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We Need Foster Homes!

We typically have about 80 dogs in our care at any given time. We also typically have up to 15 dogs waiting to get into foster homes. If you are interested in fostering any of the dogs on this page, email us.

POMDR will provide supplies such as crate, bed, collar, harness, leash, id tag, bowls, toys, flea prevention. We also cover all medical expenses. We ask that our foster homes provide the food and a loving, safe home until your foster dog is adopted.

Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. You may also want to foster as a way of finding the perfect match for your home if you are looking to add a dog to your family. Click here for more information about volunteering and fostering and to fill out an online volunteer questionnaire.

The following dogs need foster homes:


Breed: Large Mixed Breed
Age: 8 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Gender: Male

Packer is a nice dog with a lot of energy. He is ready to go on walks, bound around, and play. Packer loves a backyard to explore but truly wants people around to keep him company. He is good with other dogs and is eager to meet them on walks. He is a social dog, going up to new people to give a big greet. Packer barks at cats, so needs a home without them and young children, since his energy level during play could knock them over. Packer has a zest for life and we all hope he goes to a home that adores his energy.

Packer came to us when his previous family realized that he might be happier in a home where he gets more exercise and time indoors.

Packer will quickly get recognized as a great addition but needs a foster to help home and love him until an adopter discovers their dream dog. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Small Mixed Breed
Age: 13 years
Weight: 16 pounds
Gender: Female

QT has an apt name, as she is truly a cutie. She is a small doggie who is active and very affectionate. She loves food, people and dogs. She is quick to give kisses and is just wonderful. Since she adores interacting, her ideal home will have other dogs. A home with people present more often than not is best as well.

QT is food motivated and will get into bags, cans and cupboards to claim treats. She will need a guardian who can prevent this from happening. A home with access to a yard will be appreciated by her bladder. Her favorite pastime is napping and snuggling. QT is looking for someone who will give her a soft landing where she can spend her golden years.

QT's previous owner went into an assisted living facility where she could not have a dog. A relative of the owner has had her since July.

QT has arrived at the vet clinic for further care and is in boarding, waiting for a foster to give her a chance. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Large Mixed Breed
Age: 10 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Gender: Female

Cheespa is a darling dog. She is one of those dogs who just wags happily and gets along with everyone - dogs and people alike. She's a great size for taking along with you on errands or a trip to the beach! Cheespa is affectionate and can't wait to be part of your family.

Cheespa was surrendered to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter when her guardian could no longer care for her.

Cheespa is a lover of all souls. She wants to be around people and adores attention. You will quickly become a fan of her. Her current foster is leaving town for over a month and Cheespa needs a new foster starting January 26th. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Medium Mixed Breed
Age: 9 years
Weight: 43 pounds
Gender: Male

Chex was abandoned in the Monterey County Animal Services parking lot during the night. When the staff showed up, he was just roaming around the lot. He was a bit timid but he is relaxing with the each new friendly person he encounters and should really settle in a calm home. He is a sweet boy and despite being timid, he does allow for petting and gentle affection. Chex is good with other dogs but does not need to go to a home with them. He should blossom into a happy and comfortable dog in a loving home.

Chex is currently in boarding at the vet clinic and after a long stint at the shelter, he'd love nothing more than a home to rest his wary heart. Even a temporary home could lift his spirits. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: Large Mixed Breed
Age: 7 years
Weight: 75 pounds
Gender: Female

Kona is a lovely dog that is happiest around people that adore her. She is a little timid at first meet but enjoys making new friends. She enjoys doggie day care with other dogs and mostly ignores other dogs on walks. She has never lived with a cat, but is curious when seeing them on walks. Kona has had extensive training and when she is interested in something, like a cat, that she shouldn't pursue, then "leave it" works to deter her. She is great on leash, is responsive to commands, and is wonderful in the house. She is also good with dog doors.

Kona loves toys but is good about releasing them to people. She does not chew anything and is not a barker. She is a family orientated dog that is looking for a quiet home to settle in at with people she can love.

Kona is looking for a new home as her current guardians can no longer keep her.

Kona needs our help and thus needs a foster home to help her transition and find her new family. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.


Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 12 years
Weight: 66 pounds
Gender: Male

Cliff is an affectionate boy. He luxuriates in human touch, leaning in to be hugged. He isn't needy though, as he is ready to explore. Leash him up and you'll see an eager nose come out to take in the world. He is good with other dogs and is a good canine companion. Cliff does have difficulty navigating stairs and is looking for a home without, or with very few, stairs. Even slippery floors can be troubling. Cliff also fixates on food and should be kept in a secure place during meals and fed separately.

Cliff came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being found as a stray.

Cliff has been in a foster home for several months, but his foster mom has her hands full with her own dogs and asked us to find a new foster for Cliff. He needs a foster who can handle a senior German Shepherd with some "grumpy old man" tendencies due to his food issues and pain from arthritis. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

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