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We Need Foster Homes!

We typically have about 80 dogs in our care at any given time. We also typically have up to 15 dogs waiting to get into foster homes. If you are interested in fostering any of the dogs on this page, email us.

POMDR will provide supplies such as crate, bed, collar, harness, leash, id tag, bowls, toys, flea prevention. We also cover all medical expenses. We ask that our foster homes provide the food and a loving, safe home until your foster dog is adopted.

Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. You may also want to foster as a way of finding the perfect match for your home if you are looking to add a dog to your family. Click here for more information about volunteering and fostering and to fill out an online volunteer questionnaire.

The following dogs need foster homes:

Bella Swan

Breed: Miniature Poodle
Age: 10 years
Weight: 15 pounds
Gender: Female

Bella Swan is a doll, though a little shy. She is a sweet natured and gentle dog who enjoys soft pets. She is wary of hands coming from above her head but just avoids them, likely due to her diminished eye sight. She is gentle in taking treats and buddies up to those who have them. She is absolutely adorable with her puppy-like bursts of energy and bounciness at play time. She enjoys playing with other dogs and will interact with new ones. Overall, she has a moderate energy level and is easy to live with. She has no destructive habits and settles down and naps easily.

Bella Swan is looking for a home with no children, as their fast behavior will make her nervous. She shadows the person who shows her love and will bond quickly to her future person. If you want to make her truly happy, take her to the beach and see her pure joy on display.

Bella Swan loves soft squeaky toys. She will keep them with her where she sleeps. She'll run and chase balls, occasionally bringing one back. She is good on her walks and great in the car.

Bella Swan had a mammary mass removed that was adenocarcinoma. It was removed with clean margins and her chest radiographs indicated that it had not spread, but her adopter will need to have checkups with their regular vet to make sure she stays healthy.

Bella has diminished hearing and vision. The latter is due to her chronic dry eye. She now needs prescription ointment and an otc lubricant applied to her eyes daily.

Bella is coming from the SPCA for Monterey County.

Bella Swan is looking for a temporary Forster from December 29th to January 3rd. Please let us know if you are able, though we hope to have her in a forever home by then Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 8 years
Estimated weight: 20 pounds
Gender: Male

Binx is a shy guy, and treats are the fastest way to win his friendship! He was recently picked up as a stray, and we think he still needs a little TLC to decompress, but with some patience he is going to make someone an adorable and wonderful companion. Being on the streets is scary for a little dog like Binx! He accepts affection once he knows you're a friendly face, and he does well with other dogs.

Binx came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

Binx did well in his first foster home, but they have personal commitments and are no longer able to keep fostering him. Can you give him a soft place to land? Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 8 years
Weight: 11 pounds
Gender: Male

PeeWee is a social and fun dog. He has great energy and loves everyone he meets. He is happy to receive attention and be a part of a group. He is good with other dogs and well-mannered in the home, knowing how to use the doggie door. He is a great companion who shadows his person, enjoying the occasional treat and snuggle time. He listens to direction well when he is rewarded with a treat. PeeWee is super cute with his spots, and you are sure to fall in love with him.

PeeWee is content to sleep in a crate but loves to cuddle and prefers to snuggle in next to his people. He is excellent on leash, sticking near his walker. A great companion for hikes or adventures and can easily do 2-4 miles. PeeWee is also happy just lounging around. He is easy going and will pick up on your routine.

PeeWee came to us from Hollister Animal Shelter, where he landed after being found as a stray. He had a microchip and his guardians were contacted, but they ended up surrendering him due to personal reasons. Now some lucky family can adopt this great dog.

PeeWee is a fantastic dog to have around the home and needs a foster. He will quickly bond and his foster family will love having him. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Monsieur French

Breed: Large Mixed Breed
Age: 10 years
Estimated weight: 60 pounds
Gender: Male

Monsieur French is a nice old gentleman. He is friendly and likes attention. He is accommodating with other dogs, wags nicely and shows some interest. He likes treats with absolutely no guarding with dogs or people. He would be best in a quiet home and probably no young kids to jump on his old body.

French was found as a stray and his person was identified, however, they did not come get him from the Santa Cruz County Animal Services and is now looking for a family to give him a home.

Monsieur French is a handsome dog that is ready to cozy up with a foster. Please consider helping him through this transition. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Medium Mixed Breed
Age: 10 years
Weight: 30 pounds
Gender: Male

I am looking for a quiet home where I can relax in a sunbeam and be your faithful companion. I would love to spend my golden years in a forever home with you. Not only am I a bit older, I am a lot wiser! I am looking for a home where my quiet attitude and worldly wisdom will be appreciated and adored.

Ford would love to come into our program but needs a foster first. Please let us know if you would like to foster this little guy. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Ebonee and Wilma

Breed: Large Mixed Breed, Basset Hound
Age: 11 years, 11 years
Weight: 75 pounds, 55 pounds
Gender: Female, Female

Ebonee, the large mixed breed, and Wilma, the Basset Hound, are two lovely ladies who are most comfortable having each other near. Ebonee is the more outgoing of the two, but once acquainted, Wilma loves receiving attention and affection. They are a little pack, exploring areas and sleeping together. Both are good in the home and enjoy walks. They are good at taking direction and aim to please people. They are sweet around other dogs but do chase cats. They have played with many children, but overly hyper kids can intimidate them.

Wilma and Ebonee may get a little protective of their toys, but that has never escalated. They are calm, relaxed ladies as long as they have each other. They like to sleep on dog beds and are comfortable being left alone while their person runs errands.

Wilma and Ebonee came to POMDR because their previous person is ill and no longer able to care for them.

Wilma and Ebonee may be nervous in transition but will settle in and be ever so grateful to the people that give them a chance. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Lulu Belle

Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 12 years
Estimated weight: 13 pounds
Gender: Female

Lulu Belle is full of sugar and love. She is excellent with dogs of all sizes and is comfortable in a pack. She is very affectionate with new people and jumps up a little for attention. She is comfortable with the groomer and loves car rides. Her ideal home is with guardians who are home throughout the day or can take her with them. She has separation anxiety, and though not destructive, she becomes vocal and nervous while alone. She is such a delightful companion, that we want to find her an adopter who is available and happy to have her as a shadow.

Lulu knows commands and tricks. She is lots of fun. She sits, lays down, rolls over, twirls, and jumps for treats. She is a joy to teach, as she is smart and obedient.

Lulu came into the program because her beloved guardian passed away, and her guardian's significant other works and travels much of the time, leaving Lulu without the company and attention she deserves.

Lulu Belle would love a foster home. She will be a hit and you'll absolutely love her. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 9 years
Weight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female

Jemma is a calm and collected little lady that is most content atop a lap. She relaxes on a person's lap and gets a tiny bit more animated. She is new to being directed on a leash and will need further guidance and her future family's patience. She is indifferent to dogs and seems comfortable sharing space with them. Jemma is fine being left alone but when with you, she is hoping you will let her get up and nap on your lap. She rides great in the car. Jemma is a little cutie and a great companion.

Jemma does have weak hind legs and needs a home without stairs.

Jemma came to us from Monterey County Animal Services.

Jemma is a great little dog. She does need to keep it easy and is hoping for a relaxed foster home that can help her up and down from elevated places. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Tommy Bahama

Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 5 years
Estimated weight: 14 pounds
Gender: Male

Tommy Bahama has been through a lot of change of late. It has made him unsure and he is hoping for some structure and a positive person to help him acclimate. He is a little timid and does not have much experience on leash. He is easy to pick up and hold and is very happy to rest on a lap. He is a cutie who will really shine with a better diet and prolonged care. He wags his tail for love and is happiest with slow, gentle introductions. His desire for slow greets means that a home without kids is best.

Tommy was found in an RV that was impounded and towed. He came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services.

Tommy is currently in boarding and would love to have a foster to shadow and keep company until he finds his forever home. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Misty Knight

Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 10 years
Estimated weight: 15 pounds
Gender: Female

Misty Knight is eager to meet people. She is a true doll. Even mattered and neglected, she wants to spread her love to all new people. She is a quiet little gem that will surely earn your attention. She is mellow with other dogs and easy to have around.

Misty is coming to us from Salinas Animal Services after being found as a stray. She is extremely matted, as you can see in the photo, but she is a happy girl.

Misty Knight is currently in boarding at the vet clinic getting up to date and a full exam, she would love a foster home to explore and find a comfy place. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 13 years
Weight: 8 pounds
Gender: Female

Hello! My name is Starr. Even though I am a senior now, I still love to play and have the energy of a younger dog. If you throw my toy, I love to chase after it in play. I love people as they are always so nice in giving me treats, petting me, and calling me sweet things. I'm happy to snuggle and receive their affection. I have not lived with another dog for a long time but I am friendly. I enjoy mingling with other dogs and would be content sharing a home with some canine siblings. I don't care for cats though and will chase them.

I'm good in the house, comfortable being left alone once acquainted with a new area, and even content to relax in a crate. I listen well too! You can give me direction and I'll do my best to respond correctly. If you bring out the leash, I will go right to your side, ready to go.

I am needing a new home because my previous family is no longer able to take care of me. I have some skin allergies and POMDR wants to help me get these under control and get me healthy and feeling great. Then I can spread cheer around my new family.

Starr is hoping for a foster home to help her transition into our program and then into a forever home. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 8 years
Weight: 17 pounds
Gender: Male

Klondike is a social dog who is happy around people. He is in search of a forever home without children or cats. He could live with friendly dogs and is playful with dogs his size. Klondike enjoys the dog park and meeting new canine friends. He is happy to go in a crate. He has improved on leash but could still use leash guidance and help with basic commands. Luckily, he loves treats and will do anything you want for them. Klondike is a dog who will give endless love to the person who gives him a chance.

He bonds closely with his caregiver and is very loving. He would do best in a home with people who don't have many visitors or can put him behind a baby gate when people come to visit. He becomes nervous with new people entering the home.

Klondike came into the program after one of his guardians passed away and the other had a stroke and could no longer care for him.

Klondike is looking for a dog-savvy foster home who can continue his training. He does well out-and-about in the world but needs someone who can give him more help with his behavior at home. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 12 years
Weight: 66 pounds
Gender: Male

Cliff is an affectionate boy. He luxuriates in human touch, leaning in to be hugged. He isn't needy though, as he is ready to explore. Leash him up and you'll see an eager nose come out to take in the world. He is good with other dogs and is a good canine companion. Cliff does have difficulty navigating stairs and is looking for a home without, or with very few, stairs. Even slippery floors can be troubling. Cliff also fixates on food and should be kept in a secure place during meals and fed separately.

Cliff came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being found as a stray.

Cliff is looking for a foster home. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

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