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Adoptable Dogs

Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog! All of our dogs are altered, microchipped, and vaccinated unless our veterinarian advises against sterilization surgery or vaccines due to age or other health concerns. Adoption fees range from $100-$300 depending upon the age and health of the dog and expected future medical expenses that will be taken on by the adopter.

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs on this page, please email us or call (831) 718-9122 or fill out our online adoption application for the dog you are interested in.

For more information about our adoption policies and process and info about other places to adopt, see bottom of page.

Misha is a 5-year-old Wirehaired Terrier weighing about 4 pounds. This tiny girl is shy at first but warms up after a short time. She has recently been living with several dogs and a rabbit and did fine. Misha also lived with a 9 year old boy and loved him. She needs some leash training, but is house trained, knows some verbal commands, and just wants to hang out with her primary people.

Misha's elderly guardian passed away and the remaining family abandoned Misha in the trailer park she had been living in. The park Manager had been caring for Misha until she was surrendered to POMDR.

If you would like to meet Misha, fill out our online adoption application.

Mic is a 9 year old, 55 pound Aussie mix. She's good with other dogs, strangers, and kids who are around 4 or older, but does not do well with cats. Mic walks well on leash and doesn't pull. She is a very good dog overall who is house trained and rides well in a car.

Mic passed her temperament evaluation without any trouble at all. She's alert but calm, and has fascinating eyes. Mic is so easy-going and will make someone a wonderful companion.

Her guardian had her since she was a puppy, but he lost his home . He surrendered her to POMDR hoping she'll get another chance to have a safe and loving home.

If you would like to meet Mic, fill out our online adoption application.

Henry is a Miniature Dachshund, 11 years old, weighing 15 pounds. He is house trained, loves other dogs (is used to living with other dogs), and is very friendly to strangers. He is great with small children. He has lived with cats quite peacefully.

Henry loves to play with toys and burrow in blankets. He is an adorable old boy who would make a wonderful companion.

Henry came to POMDR when his guardians no longer had time for him and thought he deserved a better life.

If you would like to meet Henry, fill out our online adoption application.

Brandy is a 3-pound, 15 year old female Maltese. Sasha is a 7-pound, 15 year old male Maltese. Both were rescued nine years ago by the 96-year-old guardian who has recently moved into a nursing home and is no longer able to take care of these two siblings. They are bonded and needs to be adopted together.

Both respond well to dogs, cats, children and strangers, walk well on leash either separately or together. They are primarily indoor dogs and only go out to do their business. Sasha is blind due to cataracts, and is possibly deaf, yet he is very sweet and is adapting well to his disability.

If you would like to meet Brandy and Sasha, fill out our online adoption application.

Coco is a 16-year-old, 15 pound miniature Poodle. She is a VERY sweet girl, a total love bug lap dog. She is good with other dogs and cats.

All she wants to do is be by her human parent's side. She loves to be spoiled and would do well with someone who can be with her a lot and take her places. She likes to go for rides. She has some separation anxiety. She whines and cries for about 15 minutes when being left alone, then settles.

If you would like to meet Coco Poodle, fill out our online adoption application.

Manny is a 13 pound, 11-year-old Pomeranian/Eskimo mix. He is a sweetie. He was hit by a car a few years ago and now his tail is off-center. He is good with kids, cats, dogs and did fine with his temperament evaluation. He is a cutie with lots of fur.

Manny came to POMDR when his owner could no longer afford to take care of him and was living in a rental that didn't allow dogs.

If you would like to meet Manson aka Manny, fill out our online adoption application.

Sheba is a 69 pound, 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. She is a bit shy when meeting new people, but she does bond strongly with her caregiver without being clingy. She can live with other dogs, but may prefer to be an only dog. Sheba walks well on leash when she's in familiar areas, but can be a bit frightened in unfamiliar areas. She loves to ride in the car, is house trained, is fine when left alone at home for reasonable periods, and is not a barker. We don't know how she is with kids, but she's currently living with cats.

Sheba's foster describes her as "a very sweet, mellow girl who makes a great companion." She just needs time to adjust to new environments and new people.

Sheba came to POMDR when her guardian passed away.

If you would like to meet Sheba, fill out our online adoption application.

Kate and Spencer
Kate and Spencer

Sponsored By: Amy & Jeff Krivis

Kate and Spencer are a bonded pair of senior dogs. We estimate that they are about 14 years old. Kate weighs about 16 pounds and Spencer weighs about 13 pounds. Kate is a pure Dachshund and was surely a beauty in her day. Spencer is a Dachshund mix and is a mellow gentleman of a dog. Kate and Spencer are both mellow and enjoy meeting new people and dogs. Kate is a little more spry than Spencer and likes to go, go, go and explore her surroundings. Spencer is a little slower, but is never far behind Kate as he tends to follow wherever she leads.

These two sweeties came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as strays.

If you would like to meet Kate and Spencer, fill out our online adoption application.

Jessie is a 51 pound, 13 1/2-year-old Border Collie. She is good with dogs and cats. This older girl is calm and friendly with everyone she meets. She walks with a limp due to an old injury to her front right paw, but she still does a little happy dance when she sees someone she knows.

Jessie is used to being alone during the day spending time in a sun room with access to the back yard. She is house trained.

Jessie came to POMDR when her guardian surrendered her.

If you would like to meet Jessie Border Collie, fill out our online adoption application.

Freckles is an 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix who weighs 17 pounds. She's easy to live with and loves being outside. She pulls some on leash. She will do a little "dance" for treats and gives lots of kisses. She would do best in a household where she wasn't routinely left alone for too many hours. Freckles gets along with other dogs and cats, and was raised with 9-10 year old children. She is house trained and crate trained.

Freckles came to POMDR when her guardian was being threatened to be evicted from her apartment because she had a dog.

If you would like to meet Freckles, fill out our online adoption application.

Buff is a beautiful white Labrador Retriever. She's a graceful 14-year-old weighing 78 pounds. She's good with dogs and children, but does chase cats. She's not on any prescription medication and except for arthritis, she's a healthy gal. She needs a bit of help if getting in/out of high vehicles or going up a staircase, but can handle curbs, door steps, etc. just fine.

Buff is friendly to new people she meets, rides well in a car, is house trained and walks fine of leash - but she doesn't walk very fast. She's calm and rarely barks. She passed her temperament evaluation effortlessly and the trainer who did the evaluation described her as an "exceptional dog."

She seems to enjoy relaxing music, and, oohhh, her ears are so incredibly soft.

Buff came to POMDR after her guardian passed away.

If you would like to meet Buff, fill out our online adoption application.

Bogie is an Italian Greyhound/Terrier mix weighing 11 pounds. The vet estimates him to be 4 years old even though his face "looks older". He's an active, friendly guy with a great smile. He likes to be in your lap and is easy to handle. He loves to play with toys.

Bogie could benefit from training as he works on his house manners. He is interested in other dogs but is still learning the proper way to greet them.

Bogie came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services where he came in as a stray

If you would like to meet Bogie, fill out our online adoption application.

Sophia Grace is a 5-year-old, 10 pound poodle mix. She was born with an open cleft and had to have it surgically repaired.

She is a real sweet heart and gets along fine with other dogs and enjoys meeting new people.

She came to us from Salinas Animal Services after coming in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Sophia Grace, fill out our online adoption application.

Cocoa is a 75 pound, 9-year-old spayed female Pit Bull. This sweet and mellow lady walks well on leash and is house-trained. She has lived with 4 kids since puppyhood. She adores kids, does well with strangers, gets on well with other dogs.

She has arthritis in her back legs and is generally in good health. Cocoa is a ball of love, truly a sweetie, and would be a good companion to anyone lucky enough to add her to their family.

Cocoa came to us when her guardian moved and couldn't take her with her.

If you would like to meet Cocoa Pittie, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Jasper, Grady & Jem

Dundee is a 15 pound, 14-year-old toy Australian Shepherd mix. He is a happy, friendly, mellow dog who gets along great with people and other dogs. He is a snuggler who loves affection from everyone. He spends much of his time sleeping, preferably on a comfy bed near you. He enjoys going for slow walks where he can sniff and sniff, but he doesn't need a long walk.

Dundee lost most of his vision due to glaucoma. He needs eye drops a few times a day and he is on an inexpensive thyroid medication. He has adjusted well to life with limited sight.

Dundee is great with other dogs, but of course needs to be with dogs who are tolerant if he accidentally bumps into them. He is a very clever dog and quickly learns to navigate in new surroundings. He's a beautiful, affectionate little dog who deserves a comfortable, loving home.

Dundee came to POMDR from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Due to his age and impaired vision he was not a candidate for adoption there.

If you would like to meet Dundee, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Teddy, Itsey & Minnie

Chester is an 8 pound, 10-year-old Chihuahua mix. He likes going for walks and gets very attached to his caretaker. He loves to sit on his person's lap or to cuddle up in a nearby dog bed. He can be overly protective around some people and some dogs, however, and needs a person who will provide leadership.

Chester takes an inexpensive thyroid medication which he will need lifelong. He would like a loving quiet home to feel safe and loved and experience the simple joys of being a senior citizen.

Chester came to us from the Hollister Animal Shelter after coming in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Chester, fill out our online adoption application.

Daisy is as cute as her name. She's a 13 year-year-old, 13 pound Chihuahua who originally came to us because her elderly guardian had medical problems and could not care for her anymore. She was adopted to a new home 3 years ago, but sadly, her second guardian recently passed away so Daisy is back in our care. Daisy's disposition is gentle and inquisitive. She likes to cuddle in your lap and take quiet naps in her crate. Don't let her age fool you! She's quite spry and likes to go for walks around the neighborhood. She's lived with cats and other dogs with no problems. She is house-trained and very easy to have around.

If you would like to meet Daisy Chihuahua, fill out our online adoption application.

Scooter is a 15 pound, 7-year-old Pug/Chihuahua mix. He has been a staff and volunteer favorite at Monterey County Animal Services and spent three months there looking for a home. He won everyone over with his charming, friendly, playful personality, but he wasn't able to find his forever home. He has lots of admirers and fans though!

Scooter is good with other calm, respectful dogs, but can be a little overwhelmed by high energy, bouncy dogs. Don't know how he does with cats. He loves to go for walks and play with his tennis ball. He is a good fetcher! When riding in a car, he's quiet and relaxed without a crate.

If you would like to meet Scooter, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Andrew & Karen Sheppard, Anita Bogdanoff

Chulita is a 4 pound, 12-year-old Chihuahua. She is an absolute doll and is the center of attention wherever she goes. She loves children of all ages and never met a human she didn't flirt with in the sweetest way.

Chulita has been fostered with other dogs, but when out and about she is a feisty, bossy Chihuahua and likes to bark at other dogs that cross her path.

Chulita has lived harmoniously with a bunny, a cat, a parrot, and doves. She was adopted from AFRP six years ago. Her guardian recently passed away from cancer. We are looking for someone who will cherish and spoil Chulita as much as her previous guardian did. Chulita was well taken care of and has a clean bill of health.

If you would like to meet Chulita, fill out our online adoption application.

Dexter Basset
Dexter Basset

Sponsored By: The Brinkmann Family

Dexter is a 5 year old, 48 pound Bassett/Boxer mix. He is good with people and other dogs. He does chase cats and gets nervous around toddlers. He loves to chase a ball and run on the beach. He is crate trained and has used a doggie door. He pants at first when riding in a car, but then settles down and travels just fine. Dex has been around wheelchairs as his human Dad was in a wheelchair and used a walker.

And this boy can sleep anywhere - on the bed or the floor or in a crate. He enjoys spending time outside and like to play catch with frisbees. Sometimes tugs when on leash. Dexter would love to live in a home with a person(s) who will make sure he gets exercise and play time.

Dexter came to us after his guardian passed away.

If you would like to meet Dexter Basset, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Betty and Ariel

Hannah is an 88 pound, 12-year-old Boxer-Rhodesian Ridgeback (maybe) mix. She has a lovely temperament - very gentle and sweet with people. She will give one bark and respond excitedly once greeted. She loves kids and can easily be walked by one. And what a great old dog face!

Hannah is great at meeting other dogs. She will sniff politely and enjoy playing around, if the other dog is interested. If not, she will just keep on walking. She does chase cats.

Hannah is house broken and knows how to use a doggie door. She sleeps very well in her kennel all night long, with no fuss. She loves walks and she loves to play fetch for as long as you will throw the ball. She knows her name, comes when called, sits, and shakes.

Her foster mom says: "She has this loving, curious face that you are powerless to just walk by without petting. She listens extremely well ... sit, stay, lay down, come, and her name. She has put in her time and now deserves the best home possible. If she lives for two days or two years, you would be lucky to have had her in your life."

Hannah came to us from a local shelter after her guardian surrendered her when he could no longer care for her.

If you would like to meet Hannah, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Lois Hansen

Libbie will be 12 years old in Aug, 2014. She's a beautiful Chocolate Lab, 52 pounds, spayed, with a soft coat. Ignores cats; likes people, including children. Would do best in a home where she is the only dog. When riding in a car, she'll initially pant, then settle down. Sleeps a lot and likely has hearing loss. When she runs, she appears to be a little stiff in her back legs. Has had one droopy eyelid since she was young. Recently had teeth cleaned and is up to date on vaccinations. She's just the right size to put your arms around and hug.

This girl grew up in a loving home. She's sweet-tempered and friendly to everyone. She's an early riser... maybe she likes watching the sun come up. Libbie is house trained and walks well on a harness without pulling. You'll like her as soon as you meet her - it's impossible not to!

Libbie came to POMDR after her guardians passed away.

If you would like to meet Libbie, fill out our online adoption application.

Jasmine is a 10-year-old, 6-pound dainty Chihuahua. She has a happy personality. She loves to go for walks and car rides, and loves to sleep under the blankets. She gets along well with other dogs both big and small, and sometimes plays with her foster brother who is a puppy. Once she gets to know you, she likes to snuggle up on your lap. Jasmine is currently house trained to use an open door to access the back yard.

Jasmine came to us when her guardian was hospitalized and could no longer care for her.

If you would like to meet Jasmine Chihuahua, fill out our online adoption application.

Molly is a 14 pound, 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. She walks well on a leash and gets along with most other critters including dogs, cats, chickens, ponies and people - even strangers! She's very polite when she meets someone new but doesn't like surprising movements near her head. She would do best in a home without small children, or older children who aren't highly respective of her.

Molly is a very mellow girl around the house, with just occasional short spurts of energy, such as brief moments of back-and-forth excitement when she hears the refrigerator. She is happiest curled up on the arm of the recliner.

Molly loves hiking all the way up to the meadow in Garland Park and sniffing along the trails. She also enjoys going to the beach and being active. She is house trained, though like most older dogs she can't hold it in all day so she needs to be let out now and then.

Molly can be left alone and will do well in a crate for a couple of hours, but if left alone in the yard for too long, she might start digging her escape route. Molly prefers to have people's company. She sleeps in her crate at night with the door open.

Her foster mom says: "She is everything good about an older dog. She wants to please, and mostly just wants to be with her person. This is just such a sweet dog! Anyone would love her."

Molly came to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue when her guardian could no longer care for her.

If you would like to meet Molly, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Betty and Ariel

Davey is a 10 pound, 7-year-old Chihuahua mix. This mellow boy passed his dog evaluation with flying colors. He's easy to handle and has a nice, friendly temperament; he comes back for more if you stop petting him. He enjoys shorter, leisurely walks. He likes to meet new people, and is gentle with everyone that he meets.

Davey does have special needs because is he diabetic. His diabetes is easily controlled with two insulin injections per day.

Davey loves to meet new dogs, and will stand up on his hind legs to greet big dogs. At his foster home he gets along very well with the three other dogs, though he isn't really interested in playing. He hasn't shown interest in toys, but he LOVES dental chews and will chew antlers and such. He would probably get along fine with cats.

Davey's foster mom says: "He is starting to be more affectionate, licking my ears in the morning to wake me up! He clearly had a limited life before, so everything is new to him....walking up stairs, sand on the beach, cuddles on the couch. He is soaking all of this up and becoming a great little dog. "

Davey came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services where he was found as a stray.

If you would like to meet Davey, fill out our online adoption application.

Charley aka Jimmy
Charley aka Jimmy

Sponsored By: Lynne Colbert, Watersign Standard Poodles

Charley is a 56 pound, 11-year-old Standard Poodle. He loves the outdoors and gets excited for his walks. He is still an energetic boy and needs a lot of exercise. He loves to meet other dogs, and wants to play with them. His gate is so elegant he is a pleasure to watch when he runs. At home he will lie quietly nearby until you get up, then he will pop right up, hoping for another walk.

Charley is a "people person" who enjoys adults and kids. He generally gets along well with the cats at his foster home, though sometimes he wants to play when they do not. He enjoys treats and will take them gently from your hand. He has a way of looking you directly in the eye that makes you wonder if he knows what you're thinking! Charley steals the heart of everyone who meets him.

Charley is a patient and tolerant boy who does well when left alone at home for a few hours. He's a handsome dog and has great energy. With the exception of having some arthritis, he's healthy and has an elegant demeanor. It would be best if he didn't have to climb steep stairs too often. He'll be your best pal for life if you'll let him.

Charley came to POMDR from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter after being picked up as a stray.

If you would like to meet Charley aka Jimmy, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Manutech Mfg.

Dixie is a 23 pound, 11-year-old cuddly Cocker Spaniel. She is a peppy little senior gal that loves attention and really thrives on human contact. Her foster home has a 6 year old boy who moves quickly and is loud but Dixie is trusting and likes to sit with him. She is on the timid side when meeting new people; she takes her time and then slowly warms up to them.

Dixie ignored the cat at the shelter, but is curious about the cats in her foster home. She wants to play with them but they do not feel the same way. She gets along with a female Saint Bernard and a male Cocker mix at her foster home, and sometimes plays with them. She hasn't shown interest in toys.

Dixie doesn't seem to have much practice walking on a leash; she doesn't pull but she wanders in all directions. This should quickly improve with some more walks under her belt. She whines a little when separated from her foster family, but quiets down eventually.

Her foster mom says "Dixie doesn't act her age! Minus the cataracts, you wouldn't know she was about 12. She acts like a young pup -- jumpy, bouncy, and happy!"

Dixie came to us as a stray from Salinas Animal Services.

If you would like to meet Dixie, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: John Click

ADOPTION PENDING - this dog is on a trial adoption and may take time to finalize. Please email us, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this dog if the adoption does not go through.

Bronson is a 15 pound, 12-year-old blonde Schipperke mix. He is very well-behaved and friendly with everyone he meets, young and old. He loves other well-behaved dogs, large and small. He gets along very well with cats also; he lived with three cats for many years and was particularly attached to one of them. He loves car rides and he loves walks; he walks with a cute trot and doesn't pull.

Bronson is very alert and active, but sleeps well through the night and during the day when nothing of interest is going on. You would never guess that he is 12 years old.

Bronson's foster mom says "He is an excellent all around dog and companion. He is very charming and a true gentleman. At times, I call him Mr. B due to his gentleman qualities. Not a mean bone in his body. I would trust him around everyone, old and young. He may be considered as a pet therapy dog."

Bronson was very well cared for all of his life until his guardian became ill and could no longer care for him.


Sponsored By: Babette Sears

Penny is a 35 pound, 6-year-old purebred Sharpei. She is shy with new people, but nice. She loves to be around the people she knows well and would prefer a home where she isn't left alone too much of the time. She loves interaction and cutely groans and moans when she is happy or wants more attention.

Penny just loves her walks and hikes. She pulls some but at a manageable level. When she meets other dogs, she often ignores them because she is so busy walking, but sometimes wants to give them a sniff.

Penny was treated for a condition called entropion eyes. She recovered well but has some vision impairment and needs daily eyedrops, which aren't a problem because she likes the attention she gets when they are applied.

Her foster mom says "Penny is sweet and thrives on companionship. She is shy at first though, and maybe was mistreated in the past, but she really wants to be loved. I find her groaning when she is being pet and her enthusiasm for walks really cute."

Penny came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being found as a stray.

If you would like to meet Penny, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Taffy Head

Teddy is an 8 pound, 10-year-old Pomeranian mix. His favorite thing is to hang out with you (indoors, outdoors, at work, in the car, wherever!). He enjoys walks if they're not more than 8 blocks; he walks very well on a leash and wants to play with other dogs that he meets. At home he is a sweet little guy who loves to sit on a lap and snuggle, or look out the window at the world outside. About once a day he will pick up a toy. He totally ignores cats.

Teddy is well-mannered, and will wait for you to go through a door first, or will wait when someone comes to the door. He sleeps the night through in his bed. He is a wonderful and loving little dog.

Teddy came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after coming in as a stray.

If you would like to meet Teddy, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Jeanie Lewis

Katie is a 35 pound, 14-years-young Border Collie/Chow mix. She is in excellent shape for her age. Her back legs are a little weak so she needs a little help jumping in and out of a car. Like many older dogs, she is hard of hearing.

Katie never tires of going on walks, and will pick up her own leash to remind you that it's time for another. She is eager to meet people, though a bit cautious at first. She gets along fine with other dogs but hasn't yet shown interest in playing with them. She has not been around cats, but would probably do just fine with kitties. She likes squeaky toys and soft toys and the occasional laundry basket sock.

Katie rides well in a car, and enjoys sniffing out the window. She is house trained and is fine being left alone at her foster home, where she is free to wander about. Her foster mom says "She is a very sweet and gentle dog. She is shy, but seeing her open up over time is very special".

Katie came to us after her guardian passed away.

If you would like to meet Katie, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: The Henney Hounds

Spot is a 5-month-old, 8 pound Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix puppy. He is house trained, crate trained, and walks nicely on leash. He loves to play with dog toys of all sorts. He also plays well with the other dogs in his foster home, including a Pug and a Golden Retriever. He loves to snuggle with people and other dogs.

Spot and his brother Stripe, who was already adopted, were with a senior person who could not take care of them.

If you would like to meet Spot, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Joseph Hollinger, Linda Schroeder

Zoey is an 18 pound, 14-year-old poodle mix. She is blind, but is pretty confident in finding her way around — at her foster home she found and used the doggy door before it had been shown to her. She is loving, trusting, and sweet with people and is fine around other dogs who are calm and forgiving of her disability.

Zoey had some cancerous mammary tumors removed, and she has some masses on her lungs. They are not bothering her now but could be an issue for her in the future.

Zoey loves companionship and will often follow her foster mom around, but she also does fine when left at home with two other dogs. She goes out the doggy door on her own and has had no accidents in the house. She sleeps soundly through the night.

We are looking for a caring, compassionate person who would like to give Zoey a wonderful home for the last months or years of her life. We just don't know how quickly her cancer will spread, but we do know that she deserves to feel loved every day in the meantime.

Zoey came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services as a stray.

If you would like to meet Zoey, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Jan Neal

Lolly is a 14 pound, 12-year-old Chihuahua. She has a tolerant, friendly, mellow personality. She enjoys a nice slow walk where she has good smelling opportunities. She is happy to let gentle strangers pet her.

Lolly basically ignores other dogs that she meets while walking, and other dogs and cats at her foster home. She loves to hang out near her foster mom and get petted, preferably on her lap or next to her on the couch. She plays with her foster mom with rope toys and fabric toys. She is great about sleeping all night in her dog bed.

Lolly paces a bit in the car before settling down, but doesn't bark or whine. At home she can be vocal when she knows her foster people are near and can't get to them, but seems to be quiet if they are not nearby.

Lolly came to us from Santa Cruz Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

If you would like to meet Lolly, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: The Henney Hounds, Karen & Mike Gunby

Randy is a 85 pound, 11-year-old Yellow Labrador. He is good with other dogs of all sizes. He likes to play with other dogs, and has a grand time at the dog park.

Randy pulls on leash a little, but does very well with a gentle leader nose harness. He has some arthritis and so prefers shorter walks. Also, stairs and getting in and out of a vehicle are hard for him. He'll need help with that or a ramp. He has a lot of energy for a senior dog, but also settles down after the excitement of a new place wears off.

Randy loves people. He will bark excitedly when meeting new people, and then give them a big super-friendly greeting. Then he mellows out quickly. He enjoys playing with dog toys, either by himself or with a person. He has lived with young children and is fine with them.

Randy's foster mom says "He is such a happy dog! Always wagging his tail and loves company. So happy to see us when we get up in the morning, when we get home, or just when we enter the room he is in. He is the classic lab. He will make someone very happy."

In July 2014 we found out that Randy has bone cancer. He is being treated for it and has a good prognosis. He gets infusions every three weeks that help promote bone growth. He is looking for a very special adopter who can see past his illness and give him the best months or years of his life filled with love.

Randy came to us after his guardian had to leave the country unexpectedly and family members did not have time to care for him.

If you would like to meet Randy, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Leigh Cambra, in memory of Issy, Candice Cambra, in memory of Issy, Sue & Jim Hanrahan, in memory of Issy

Suzi is a 28 pound, 15-year-old Jack Russell mix. She is vision and hearing impaired due to her age, but is otherwise a healthy senior dog. She enjoys a nice leisurely walk, where she politely sniffs with new dogs that she meets, and mostly ignores new people.

She's generally mellow around the house, though she will play once in a while. She's staying with two other dogs, and does fine with them, but she does not do well with cats. She prefers to be right next to her person, and follow them from room to room.

Her foster mom says "She is the sweetest dog with heart-melting brown eyes." She deserves a peaceful, loving home to enjoy her remaining years.

Suzi came to us when her 102-year-old guardian went into a nursing home.

If you would like to meet Suzi, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: John Click

Troy is a 10 pound, 8-year-old Chihuahua mix. He is a friendly, confident dog with a lively personality. He loves to meet and play with new dogs and he never met a stranger he didn't win over. If you'd like to have the happiest dog in the world in your life, Troy might be your buddy.

Troy walks nicely on a leash, with a little weaving back and forth to find the best smells. He is used to riding in a crate in the car, and he's fine with that. He likes having a blanket or sheet to chew on. He's happy to sleep in a crate, or in your bed.

Troy's foster mom says "He is a lovable, friendly, cute dog that just wants to cuddle up in someone's lap."

Troy lived at a dog sanctuary for several years until the 90-year-old founder of the sanctuary passed away.

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Bert is a 6 pound, 8-year-old Chihuahua mix. He is mellow and sweet, and just loves curling up on his foster mom's lap and going to sleep. He seems very grateful for anything that is done for him.

Bert walks well on a leash, mostly staying at your side. He's fine with meeting new people and is good with other dogs. He is house trained and crate trained. He is a little too excited about kitties so would do best in a home without cats or with a very confident cat. He is smaller than most kitties! Bert loves kids. He's a happy guy who would shower you with love if you gave him his forever home.

Bert was found as a stray in Salinas.

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Princess is an 11 pound, 10-year-old Chihuahua mix. She is a sweet girl who enjoys meeting new people, likes to have her tummy rubbed, and loves to snuggle. She enjoys moderately long walks, and is generally mellow at home, though she does partake in some rambunctious play with plush toys. She's happy to ride in the back of a car or on a passenger's lap.

Princess can be wary when meeting new dogs, but once she gets to know other dogs she likes to play and snuggle with them. She'd be happy as an only pooch or would fit into a pack of dogs.

Princess has adorable white markings down her back and has white "socks" on with little tan speckles. She is a sweet little gal who will make someone a nice companion.

Princess was adopted in 2011 from POMDR, but one of her guardians passed away and the surviving spouse can no longer care for her.

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Pepper Lhasa
Pepper Lhasa

Sponsored By: Jenna, Winston & Leelu Scanlon

Pepper is a 13 pound, 17-year-old pure bred Lhasa Apso. He is a gentle dog who gets along with people, other dogs, and cats.

He has a non-functional right eye that has been that way since he was a pup and doesn't cause him any trouble. He also has limited vision in his left eye. He is quiet and housebroken as long as he has a routine and access to the outdoors. He likes meeting people and dogs, though he doesn't always notice their presence. He wags his little tail constantly and loves to be with company. He enjoys being held and cuddled.

Pepper does have a heart condition and is at risk of sudden death from a rupture. He needs a peaceful place to curl up in a comfortable bed and feel secure and loved in his golden years no matter how much longer he has.

Pepper came to POMDR when his guardian passed away. He had been in the same loving home for 17 years.

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Lupey is a 20 pound, 11-year-old Boston Terrier. He is a delightful dog who was well cared for by his former guardian who passed away. His vision is somewhat impaired, but he doesn't let this stop him from being sweet, smart, easy going, funny, and happy.

Lupey gets along well with other dogs and enjoys meeting new people. He has lived with cats and chases some kitties but not others. He doesn't play with the other dog at his foster home, but he likes to challenge people at tug of war with a rope toy, and he very much enjoys his stuffed animals.

Lupey knows basic commands and is housebroken. When he's left home alone, he will often snuggle on a sofa or bed. He loves to go for walks, or lounge around the house or yard. He is used to riding in a crate in cars. He is overall an easy keeper and very adaptable to new situations.

The last time Lupey had his teeth cleaned, he had a few extractions and, unfortunately, the vet found a mass on his gum line. It was biopsied and came back as squamous cell carcinoma. Lupey's prognosis is guarded, but for now, he is a happy dog and doesn't know there is anything wrong. He would love to be in his forever home for however long that may be. The vet thinks he might still have 6 months to a year of quality life left.

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Chance Schnauzer
Chance Schnauzer

Sponsored By: The Henney Hounds

Chance is a 25 pound, 14-year-old Schnauzer mix. He is a sweet old man dog. He is mostly deaf and vision-impaired but he still likes to follow his dog friends or foster mom around. He is happy to go for slow speed short walks where he checks out the smells and is sometimes happily startled by a "big" smell. He gently enjoys meeting other dogs; he gives them a sniff and then meanders on.

At home he is mostly content to rest. He's not interested in playing with other dogs, but doesn't mind them being around. He will occasionally chew on an antler. He's a mellow guy who just needs a soft bed to sleep on and someone to rub his head.

Chance came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He has a mild case of Cushings Disease, but it is asymptomatic so our veterinarian does not recommend treatment at this time.

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Rusty is an 18 pound, 10-year-old, wire-haired Terrier mix. He is somewhat interested in other dogs, but will ignore them if they are not very close and greets them briefly otherwise. He loves his walks, but doesn't require a very long walk. He's friendly or indifferent to strangers, though never turns down being petted.

Being a terrier, he is very interested in small mammals and would like to burrow through shrubbery, etc. in pursuit of them. But he's pretty easy to control. We don't know yet whether he behaves the same way with cats.

At home, he is sweet and mellow. He doesn't play with squeaky toys or chew toys or balls; he just wants to hang around his favorite people. He would probably be happiest in a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time, since he really wants to be where his people are. He is vision impaired due to retinal atrophy, but at his last vet visit the disease had not progressed and he still has sight.

Rusty came to us from Salinas Animal Services after coming in as a stray. He had a microchip, but all attempts to contact his previous guardians were met with no response.

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Sponsored By: The Wilson Chows

Shelby is a 69 pound, 15-year-old Shepherd/Chow mix. She is mellow for most of the day and is usually happy to let new people pet her, though sometimes she isn't interested. She loves to go for walks, and should be walked a few times a day so that her arthritis doesn't get worse. When she's out on walks, she doesn't pull and she enjoys politely meeting other dogs with some sniffing and a lot of tail-wagging.

Shelby has gotten into some mischief when left alone at home, so now she stays in a crate. She whines a little about it but she's getting used to it. She just loves riding in a car, with her head out the window and her paw up on the dashboard.

Shelby's foster mom says "She is overall a sweet and adorable dog. I love her paws and face! She looks like a teddy bear. You can't help but love her completely."

Shelby has an inoperable anal tumor. Right now it doesn't seem to be causing her any problems, but it might become a life threatening issue at some point in her future. She is currently in a foster home, but her foster mom is moving at the end of May. We are looking for an adopter or a new forever care/hospice foster home for Shelby.

If you would like to meet Shelby, fill out our online adoption application.


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Tucker is a 9-year-old, 50 pound Catahoula/Australian Shepherd Mix. He is an ultra friendly dog. He loves attention from everyone he meets, and will nudge you with his nose to get some additional petting. He is equally good with children and adults. He gets along well with other dogs he meets. He would do best in a home without cats or other small animals.

Tucker was born with a foot deformity that made it difficult and painful for him to put weight one of his paws. The problem was not repairable and his back leg was amputated. He remaining back paw needs to be protected. It was also deformed at birth and he wears a boot to protect it. He can only do short walks on soft surface.

Tucker rides well in a car, contentedly lying down and looking out the window. He's a quiet dog who occasionally whines with excitement but rarely if ever barks.

Tucker came to POMDR in a neglected state after being surrendered to Salinas Animal Services. He had giardia, mange, tapeworm, and was anemic. He has come a long way since then. We are still working on his skin issues which may be lifelong and chronic, but they have improved a great deal. We keep his skin as healthy as possible with medicated baths, medication and a special diet.

Despite the neglect Tucker has endured in his past, he is a happy, bright, loving dog.

Check out a video of Tucker

If you would like to meet Tucker, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Barbara & Anza Reitz, Sharilyn Cabelera, Miss P in memory of Skoshi, Lifeline 4 Paws, Susan Charkin

Gracie is a 25 pound, 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel. She bonds strongly to a person and wants to be near you as much as possible, looking at you with her big dark eyes and melting your heart. She loves nothing more than to be held and reassured. She is friendly in a quiet environment, but can get a little overwhelmed and vocal when there is lots of activity. Gracie gets along well with the dogs and cats in the house where she's staying, but she sometimes gets nervous when meeting new dogs. She would probably do best as an only dog, where she could get all the attention she desires.

Gracie rides well in a crate and walks well on a leash. When left at home, she sleeps peacefully. She is learning to be housetrained.

Gracie came to us from a home where she suffered severe neglect that led to ear infections and skin problems. She's doing great now and is looking for a family who likes to sit by the fire and cuddle.

If you would like to meet Gracie, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Cabelera Senior Chihuahua Pack

Graham is a perfect chihuahua - he is about 9 years old and is 5 pounds of Grade A lap-snuggler, good with other gentle dogs, good with people, happy to accompany you whereever and whenever. He does have arthritis in his neck but he doesn't let it slow him down. Take him for a walk and he proudly struts at the end of his leash. He plays with toys and runs around with the pack of dogs at his foster home; he has his favorite canine companions and can often be seen snuggling with them.

His foster mom says "Graham is very endearing and adores attention. He climbs up and wraps himself around my shoulders like a cat; he cannot ever get close enough!" If you love chihuahuaha, Graham will adore you right back.

If you would like to meet Graham, fill out our online adoption application.

Behaviorally Challenged Dogs

From time to time, dogs come into our care that end up having behavior issues. This makes it very difficult to adopt these dogs out. POMDR will care for these dogs only in foster homes with volunteers who are able to manage these issues.

We will only adopt out these dogs to experienced individuals who are knowledgable and confident when working with dogs who need rehabilitation. Adoption into an appropriate home is taken very seriously and adopters are screened carefully to ensure each dog will not be a danger to anyone in the home, visiting the home, or coming into contact with the dog.


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Angie is a 50 pound, 12-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. She is a mellow old girl, who walks slowly and spends a lot of time sleeping. She's not interested in toys. She enjoys going on leisurely walks, and being outside in general, though she's also happy hanging out near her people wherever they may be.

Ninety-nine per cent of the time, Angie is a sweet and gentle as they come, but she does have an issue resource guarding food. Angie's foster mom has learned to put her food down and then just leave Angie to it. She does not like people moving her bowl or reaching toward it while she is eating. Because of this challenging behavior, Angie needs to go to a guardian who is comfortable giving her her space around her food dish. Dogs with this behavior can often be rehabilitated, but due to some cognitive dysfunction on Angie's part because of her age it might be hard for her to rehab 100% from this behavior.

Angie has weak legs and can have trouble on slippery floors. She is also hard of hearing like many older dogs. She's fine riding in a car, but needs help getting in. She gets along fine with a 7-year-old spaniel mix in her foster home. She's generally indifferent to other dogs, and also to cats.

Angie's foster mom says: "She's very sweet and mellow most of the time: just a "good ol' girl". She's just the right size to reach down & pet."

Angie came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

If you would like to meet Angie, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: The Henney Hounds

Sunny is a 9 pound, 12-year-old, handsome long hair Dachshund. He was surrendered to a shelter when his guardian went into a care facility and was then transferred to POMDR. He is a little shy at first, but then is an absolute doll with his human family members. He can live with other dogs, but might be a little bossy with some dogs. He loves to snuggle and be on his person's lap.

Like many Dachshunds, Sunny can be protective of his human family while on leash out and about and if visitors come to the home. He is learning to walk on a gentle leader and that is helping a lot. He needs an adopter who is willing to continue his training inside and outside the home and is committed to managing his behaviors lifelong if necessary. He needs to be in a home without young children.

If you would like to meet Sunny, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: Max Pin, Betty Roberts, John Click

Mayla is a 10 pound, 7-year-old Min Pin/Chihuahua mix. She came to us when her senior guardian could no longer care for her. Not having been socialized, she was very shy and frightened at first, but has since blossomed into a playful and fun little girl in her foster home.

Mayla needs to gain the trust of new people before showing her true personality so she needs a patient adopter, who can take it slowly with her and let her blossom once again in their care.

Once she has her confidence, Mayla enjoys meeting new people and has a waggy tail for friends she has made. She puts her front paws up on their legs as if to say "pet me" and then often dances in a circle. Her guardian taught her some cute things; she fetches and plays with toys, she "high fives", moonwalks when she's particularly happy, and even can find the remote control under the bed covers.

Mayla is always excited about going for walks -- she can hardly contain herself when the harness and leash appear! She can be a bit nippy when her harness is snapped on, but we're working on that. Although she loves children, because of the chance of this nippy behavior, it is best for her to be in an adult-only home.

She is not comfortable with large dogs, but gets along well with other small dogs and cats; she would also do fine as the only pet as long as she would be played and interacted with.

If you would like to meet Mayla, fill out our online adoption application.


Sponsored By: The Henney Hounds, Don and Bette Spagel

Buster is a 10 pound, 11-year-old Maltese. He has lots of positive qualities - is housebroken, is easy to walk on leash and enjoys short walks, is good with other dogs and with cats, and is very smart and quick to learn.

Buster does have a couple of quirks which put him in our Behaviorally Challenged category. He is nervous about being touched and can snap if you startle him. He is fine being petted. But simple things that we take for granted with typical dogs are difficult for him - like bathing, cleaning his eyes, pulling a burr from his fur. If he thinks you are going to try to "do" something to him, he will snap.

He is very difficult to groom, although a few groomers have been able to do it. And he is now on a regular grooming schedule.

He's not a big cuddler, but he does like being near you or sleeping on the foot of the bed. He needs someone who can be patient with him and deal with his quirkiness, and sensitivity issues when it come to touch.

Buster was originally surrendered to Monterey County Animal Services after his person passed away, then he cam to POMDR and was adopted out. He lived with someone for two years and then she got ill and he came back into our program. He has been in his current foster home since October 2011. He needs an experienced dog handler who will respect his stress signals, go slowly with him, and let him be touched on his own terms and muzzle him when necessary for exams, etc.

If you would like to meet Buster, fill out our online adoption application.

All of our adoptable dogs are cared for in quality loving foster homes. Each of our foster homes must meet exceptional standards of care for the dogs they foster and the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of their volunteer work. Each dog in our program receives a thorough veterinary exam upon intake. The senior dogs also get a senior blood panel and in many cases a dental cleaning and any necessary extractions.

All adopters must agree to a home visit and annual visits throughout the life of the dog in order to adopt one of the dogs entrusted to our care. We do appreciate your willingness to open your heart and your home to a dog in need of a permanent family. We take our role of placing dogs in a new home very seriously and do everything we can to ensure the dogs we place are well cared for throughout their lives.

Often senior dogs make the most grateful companions. They are typically already house broken, know basic commands, need only minimal to moderate exercise, and are content to be safe in a loving home taking a much deserved nap in a peaceful environment. Whether you adopt a senior dog or a younger dog we thank you for helping to save a life!

You may also want to check out animals available for adoption at Animal Friends Rescue Project, Salinas Animal Services, Monterey County Animal Services, the Santa Cruz SPCA, Santa Cruz Animal Services, the SPCA of Monterey County, the Senior Dogs Project, Muttville, Old Dog Haven, and NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue. Click here for a list of national adoption websites.