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We Need Foster Homes!

We typically have about 80 dogs in our care at any given time. We also typically have up to 15 dogs waiting to get into foster homes. If you are interested in fostering any of the dogs on this page, email us.

POMDR will provide supplies such as crate, bed, collar, harness, leash, id tag, bowls, toys, flea prevention. We also cover all medical expenses. We ask that our foster homes provide the food and a loving, safe home until your foster dog is adopted.

Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. You may also want to foster as a way of finding the perfect match for your home if you are looking to add a dog to your family. Click here for more information about volunteering and fostering and to fill out an online volunteer application.

The following dogs need foster homes:

Lola Maltese

Breed: Maltese
Age: 7 years
Weight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female

Lola is an absolute doll and extremely cute. She loves to be on your lap or sitting next to you. She is very sociable and easy to handle. She has a little motor that keeps her energetic in her exploring. She is good with other dogs of all sizes but does get lap possessive. She is responsive on a leash and will follow you around the house or a contained area.

Lola came to us after her guardian passed away. She has done really well in the transition and is still super sweet. She is looking for her forever home with a family to love and give her attention. Lola loves treats and responds to her name. Lola has all the characteristics of her breed. If you meet Lola, you'll quickly fall in love with her.

Lola would like to find a place to relax and feel comfortable at until she finds her forever home. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application.


Breed: Austrialian Shepherd/Queensland Heeler
Age: 10 years
Weight: 45 pounds
Gender: Female

Looks at this beauty! Dina is a friendly, active dog who is a lot of fun. She is sweet to humans and is always looking to please and get petted. Her favorite thing is to get brushed or rubbed on her belly. She loves to walk and run and does well on a leash. She has a blast riding in cars.

Dina plays well with other dogs but should go to a home without kitties. She is eagerly playful around other dogs, but she needs to live in home without other animals because she loves her guardian so much that she gets a little jealous when another dog is being loved in her home. Dina enjoys being outside so if you are an outdoorsy person, she could be the perfect companion for you!

Dina came to us when her guardian's spouse passed away and their living arrangement changed. Dina is looking for a home with a family who will appreciate her big smile.

Dina is currently with a foster that can only keep her for a couple weeks, she is ready to join your home. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application.

Bubbles Peek

Breed: Pekingese/Poodle mix
Age: 14 years
Weight: 10 pounds
Gender: Female

Bubbles sure is cute. She's also very sweet. She loves being right in the middle of things and right next to you. Her foster takes her to restaurants and to visit friends, and Bubbles is a perfect little lady when she's with her person. She's so relaxed, in fact, she often falls asleep in her foster's lap.

Bubbles is friendly with other dogs and tends to ignore the cat she lives with in her foster home. She's crate-trained and walks well on a leash. Another dog in her home taught her to bark when people arrive, which she thinks is great fun, but she's very friendly once she's met your visitors. She particularly enjoys the company of gentle children and is an all-around mellow presence. At night she prefers to sleep on her human's bed, so her perfect adopter likes to snuggle. She will sleep on her dog bed, if you prefer it.

Bubbles can be vocal when she's under stress, and the transition from her previous life hasn't been easy for her. Her beloved senior guardian passed away, and family wasn't able to keep her. When she first came to us, she literally cried for her mama and was inconsolable. Then we watched her slowly settle in, and soon enough she was enjoying the sunshine on the deck and sitting happily in our laps. She would love someone to give her TLC and make her feel comfortable and part of the family again.

We think she'd be happiest and have the easiest transition with an adopter who's around much of the time and can help her be ok with being left alone occasionally. Bubbles is not destructive at all when left, she just cries, but she is getting better.

Bubbles came back into our program after her adopter entered hospice care. Bubbles is now looking for a foster. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application.

Cookie Dachshund

Breed: Dachshund Mix
Age: 12 years
Weight: 16 pounds
Gender: Female

Cookie is a nice little lady that warms up quickly to you after her initial shyness. She is so good at hanging around and being her happy self. She is comfortable around kids and dogs. She is blind out of one eye but moves around well. She has a healthy brown color and cute floppy ears. Cookie can easily fit in your family and help make your day brighter.

Cookie will be coming into our program on June 15th. We'd love to have a foster home lined up for her. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application.

Suzie Q

Breed: Terrier
Age: 9
Weight: 23 pounds
Gender: Female

Suzie is on a quest to find her forever home. Fortunately, she will be an easy fit into any home because she gets along well with other dogs and new people. She does need a patient male to let her get comfortable with him. Once she does trust a man, she loves him unconditionally. At night, she sleeps happily in a crate and will wait patiently at home while you are away.

Suzie's guardian became ill and can no longer care for her. She can easily make a home happier and would love to do that for your home.

Suzie would love to find a foster home and skip out on boarding. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application.

Sweetie Cocker

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 13 years
Weight: 30 pounds
Gender: Female

It's no coincidence that this girl is named Sweetie. She is sweet as can be and just begging to be your new sidekick. She is laid back and friendly, and her favorite activities include napping and eating. She has recently been going hiking is crushing it on the trails. If you do want to speed her up on one of your walks, the promise of a tasty snack can be a great incentive. Once you're back home, watch her make a beeline for her bed to get a little beauty rest and save up for the next adventure.

Sweetie lets other dogs set the tone for their interaction. If they approach her nicely, she responds in kind. She tends to ignore kitties, but she loves to eat their food. For Sweetie to reach optimal happiness, she would like to be by your side 24 hours a day. If not, be prepared to hear her complain. She does great when left with other dogs though.

Sweetie takes a medication to regulate her thyroid issues and is on a prescription diet to help control the development of kidney stones. She is agile for her age and can easily navigate stairs. This girl still has a lot of life left.

Before coming to POMDR, Sweetie spent her days out and about riding the bus and accompanying her person to medical treatments. In addition to being a loving companion, she's also a very good doggie nurse who's standing by to shower you with TLC.

Sweetie is doing great in her foster home but they can only foster her temporarily. We are looking for a full-time foster for Sweetie. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application.

Bingo Beagle

Breed: Beagle
Age: 8 years
Weight: 52 pounds
Gender: Female

This bountiful girl is all love! When Bingo meets you, she'll come right over and snuggle up to you almost instantly. She certainly thrives on affection and kisses, happily reciprocating your love. She's the kind of dog who just presses her little face into you for ear scratches. Do you need a new BFF?

Bingo is very overweight, and an adopter who is committed to getting her to a healthier weight is a must. We know she is going to blossom once she has shed some pounds!

Bingo does well with other dogs during brief interactions but would probably thrive as the only dog or with a very mellow dog in her future family. She LOVES to snuggle and you'll have no shortage of love from this girl. Her foster mom said she has already begun to master the doggie door.

Bingo came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

Bingo was used to being the center of attention and would thrive in a foster home that can happen again. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application.

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