in the house to temper any loneliness.

Lucy loves everyone she meets and is especially good with children. She's a great watch dog, alerting you when someone comes up the driveway or is at the door. Her faithful and loving nature and sweet face make her a wonderful companion for a family looking for a mellow yet playful pooch.

Lucy came to us when her senior guardian had to move to assisted living.


Sponsored By: Karen White, Manutech

Porky is a 10-pound, 10-year-old Yorkie/Pomeranian mix. He's a happy, friendly dog who immediately settles in and solicits petting and belly rubs. He will get in your lap for a quick cuddle and to give kisses, and he loves relaxing next to you on the couch.

He is a terrific little dude who is easy to handle, walks well on a leash, and enjoys riding in the car. Porky rarely barks. That doesn't mean he's not vocal, though. He shows his appreciation at feeding time and also likes greeting you and sharing his enthusiasm for going outside.

Porky gets along great with other dogs--cats not so much. He likes to be brushed and is a very sweet, polite little dog who's eager to please. He even waits to be invited before coming inside the house. He will do best in a home without too many steps or stairs for his little legs to negotiate. He's fine being left for three or four hours at a time and seems not to be bothered by children (though he's not particularly interested in them, either).

Porky is not housebroken yet but is catching on quickly under a watchful eye. At night, he is happy to sleep quietly in his crate.

Porky came to POMDR from San Jose Animal Services after coming in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Porky, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Susan Littlefield Haines, R. Bethke

Layla is an 8-month-old, 30-pound Persian Sarabi/Shepherd mix. She's an absolute sweetheart who enjoys greeting every person and dog she sees. Layla is both curious and gentle, which is miraculous after the traveling and adapting she has done in her short life.

Layla is a special needs dog. She came to us from a rescue group in Iran after being found with a crushed spine. Layla gets around well considering she uses her front legs to pull herself forward; her two hind legs don't work due to her injury. Layla is currently in physical therapy where she's learning to use a wheeled harness as her back legs. She loves her wheels and races around the dog park when she's wearing them. She gets a lot of attention from everyone, people and dogs alike, and she loves it! Then, when it's time to go, she comes when you call her name.

Layla would do best in a home with another dog. She spent her first few months in a pack of dogs at the shelter in Iran and appreciates having company, especially when you leave. If she's left without a doggie companion, she's vocal about it.

This sweet girl has a big heart and needs someone who has a heart just as big. Due to her injury, she doesn't always know when it's time to go outside. Frequent potty trips and an alert person seem to work best. Her new family will need to be able to lift her 30-pound frame in and out of the car for physical therapy appointments over the next few months and provide her with special food to help her digestion. In return, they'll get the undying love of a very special girl.

If you would like to meet Layla, fill out our online adoption application.

Kelly is a 56 pound, 7-year-old German Shepherd Dog mix. His hearing and his vision are both somewhat compromised. Kelly is happy to just be around people. He will sit and offer you his paw, expecting you to hold it for him, or he will come over and nuzzle your hand until you pet him. Anytime you are around, he will stay mostly within sight, with some wandering about. He will periodically come over and ask for some attention and love. He is not a high-energy boy, but he still has some pep in his step.

Kelly enjoys being around other dogs, and meets them in a relaxed way. He wants to play with some dogs, whereas others he just greets and then he moves on. He will do best in a home without cats.

Kelly can be territorial and protective of his property if a guardian is not around to tell him who is a friend and who is suspicious. His territorial issue will need to be managed by any new adopter. If his guardian is home and lets him know a visitor is "ok", then he is his regular friendly self. Kelly loves chewing plush toys to bits very quickly, and has shown similar interest in at least one pillow. He'll chew real bones and nylabones too, which takes longer.

His foster dad says: "He doesn't care who you are, what you're doing, he says he loves you. What I see as the perfect fit is, someone who doesn't care too much about their stuff, probably has other dogs but not cats, and who is home a lot to go do hikes and other outdoors things. He really enjoys being outside, but not without his persons. In this way, I'd say he's a very American Pioneer dog, he's tough, compassionate, and likes to get dirty and go smell the roses."

Kelly's foster dad made him his very own Tumblr page.

Kelly came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services where he was picked up as a stray in Soledad.

If you would like to meet Kelly, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Manutech

Falcon is an 8-pound, 10-year-old Maltese mix. He's an older, mellow dog who sleeps a lot, is low-energy, and isn't bothered by other dogs or people - even strangers. Falcon is gentle and accepting of whatever needs to happen but has a hard time realizing he's safe and will be taken care of. He needs a person or family who'll be kind and loving so he learns the world can be a safe place.

Falcon likes to be near you but isn't pushy or clingy. He likes your lap, a place next to you, or a soft spot near your feet, and he especially adores a place in the warm sunshine. He likes the company of another dog when his person leaves him home alone. Falcon will chase cats. He rides well in the car and gets along fine at the dog park. He uses the doggie door to go out.

Falcon walks nicely on a leash and enjoys walks. He doesn't chew things or make a mess and rarely barks, except at cats. He's an all-around agreeable, undemanding dog ready to become part of a family unit. He's on supplemental thyroid medication and a special diet to prevent bladder stones.

Falcon came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He was a defeated dog when we met. Since then, he's grown into a happier, healthier little guy who is now the fluffy Maltese he was meant to be. (And, yes, feel free to make Maltese Falcon jokes.)

If you would like to meet Falcon, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Beverly Mitchell

Oscar is a 15 pound, 5-year-old Brussels Griffon mix. He is a delightful little dog who loves to snuggle and sit on a lap. He gets along well with other dogs. And my oh my is he cute!

Oscar was recently diagnosed with cushings disease and just started treatment. He will most likely need to be on medication to control the symptoms for the rest of his life.

Oscar was surrendered when one of his guardians passed away.

If you would like to meet Oscar, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Manutech, Margaret & Gwyn, in memory of Bud

Jonah is a 13 pound, 6-year-old Miniature Poodle. He enjoys meeting new people, and will come closer for attention. He likes to go for walks on the beach and rides nicely in the car. He is a snuggly little guy with a sweet personality.

Jonah walks nicely on the leash, though he sometimes pulls and barks at other dogs along the way. When he gets back home he is ready to rest. He is living with three other dogs and gets along fine with them. He likes to follow his foster brother around, and sometimes wants to play. More often he plays with squeaky toys and rolls around on his back.

Jonah is a graduate of the UnChained program, which matches at-risk youth with shelter dogs who can benefit from training to help make them better adoption candidates. Click the video icon to watch his unchained video.

At his foster home, he is left behind a baby gate in the kitchen. He gets a treat when left, and that's just fine with him. He is working on his crate training and is also working on his house training.

Jonah is blind in one eye due to a cataract. His other eye also has a cataract on the back of the eye; it does not interfere with his sight at this time so no treatment is needed. He will need regular checkups with an ophthalmologist to monitor his eyes over his lifetime.

Also, Jonah came to us with a persistent cough. After numerous tests and treatments, it has been determined that he has an allergic condition that will likely require some regular treatment. He is on an inexpensive medication now that completely controls his condition. We will know more in the next few weeks about how to manage this condition long term.

His foster mom says: "Jonah is an affectionate and loving little guy. He has a joyful personality. He is eager to learn. Jonah is a happy little guy who loves to snuggle."

Jonah was found in Greenfield, a matted mess. He was taken to a local shelter, but no one came looking for him. He is eager to start a new, better chapter in his life.

If you would like to meet Jonah, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Kalman Weinfeld, Lisa Maddalena in memory of Dylan

Jolene, is a 5 pound, 13-year-old Chihuahua. She is shy around people she doesn't know, but warms up quickly if they get down low rather than towering above her. If she knows you, she loves for you to handle her and carry her around. She loves to lay on her back for a tummy rub. She enjoys trotting around a garden and checking it out.

Jolene walks pretty well on a leash, though she needs to be reminded now and then that she can't just do whatever she wants. She mostly pays little attention to other dogs. She likes to tell cats that she is in charge. The rest of the time she is a quiet, mellow lady.

Jolene is happy napping on the couch when left home. She rides perfectly in a car, preferably sitting still on the driver's lap. She is house trained as long as you pick up her subtle clues about when she needs to go.

Her foster mom says: "Jolene has a spunky, affectionate side that she has learned to hide, probably because of past treatment. When the spunkiness is evident, she is the cutest thing."

Jolene came to POMDR from Santa Cruz County Animal Services where she was brought in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Jolene, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Manutech

Poogi is a 5 year old, 9 pound Terrier/Chihuahua mix. He's a happy little sweetie who likes attention and is easy to handle. He's very friendly with everyone he meets, be they human or canine. He is a pretty active guy who loves to play with other dogs, and with various toys.

Poogi has been around children as young as 12 years old and was fine. He tries to play with cats, but if the cats don't run, he gives up. Poogi is eager to please, and we thought he would be an excellent candidate for obedience training. He is a graduate of the UnChained program, which matches at-risk youth with shelter dogs who can benefit from training to help make them better adoption candidates. Click the video icon to see Poogi's video.

Poogi is house-trained and crate-trained and rides well in the car. He might whine a little if he's in a different room from his people, but otherwise isn't a vocal dog.

His foster mom says "He is sweet, affectionate, loves to be petted, and loves to be with his person. He is very attentive, playful, and fun. He is a great pet and would be good for a child's pet."

His previous guardians took him in two years ago when he was abandoned, but now they've moved to a place where they can't have a dog. He had been an outside-only dog, chained to a tree, but has now learned to enjoy the comforts of being indoors with lots of love and attention.

If you would like to meet Poogi, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Alice Catania, Linda Wallace, Renate Griffin, Kelsey Peckinpah, Thomas Ponleithner, Kim Summers, Cheri Whipp, Patsy Volpe & Mel Beechman, Beverly Sanford, Valerie Fern, Alexandra Benjamin, in memory of Oakley, Jan Albin, Leslie McGee, Debbie Marrs, Jamilynn Willaman, FW Coleman IV, Janet Greely, Lois Hansen, Cheri Hitchcock, Janice Christian, Leslie Simon-Plumlee, Carol George, in memory of beloved Zeno,Sheila Keith, Lawrence Rosenberg, Judy LeRoy, Kathleen Henney and her hounds, Eva Matthews, Virginia Lange, Cindy Hutcherson, Nancy Stacey, Ken Pappas, Kim Barber, Christine Kondo-Lister, Mary Bock, Barbara Weigel, Cynthia Wilson, Betty for Barney, Janet Greeley

Barney is a 65 pound, 7-year-old Labrador/Shepherd/Chow mix with thick, long fur. He is a joyful, excited dog who just loves getting attention from people. He wants everyone he meets to pet him. He is always smiling and wants to please you. He is learning not to pull on the leash, but he hasn't yet mastered that skill.

Barney shares his foster home with a mellow large older dog. They get along well — they don't really play but they hang out together. Barney likes to run and play with other dogs his size. However, he gets overly excited with small dogs and cats.

Barney is overjoyed to ride in the car. When he goes outside he immediately runs to the car hoping to go for a ride. He loves to stick his nose out the window and smell the air. At home, he has access to the fenced yard and deck but he generally prefers to stay in the house. He hasn't shown interest in toys, but he does very much like bones. He has been a quiet boy at his foster home; they have not yet heard him bark.

Barney had surgery in March 2015 to remove an anal sac tumor and a lymph node. The cancer is now gone, but it is anyone's guess as to if and when it may return. His oncologist believes he has at least one good year ahead of him, but Barney could also live out his full life span with out the cancer returning.

Barney came to us from Sammie's Friends Rescue in Grass Valley. He had been there for nine months. He was well cared for and loved there, but the volunteers felt bad that he was living out his life in a kennel environment and wanted a better quality of life for him. He was passed up for adoption over and over because of his age.

If you would like to meet Barney, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Catherine Burns, Manutech

Gizmo is a 13 pounds, 11-year-old Terrier/Poodle mix. He is hearing impaired, but has excellent vision. He is an excellent little walker as long as you allow him ample time for thorough sniffing.

Other dogs don't interest Gizmo much; occasionally he'll wag his tail and sniff a little, but more often he just ignores them. He similarly isn't too interested in new people. He's in his own little world. However, he is always sweet when someone engages him. He is just a nice guy through and through.

He is very mellow with funny small spurts of enthusiasm. He will randomly saunter over to a toy (or sock), pick it up, throw it in the air, spin in a circle, and then look for it. He'll do this about three times, then it's back to sleep. He has been showing more energy as he gets good medical care and love in his foster home, so he will probably become more energetic than he currently is, but he will probably always be a mellow dog.

He is currently living with a large dog. When left home by himself, Gizmo will whine until his foster mom returns. But he doesn't seem to whine at all when left home with the other dog. So though he appears apathetic about other dogs, it seems that he can enjoy their company. Gizmo is crate trained and after some training has gotten to be house trained at his foster home. This training might need to be repeated for a new situation.

Gizmo was picked up as a skinny stray with skin issues and a cough. Although there were two phone numbers on his collar, neither party claimed him when contacted. He's now in a loving foster home and getting good health care so he's on his way to a happier life.

If you would like to meet Gizmo, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Babette Sears, Blinky Sedgwick, Lynn Learch

Penny is a 35 pound, 6-year-old purebred Sharpei. She can be a little worried (sometimes barks) when meeting new people, but is very nice to them once introduced. She loves to be around the people she knows well and would prefer a home where she isn't left alone too much of the time. She loves interaction and cutely groans and moans when she is happy or wants more attention.

Penny just loves her walks and hikes. She needs regular long walks, preferably every day. If she gets a long walk, then she'll be calm for hours. If not, she has a lot of spare energy and she'll find a way to use it. When she meets other dogs, she often ignores them because she is so busy walking, but sometimes wants to give them a sniff.

Penny was treated for a condition called entropion eyes. She recovered well but has some vision impairment and needs daily eyedrops, which aren't a problem because she likes the attention she gets when they are applied.

Her foster mom says "Penny is sweet and thrives on companionship. She is shy at first though, and maybe was mistreated in the past, but she really wants to be loved. I find her groaning when she is being pet and her enthusiasm for walks really cute."

Penny came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being found as a stray.

If you would like to meet Penny, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: John Click, in honor of Joe Buck

Stewart is a 10 pound, 11-year-old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He's a mellow old gentleman who enjoys the company of other dogs and people. He can be a little shy when first meeting someone, but is curious and soon wants attention. He walks very well on a leash, politely sniffing dogs that he meets. He's happy to be carried, also. Stewart rarely if ever barks or whines.

Stewart does very well in the car. His preferred position is in a passenger's lap. He enjoys looking out the windows too. At home he is calm and quiet and will follow you around both inside and outside when he's not enjoying a nap. He doesn't seem to be interested in toys. He would do great living with other dogs.

Stewart is house trained and very easy to deal with.

Stewart came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services after coming in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Stewart, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Susan Creveling

Bogie is an Italian Greyhound/Terrier mix weighing 11 pounds. The vet estimates him to be 5 years old even though his face "looks older". He's an active, friendly guy with a great smile. He is great with all people, including children.

Bogie is really into his toys: he will toss a toy for himself, and chew on squeaky toys, and wrestle with Kong toys. He loves to zoom around and play with his toys. He likes to curl up in a dog bed with all his toys around him.

Bogie has a good amount of energy and benefits from good long walks. He can walk nicely on the leash, but he does react to some dogs walking by. He can be calm and interested, or excited and barking. Not sure why yet what makes the difference. He could benefit from more training to help with his manners with other dogs. He would probably do best as an only dog or with a mellow female dog. And he would like to live in a home that has a yard for him to explore.

Bogie came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services where he came in as a stray

If you would like to meet Bogie, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Jasper, Grady & Jem

Dundee is a 15 pound, 15-year-old toy Australian Shepherd mix. He is a happy, friendly, mellow dog who gets along great with people and other dogs. He is a snuggler who loves affection from everyone. He spends much of his time sleeping, preferably on a comfy bed near you. He enjoys going for slow walks where he can sniff and sniff, but he doesn't need a long walk.

Dundee lost most of his vision due to glaucoma. He needs eye drops a few times a day and he is on an inexpensive thyroid medication. He has adjusted well to life with limited sight.

Dundee is great with other dogs, but of course needs to be with dogs who are tolerant if he accidentally bumps into them. He is a very clever dog and quickly learns to navigate in new surroundings. He's a beautiful, affectionate little dog who deserves a comfortable, loving home.

Dundee came to POMDR from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Due to his age and impaired vision he was not a candidate for adoption there.

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Sponsored By: Teddy, Itsey & Minnie

Chester is an 8 pound, 14-year-old Chihuahua mix. He likes going for walks and gets very attached to his caretaker. He loves to sit on his person's lap or to cuddle up in a nearby dog bed. He can be overly protective around some people and some dogs, however, and needs a person who will provide leadership.

Chester takes an inexpensive thyroid medication which he will need lifelong. He would like a loving quiet home to feel safe and loved and experience the simple joys of being a senior citizen.

Chester came to us from the Hollister Animal Shelter after coming in as a stray.

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Hannah Boxer
Hannah Boxer

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Hannah is an 88 pound, 13-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She has a lovely temperament - very gentle and sweet with people. She will give one bark and respond excitedly once greeted. She loves kids and can easily be walked by one. And what a great old dog face!

Hannah is house broken and knows how to use a doggie door. She sleeps very well in her kennel all night long, with no fuss. She loves walks and she loves to play fetch for as long as you will throw the ball. She knows her name, comes when called, sits, and shakes.

Her foster mom says: "She has this loving, curious face that you are powerless to just walk by without petting. She listens extremely well ... sit, stay, lay down, come, and her name. She has put in her time and now deserves the best home possible. If she lives for two days or two years, you would be lucky to have had her in your life."

She is a little nervous about other dogs. She might prefer to live in a home where she's the only dog although she is being fostered in a home with two other dogs. She does chase cats.

Hannah has had several mast cell tumors removed and has several smaller ones that may need to be removed in the future. These tumors will most likely be an ongoing issue for her for the rest of her life.

Hannah came to us from a local shelter after her guardian surrendered her when he could no longer care for her.

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Lolly is a 14 pound, 16-year-old Chihuahua. She has a tolerant, friendly, mellow personality. She enjoys a nice slow walk where she has good smelling opportunities. She is happy to let gentle strangers pet her.

Lolly basically ignores other dogs that she meets while walking, and other dogs and cats at her foster home. She loves to hang out near her foster mom and get petted, preferably on her lap or next to her on the couch. She plays with her foster mom with rope toys and fabric toys. She is great about sleeping all night in her dog bed.

Lolly paces a bit in the car before settling down, but doesn't bark or whine. At home she can be vocal when she knows her foster people are near and can't get to them, but seems to be quiet if they are not nearby.

Lolly came to us from Santa Cruz Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

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Troy is a 10 pound, 8-year-old Chihuahua mix. He is friendly and confident with people that he knows. He has a lively personality, but also sleeps a lot when by himself, so he's not "always on". He is a little leery of some men, but not all. After perhaps some initial barking, he is often disinterested in new people, though sometimes stays around them for a while looking for attention.

Troy bonds really closely to his person and is happiest when he is with them. He would probably be happiest in a home where he was the only dog so he could get as much attention as possible. He is very dependent and adoring. He loves his walks and he loves curling up on his person's lap.

Troy tends to bark at new dogs, particularly large ones, and stay away from them. However, his fellow foster dog is a polite sniffer, and Troy is starting to follow his lead. At home he doesn't play with his fellow dog, but he does like to goof around with his foster mom. He doesn't seem interested in toys. He has chased cats in the past, but is quickly learning to leave them alone.

Troy walks nicely on a leash, with a little weaving back and forth to find the best smells. He is used to riding in a crate in the car, and he's fine with that. He's also happy to stand watch or nap in the car, though he occasionally gets car sick. He likes having a blanket or sheet to chew on, and might choose a human clothing item should he find one lying around. He is happy to sleep in a crate, or in your bed. He sleeps the night through until his foster mom wakes up, no matter the hour or the previous day's activity.

Troy lived at a dog sanctuary for several years until the 90-year-old founder of the sanctuary passed away.

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Princess is an 11 pound, 10-year-old Chihuahua mix. She is a sweet girl who enjoys meeting new people, likes to have her tummy rubbed, and loves to snuggle. She enjoys moderately long walks, and is generally mellow at home, though she does partake in some rambunctious play with plush toys. She's happy to ride in the back of a car or on a passenger's lap.

Princess can be wary when meeting new dogs, but once she gets to know other dogs she likes to play and snuggle with them. She'd be happy as an only pooch or would fit into a pack of dogs. She ignores cats.

Princess has adorable white markings down her back and has white "socks" on with little tan speckles. She is a sweet little gal who will make someone a nice companion.

Princess was adopted in 2011 from POMDR, but one of her guardians passed away and the surviving spouse can no longer care for her.

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Rusty is an 18 pound, 10-year-old, wire-haired Terrier mix. He is somewhat interested in other dogs, but will ignore them if they are not very close and greets them briefly otherwise. He loves his walks, but doesn't require a very long walk. He's friendly or indifferent to strangers, though never turns down being petted.

Being a terrier, he is very interested in small mammals and would like to burrow through shrubbery, etc. in pursuit of them. But he's pretty easy to control. We don't know yet whether he behaves the same way with cats.

At home, he is sweet and mellow. He doesn't play with squeaky toys or chew toys or balls; he just wants to hang around his favorite people. He would probably be happiest in a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time, since he really wants to be where his people are. He is vision impaired due to retinal atrophy, but at his last vet visit the disease had not progressed and he still has sight.

Rusty came to us from Salinas Animal Services after coming in as a stray. He had a microchip, but all attempts to contact his previous guardians were met with no response.

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Behaviorally Challenged Dogs

From time to time, dogs come into our care that end up having behavior issues. This makes it very difficult to adopt these dogs out. POMDR will care for these dogs only in foster homes with volunteers who are able to manage these issues.

We will only adopt out these dogs to experienced individuals who are knowledgable and confident when working with dogs who need rehabilitation. Adoption into an appropriate home is taken very seriously and adopters are screened carefully to ensure each dog will not be a danger to anyone in the home, visiting the home, or coming into contact with the dog.


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Mayla is a 10 pound, 9-year-old Min Pin/Chihuahua mix. She came to us when her senior guardian could no longer care for her. Not having been socialized, she was very shy and frightened at first, but has since blossomed into a playful and fun little girl in her foster home.

Mayla needs to gain the trust of new people before showing her true personality so she needs a patient adopter, who can take it slowly with her and let her blossom once again in their care.

Once she has her confidence, Mayla enjoys meeting new people and has a waggy tail for friends she has made. She puts her front paws up on their legs as if to say "pet me" and then often dances in a circle. Her guardian taught her some cute things; she fetches and plays with toys, she "high fives", moonwalks when she's particularly happy, and even can find the remote control under the bed covers.

Mayla is always excited about going for walks -- she can hardly contain herself when the harness and leash appear! She can be a bit nippy when her harness is snapped on, but we're working on that. Although she loves children, because of the chance of this nippy behavior, it is best for her to be in an adult-only home.

She is not comfortable with large dogs, but gets along well with other small dogs and cats; she would also do fine as the only pet as long as she would be played and interacted with.

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Sponsored By: The Henney Hounds, Don and Bette Spagel

Buster is a 10 pound, 11-year-old Maltese. He has lots of positive qualities - is housebroken, is easy to walk on leash and enjoys short walks, is good with other dogs and with cats, and is very smart and quick to learn.

Buster does have a couple of quirks which put him in our Behaviorally Challenged category. He is nervous about being touched and can snap if you startle him. He is fine being petted. But simple things that we take for granted with typical dogs are difficult for him - like bathing, cleaning his eyes, pulling a burr from his fur. If he thinks you are going to try to "do" something to him, he will snap.

He is very difficult to groom, although a few groomers have been able to do it. And he is now on a regular grooming schedule.

He's not a big cuddler, but he does like being near you or sleeping on the foot of the bed. He needs someone who can be patient with him and deal with his quirkiness, and sensitivity issues when it come to touch.

Buster was originally surrendered to Monterey County Animal Services after his person passed away, then he cam to POMDR and was adopted out. He lived with someone for two years and then she got ill and he came back into our program. He has been in his current foster home since October 2011. He needs an experienced dog handler who will respect his stress signals, go slowly with him, and let him be touched on his own terms and muzzle him when necessary for exams, etc.

If you would like to meet Buster, fill out our online adoption application.

All of our adoptable dogs are cared for in quality loving foster homes. Each of our foster homes must meet exceptional standards of care for the dogs they foster and the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of their volunteer work. Each dog in our program receives a thorough veterinary exam upon intake. The senior dogs also get a senior blood panel and in many cases a dental cleaning and any necessary extractions.

All adopters must agree to a home visit and annual visits throughout the life of the dog in order to adopt one of the dogs entrusted to our care. We do appreciate your willingness to open your heart and your home to a dog in need of a permanent family. We take our role of placing dogs in a new home very seriously and do everything we can to ensure the dogs we place are well cared for throughout their lives.

Often senior dogs make the most grateful companions. They are typically already house broken, know basic commands, need only minimal to moderate exercise, and are content to be safe in a loving home taking a much deserved nap in a peaceful environment. Whether you adopt a senior dog or a younger dog we thank you for helping to save a life!

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