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Tribute Donations

We would like to thank the following people for making a tribute donation to honor or remember someone special in their lives. If you would like to make a tribute donation, go to our donate page.

In Loving Memory of Special People in 2023
Deborah May in memory of Bernadette Fox
Alan Laschiver in memory of Alice Seamons
Masako Horiuchi in memory of Joe Horiuchi
Mikhail Tsypkin in memory of Natalya Michnikova
Geoff and Jennifer Jenkins in memory of Inez Kirkman
Mike and Cathie Foster in memory of Marie Troia
Paula Kuty in memory of John Bertinetti
Penny Chesluk in memory of Bob Hestand
Carolyn Moscatel in memory of John Yauckoes
Greg and Diane Marano in memory of Maria Troia
Linda and Rod Gabrielson in memory of Susan Storm
Jodi Hempy in memory of Chris Ferris
Luci Ashton Wertlieb in memory of Luci Ashton Wertlieb - The Law
V and M Alonzo in memory of Abel Alonzo
Amanda Tackett in memory of Betty White
Elaine Bowers in memory of Betty White
Christina Dillon in memory of Lisa Marie Presley and O'Malley
John Grisetti in memory of Tom Bengard
Juanita Gunter in memory of Bernadette Fox
Gee Charitable Trust in memory of Gloria Y. Gee
Diane Sliter in memory of Bob Hestand
In Loving Memory of Special Animals in 2023
Nicholas Callas in memory of Kenzie and Hotchkiss
Kari, Mike and Bella Murray in memory of Sweet Acey Boy
Kathy Henney in memory of Ace
Allison and the McKee Family in memory of Acey-Deucey
Jackie Burns in memory of Miss Velma
Cindy and Vic Reskovic in memory of Bernie
Trudi Burney in memory of Bonnie
Amy and Jeff Krivis in memory of Bernie
Deborah Evans in memory of India Ink
Kathy and Andy Switky in memory of Bernie
Susan Charvonia in memory of Spice Girl
Cathy and Judd Heape in memory of Bernie Rua
Kathy Henney in memory of Bernie
Dawn Hurtado in memory of Ms. Rosie
Joann Johnson in memory of Leia
Bob and Kathleen Seibel in memory of Sasha
Mare and Darrell Donly in memory of Zoe Dunckel
Beth and Michelle in memory of Spice Girl
Elena Orlova in memory of Bella Boxer
Terri Sisk in memory of Tim
Debbie Landi in memory of Rocco
Marc, Kathy and Lucas Miller in memory of Laila
Carol Pecora in memory of Bella
Ann Fay in memory of Molly
Jasmine King in memory of Lulu
David Clemens in memory of Jazz Ginno
Sharilyn Cabelera in memory of Bodhi
Rachel Wagner in memory of Marge McIntyre/Tavangar
Rebecca Hickman in memory of Chuck
Michael Canadas and David Robinson in memory of "Louis" Curry Friedman
Gayle Jackson in memory of Jessie Girl and Bubba
Connie Frank at AquaDog in memory of Beethoven
Connie Frank at AquaDog in memory of Lucy
Allie Flanders in memory of Karl
Jackie Boyster in memory of Babe Lazar
Kathleen and John Rianda in memory of Smitty
Janet Downing in memory of Missy
Julie and Bill Dormand in memory of Beloved Rose Brandstad
Nanci Markey in memory of Sweet Annie
Kathy Henney in memory of Seaton
Leslie Kelly in memory of Meika
Anne Thibault in memory of Izzie Deis
Sharon Barton-Maggio in memory of Annabella
Tom and Jennifer Werbe in memory of Pebble
James and Cosette Rickner in memory of Ellie
Jamie Kitz in memory of Timo
Anonymous in memory of Marley
Adam, Emily and Rosie Soffrin in memory of Plato
Carol Brown in memory of Snoodle
Michele and "Frances" Thomas in memory of Rusty
Josephine Rogers in memory of Zack
Carol Goff in memory of Ellie
Ronald Batchelder in memory of Ella Girl
Kerry Johnson in memory of Lukas
Deborah Walt in memory of Lulu
In Honor of Special People in 2023
Her Tribees in honor of Dina Fisher
Bob and Kathleen Seibel in honor of Lorette Keane
Bob and Kathleen Seibel in honor of Krissi Durant
Amy Schiff in honor of Tracey Pepper
Carolyn Moscatel in honor of Anne Pontuo
Suzanne DeBrango in honor of Dina Ruiz
Jean Lovell in honor of Carol Preszler
Melinda Landau in honor of Katie Beebe
Cheryl & Brian Connors in honor of Kaia Ruth Fujihara
Joanne Faulkner in honor of Betty White
David Thikoll in honor of Heather Lee
John and Kathryn Enlund in honor of Gayle Jackson
Janet Bruns in honor of Elena Orlova
Sheila Reicher Fine Foundation in honor of Judy Graciano
Brenda Nolen in honor of Betty White's Birthday
Rochelle Erickson in honor of Lynn and Tony Overtree
Vikki Helperin in honor of Amy Krivis
Lynh Severson in honor of Mike Mott
The Matthew Family in honor of Amy Krivis
Robert Helperin in honor of Amy Krivis
Diane Goodhue in honor of Ms. Catherine Sherrer
Suzie Weber in honor of Nancy Raven
Vickie Reese in honor of Pam and Laci
In Honor of Special Animals in 2023
Sally Lucas in honor of Ruggles Vogel
Fern Kulpreecha in honor of Ace, Angel, Ruby, Vanilla, Jewel, Zorro and Midnig
Christy and Keith Matasick in honor of Xavi
Margaret Gordon in honor of Dot and Rosie
Carol Lutz in honor of BB, aka Obi
Nancy Cook in honor of Pebble
Iathan Annand in honor of Duffy
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