Patricia J. Bauer Center:
615 Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
11am - 4pm, Monday - Saturday
or by appointment

Adoptable dogs available by appointment only.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 51554
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Phone: (831) 718-9122
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Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Corp.
TAX ID NO. 27-1154816

Tribute Donations

We would like to thank the following people for making a tribute donation to honor or remember someone special in their lives. If you would like to make a tribute donation, go to our donate page.

In Loving Memory of Special People in 2019
Tanya McGowan in memory of Jarvis and Judy McGowan
Diane Flake in memory of Sheila Anderson
Biel Properties, Inc. in memory of Jack Stewart
Amy Krivis in memory of Wally Broecker
Pete and Kathy Henney in memory of Wallace Broecker
Paula Kovacs in memory of Gabriella and her dog Chulita
Jennifer and Tom Werbe in memory of Bruce Guthridge
Brenda Brennan in memory of Taz Ngo
Ingrid Larsen in memory of Jesus
Amber Kastros in memory of Becca Ledbetter
Marty Bobroskie in memory of Karen Diamond
Dr. Anita Artstein-Dunsay in memory of Richard Dunsay
In Loving Memory of Special Animals in 2019
Ronald and Diane Scholl in memory of Jasper
Kathy Henney in memory of Molly Geyer
Edward Cabelera in memory of Bridget
Tisa & David Zeiger in memory of Charlotte Clair Casey
Holly Fowler in memory of Charlotte Claire
Emily Nicholl in memory of Miss Charlotte
Pam Bonsper in memory of Bella Shepherd and Honey T.
Sarah Diehl in memory of Savvy Broecker
Sudy Dostal in memory of Coco
Aqua Dog in memory of Cori
Aqua Dog in memory of Scarlett
Kate Ermenc in memory of Sputz the Velcro Dog
Sally Burton in memory of Bruce
Rosemary Van Gorder in memory of the Mallon trio of precious labs
Marla Young in memory of Karchi
Sharilyn Cabelera in memory of Pixie
Ron and Diane Scholl in memory of Gunnar
Megan Lewis in memory of Kifli Goodwein
Ronald and Diane Scholl in memory of Brulee
Debra Roche in memory of Max and Abby
Ellen Lenart in memory of Mulligan and Felicity
Megan Wasserman in memory of Pumpkin
Aqua Dog in memory of Chloe
Aqua Dog in memory of Stella
Tara Clark in memory of Jasper
James Berg in memory of Maggie
In Honor of Special People in 2019
Colleen Sullivan in honor of Donna Hagerty's Birthday
Jean Lovell in honor of Carol Preszler
Lynne Gyorey in honor of Pat Fauth
Diane Flake in honor of Lucille Ogawa
Dana Leib in honor of Gayle Jackson
Kathleen Passanisi in honor of Penny Hastie
Peggy Grier in honor of Dale Byrne
Julie Given in honor of Cheri Hitchcock
Michelle Webb in honor of Marci Braco
Sherri Huff in honor of Amy Lee
Marjorie Bullock in honor of Angela Zepp
Catherine Sherrer in honor of Neil and Diane Goodhue
Barbara Slade in honor of Amy Krivis
Ann Crnkovich in honor of Debra Couch
Nancy Pyzel in honor of David Pyzel
Talya Lutzker in honor of Kendra and her dog Oliver
In Honor of Special Animals in 2019
Fern Kulpreecha in honor of Ace, Angel, Ruby, Vanilla, Jewel, Zorro, Midnight
Darlene Drain in honor of Rudder and Stella
Ann Cervelli in honor of Dewey
Shawn and Carrie Kaye in honor of Maxwell (Presley)
Robert and Susan Lea in honor of Chloe
Roger and Janet Wolverton in honor of Sly and Sadie
Patricia Golmon in honor of Maya
Al and Suzie Weber in honor of Rhyo
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