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Happy Adoption Stories

Here are stories of dogs who have found wonderful, permanent homes through Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.

Check back often to read more of our Happy Adoption Stories. Better yet you could create more happy adoption stories by adopting a dog!

Adopted POMDR dogs and their people at our 2016 Oldies But Goodies Adopted Dog Reunion

We are all so happy for out little brown sausage, Minka! She is a dog that loves people and is good with other dogs. She is an easy keeper. She has ended up in a wonderful home with Linda and Frank of Gilroy. They absolutely appreciate everything about this munchkin and are happy to add another dog to their home, along with their Zoey (white).

Yay for Minka!

Tommy BahamaTommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama, now called Monet, went to a foster home with Emily and ended up making it permanent. Emily fell in love and thinks Monet is the dog she had been hoping to a adopt. Monet was found in an RV that was impounded and towed. He was very unsure with all the big transitions and Emily has helped settle his world and remind him how great it is to be loved.


Rita of Salinas has fallen in love with the sweetness of Tootie. Tootie loves people and relishes in the attention Rita gives her. They cuddle on the couch together and enjoy each others' company. Tootie dances for treats and is as cute as can be! It is great she is in a home where she is adored. She is now called Minnie Moon. "She is a very energetic, well behaved little dog, full of love and craving of attention. We are equally smitten with her."

Happy tails Tootie!


Dean was a stray and went into his foster home with Marla and Keith. "Dean is getting along really well. Eating good so he's putting a little weight on, which he needed. Plays a little with our dog and snuggles up to him too. He walks pretty good on the leash, but he's still really shy overall. He cowers a bit when you go to him so I think he might have had it a little rough overall in his journey getting here. He's pretty low key and sleeps most of the time"

Since that initial check-in, Dean has blossomed with the comfort of their home and his social personality has come out to play. He is loved and now can remain with Marla and Keith.

Misty KnightMisty Knight

Misty Knight came to POMDR matted and in poor shape. The sweet girl needed help desperately and she was shaved down to feel more comfortable. Since then, she feels so much better and looks cute as can be. Her personality remained sweet throughout. She was adopted by Brian and Laddie of Pacific Grove. Laddie works with special needs people and one of her previous kids went by the name Misty Knight. They were shown Misty's listing in the Pine Cone newspaper and fell in love. Brian and Laddie are thrilled and think she is the easiest dog ever. Misty looks amazing and has become very social. She is on Laddie's lap with their other dog on Brian's lap.


Charleston, now called Timo, is seen here in the arms of his adopter Chris of San Mateo. Chris is excited to welcome Timo to his home and life. Chris learned of POMDR when his mother adopted from us. He was ready for his own dog and met Charleston, who had some behaviors needing guidance. Chris was up to the task and his experiences cemented in Trinette's, the foster, mind that Chris is the right home.

We at POMDR at all so happy for Timo! Happy Tails


Jester, now called Bailey, is part of a loving family. He gained a lot of attention since bounding his way into our program. His zest for life has easily won many hearts. Jamie and the staff had been weighing possible destinations when this family started shining the brightest. Erica is a mother to 3 wild boys but she handled Jester well and Jamie was impressed. Erica and husband Kevin love Jesters personality and how he plays with the boys. This military family has a no dog left behind policy. So Bailey has a home for life!


Marsh (Marshmallow) has been adopted by his foster. She wrote "We saw him as a very adoptable dog, so wanted to give him a good chance to be 'on the market' these past 6 months. But to be honest, we really love him, and would give him a permanent home with us in two seconds. If you don't have any other good leads for him right now, we would be interested in adopting him." -Denise

They thus added Marsh to their home permanently. Congratulations to the extremely cute guy whose appearance had a complete turn around since coming to POMDR.


It is official! Gamba is in her forever home with Marilyn and family. Gamba was adopted several years back and developed some health concerns that POMDR saw her through. She also entered the UnChained program and did great learning some basic obedience.

Her new family absolutely loves her and that is music to our ears. Congratulations Gamba on rebounding so well. Last year, she could barely walk and now she has learned behavior skills, gotten healthy and mobile, and in a loving forever home. It is a beautiful story!


Silvia went to an adopter but it did not work out. This worked to the benefit of Lisa who adores this sweet schnauzer. Lisa is excited to have Silvia in her home. Lisa has adopted from POMDR before and loves our organization. Happy for them both and glad it worked out so well for Silvia.


Pua went to Jamie to be fostered and it was quickly discovered how incredible Pua's personality is and Jamie fell in love. Pua needed temporary housing and yet found a forever home. Pua does so well with Jamie's pack and her ability to run and play is perfect for her home.

Congratulations Jamie on the adoption and we are so happy for you and Pua!


Zorro and his sister Zeta are lucky to be in a loving home and go on frequent adventures with their mom and dad, Monica and John. Zorro, the Miniature Pinscher, has grown so much in their care. He goes to agility and has assimilated into the pack perfectly.

Congratulations to John and Monica on another successful adoption.

Sweetie PieSweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie has found a forever home with Melinda of Los Altos. Linda, the foster, feels that Melinda and her home is great for Sweetie Pie. Melinda loves this sweet dog and has helped her training and gets Sweetie Pie comfortable around the house cat. She said SP is absolutely perfectly behaved. She listens and stays close all day. Melinda loves the shadow. The whole family loves her greatly. They are so happy to have her.

Happy Tails to Sweetie Pie and Melinda.


Chapo has come so far since coming to POMDR after a long neglected portion of his life. He is now with Gloria of Carmel and receiving the love and TLC he deserves. Gloria has adopted from POMDR before and went to an event where she fell in love with Chapo. Since then, he has had his fistula repaired, hair has grown back, and his personality has come out. Dale and Evelyn fostered him and they are so happy that he found a great home with Gloria.


Cody is just the dog that Lisa has been hoping to add to her home and life. Lisa is a longtime volunteer with POMDR and helped with giving a ride to Cody and she fell in love with the his wonderful personality.

Congratulations Cody on finding your forever family so quickly. May there be many adventures, belly rubs, and snuggle times for you.

Mickey VenturaMickey Ventura

Mickey Ventura was being fostered in Monterey with Tim, Mindy and their children. Mickey stole all of their hearts and ended up making his foster home his forever home.

Mickey is an absolute sweetheart with humans. He is in heaven at their home with all of the attention and affection he received and gives. Congratulations on this wonderful adoption!


Malibu is with Ami of Seaside. She is in love with Malibu. Ami had been hoping to adopt from POMDR and wrote us a sweet note that Malibu must of already found many adopters but that she wanted to try. Malibu is a gem and was thankfully available for Ami.

Malibu is living it up and in a loving home!


Binx, who is in the welcoming embrace of RuthAnne, has ended his journey in a loving home. RuthAnne and her husband, Harold, are enthusiastic adopters. They take Binx home to Marina and have renamed him Louis. Harold enjoys bicycling and will tow Binx and their other dog around. However, truth is, Binx is for RuthAnne, who is just so thrilled to have him.

Happy for Binx. He will be loved.


Moose, who was named Blackie Chan with POMDR, was renamed in his new home and is absolutely loved by his people, Alison and Steve of Pacific Grove. Moose is incredible cute and entertaining. Alison exclaimed how happy they are with Moose in their life.

Moose was surrendered to us after his guardian was no longer physically able to care for a dog. Moose was a champ through the scary transition and is deserving of his new happy home. Congratulations!


Casper came to POMDR as a stray from Salinas Animal Services in October. He is a Terrier cutie about 8 years old. He is the one with the long legs. Elena and her husband had adopted a Terrier from the SPCA about 3 years ago and were ready to bring another into their Ridgemark home. After a bit of kitty orientation, Casper has found a loving, forever home.

Happy Tails and congratulations to Casper and his new family!


Newie adores attention. He would always steal the show at adoption events. So what better way to get recognized then at one by one of our great volunteers, Bonnie. Bonnie often helps at events in Santa Cruz and was approved to have a dog by her landlord. She excitedly reached out and we connected her with Newie's fosters Crystal and Felipe, and his previous foster Mary.

It became apparent very quickly that it is a great match for Newie. Congratulations Bonnie and Newie. We are all so happy for you.


Alana, who came to POMDR with 3 other toy Poodles, was extremely timid and would bolt from anything. She thankfully found a loving and patient adopter with Alexandra. Alana's personality finally started coming out with trust in her new surroundings. Alexandra loves seeing her blossomed and has been working with a trainer to help get her more socialized and be the leader that Alana needs.

Congrats to Alana for this wonderful life change and happy destination.


Muffett's 97-year-old guardian entered assisted living and was no longer able to keep her dear Muffett. She hoped someone would give her a wonderful home so she came to POMDR. Thankfully, Audrey of Monterey fell in love with Muffett and gave her a forever home.

Muffett is as spoiled as ever and spends her day going on walks and smiling next to Audrey. Another happy adoption!


"Denver is doing so well and has completely stolen our hearts. He slept perfectly in his crate last night, loves his squeaky elephant toy and has yet to have an accident in the house (barely reaching 24 hours, but still a win!). He had a great day sleeping on his bed, playing with our parents' chihuahuas, miniature pincher and border collie at our house and gives everyone so much love. He is a true lap dog...we're excited to see how that works out as he grows! We're so happy and we look forward to many more adventures (including puppy class!)"

Best regards, Chris, Monica and Denver


Sriracha, who is called Rusty in his forever home, is an amazing fluff ball that adores receiving love and is easy to give affection to. His adopter, Don, is a big fan. He and Rusty live in Pebble Beach together and all is going well. Rusty joins Don on daily errands and they absolutely bask in having each others company. Happy tails Rusty!


Beanito, now Benny, is seen here with his adopter, Ralph and Helen of Carmel Valley. They lost their dog Romeo, who was adopted from POMDR, and so were looking through our available dogs and immediately fell in love with Benny. Benny was going through the UnChained program and this picture is him at graduation with his student teacher standing with his adopters.

"We dearly love Benny in every way. He is such a joy and a delightful dog, a pure love. We are grateful to have him and promise to give him all the love and carrying he deserves with a smile. We are thankful to have Benny in our family"


Smiley, who is in the lap of his adopter Betsy, is so happy and lucky to have a great forever home. Smiley is just that, full of smiles and he is so easy to fall in love with. Betsy sure did and happily welcomed him into her Santa Cruz home with her dog Molly, pictured standing behind Betsy.

Congratulations to Smiley and a big thank you to Betsy for being Smiley's ideal adopter. His foster mother, Carole, could not be happier for the little guy.


Leanne and Willow are happy together. Leanne saw Willow's picture in the paper. She wasn't looking for a new pup, since her pup passed 2 years ago. But she saw Willow's sweet face and put in an application. Leanne adores Willow, they walk together in the morning and evening, and have worked up to walking 3 miles a day.

Leslie, who fostered Willow said "I was able to Puppy-sit Willow this past week-end while Leanne was out of town. I love all my former foster dogs (and my foster failures).....But I think out of all of the dogs I have fostered, Willow has been the sweetest. Thank you for bringing her into my life."


Mimi and her husband had been tracking the progress of Huckleberry (in husband's arms) for months and felt like it was time to give him a forever home. Huckleberry came to POMDR with a necrotic mass on the back of his head. Thankfully, it was benign and Dr. Kim was able to remove the mass. After a long healing period that involves some ridiculous haircuts, Huckleberry was feeling and looking good. He is a sweet little fluff ball of love that his new people are going to love endlessly.

It has been a journey Huckleberry, Congratulations on finding your home.


Bobo is not the dog that Stacey and her boyfriend were looking for but they are happy to have his fun personality and loving self in their home and lives. Just having him around makes them happy. They are actually the ones who brought Bobo to POMDR's attention after he was rescued through SCAR, as his guardian passed away. In helping him, they realized how much they helped Bobo and we were all to happy to let him stay in their happy home. Bobo lucked out with these two. Congratulations!


Bijoux has found her forever home with her foster family. She snuggled her way into their lives and hearts. They love her dearly and realized they could never give her up. Bijoux gets to stay in Scotts Valley with her canine siblings and favorite humans.

Bijoux was found in the Target parking lot and went unclaimed. She is so tiny and sweet, she quickly found her way into our program and into her forever home.


Khloe is in her new home in Monterey with Robert (Bob) and Susan. They were smitten when first seeing her and love her more and more. She is not only a fantastic dog, but a healthy one. The mass that was concerning ended up being a Lipoma. Khloe is such a doll, loving human contact and is friendly with all the dogs she meets. Bob and Susan's grandson and Khloe are already best buds.

We are so happy that Khloe quickly found a great forever home. The eagerness of Bob and Susan added that extra sweetness to the adoption.


Boomer (the middle dog) is a joyous little guy desiring to love and be loved. He was so excited to join his new home and family. Some unions are just meant to be and this seems like one of them. Faye and her husband, a veterinarian, have always wanted a Border Terrier. Well they have one now. Boomer now lives in Aptos with his canine siblings.

Boomer was in need of a new home when his previous guardian became ill and could no longer care for him. Now he is loved and wonderfully cared for. A happy adoption!


Miles loves to get attention. This big boy will even try to crawl in your lap. He gets excited for walks and is thankful to his new mother, Ariana, who gets him out and loves him dearly. Ariana fostered Miles and felt he was perfect in her home.

Ariana is so grateful that Miles has entered her family's lives. He went from stray to loved family member. A wonderful union and a happy tail.


Arya has transformed since coming to POMDR. She had incredible foster parents, Evelyn and Dale, and has grown to love human attention. Not just her people but her experiences have socialized her and she loves all attention. This outgoing behavior caught the eye of Elizabeth and Mike of Casper, Wyoming. They have a home in Pacific Grove as well as some family, Mike's sister is the other woman in the photo. There were here visiting and met several dogs, falling in love with Arya.


Loni and Rebecca of Marina have fallen in love with Maximus and have excitedly taken him to their home. They love so much about Maximus and quickly won over his foster mother, Trinette. Maximus has been recovering from a leg injury but once he is ready, they will take him on trip, hiking, and best of all, Maximus gets to go to work with them.

Maximus is all about his people so getting to spend much of his time with his new parents will keep him one happy puppy. A huge congratulations to Maximus!

Mr. BurnsMr. Burns

Mr. Burns, or lovingly referred to as Angry Bernie, can now be called happy Bernie has he has been adopted by Jo Ann of Arizona. Jo Ann and daughter came out this way today to meet with Crystal, Burns' foster. Jo Ann grew up in the area. She occasionally comes to visit and is a huge fan of Shih Tzus. She is comfortable with their breed associated health concerns. Her current Shih Tzu has eye troubles and they take him to an eye specialist that Mr. Burns will now be visiting as well. A very sweet family that will be patient with Mr. Burns and love that he is a mama's dog.


Taz, and his brother Pepe, have been adopted by his foster parents Marilee and Bob of Santa Cruz. Taz and Pepe have many nicknames, but are commonly referred to as the twins. Taz is often found next to his brother and kissing each other with love. Taz loves his people even more and is very happy to stay with them and be able to say he is home.

Congratulations Taz!


Pepe, and his brother Taz, have been adopted by his foster parents Marilee and Bob of Santa Cruz. Pepe and Taz have many nicknames, but are commonly referred to as the twins. Pepe is often found next to his brother and kissing each other with love. Pepe adores his people and is very happy to stay in the home he has come to love and feel comfortable in.

Congratulations Pepe!


Freeway, now loving called Bentley, has found his family. Freeway was dropped off at the office to spend the day and we were visited by a young lady, granddaughter of Larry from Carmel. She had been looking with her grandparents for the perfect dog to spend the day with Larry and sleep with her while she stayed at their house. Larry and her love Freeway! Upon visiting Bentley, his happiness is easy to see.


"Tally and I are adjusting really well! She is doing wonderfully and we are gaining strides with training and her understanding of my needs and I of hers! I think it's going to work well. We went on a week camping trip alone together and she was AWESOME!!! I spent time loving on her, building her trust, exercising and doing a bit of training. She is doing much better now with big dogs and men...yay! She seems to really trust me now. I adore her!!! My little dog Petal and I welcome our new family member."

"Tally is a wonderful dog and I am honored to be her person." - Stacey


Elena is so beautiful but a life that left her under-socialized, she was unsure about so many people fussing about her. Thankfully she sparked the interest of John, who has experience in homing many stray and under-socialized German Shepherds and Dobermans.

Elena is doing well with John in her new home in Corral De Tierra. John nows called her Ellie. Ellie shadows him around and has settled in trusting her people and enjoying her home.

Neville and LorelaiNeville and Lorelai

Lorelai and Neville were both hoping for a home and happen to do better with other dogs. Enter Angela of Salinas who attended various adoption events and continually checked in about dogs. She wanted to give a home to a dog in need after caring for many dogs throughout her life. When she met both Lorelai and Neville at Pet Food Express, she couldn't choose and decided both. She gets two fabulous dogs. Lorelai is new to socializing but has so much potential. Neville has recently learned how to "dog" but has never lost is affectionate side. He absolutely adores dogs and it is extremely endearing. So great they ended up together.


Sammy lost her guardian and the son wanted a way to keep such an amazing dog around, but was unable to give her the attention she deserved. Sammy was brought to POMDR and she went to the wonderful foster home of Cori. Cori had recently fostered several puppies and found them all homes and adopted Ava, a senior Chi prior to that. Well, Sammy is something entirely different and Cori loves her for that.

It didn't take long for Cori to decide that she wants to keep Sammy in her home. A huge success! Congratulations to these two!


Sophia has been adopted by Terri. Though it had been several months, Terri was still heartbroken from losing her POMDR alumni dog, Jack. She was not ready for another dog yet but impulsively decided to foster. She fell in love and the rest is history.

She fostered Sophia, the little angel you see pictured. Terri was connected with a potential adopter named Megann, who saw how much Sophia loved Terri and vice versa. Megann told Terri that she should adopt and offered to babysit whenever needed, as to help with Sophia's separation anxiety. This sealed the deal and now Sophia has her forever home!


Frenchie, a French Bull Dog, has been adopted by Darlene of Salinas. Frenchie is now being called Stella and the name suits her. She has a canine brother named Moose. He is a good boy too, tolerating Stella's high energy level. Stella is very forward but a ball of fun. She is all love and Darlene is thrilled to have her. Darlene is receiving help from her good friend in caring and loving both dogs. Everyone is happy and there are indeed happy tails.


Roosevelt, our little mix of cuteness has been adopted by John of Marina. John recently lost his dog at 19-years-old. It was his mother's dog and he took over care when she passed and he loved the dog dearly. Taking her everywhere in a doggie stroller and loving her company. He plans to do the same with Roosevelt. Roosevelt does have some back and hip issues and will benefit from breaks in a stroller. The excitement on John's face was wonderful and his desire to love Roosevelt was great to see. He walked into the office to look at our adoptable dogs. Roosevelt was here after being brought up from boarding. Once introduced, John was hooked.


Kato is a 4 year-old mini Aussie whose guardian became too ill to care for him. Robin has a long history of volunteerism and dog fostering, including several years and many dogs with POMDR. Kato had some adjustment issues. Kato - meet Robin. Robin is especially familiar with Aussies and knew Kato needed the right situation. The right situation was obviously Robin (another foster failure). Kato is now a permanent member of Robin's pack in Capitola - Minnie, Sparky, Romeo and 2 POMDR fosters. Happy Tails for all!


Stephanie fostered Chiweenie and during that time realized how great he was in her home. She has decided to adopt this little man. She told us that she can't imagine Chiweenie going to another home. So he gets to stay in Pebble Beach where he is happy and doing well.

Chiweenie is the middle dog as he is surrounding by his siblings. Chiweenie is happy to have a yard to play in and siblings to play with. This is a great fit and we are happy for them.


Sweet Abbie is now with D'Anne of Carmel. D'Anne has been hoping for a senior dog like Abbie to come into our program. Abbie is good with everyone and is just overall a great dog. D'Anne and family love having her around.

In the photo you can see Abbie with the kids. The littlest girl used to be afraid of dogs until she met Abbie. Now she is comfortable and happy. So excited for them and Abbie. Another great adoption!


Liam came to POMDR with his pal Claude when their elderly guardian could no longer care for them. He's a sweet 6 year-old, 63 pound boy who is a bit reserved, especially with men. Though Liam had to part ways with Claude, he's found a new pal in Regal.

Beagle Regal lives with Shaina and Dylan in Monterey where Liam now has his forever home with his new pal. Happy Tails to Liam, Regal, Shaina and Dylan!


Tori has been adopted by Kristina and George of Monterey. They love this little nugget. Working on some of her "wildness" but committed to giving her the love she deserves.

Tori is an incredible little dog full of energy and joy. She zooms around non-stop and has an un-satiable zest for life. Everything about this dog is endearing. She is lucky to have such a wonderful new mother and father. Congratulations all around.


Sol was loved by her foster, Barbara, who knew Sol was way too adoptable to keep in her pack. Barbara fosters for POMDR a lot and is happy to see her dogs go to wonderful home like Sol did.

We found the perfect home with Jennifer of Capitola. Sol has a lot of energy and play in her. She is as cute as can be and Jennifer and family are thrilled to have her. Sol joins Jennifer and her husband, two teenage daughters (the older shown below) and Honey Bear, which is their Senior mixed breed. They have two cats too that Sol enjoys.


Shorty was with his foster, Kristi, and was doing his thing on a ranch. He wasn't receiving much interest but Kristi was able to bring him to Good Old Days Event in Pacific Grove. He was so curious and wanted to go explore. Greg of Pebble Beach was enjoying G.O.D. and came by POMDR's both. He was curious about the dogs and organization. Shorty came back from a walk and Gregg mentioned he could give a dog like Shorty a home. Gregg thought Shorty was so cool he couldn't stop thinking about him.

Gregg filled out the adoption questionnaire and quickly had Shorty move in. They are both happy and doing well.


Gerard has a home with Jane Ann of Santa Cruz. Jane felt a quick affinity to Gerard, now called Ozzie, as he reminded her of her beloved dog that passed. His name was Bosley. She adores Ozzie's curiosity and affection. She is very happy with POMDR for introducing her to canine love again and of course is happy with her new dog. Ozzie is a great dog with his interesting look and puppy-like personality. It would be difficult not to love him.


Pistachio, now called Benito Mateo, has been adopted by Anne Marie and her husband of Watsonville. Anne Marie loves the little tan Chihuahuas. She has been looking for the right fit and set her heart on Pistachio. She is in love. Pistachio is happy and cared for and we have another great adoption.

Thank you Anne Marie for giving Pistachio a home and loving a dog for their unique quirks. He is a dog that loves people and exploring, you'll be sure to find endless entertainment with him around.


Scoots, or Scooter, has been adopted by George and Ken of Del Rey Oaks. Scoots was looking for a new home after his guardian passed away last November. The guardian's son took him in but was unable care for him long term.

Scoots now has an excellent home with George and Ken. He enjoys walks with them and excursions around. He is visibly comfortable with his new parents, running right up to them at first meet. Scoot is lucky to have such a great new family and they are just as lucky to have him.


August and Juno are two tiny Chihuahua mixes that came into our program exactly one year prior to their adoption. Incredibly, they were both adopted at the same time. Juno was adopted by his foster parents, Joanna and Leif while August is in the loving home of Patrica. She lives in Pacific Grove and has adopted from POMDR before. She loved little Squirrel, who passed just before she found August.

August finally has the home he deserved for so long. Congratulations little August. We are happy for you!

Beau BeauBeau Beau

Beau Beau has been adopted by Shelly of Paso Robles. Shelly and her son, shown, love little Beau Beau. Shelly found Beau Beau on the side of the road and helped get him to safety. Taking him to the shelter soon after. He made a lasting impression though and she felt compelled to give him a home. She learned that he was coming to POMDR and we were thrilled he came with a potential adopter. We made sure he became healthy in the meantime. He is a good little guy. Very sweet. He has very low vision but it doesn't deter him form exploring. He has a great home and wonderful story.

Pixie and BubblesPixie and Bubbles

Pixie and Bubbles are two adorable dogs. They're just tiny, super sweet little girls. Pixie and Bubbles were found in a cardboard box in Hollister with a note asking for help. Fortunately, one of our volunteers was able to take them in for the night, they found their way into our program and their journey to finding a loving home began. They were adopted in 2016, but their adopter became ill and could no longer care for them.

They came back into our program and were adopted together again by Deborah of Arizona. They are in a great home getting the care and love that they deserve.


Elly has been adopted by Jan of Pacific Grove. Jan loves her dearly and is so happy that Elly is good with her chickens. Elly also has bonded well with Jan's mother.

This has been an excellent fit for Elly who loves all the attention she receives. She really is a hoot to have around. She gets bursts of energy and shows her playful side. Jan let us know that she is simply a delight.


Freida is super sweet and we are ecstatic that she ended up in a great home with Evelyn, her son, and husband. They also adopted Pinky from POMDR, who is in the photo as well. Pinky is doing wonderfully in their care.

Freida and Pinky get along well and it is one big happy family. Freida was fostered by Aimee and found in Hollister as a stray. She has a fantastic personality and glad her great adventure finishes in the perfect home.


This cool looking senior, Paco Taco the Tater Tot, has been adopted by his foster mother, Rebecca of East Garrison. She fell madly in love with this little guy.

We all love it. Often times a 14 year old senior struggles to find a home but Paco's incredible personality won him a forever home with his new family. He has several canine siblings and the kids of the family loves how he toddles along.

Congratulations Paco!


Clementine has been adopted by Dana and family. They are friends of Clementine's foster mother, Vanessa. Clementine went for a visit and loved the family as much as they loved her. They filled out a questionnaire and now Clemy is in their home and care in Santa Cruz.

Clemy is such a great senior dog. Being comfortable with the children laying on her and following them around. She acclimated perfectly to the family and we couldn't be happier for her.


Koko is an exceptional dog that had her life turned upside down and her needing a new family. Thankfully we helped her find Wendy and Miller. They met Koko at the Lucky Dog Gala and knew they found their next dog. They have also adopted Bella Schnoodle from POMDR.

We are all excited for Koko and her new home in Carmel Valley. She already enjoys all the attention she receives and her canine siblings.


Grayson now lives in San Francisco with his adopter, Linda and her frequently visiting two children. They have the cutest goodnight ritual of sending a Grayson photos in the peculiar position he is sleeping that evening.

Linda loves his whole demeanor and thinks he is really cool. Grayson is on arthritis medication and has quickly helped his mobility. Linda has a great backyard and she works from home so Grayson is able to go relax outside or be by her throughout the day. They also get to take walks in Golden Gate Park. Grayson scored big with this one. Congratulations little buddy.


Arroyo came to POMDR with so much excitement as his potential is through the roof. A smart, strong, and handsome Doberman can turn a lot of heads. He was adopted but was too rambunctious in his last home while among senior dogs and needed a new place to be himself.

He was quickly sought after by Anne and her husband of Aromas. Arroyo's fosters thought these adopters would be a great fit. Anne and her husband quickly fell in love with Arroyo and took him home. Arroyo is doing great. Having room to run around and plenty of people to slobber up with his kisses.


Miloh is being adopted by Jerri of Santa Cruz. Jerri met and fell head over heels for Miloh and was excited to bring him home.

Miloh was in the loving foster care of Evelyn and Dale. Miloh loves everyone and everything. Getting along with new dogs, people, and cats. He is a dog that will get to go out and about with Jerri, shadowing her around and adding some canine love to her day.

Sugar PieSugar Pie

Kathy, a POMDR foster, has adopted the beautiful Sugar Pie. Trinette had been fostering Sugar Pie and getting her out for walks and helping her transition. We were hoping for the right adopter for Sugar Pie, who likes activity and prefers females. Kathy showed interest and quickly proved to be a great fit. Trinette is very happy and Kathy is ecstatic to welcome Sugar home. Sugar is a cuddling fiend and Kathy is eating it up. Kathy also has a 5 year old Golden Retriever who is happy to have a sibling. Congratulations Kathy and Sugar Pie.


James came to POMDR from the Salinas Animal Shelter with a large mass on his jaw. POMDR was happy to help get it removed and this made James a young, handsome, and very adoptable Beagle. His adopter, Andrea, took him to his oncology visit and absolutely fell in love with him. She introduced him to her current Beagle Cooper, also a POMDR alumni, and James quickly meshed with the family.

James is now in his forever home and is basking in all the love and attention he receives. Congratulations James, you truly deserve this happy tails.


Lottie is happily living in her forever home with Nancy in San Juan Bautista. Lottie said goodbye to her loving foster parents, Crystal and Felipe, but joins an excellent Pug loving home.

Lottie is a senior lady that is as sturdy as they come. She has lost most of her hearing and vision while her pesky back legs occasionally give, and yet she never slows down. She maps out areas quickly and finds new laps to enjoy. She is a character and is endlessly entertaining. Congratulations Lottie on finding the right home for you.


Marvin, a mix about 6 years old and 15 pounds, was originally found roaming the streets of Marina. A very smart, energetic little guy, he is most comfortable as a pack member. Unfortunately, his original human pack of kids was less than desirable and he came to POMDR. Fortunately, Marvin was fostered by Lisa of Santa Cruz for 3 months. Despite her resolve to resist, Lisa became attached to "the little weasel" and Marvin has become a permanent part of Lisa's "foster failure pack."

Congratulations to Marvin, Lisa, and her foster failure pack.


Lab mix Gus has been adopted by Audrey and Ian of Seaside. Gus is a 7 year-old, 83 pound boy on his second adoption. His first adopter passed away and his wife went into a nursing home. Poor Gus was uprooted and thankfully POMDR was there to help in finding his forever home with Audrey and Ian.

Veteran adopters Audrey and Ian are thrilled with Gus and their cat showed approval with a head butt. Happy Tails for Gus in his new, loving home!

Little BitLittle Bit

Angela and husband Kevin of Marina have adopted Little Bit. They fell in love with her while fostering. Angela is a groomer showed interest in fostering with POMDR. She joined the team and met Little Bit. It was love at first sight and she was excited to bring her home. Angela did mention that once a dog enters her home, she probably won't be able to let them go. Well, it came true. Little Bit has found her forever home with Angela and Kevin, and you know, everyone is ok with that. It is the perfect fit. Congratulations!


Mickey is a tiny 7 pound, 13 year-old Chi mix cutie. She had been shuffled about in her latter years but remained undaunted. She's a precious little gal, who steals your heart with her quiet charm and sweet eyes that ask you to love her. That's exactly what happened to Alexandra, who had been checking POMDR's web site for just such a pup. This little lady now has her forever home in Aptos with Alexandra. Happy Tails for Mickey and Alexandra!


Winston is now living in Tulare with Candy. She was looking for a Miniature Pinscher and ran across Winston on Petfinder. Then she saw his video and fell in love.

Candy said "He seems to like it here and is super comfortable with me. The greatest joy has been just having him by my side. I find that we'll need each other, just as much he needs me right now. I took him to my dad's yesterday and he just fell in love with him. Winston is seriously the sweetest, kindest soul. I feel so lucky to get to care for him. Thank you again for everything. I can't express how appreciative I am of Peace of Mind. You guys are actual angels."


Yuki, our broken jawed, little white and fluffy dog, has been adopted. Yuki had a jaw implant to help heal her jaw. Since being removed, she is visibly more comfortable.

Brenda of Carmel has adopted Yuki. Brenda is excited to bring her home and is extremely grateful to JD and Fran, who fostered Yuki, Marji who completed her home check and gave her helpful information, and of course all of POMDR. She is now calling Yuki, who never responded to the name, Sadie.


Benjamin is an 8 year-old, 14 pound Havanese mix. Having come from the Salinas Animal Shelter, his friendly nature (with both people and animals), adorable personality and intelligence assured a happy home for Benjamin. He found it in Pacific Grove with Anne and her daughter Emily.

Benjamin now looks forward to frequent walks on the beach and in the park. Happy Tails Benjamin, Anne and Emily!


Little Frank has a forever home with Karen and Andrew. While fostering Frank, they decided that he is a perfect fit in their home. His adorable face won them over and he gets to join a house of many POMDR alumni. We are all so happy for Frank and couldn't ask for a better home for him.

Frank will strut his long, elegant caramel colored coat in Pacific Grove. If one visits Karen and Andrew, just look for the most comfy spot and you'll find Frank.


Ava has been in the care of Cori and her two boys since coming to POMDR. When scheduling a photoshoot for Ava, Cori realized that she should adopt Ava. Cori loves the idea of fostering but thought this little nugget worked so well in her home. She is also fostering a rabbit and is already fostering more dogs for POMDR.

Ava's home is in Salinas and she is a happy, healthy girl. Though smaller than dogs that Cori is used to caring for, she is impressed with the big personality and confidence that Ava displays. Ava officially has her happy family.


Balboa has been adopted by Boston Terrier lovers. Vikki and Guy of San Jose, adopted Libby in 2016 and now Balboa. Libby is now called Maggie, while Balboa is named Kevin.

This happy family went camping and captured this picture after of Kevin and his new pack. Maggie (from POMDR) is in the back and Macie (from Wonder Dog Rescue) is in the front. "Don't let Kevin's grump face fool you, he is having a lot of fun and loves his new sisters. Thanks for all you and your organization do to help these wonderful creatures." -Vikki


Alexander has been adopted by Alison!

Alison lost her 18 year old Tibetan Spaniel, Duncan, and never thought she would adopt again. Our volunteer, Marji and friends urged her to bring another canine into her life and Alison decided to entertain the idea. She went and met Alexander and Benjamin. She was understandably keen on Benjamin, but felt Alexander needed her more. Alex has warmed right up to Alison and they have connected. Alison is very happy and Alex has a great home with her in Carmel. Thank you to all who made this great union!


Debbie is in love with Fluffin!

Debbie could barely breathe after her Daisy Mae passed away. She wanted to give herself time to find the perfect dog and told her husband it would likely be 3 months. It didn't take near that long as within a week, Fluffin found her and healed her heart.

Congratulations on this wonderful adoption.


Flower is an 8 year-old, 10 pound Chihuahua. She came to POMDR as a stray from the Salinas Animal Shelter. She had been adopted from SAS in 2009, was chipped, but her adopters could not be found. Despite this unfortunate background, Flower's sweet nature prevailed and she won the heart of Rosemary, who has taken her into her Ben Lomond home. Flower continues to win friends, be they humans, dogs, horses or chickens. What a wonderful, loving match for Flower and Rosemary. Happy, happy tails.


Periwinkle had been with his foster, Terri, for 9 months. Waiting to find the perfect adopter. It was worth the wait, as Christy is a wonderful woman who has a big heart for her animals. She welcomes Periwinkle into their Soquel home with her cat, senior Poodle, and husband. Periwinkle is doing well in his new home and gets frequent visits to the beach. Congratulations!


Raisin, a 10 pound, 12 year old, Maltese mix, came to POMDR as a stray from the Salinas Animal Shelter. He was a sweetie sorely in need of some veterinary care, proper diet and TLC. Carmel Holistic Vet Care removed numerous embedded foxtails (including from his mouth), treated various infections, and tended Raisin's dental issues.

All this took time in residence at the vet where Stephanie works. By the time Raisin was ready for fostering, Stephanie was smitten with the little rascal. Raisin skipped right past the foster phase and now has his forever home with Stephanie. Happy Tails to Raisin and Stephanie!


Max has been in the care of his foster parents. They have been weighing the idea of adopting him for a while, but wanted to give him the chance of finding the perfect home. The thing is, they are the perfect home for him. He is totally loved by them and we are all happy they are adopting.

Danielle and Michael have an expanding family. They also welcomed a baby recently. They are moving to Georgia, and of course, the whole family will make the trip. A wonderful couple and Danielle has been a great volunteer. Wishing them the best of luck in Georgia.


Teena found a home that fits her well, and that is here in Pacific Grove with Irma. These two will be spending their days together and enjoying each other's company. Teena can be a little nervous and detract from her splendid self, but it was on full display with Irma.

Teena is a dog that prefers not to be coddled, and yet she already let Irma hold her like a baby and Teena herself gave kisses and a hug to Irma. I think Irma has really lucked out because Teena is a great dog.


Marlon has his forever home and person. Peggy met Marlon at the Pet Pals event in Soquel and absolutely loved him. She is so excited, she immediately went and bought things for him to transition better into her home. She also called her sister and glee over finally finding another dog to love.

Peggy loves Marlon's disposition, his ability to be handled and affection he gives. She thinks it is so neat that he is content being held and coddled. Crystal, his foster, had a tough time saying goodbye to her favorite little man but is happy knowing he found the perfect home with Peggy.


Willa, or Coco, has been adopted by Trinette, her foster mom. Coco is a beautiful chocolate lab with a gentle and relaxed disposition. She came to us from the Santa Cruz County shelter after she was seized from her senior guardian who was no longer able to care for her.

Willa now lives harmoniously with her new sister, Abby, an older, alpha black lab mix. Coco is happy with anyone, though she likes to ingest anything that is potentially food, as her medical records show. Trinette, a hiker, loves having a new hiking companion and she and Coco have logged many miles together.

Captain Jack BarknessCaptain Jack Barkness

Captain Jack has a home and it is the home he has already grown to love and be loved in. His foster parents, Bob and Linda, have adopted Jack.

Bob knew they had a special dog and wanted to surprise Linda with Jack's adoption for Christmas. They have done such a wonderful job with him and everyone is happy. It sure feels great that this wonderful little guy has the home he so deserves. Jack, in Linda's arms, is a lover of people, even more than his love of tennis balls. He happily spends his days entertaining his loving parents and brother Stew.


Pendelton has been adopted by DeeDee and her family of Campbell. Pendleton is an incredibly loving dog and his new family has a lot of attention and love to give him. This is the family's first dog! Between Jill, the foster, and POMDR staff, we gave them plenty of great information to help them all transition into having a dog in their home.

Pendelton is a lucky dog to have some many eager people now to care and love him. This is a dream come true for Pendleton. Congratualtions Pendelton!

Timmy ChiTimmy Chi

Timmy Chi has found a Chihuahua loving home. This tiny guy has really grown in the care of his foster. He was so nervous when we brought him into the program. He is really sweet and will do well in the home of his adopter, Cindy and her husband and son.

Timmy Chi went to the Christmas tree and found a toy snake that squeaks. He loves the snake, which is about 3 times bigger than his own size. He took the big snake and went to his new home in Alameda. Good luck little buddy. His foster called him Buddy and the new family is split. The boys like Timmy but Cindy prefers Buddy. Cindy won;)


Corbin, or Charlie in his forever home, has been adopted by Paula and now lives in a home with another POMDR alumni, Bear Lhasa. These are two cute dogs that are around the same age and activity level. They enjoy each others company and explore all over. Paula takes them on daily walks around Pacific Grove.

Paula loves Bear dearly and thought he could use a brother. Corbin is more affectionate and will wake her with kisses. Corbin quickly trusted Paula and adjusted to life with her. Corbin is the poodle on Paula's left and the other is beautiful Bear who has been doing wonderfully in Paula's care.


Cosita was adopted by Barbara. This little one is so cute. She is friendly and affectionate, a real hit with all she meets. She quickly stole the heart of Barbara after a meet from Cosita's foster mother, Marji.

Cosita joins a wonderful home after her adventure as a stray and losing her previous home. Now she gets to spend the day with her people and get lots of love. She resides in San Jose now. Best of luck little lady.


Gumdrop joined POMDR and quickly became an alumni thanks to Jehanne. Gumdrop is a precious little dog that is smart and loyal.

Jehanne recently moved to Carmel and heard about Gumdrop from our volunteer, Judy. Jehanne became enamored quickly and upon reaching out, she was ready to adopt. It is easy to see why as Gumdrop is the sweetest! She loves to put her paw in your hand and is great with other dogs. This is a great match and they are both very happy. Congratulations to them.


Oreo has found a loving home with Bob and Kathleen, POMDR volunteers and recent adopters of Shiloh. Bob and Kathleen have a menagerie of cats, llamas and, of course, dogs (they have been "foster failures" 4 out of 5 times).

They fell in love and couldn't part with Oreo. Bob says "on the first night he howled like a wolf. He walks like a bear. Like our llamas, when you look at him you can't keep from smiling." Oreo likes being with their dogs, gets along well with their cats, and likes sitting in their yard. He couldn't have found a better match than Bob and Kathleen.


Weston, a 15 pound, 10 year-old Westie mix came to POMDR as a stray from Monterey County Animal Services. He was a bit anxious, in need of flea and skin treatment, but he is a loving, older gentleman that is looking better each day. Weston loves people, treats and gets along with other dogs. Brenda, a stay at home mom, and her husband Ray understand Weston's challenges and are willing to help return him to full health. Weston now in his forever home with Brenda, Ray, their daughter and dog, Spikey. Best of luck to Weston and this wonderful family.


Gabby, or Angelica, has found her forever home with Allison, a student at UCSC. Gabby, a 7 year-old, 10 pound Shih Tzu, came to POMDR from an abusive environment. Allison was looking for a dog she could keep by her side, even in class, and talk to in down times. This little sweetheart fit the bill perfectly. Like many students, Allison has roommates (9 in all), but provides a wonderful environment for Gabby. Though not the usual adoption situation, the match was heartily endorsed by Gabby's foster, Marcia, and by Bob, an experienced POMDR home-checker. They are very happy together and that makes all of us her smile. Congratulations Gabby and Allison.


Sonic (previously Shadow) has found his forever home. He is a 7 year-old Pom mix who's guardian passed away. Mary and Dick, of Pacific Grove, are guardians of Honey, a Doxie previously rescued through POMDR by Mary's brother, Frank.

Mary, Dick and Honey had recently lost their old Doxie. Despite the company of Patty, their Pom mix, Honey was lonely, spending time barking at walls. Rescued Sonic came to Patty's rescue. Sonic now has his forever home with Honey, Patty, Frank, Mary and Dick. Happy Tails to all!

Latte and BellagioLatte and Bellagio

Nine year-old Pekinese littermates, Latte and Bellagio (now Billy) came to POMDR from Los Angeles when their guardian passed away. Happily for these wonderful little guys, Lisa and Bill of Pacific Grove immediately took them into foster care. No strangers to POMDR, Lisa and Bill became "foster failures," quickly becoming adopters and welcomed these cuties into their forever home.

Lisa and Bill already had two other POMDR dogs and all are thrilled with the family expansion. Happy Tails to Latte and Billy and tremendous gratitude to Lisa and Bill.


Britta came to POMDR as a stray from Monterey SPCA. She's a 5 pound 6 year-old black and white Chihuahua. She has a loving, cuddly personality but is very active and food motivated.

After kennel cough and flea treatments, Britta attended an adoption event at Diggidy Dog in Carmel where she met Laura. It was a match! She is now named Brie and is part of Laura's family in her forever Pleasanton home, which includes her new pal, 6 year-old Buster the Pug. Happy Tails for this little girl!


Dakota has been adopted by Linda. Linda was applying to be a foster with us when she noticed Dakota on our foster needs page. She inquired and found she wanted to adopt him. She loves Dakota.

Dokata really is a great dog. Great size and though a little wary at first, is affectionate and sweet. Dakota seems happy in his new home and it all worked out great. Linda loves POMDR and wants to continue to help and be involved.


Crash met his new family at a coordinated meet at the Pachetti Park adoption event. Their dog, Mooch, played with him and they loved Crash. Reminded them a bit of their Beagle mix they had years ago. Crash came into the program fearful of men and timid around dogs. He started playing with other dogs in the office and started warming up with our staff.

He then went to fosters, Linda and Bob where Bob allowed Crash to trust men again. This allowed for Crash feeling comfortable with his new adopters, Dana and Mark. Crash grew in our program and now is in a great home.


Niko has been adopted by Crysty and her daughter. Niko is so good. He is so content with being handled by the daughter and has been improving his potty training.

Mother and daughter are very excited. Niko played so well with another dog at the office and Crysty and her daughter just loved it. This is a happy adoption and Niko is one lucky pup. Congratulations!

Lucy DoxieLucy Doxie

Lucy hs been adopted by her foster's mothe - in North Carolina! Lucy rode with Courtney, her foster, to North Carolina where she joined her new mom, Lynn. Lucy looks great. She has lost weight and her coat looks sleek and soft. She looks younger.

Lucy and her sister Ruby were a bonded pair, but splitting them worked out great as they've done so well apart, maybe better than together. They branch out more and seem more accepting of new dogs. Good luck Lucy! We are happy for you.

Walter PoodleWalter Poodle

Water has been adopted by Pam, with the help of her daughter Lori. Pam lives in Carmichael and daughter Lori lives here in Carmel. They met Walter at an adoption event and felt he would be a great fit. Turns out, he was.

The home check was done by Sharilyn, who has cared for 2 blind dogs before and she shared her tips to Pam to ensure the best care for Walter. Walter has had a loved life since coming to POMDR. His fosters, Evelyn and Dale, did a great job and now he is in the perfect home.

Frosty BichonFrosty Bichon

Frosty went home with Laura, who has another Bichon and they are now friends. This is a great adoption because Laura has a strong maternal drive that assures me Frosty is cared for. She has dealt with all the health concerns Frosty has and is wiling to do anything for this little girl.

Laura now calls her Frankie. Frankie has settled into her forever home. There are always obstacles to overcome but Laura loves her dearly and is happy to have brought Frankie into their lives.


Fernando has been adopted by Ferzeen of Red Wood City. In the photo, Ferzeen is petting Fernando's head and his foster, Julie, has her hand on his body. Fernando is nervous with initial encounters but had a quick affinity to Ferzeen.

Fernando is the dog that Ferzeen has been searching for and loves that his fur has so much potential grow his unique look. She takes him to training and has been improving his listening and comprehension skills. Fernando is a lucky dog to have a patient and loving adopter. Thank you, Ferzeen for giving this fur baby a great home.


Bologna has been adopted by his foster parents, Ashley and Daniel. Bologna is the cute, tiny Chihuahua on the lap of Ashley.

Bologna is a well behaved dog that plays with the neighboring kids and is happy to stay in the great care of this family. Any dog that runs out on cue to frolic and play with passing children is special. He joins his sister, Ceara, the pretty larger dog, in a loving family.

Samuel TerrierSamuel Terrier

Carole, the foster of Samuel, was happy to have him in her home. She entertained the idea of a great adopter coming for Samuel. Then she thought about it and felt Samuel is too comfortable where he is and decided to adopt. She is happy and this is of course wonderful news for Samuel.

Samuel has such a great demeanor. He truly is a lover. Now that Carole is keeping Samuel, she has really opened her heart to him and is so happy to have him in her home. We are so happy Samuel is staying put in her great home.


Bella has been adopted by her foster family and it took them less than 24 hours to realize they found a new member of their family. Rebecca, the adopting mother, took Bella home and knew this dog was not going anywhere. Her 9-year-old son cried at the idea of losing Bella to an adopter.

A family trip to the reservoir found Bella jumping in the water without hesitation. She also bonded quickly with their young dog. Bella seems happy in her new home and it is a great union. Congratulation!


At the time of his adoption, Jerry was our longest tenured dog. He was adopted by his foster, An, who was waiting for someone to show interest but the entire time her heart weighed heavy with the thought of losing Jerry. Ann then decided that he is too comfortable in her care and she wanted to adopt him.

Now that it is official, Ann said there has been a weight taken off of her. Jerry stays in her loving care and we couldn't ask for anything better. Ann is happy and so grateful to POMDR. In truth, we are even more grateful that she gave Jerry the love and home he deserves.


Rio, or Ringo, graduated from the UnChained program the same day he got adopted by Liz. Liz had the next 4 days off work so that she could bond with him. Liz is so excited and it is easy to see why, Rio is a fantastic German Shepherd that is a great size for all activities.

Ringo learned basic commands and manners under the tutelage of at risk youth. The UnChained program does wonders for not only the dog, but for the kids who fall in love and care for these dogs during the training. Ringo was a success and is a happy dog now in the heart filled care of Liz.

Penny DoxiePenny Doxie

Carol happily adopted little Penny Doxie. Marshall, Penny's foster, was instrumental in facilitating this introduction and Carol is a great and loving adopter.

Penny is sill on crate rest, taking it easy from needed vet care, but is a beautiful and young Dachshund. She is a bit shy but will hopefully open up in the comforting care of Carol. Congratulations to them finding each other.


Augie came to us with the potential tumor on his rear. A lot of our wonderful volunteers helped him by sponsoring his mass removal and care. A successful period later and the vet believes Augie Doggie will be a healthy dog now.

Augie recuperated in the tender care of his foster, Kathy and got him exposure to be adopted. Prudence (Penny) and her husband Harvey heard about Augie and were excited to meet him. They live in Tulare with their two Beagles. Augie joins their family in which he will get loved dearly.


Lance and his family have adopted Blossom. Blossom is seen in the picture with her new brother while being held by new mother, Jennifer.

Blossom is a big sweetie who under the enthusiastic push of her foster, has been losing weight and building muscles in her legs through walks and hikes. Blossom's new family is excited to bring her into their lives and already think she is a great dog. Blossom will do great in her new home.

Chloe JRTChloe JRT

It is with great pleasure that we present the adoption of sweet little Chloe. Wally and Lorraine became smitten with the little love bug. They take her home with great excitement for their new companion.

Chloe will take short walks with Wally and get plenty of lap cuddles with Lorraine. Like with everyone, she was smaller than they expected, yet think she is perfect. Chloe is an incredibly sweet girl and this is a happy adoption. They loved the Bauer Center Garden and said their backyard is very similar and Chloe will be very happy there.

Van GoghVan Gogh

Van Gogh is now with Diane, who wanted a larger dog that was friendly and could go on up to 3 mile walks. When introduced to Van Gogh, she fell for his outgoing personality and affection and felt he could be a great fit.

Diane now calls him Vinnie and they both love each others company. Vinnie is a happy dog and we are all grateful to have helped him find his forever home. Keep smiling, Vinnie.

Bonnie ChiBonnie Chi

Little Bon ChiChi has been adopted. Yay! Tay was so excited and that made Bonnie's foster, MaryAnn very excited. Bonnie is great and Tay definitely sees that and will give her lots of love and attention.

Bonnie is devastatingly cute and easy to care for. Tay is lucky but I think Bonnie might be even more lucky. Tay fosters for us and shows tremendous love to her dogs. This is a great match and one filled with many smiles and snuggles.


Piccola is a tiny little Chihuahua who quickly went to a foster that introduced her to an adopter. It happened so quickly that we didn't even get photos of Piccola before she was getting adopted.

Deborah was looking for a small dog to cherish and spend time bonding together. Deborah has cared for a dog before with similar needs and was absolutely ready for Piccola to join her life. A very successful union of dog and person. Piccola is not only cute, but lucky to have found such love.

Callie and Dixie ChickCallie and Dixie Chick

Callie and Dixie Chick were adopted together. They happened to be fostered together and when meeting Dixie Chick, Mary and Raymond also fell in love with Callie.

Callie is smaller one and is so appreciative of her forever family. Dixie Chick is a cute as can be but with mounting health concerns, struggled to find the right family. No doubt her, she found the right family. Thank you Mary and Raymond for giving these great dogs a family again.

Suzie QSuzie Q

Suzie is a sweet girl with, obvious from the photo, a big smile. This infectious smile now lives with Claire. Suzie loves her new home and Claire knows how lucky she is to have her.

The updates from their home have revealed a strong bond and a heartfelt gratitude for POMDR bringing them together. Congratulations to them for a happy adoption.


Midge provoked a corgi mania around POMDR and Laura was the lucky person who brought her home. Midge is a character and Laura immediately loved her dearly. Midge is now called Maggie in her forever home.

Since her adoption, Maggie has had her hair become thicker, she is healthier, and more eccentric. Maggie is a joy to be around and Laura couldn't be happier.


Holly came to us along with her sister, Chantel. Holly struggled at first when losing her previous guardian, but regained her vibrant personality when she met her new person, Betty.

Betty met Holly at an adoption event and knew, like her last POMDR dog Harriet, that she found a great canine companion. She rushed over to the Bauer Center and enthusiastically signed the adoption contract. Betty happily takes Holly home to her husband, Richard. Yay for Holly.

Coco TerrierCoco Terrier

Coco Terrier has been adopted by Francie, who has been advocating for POMDR and being mindful of our adoptable dogs when she saw Coco and felt an affinity with him. Coco came to us from the SPCA after his guardians separated and could no longer care for him. He is a great little dog that is ready for love and we are excited he quickly found a home with Francie.

Coco has a great personality and is very happy by Francie's side. It is wonderful they found each other. Congratulations Coco and Francie!

Sweetie SchnauzerSweetie Schnauzer

Sweetie has been adopted by the family that brought her to us. She was found on the side of the road covered in overgrown hair and was thought to be a senior dog. We came to find that she was a young, beautiful lady.

Ken wanted to find her a great home and in that process fell in love with her. So when an application came our way, his heart ached at the thought of losing Sweetie. So congrats to Ken and his wife for deciding to keep her and give her the forever home she deserves.


Eliza came to POMDR in need of some TLC and received that and more under the loving care of her foster, Polly. With the help of Polly, Eliza blossomed into a beautiful dog with fur that could make all other canines jealous. Polly realized the special bond she formed with Eliza was not one she wanted to break. We happily found out she wanted to adopt.

Polly loves the demeanor of Eliza and thinks she fits perfectly in her life. Eliza is lucky to have found her forever home and we are all smiles over another successful adoption.

Cookie DoxieCookie Doxie

Cookie's adoption is one for making hearts smile. Cookie came to us from a neglected life in which she had to live with yeast infections, a scarred, blind eye, and hours left alone. Regardless of her state, she was still incredible sweet, and thankfully her adopters could see the special girl inside.

Cookie went through a lot to find her forever home but remained an affectionate love. Her adopters, Greg and his family, said she is sweet and very social. They think she is beautiful and that her coat now looks healthy. They love her for who she is and are giving her a fantastic home.

Little LucyLittle Lucy

Little Lucy, or Willow in her forever home, is a pup that came to us at only several months old and was born without hip joints, making walking a challenge. After being exposed to the world by her foster, Anita, she met a loving family in Mary and Rusty. Willow has greatly improved her mobility and is now able to keep up with her new brothers and sisters.

Mary and Rusty were so excited to add Willow into their family and believe her to have the best character. They love her sweetness and determination. Willow is the tan one at the end. She is one lucky girl. Congratulations.


Harrison was adopted in 2012 to Richard and Phyllis, but after the passing of Richard, Harrison was needing a new home and was brought back into our program.

Harrison was fostered and cared for by Karen and Andrew. They both felt he meshed well into their home and decided that he would do best staying with them. Harrison was acting a little different on his return but has settled in and is happy in his new home. He often displays his unique character and is loved all the more for it.


Swiffer, now known as Sweeney, came to us with a pot-belly and very little hair but has gained much of her hair back and definitely reduced her belly size. Most importantly, she has found a family.

Wilson and his partner, along with their male dog, have brought Sweeney into their family. Sweeney is happy with them and they have definitely given her a great and loving home. Sweeney is deaf and uses her new brother as comfort and a lead while giving her brother the companion they all hoped for. Thanks for giving Sweeney a forever home!


Keri, the beautiful boxer, has been adopted. She is a mellow lady that loves other dogs and people. She was adopted by Jennifer and family from Santa Cruz. Keri is joining a male boxer in her new home and they are loving each others company.

Keri has found her right home, which is just wonderful as she lost her home once her previous family could no longer keep her. Keri is intelligent and listens and responds as if she has gone through many training classes. We are all happy that she transitioned so well.

Dasher PoodleDasher Poodle

Dasher Poodle, now lovingly called Grandpa, was adopted by his foster mother, Jill, who likes to give Grandpa Dasher different voices depending on the situation. This can be very comical and entertaining. She gives him accents and a whole backstory for each voice.

Dasher had both of his eyes removed and now grows out a "mop" on top of his head to cover his lack of eye-balls. He obviously adores Jill and she gets her kicks from the little guy. He balances her home, as she now has two cats and he is the second dog. Congratulations!

Lady BearLady Bear

Ellen has fallen in love with Lady Bear and they are now doing great together. Ellen never thought she would adopt a Chihuahua, as she has had big dogs her whole life, but she started to open her heart to them as she noticed that there were so many needing homes. She gave Lady Bear a chance and is very happy she was open minded.

Ellen noted that there was nothing "bear" about her and proceeded to calling her Lady Bug. Lady Bug is a a sweet girl that greets Ellen with cuddles and kisses. They have found each other and are happy, and that is just the best.


After almost being adopted, Butterfly came back to her foster, Diana, who realized that "her little gremlin has chosen her." So she wanted to make the adoption happen and we were enthusiastic to see it come to be as they work so well together. Butterfly is definitely happiest with Diana.

Now Diana has a wonderful dog and Butterfly is where she wants to be. Doesn't get better than that! Diana calls her Maleficent and finds the name very fitting.

Lola MalteseLola Maltese

Lola quickly garnered attention when coming into our program and we moved her pretty quickly. She was surrendered when her guardian passed away and the son came to us to re-home Lola. Lola is a little sweetie that is full of energy and love. She will do well with her adopter, Olive.

Olive's heart is thawing with Lola around as Olive has lost her husband two years ago and recently her dog Lucy. So this is a success story and we are happy to be apart of connecting them.


Indi, the beautiful yellow lab, has been adopted by his foster Felicia. Felicia could never let Indi go and is so happy having him around. Indi does well with her and her other dog, that acts like a seeing-guide for the vision impaired Indi.

Indi has recently went swimming and learned to get apples from a tree. Indi is very happy in his forever home. We are all very happy for Indi and Felicia.


Cappuccino has been adopted by Kimberly. Francesca fostered him and did a wonderful job in his transition. She feels good knowing that Kimberly and her significant other are going to be great guardians to Chino.

Chino is a relaxed and sweet dog that is a good fit in most homes. He is so beautiful with his long, curly hair. He is a great dog that is obviously excited about getting more attention and a home.


Xavi, now pronounced Savy, not savvy nor Havi or zavi, has been adopted by Sharon, her husband and their 2 year old dog, Tucker. They all met and things went great. They live out in Hollister and have 4 cats that frequent their place for food and care, several horses, and a brood of chickens.

Sharon lost her other dog recently and Xavi is already making her home feel more complete. Sharon loves POMDR. She used to work in dog rescue and loves helping dogs.


Poppy is a sweetheart and her new family already loves her. They found her at the shelter and were considering adopting. POMDR heard about her and that she needed help so we took this little lady in and got her the help she needed. Debra found out that we had taken her into our program and contacted us saying she wanted to adopt.

Well obviously we loved that. An adopter lined up before we even met the dog. The family is very excited and will be nursing Poppy back to health. She was still a wonderful little thing even after spending days at the vet getting a lot of work done.


Ena, now known as Ariana Dumbledore, has been adopted by Ann and Norman. They are obviously big fans of Harry Potter.

This is a great situation for Ariana as she came into our program and quickly met with Ann and Norman. It was obvious early that it was a great match. They took her home to get a better idea and quickly realized they have their new kid.


Kenji and Bryan bonded quickly. Kenji is incredibly smart, fun, loyal, and athletic. After switching Kenji to a proper diet and getting him the vet care he needed, Kenji blossomed back to the spectacular dog that everyone knows now.

If you ever want to get to know Kenji, just visit the Bauer Center where he will happily greet anyone. He is the best companion Bryan could dream of having and Bryan thinks POMDR is so incredible for their support and being instrumental in this union.

Chili The DudeChili The Dude

Ulises recently started volunteering with us and happily accepted Chili to foster. Chili had a photoshoot and we started advertising him and we instantly started getting applications. All the attention for Chili made Ulises realize that temporary isn't good enough and he wanted to be Chili's forever guardian.

Ulises was very patient with the shy Chili and the next time we saw them together, Chili was so comfortable and happy with Ulises. They are a bonded pair now. Congratulations!

Merrie WayMerrie Way

Merrie Way was adopted into her perfect home. Donna adopted her and she learned about Merrie Way through one of our volunteers. Donna went to the clinic to walk Merrie Way and bond with her while she was completing her vet care at Carmel Holistic.

Merrie Way is easy to fall in love with and is an excellent companion. Congratulations you two, may you cherish each others company forever.


Shyla, now called Scruffy, has been adopted by Donna and Tim. They have fostered her for a while and when first brought to them, Shyla was very afraid of men and also didn't like the her leash. She now is very calm around them and better with new people. She likes men and is happy on her leash.

Scruffy has really grown in their care and they are happy to call her theirs. Congrats Scruffy, called that because their Grandma said she was a Scruffy, not Shyla.


Monty, a beautifully marked Cocker Spaniel, did not last long in our program as Scott saw him and had to add him to his ever growing group of Cocker Spaniels. Scott adopted Justin Time from POMDR and Justin has been doing wonderfully under Scott's care.

Monty is the black and white dog. Justin is the black, and the yellow one is Boo. Scott has another two Cocker Spaniels at home. Scott gets pure joy out of having his dogs, and we are all excited to add to his happiness and set Monty up with a great home with brothers and sisters.

Ginger SpanielGinger Spaniel

Ginger Spaniel is in her forever home. Ginger is just so beautiful, smart and sweet, that everyone falls in love with her. Jeanne met Ginger one day when Ginger was with her previous guardian and they walked into her workplace. Jeanne was excited to see that she was adoptable and knew she would be a great fit in her family.

Ginger is now big sister to Buster, and they help soothe each other's separation anxiety. I am so excited for Jeanne's family, Buster and Ginger.

This picture is Ginger and Buster together.

Bear LhasaBear Lhasa

Bear Lhasa was in a home that was part of our Helping Paw program, when he was tragically hit by a car. After his accident, he became a POMDR dog so that he could get the surgery he needed to survive. He has now recovered and is doing great. He is active and explorative and just generally happy.

Bear is now with Paula, who loves him dearly and is extremely happy he came into her life. He loves his new home and is entranced by the birds in the back yard.

Sparky TerrierSparky Terrier

Sparky Terrier has been adopted by his foster, Eileen. She has been considering this for a while and we gave her the time she needed to be 100%. They are great together and he looks like a Minnie version of her other dog, Norman.

Norman and Sparky get along wonderfully and happy that this worked out for them. Eileen is happy to have a wonderful dog stay with her and Sparky gets to continue flashing his big smile.


Reamus, the beautiful Australian Shepherd, went, well actually stayed, with his adopter. Axil, the foster, fell for Reamus and knew he would be crushed separating. Reamus has been recovering from surgery and is doing much better. Has actually shown to be more playful and excited then when he first came to us. Axil is extremely excited to have a dog to call his own and we all think this is the best thing that could have happened for Reamus.


Hamilton went to his forever home with Jean. What a great pair they make. Hamilton loves being by her side and together they go on little adventures.

We are so happy for Hamilton as we all got to know him well while he transitioned from previous home to forever home. He is a cool dude and absolutely a great dog.

Congratulations Jean and best of luck to you both!

Wheeler "Willow"Wheeler "Willow"

Wheeler came into out program before she was even born. Her mother Nola was found pregnant and has since had her litter and all of them have been adopted. Wheeler was inexplicably the last to go. Wheeler is super cute and so excited to learn about the world.

Lori and Ross, along with their three daughters, came across Wheeler on the POM website and had to meet her. Wheeler was exactly what they were looking for and happily adopted her into their family. Here is a photo of the four girls together.

Wheeler is now called Willow and has settled in nicely with her new family and her tail is wagging happily.

Pudgy "Puck"Pudgy "Puck"

This little wiggle-worm loves anyone and everyone he meets. Pudgy is very affectionate, super friendly and quick to offer kisses. He gets along with other dogs, too. Pudgy is even great with cats, whether they like him or not.

When Pudgy first came to POM he needed to shed some pounds and with help from his foster, KimMarie, did so and she now lovingly calls him Puck to respect his improved body image. KimMarie gifted herself with Puck's adoption as a Birthday present and she couldn't be happier to give Puck his forever home. Puck, well, he couldn't possibly be happier.


Skip has found his forever home. Skip is a 6-year-old, Jack Russel Terrier that loves going to the park and socializing. Skip came to POMDR when his previous guardian couldn't care for him any longer. Lyn fostered Skip and fell in love. Skip made Lyn realize that he completes her family, along with Mimi, Skip's new big sister.

We are so happy for Skip and his family and wish them the best. It is wonderful knowing Skip's days will be filled with kisses, walks, and naps burrowed deep in blankets.

Little ZeroLittle Zero

Happy Tails to Little Zero, alias Mugsy. He came to POMDR when his guardian could no longer care for him. He is a 3 year-old, 18 pound Spaniel/Corgi mix. This athletic little guy is energetic and loves his walks and beach time.

Little Zero found the perfect new home in Santa Cruz with Andrea, Jenny, Sasha and Jacob. Congratulations to all on finding each other.

Zsa ZsaZsa Zsa

Happy Tails to Zsa Zsa (now Sydney). This little 8 year-old, 10 pound Poodle came as a stray from the Monterey SPCA. After a little POMDR TLC, Sydney and Carol, of Monterey, found each other.

Sydney now has her forever home with Carol and her other dog, Tucker. Loyal, affectionate Sydney has a new playmate to share car rides, walks and adventures with.

Congratulations to Sydney, Carol and Tucker.

Bernie and LuckyBernie and Lucky

Happy Tails to Aaron Burr (Bernie) and Lincoln (Lucky), both are 6 year-old Chihuahuas with Bernie coming from Monterey County Animal Services and Lincoln from Salinas Shelter. Bernie is sociable and loving, he's happy to get in your lap or approach you for affection. He's all smiles and wiggles when he meets people. Once he sees the leash come out he gets pep in his step and is ready to explore.

Bernie found a friend, Lincoln (Lucky), at POMDR. Lincoln's tiny package of cute is very snuggly, making up for years of lack of affection. He has a quirk; he loves to rearrange his bed frequently. When walked with Bernie, they acted like best friends, preferring to walk together. Lucky now makes his home with Mary of Seaside. Most fortunately, Mary also adopted Bernie. Congratulations to Mary, Lucky and Bernie.

Dusty Min PinDusty Min Pin

Dusty is a gorgeous girl with an incredible story. After getting entangled in a cyclone fence, she sustained fairly serious injuries to the left side of her body. Dusty was seriously wounded and Salinas Animal Services knew this dog deserved a second chance - despite her condition she had a totally gentle, loving demeanor. We brought her into our care, treated her injuries and has made a remarkable recovery.

Dusty is as sweet as can be, often giving cuddles and gentle kisses. Dusty's foster, Cathy, quickly realized that she is a great companion who can now go on hikes, to the beach, and even paddle boarding. Cathy fell in love and made her place, Dusty's forever home.


Dinah is a loyal and loving dog who originally came to us when her senior guardian passed away. We helped her find a new home and when that family added a baby, it was best for Dinah to get another new home.

Dinah is a great dog - she's house-trained, crate-trained, walks well on a leash and even knows basic commands! She is great with kitties and does well with other dogs. She just needed a quiet, calm lifestyle to flourish and be herself, and now she has found that with her new dad, Nikko. She will be happy keeping Nikko company in all his ventures. Congrats Dinah and Nikko.


Duke (or Louie as his family calls him) came to us from Monterey County Animal Services. His happy tails story concluded with him reuniting with his family. He was lost and after his little adventure, was found and made his way to our program, which gave him the exposure needed to be found by his family.

Duke came to us clearly loved throughout his life and is a loyal companion. This little energetic joy is a 10-year-old Miniature Pinscher. He was ecstatic to see Belinda and the rest of his family again and we couldn't be happier for them.


Arlo has found a wonderful family that he can be happy with and grow and learn. Arlo is a young Border Collie that acts much more calm and wise than his age would apply. Arlo came to us from Monterey County Animal Services.

Arlo is healthy and has a lush coat. He responds well to commands and is already becoming loyal and in love with his new family. This is a successful match and we are all excited for Arlo.


Terra is a 10 year-old black lab who came to POMDR with several others when their guardian passed away. Monica and Jay of Corralitos fostered her and delivered her to adopters. The adoption did not work out and Monica and Jay happily took her back.

Another potential adoption quickly materialized but it was too late! Terra had become part of Monica and Jay's family, which includes Shepherd mix Cooper and Amazon parrot, Captain. Another "foster failure" foiled by adoption. Happy Tails, Happy Tails!

Buddy the ElfBuddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf is an adorable 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix who came to POMDR when his guardian passed away and the family member who took him in could no longer care for him. Buddy is a superb lap warmer who enjoys the company of his person and other dogs.

Buddy stole Terri's heart and she just knew they were meant to be together. He is now a loved resident of Carmel!

Bobby BoyBobby Boy

Bobby Boy is a 6-year-old Chihuahua/Terrier mix who came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services. He's a little love bug once he gets to know you, so it's no surprise that Melissa fell in love with him when he was being boarded at Dawg Gone It, where she works. Bobby Boy is now in a forever home where he is totally loved! Congrats to both of you.

Zoe YorkieZoe Yorkie

Zoe, a 10 year-old "teacup" Yorkie, was surrendered by her guardian when she realized she simply didn't have the time to give Zoe the love and attention she deserves. Gin, of Carmel, lost her beloved dog last year and had decided she was ready to foster.

She took little Zoe into her home with the intent of fostering her but Gin was what we like to call a "foster failure"; she fell in love with little Zoe and adopted her! Congratulations and Happy Tails to Gin and Zoe!

Bella SchnoodleBella Schnoodle

Bella, a 5 year-old Scnauzer/Poodle (Schnoodle!), came to POMDR when her guardian became too ill to care for her. She had been well-loved and cared for by both her guardian and her POMDR foster mom. Happily, Bella was found by Miller and Wendy of Carmel Valley.

They already had Cholula, a 3 year-old Schnoodle rescue and had lost their Beagle, Jasper, last July. Bella was a perfect fit in their home. She now gets to romp and play with her new sister and relax and cuddle with her new guardians. Congrats, Bella!

Archer (now Mr. Skittles)Archer (now Mr. Skittles)

Mr. Skittles, previously known as Archer, is a wiggly 8 year-old, 4 pound Yorkie. He came to POMDR from the Salinas Animal Shelter severely matted and in great need of care and TLC. He was taken to a clinic where he received a thorough check-up including dental care and a complete shave-down. This little cutie also received a forever home when he stole the heart of Haley, a vet tech at the clinic! Lucky Mr. Skittles will live in Seaside with Haley and will be spending his days always by her side. Happy Tails to Archer and Haley!

Truman J. Chi IITruman J. Chi II

Truman J. Chi II is a charismatic 10-year-old Chihuahua who came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He stole everyone's heart with his ever-wagging tail and charming demeanor.

Leslie was looking for a small dog to add her little pack and Truman fit in perfectly! He is now a resident of Carmel and has two Yorkies as his dog-siblings. We love this happy ending!

Boricua (now Bella)Boricua (now Bella)

Hooray, Bella has a new name and a new forever home! Bella is a teeny 8 year-old Chihuahua. After rocky experiences with people, super-shy Bella was rescued by a good samaritan and came to POMDR to find a family.

Patrick and Katie of Carmel are the perfect, patient new guardians for this tiny gal. They also have Lolita, a 5-pound Chihuahua, who lost her two Chihuahua buddies this past year. Bella fits right in, leading her walks like a little warrior. Doing things on her terms, she decides when she's ready for new people or dogs (listen for her tiny growl). Congratulations Bella, Katie and Patrick!

Master YodaMaster Yoda

Yoda is a lively 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who came to us when one of our Helping Paw clients, Eleanor, sadly passed away. Many of our volunteers have walked this darling dog and he's touched the hearts of many. When Yoda needed somewhere to go, Kristi and her family offered to foster him temporarily.

Understandably so, they fell head over heels for this cutie. He is now a permanent member of their family and he is oh-so-loved. He frequents Carmel Beach, racing along the waves with a big smile on his face. We love this happy tail - congratulations to Kristi, Mark, Natalie and Yoda!


McDuffy, previously known as "Dancer", is a handsome 8-year-old Australian Shepherd who came to us from Monterey County Animal Services. He was in rough shape and missing most of his coat on his hind end, likely from flea allergies. Despite this, his charming, loving disposition stole everyone's hearts. He's easy to love!

Mary Kay and Michael met Dancer and took him for a trial adoption right away. He was a great fit for them and can now be seen galloping Carmel Beach with a healthy coat and a loving family. Congrats, McDuffy!

Gus DoxieGus Doxie

Gus is a 14-year-old, 30 pound Dachshund. Gus was dearly loved by his previous guardian, who had to surrender him when she moved into an assisted living facility. Gus was taken in by a loving foster guardian who started him on his weight loss journey.

Pamela had previously adopted another dog from POMDR who has since crossed the rainbow bridge. Happily for Gus, Pamela was ready to take him into her family including another Doxie, a miniature Poodle and three cats. Gus will now have a safe, loving home in his final years.

Happy Tails to Gus, Pamela and her extended family of critters.

Ginger YorkieGinger Yorkie

Ginger, a 7 year-old, 7 pound Yorkie mix, came to POMDR as a stray from the Monterey County Animal Shelter. She had such severe eye problems that the ophthalmologist felt she would have a more comfortable life if her eyes were removed. Ginger thrived as a blind dog!

Ginger needed special adopters. Sandy and Dan of British Columbia, Canada, saw her online and fell in love. They had experience with a senior blind dog; their home and hearts were ready to meet little Ginger. They also have 3 rescued, sibling "Chorkies." They came to meet Ginger and we're happy to say Ginger is now a Canadian citizen! Congrats to Sandy, Dan & Ginger!


Mocha is an 8-year-old Lab/Pitbull mix who came to POMDR when her family moved into housing where pets are not allowed. She was a bit shy at first, but has blossomed under the care of her foster mom, Hannah. She is friendly and polite with other dogs and humans alike. Her red and white coat is beautiful and her prance shows off her white spotted socks.

We're happy to say that Mocha is a "foster failure." Hannah is no longer her foster mom; she has now officially adopted Mocha into her Capitola home. Congratulations and Happy Tails to Mocha and Hannah!


Beaujangles is a super-sweet, 2 year-old Labradoodle who loves to cuddle with his person at night. During the day he adores playtime with other pups and meeting new people with great energy and excitement. His senior guardian realized she couldn't provide the long walks and adventures Beaujangles so desired and brought him to POMDR. Francesca and her family had lost their 15 year-old doggie in May and were looking for another. Lucky Beaujangles was just the ticket for them. He now lives with his new loving family in Salinas.

Lucky DuckyLucky Ducky

Lucky Ducky, a 3 year-old Toy Fox Terrier mix, was surrendered to the Monterey SPCA when his elderly guardian had to move and could not take him along. Lucky Ducky made his way into a loving foster home and his adopters fell in love with him at an adoption event!

Lucky Ducky is now named Hugo and is living in his forever Carmel Valley home with Virginia and Roland, who had adopted from POMDR before. Now Hugo's family will include George (POMDR alumni), three horses, a pony and a kitty. We're all wags for for little Hugo and his family!

Countess ElsaCountess Elsa

Happy Tails for Countess Elsa and Mike! Countess Elsa is a 3.5-year-old, 6 pound Chihuahua. She came to POMDR when her guardian passed away suddenly.

Mike fell in love with her photo from the POMDR website and drove all the way from Grass Valley, CA to meet this precious little girl. Elsa is a bit shy of the outdoors but is fine in a stroller, a pack, or in Mike's arms. She loves laps, cuddling and is very happy to be the center of her person's attention. A couple of days together has turned into a life together. Congratulations Mike and Countess Elsa!


Buttons is a mellow, loving 7-year-old Shih Tzu who came to us after his guardian passed away. He's an easy-keeper who gets along well with everybody. He just needed an adopter who didn't mind his minor eye and skin issues. Luckily for him, Ginte saw right past that to what a gem he is! She took him on a trial adoption and quickly wrote us to say he was a keeper.

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm definitely adopting Buttons. I realize I have until next week to decide but really, I don't need the extra time. The little guy has wiggled his way into my heart!


Anela is a beautiful 10-year-old Whippet/Terrier mix who was surrendered by her guardians when they were getting a divorce and neither party could take her. She is a snuggly, sweet old gal who is always ready for a belly rub. When not snuggling, Anela is bursting with joyful (and sometimes vocal) enthusiasm. She was fostered by Susanna, her husband and three children in Monterey. They fell in love with her and Anela now has a forever home with them. As you can see, they are wonderful together. Congratulations, Anela.

Sweet SallySweet Sally

Sweet Sally is a darling 8-year-old Terrier/Chihuahua mix who came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. This mellow little babe was just searching for her new best friend in this big world and we're so happy to report that she found her!

Mary Ann thought Sweet Sally would be the perfect fit for her little family, which includes a senior Bassett-Beagle mix. Sweet Sally made herself at home and they knew she was a keeper!

Maggie JRTMaggie JRT

Maggie is an 8-year-old, wiggly and precious Jack Russell Terrier who came to us from the SPCA for Monterey County where she was surrendered when her family moved away and couldn't keep her. We just can't even explain how friendly this dog is - every person she meets she puts her little feet up on your knee and asks for a cuddle. It's precious! We knew Suzanne and Todd were sure to fall in love once they took her on a trial adoption and we were right. Within days, they let us know she was home for good. Congratulations to all of you!

Briana now "Lucy"Briana now "Lucy"

Briana, now known as "Lucy", is a 3 year-old super-sweet Malti-Poo. She came to POMDR from the Monterey SPCA as a stray. She was covered in burrs and foxtails but, after a little care, is now a happy, beautiful girl full of energy. She gets along with all dogs and kitties, loves walks, hikes and romping with her play-group buddies. She also likes relaxing in a warm lap and sleeps quietly in her crate at night. Plucky, lucky Lucy found her forever home in Carmel with Barrie and new buddy, Otto, a 6 year-old Golden Doodle. Congratulations and Happy Tails to Lucy, Otto and Barrie!

King TerrierKing Terrier

King's luck has turned around! He is a 7-year-old Terrier mix who came to us when his guardian passed away. The same week he lost his guardian, his best buddy, a kitty, went missing. King is a resilient little guy and a real joy to be around. He has a kiss ready for everyone he meets but found his forever person in Sally, of Pacific Grove. King is now a happy little guy living with Sally and her two kitties (his new friends!). He likes riding in the car, head out for the view, adores his walks, but especially loves being with his person. Congratulations to Sally and King, who is now known as "Kipling".

Charlie DoxieCharlie Doxie

Charlie, a Dachshund estimated to be 7-years-old, was found as a stray by Mike and Sue of Royal Oaks. Unfortunately, Charlie had a poorly healed leg fracture that was in need of medical attention. Mike and Sue reached out to rescue groups to help this little guy and found POMDR. They offered to foster Charlie and saw him through his veterinary treatments while we looked for an adopter for sweet Charlie. However, by the time Charlie was nursed back to health, Mike and Sue couldn't part with him and adopted! Lucky Charlie now has a forever home with them, their 3 older kitties, and another small doggie buddy. Happy tails!


Presley, a 10 year-old Schnauzer got lucky twice! Schnauzer Rescue saved him from euthanasia and POMDR found him a forever home.

Shawn and Carrie spotted Presley's picture on POMDR's web site and thought he was quite a handsome guy. When they met him they liked that he is very calm and even-tempered. They adopted him as their "walking buddy" and give him lots of love and care in their Mountain View home. Happy Tails for Presley!


Alfred came to POMDR from the Hollister Animal Shelter riddled with fleas, missing fur and with an infected eye. He's all fixed up and handsome now!

Alfred is an 8 year-old Cairn Terrier who loves to cuddle and nuzzle in your lap. Alfred loves toys of all kinds and he cherishes them like he's never had them before. He also loves his walks, jumping for joy when he sees his leash. He does wonderfully with other dogs, as long as they don't try to take his toy. Lucky Alfred was adopted by Theresa and Don and now has a loving home with them in Carmel!


Fancy is a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel who spent her life with one heart-broken family who moved into a no-dogs apartment. She is an easy-keeping sweetheart who bonds quickly and is an excellent companion. Due to a leg injury as a pup, Fancy likes only short walks. Gloria and Scott were looking for an addition to their little family and just knew Fancy would be a perfect fit. Happily for Fancy, she now has a forever home in Carmel with Gloria, Scott and their other doggie as a friend.


Cleopatra, 13-years-old and 14 pounds, is a cute, mellow Doxie. She's an easy keeper with a healthy appetite and loves people. She came from the Monterey SPCA where she was surrendered because the other family dog didn't like sharing with her.

Christine and Ken came to her rescue, taking her into their Salinas home. They believe senior and special needs dogs deserve a loving family. They also love Doxies and already have 12-year-old Annie and 10-year-old Olive, who has been paralyzed for 8 years. Cleo now has two new Doxie buddies who happily snuggle with her. Congrats to a wonderful family!

Coco ChowCoco Chow

Coco came to POMDR from the Monterey SPCA. She is a blind 5 year-old Chow whose painful eyes had to be removed. Recovering quickly, Coco is a smart, quick learner and is especially treat motivated. Michelle, whose son is also blind, saw a picture of Coco's face and saw a "sweet soul." Michelle has an 8 year-old black Chow, several foster kitties, and had recently lost her other 15-year-old Chow. Coco now has a wonderful home with Michelle in Palo Alto, where neighborhood kids visit the doggies and kitties. Coco loves her walks outdoors, smiles when riding in the car and goes to work with Michelle and her sister Chow. Happy, Happy Tail!


Hamlet is a deaf, 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix whose guardian moved into senior housing for humans only. Lisa, with her hubby and two sons, kindly fostered him into their Palo Alto home. Despite veterinary issues with Hamlet's ears, the family quickly bonded with him and realized he was a keeper!

Hamlet adores his new family, especially Lisa, who he prefers to keep near. Having previously lived mostly outside, Hamlet adapted to his indoor digs with minimal training and "dog candy" rewards. He loves riding in the car and meeting new friends, both canine and human, who often mistake him for a puppy. Happy situation for a sweet dog and wonderful family!

Tiny JonathanTiny Jonathan

Tiny Jonathon is an 8-year-old, 8 pound Chihuahua who was found wandering in Salinas in 2014. Tiny is well-known among our volunteers and staff, as he's been an adorable part of our program for quite some time! Tiny has tummy troubles which have kept him from finding "the one" until Jessica came along. She loves him exactly how he is.

Jessica originally saw Tiny on the website and fell in love with his story and precious face. She met him at an adoption event and applied to adopt him as soon as she could. Tiny is now an adored resident of Monterey. Jessica and Jonathon have further plans together; they want to visit hospitals as a therapy team. Hooray for Tiny and Jessica!

Simon Shih TzuSimon Shih Tzu

Simon is a handsome 11-year-old Shih Tzu and loyal companion whose guardian had to move where she wasn't allowed to have him. Simon loves other doggies his size but also enjoys spending lots of calm, quiet time relaxing with his people. Linda decided to foster for POMDR as a way to test the water for adding a new dog to her family. Well needless to say, Simon stole Linda's heart and has now been adopted into his forever home in Monterey. Congratulations Simon, Linda and Rod!

Squirrel IISquirrel II

Squirrel is a lively, affectionate 9-year-old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who was found as a stray in Salinas and was brought to POMDR. He is an adorable cutie who draws ooh's and aww's from everyone he meets. Squirrel loves other dogs of all sizes and likes to play and wrestle with them. He has acquired quite a fan club, including Patricia, who decided to adopt him! Squirrel now lives in Seaside with Patricia and his cute new sister Bella, a 6-pound Chihuahua. Congratulations Squirrel, Patricia and Bella; wishing you Happy Tails ahead!

Miss JanieMiss Janie

Miss Janie is a 7-year-old, 3 pound Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who came to us with spinal and hip issues after her guardian passed away. She is a cuddle-bug, scooped up by Dana and Kelly, who love senior dogs and saw her story on Facebook. Dana and Kelly took Libi, (11 yr-old Poodle mix), and Monte, (6 yr-old Terrier mix), to meet Miss Janie at Petco. They fell in love and Miss Janie now lives in both Pebble Beach and Rocklin with Dana, Kelly, Libi, Monte, Carlly-ann (12 yr-old Staffy), and Puffy (18 yr-old kitty). Congratulations, little lady!

Trooper and MooTrooper and Moo

Yip, Yip, Hooray! Trooper and Moo stay together. Trooper is a 7-year-old Chi/Beagle mix; Moo is a 9 year-old Wire-Haired Terrier mix. They're long-time buddies who love their together walks, play-times and snoozes (snoozing by your side or snuggling by your feet also works). Their guardian passed away and a neighbor took them, promising to find them forever homes together.

Janine met these two babes at a POMDR Open House event. She offered to foster Trooper and Moo, but in the end decided she couldn't part with them and they now have a forever home with her in Scotts Valley. Happy endings (tails if you're a dog) for all!


Sterling is an 8-year-old medium Schnauzer who could not accompany his life-long, loving guardian into assisted living. He's a happy, handsome guy.

Sterling has was adopted by Kerry and her family in South San Francisco. Sterling's new pack also includes a new playmate, Heidi, a 12-year-old miniature Schnauzer. Thanks to Kerry, Sterling and Heidi now have Schnauzer schmoozing times together as life-time family members. Congratulations to all of you on finding one another!


Mouse, now known as Jasper, is a 1-year-old Dachsund who came to POMDR from the Monterey SPCA. He's a handsome, playful little guy who loves people, other doggies, lots of attention and whose tail never stops wagging.

Lucky Jasper was adopted into Laurie and Bill's family which includes Sadie, a 3.5-year-old Doxie mix, as a playmate. Laurie likes Doxies' personalities and, having retired from teaching in June, spends time on walks around the peninsula. Jasper is a "wonderful addition to our family" and enjoys being part of adventures with new friend Sadie. Happy tails to Laurie, Bill, Jasper and Sadie!

Tucker AussieTucker Aussie

Tucker is a 6-year-old Aussie mix who was part of a loving family when his guardian became too ill to care for him. He is a typical Aussie pup: smart, sociable, playful and energetic. Lucky Tucker has now found his forever home in Santa Cruz with a family who are "incredibly happy" with him!

Lori and Dan have two active teen-age boys and 5-year-old Lucy, a Border Collie mix. Tucker joins them hiking, swimming and playing at their Tahoe vacation home. When Lori comes home from work, she finds her two "happy, tired doggies" waiting for her. They said Tucker has "completed their family." Lucky Tucker! Congratulations to all of you!

Kringle aka "Jack"Kringle aka "Jack"

Jack, previously known as "Kringle," is an adorable 7-year-old Pomeranian mix who gets along with everybody and loves cuddling in your lap. He's such a lovable, wonderful little guy. Jack has a heart murmur - we knew someone would see past that to what a gem he is!

Jack was being fostered by Terri and her husband and they really fell in love. They've fostered several dogs for us but Jack was a keeper! As you can see, he's as happy as can be! We're so excited that Jack has finally found his happily-ever-after in Soquel.


Malcolm is a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix. He's a bit of a shy guy but warms up quickly. Once he's comfy he has a playful, goofy side that's really fun! He came to us from the SPCA for Monterey County after being picked up as a stray.

Ann saw Malcolm on our website and thought he looked like a perfect fit for her little family, which includes a kitty and another dog. She took Malcolm on a trial adoption but we could tell they were in love! Malcolm is now a resident of Santa Ynez, CA.


Emmet is a 6-year-old Cocker Spaniel mix who came to us from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, where he stole the hearts of all the staff members. Emmet is a funny boy and can often be found perched atop the back of a chair or on the back dash of the car.

Suzanne and Todd were looking for a sweet dog to add to their family. Emmet now has a dog-sibling named Pickles and is living the good life in Monterey!

Daisy CorgiDaisy Corgi

Daisy is a 12-year-old totally adorable Corgi. Her tail is always wagging and she loves when you baby-talk to her and give her cuddles. She's a sweetheart. Daisy came to us when her guardians were moving and could not take Daisy along.

Cherise and her husband are Corgi-lovers who saw Daisy and fell in love. They have a lot of experience caring for senior dogs and we knew they would give Daisy so much love in her golden years. She has two doggie-siblings and now lives in Gilroy, CA.

Miss MollyMiss Molly

Miss Molly is an 8-year-old Pomeranian mix who gets along beautifully with everybody - dogs, cats and kids alike. She came to us with two other dogs after their guardian passed away. Miss Molly is a precious girl and we're so happy to report that she was adopted by a family member of her previous guardian. We love when that happens! Congratulations, Miss Molly.


Ace is a 6-year-old Yorkie who arrived at the Hollister Animal Shelter in a deplorable state after being picked up as a stray. Covered in mats and foxtails, this little guy had a ruptured, infected eye and had given up his will to survive. We scooped him and took him to our vet clinic, where the vet staff at Cottage Vet Care did an incredible job reviving him. He had one eye removed and you wouldn't even recognize him today! He is spunky, funny and in love with his adopters. Sheila, Dan and their pack welcomed Ace into their home directly from the vet clinic. We're so grateful this guy is getting the happily-ever-after that he deserves!

Mickey DoxieMickey Doxie

Mickey is a handsome 13-year-old, 16 pound Dachshund who will steal your heart with his charming, sweet personality. Mickey came to us from the SPCA for Monterey County where he was surrendered when his guardians could no longer care for him.

Diane loves Dachshunds and thought her current dog could use a friend. Mickey seemed perfect for their quiet household. They took him on a trial adoption and let us know he's a keeper! Mickey is now a resident of Gilroy, CA.


Chester is a 15-year-old Chihuahua mix who came to us from the Hollister Animal Shelter after coming in as a stray. Chester's life was spared just in the nick of time. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to find a foster home for him and it wasn't until AFTER they had already given him a tranquilizer, the first step before euthanasia, that we called and said we could take him! Whew! We're now ecstatic to report that Chester is in his forever home and that his foster mama, Elena, decided he was a keeper!


Dundee is a 17-year-old toy Australian Shepherd mix who originally came to POMDR back in 2011! This super snuggly, mellow boy is known by a lot of POM people because he's been part of our pack for so long. He is such a wonderful little guy who came to us from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. As it turns out, Dundee decided the home he really wanted to call his own was the one he was already in! Janet and her family are some of our favorite "foster failures" and we're so glad Dundee is home for good.

Lobo ChiLobo Chi

Lobo is a 7-year-old, 11 pound Chihuahua mix. Lobo really thrives around people and other dogs. He's very friendly and enjoys being handled. He's has a handsome, thick coat and adores being brushed, giving you little kisses as you roll him over to clean him up! He came to us from the Hollister Shelter when his family moved and couldn't take him along.

Mel and her fiance were looking for the perfect pup to join their family and go on adventures with them! They also have kitties in their pack who needed to approve of a canine-sibling and after taking Lobo Chi home for a trial adoption, they knew he was the one! Congrats, little guy!

Chewey PoodleChewey Poodle

Chewey is a sweet and mellow 7-year-old Poodle who gets along with everybody, including gentle children. He was adopted from us a few years ago to a great family, but after experiencing some life changes they realized they simply didn't have enough time for him and he was spending too much time home alone.

Talma was looking for a hypoallergenic dog who would do well with her grandchild and Chewey was a great match! She took him on a trial adoption and once he became friends with her kitties she decided he was a keeper. Congrats, Chewey!

Gidget SpanielGidget Spaniel

Gidget is a precious, charismatic puppy (something we don't often have here at POMDR!). She's only 8 months old and our best guess is that she's a Tibetan Spaniel/Chihuahua mix. Gidget was found by one of our foster volunteers, running along a rural roadside. She was absolutely terrified and it took quite a while to coerce her to safety. At home, she blossomed into a happy, wiggly puppy who adored toys and was an extra dose of fun!

Audrey and Richard saw Gidget on our website and had been looking to add another dog to their family. Gidget loved them from the moment she met them and she has found her new forever family. Her name is now Dahlia and we're so grateful her story had such a happy ending!

Cowboy Shih TzuCowboy Shih Tzu

Isn't Cowboy cute?! This 5-year-old Shih Tzu came to us from Santa Cruz County Animal Services where he was surrendered when his guardians could no longer afford to care for him. He was suffering from severe skin issues that had caused him to lose a lot of his hair. We knew the day would come he'd be healthier, happier and someone would gladly adopt him!

Cowboy went on vacation to Oregon with his foster mama. He met Dick and Laurie while on holiday and they fell in love with him! Cowboy is now a resident of Oregon where he will live happily-ever-after with his forever family!

Pork ChopPork Chop

Pork Chop, now known as "Frankie," came to POMDR when his guardian became too ill to care for him. He's an 8-year-old, Dachshund/Terrier/Chihuahua mix and he's just a ham! His funny, sweet personality is very charming.

Amy and Jeff were looking for a playful dog for their little pack and took Pork Chop on a trial adoption. Now he has a new name and a new family! We are SO happy that this little guy gets to have such an amazing home for the rest of his days. Congrats, Frankie!


Pebbles is an adorable 5-year-old English Bulldog who came to us from the SPCA for Monterey County. She's a social butterfly who adores everybody so it's no surprise that she never even made it on our website before being swooped up for a trial adoption! Janet and her family heard about this dog through the POMDR grapevine and thought she'd be a great fit for her pack, which includes a Boxer and a senior kitty. She's impossible not to love and they have finalized her adoption. This girl has been nicknamed "Fruity Pebbles" and is now a resident of Cupertino, CA!


Dinah is a 5-year-old, 45 pound Boxer. She's a loyal and loving dog whose guardian passed away. We knew Dinah's perfect home would be a quiet place where she got lots of attention and TLC. Crystalena and Ryan have fostered quite a few dogs for POMDR, but when they heard about Dinah they couldn't resist a trial adoption. They've had Boxers before and thought she might be the perfect dog for them. Dinah adores them and she has finally found her forever home! Congratulations, sweetie.


This little red 5-year-old Dachshund didn't even make it into one of our foster homes before being swooped up by his loving adopter. He came to us from a local shelter but before he even made it on our website, Melissa had heard about what a great little dog he was and sent in her adoption application. They're now a very happy family and we know Rojo will be getting so much TLC in his new home!

Hannah BoxerHannah Boxer

Hannah is a big, beautiful 14-year-old Boxer who came to POMDR from a local shelter where her guardian surrendered her when he could no longer care for her. She has a gentle and sweet demeanor and an adorable face that you can't help but love. Hannah's foster mom always knew what a special, loving dog she was and we're happy to report that Hannah is now part of their family forever! Congrats Hannah and Michelle! We love our "foster failures."


Fiji is one of those cuddly, charming dogs who instantly steals your heart. He's a 7-year-old Tibetan Spaniel/Papillon mix who makes new friends everywhere he goes. Deanna and her husband were looking for the perfect match for them to give all their love to, and have had another Spaniel in the past. They met Fiji, fell in love and let us know very quickly that he would not be returning! Fiji came to us from the Hollister Animal Shelter where he was left in the night drop box. Needless to say, we're so happy for him and his new family! Congratulations, Fiji.


Princess is a 12-year-old Chihuahua who originally came to POMDR in 2011 and was adopted out. When her guardian passed away, she came back into our program to find a forever home. She has been in a loving foster home with Marty for several years. They are committed weekly volunteers at the POMDR office, so we get to see this little gal every week, and we just love her!

We're happy to announce that Princess is officially a member of Marty's family! He was finally able to adopt this dog, who he loves dearly, after being her foster for so long. We're so happy for both of them.


Paddy is an 8-year-old Boston Terrier. Paddy has a cute personality and he loves to play. He'll happily wrestle with other dogs his size and is sweet with new people. He's also a great cuddle buddy! Paddy came to us when his guardian moved and her new home wasn't ideal for Paddy's well-being.

Lorie and her family are true Boston Terrier-lovers and are very familiar with the breed. They adore their feisty, energetic personalities and wanted to add another to their family. They met Paddy and he was exactly what they were hoping for! He did great with their kids and we're happy to report, he's found his forever home.


Paquito is a 9-year-old, 20 pound Bichon Frise/Poodle mix. This great pup was sadly abandoned at someone's place of work and he found his way into our program to find his forever home. He has a sweet, easy-going demeanor and he's beyond cute!

Marie had been hoping to find a full-time companion to take on her daily walks and spend lots of time with. When Paquito came up for adoption, she knew right away he could be a great fit for her. After taking him on a trial adoption she knew he was the one! They are now keeping one another company every day in Sunnyvale, CA.


Kiko is a 7-year-old Border Collie/Labrador mix. Kiko loves everybody - she is super social with other dogs and people. Kiko's family loved her very much but surrendered her to us when they had their fourth child and realized she just wasn't getting the time and attention she deserved. We knew she would find a home quickly, but we didn't realize HOW quickly!

Steve stopped by our office in search of a new best friend and we showed him a photo of Kiko, who hadn't even come into our program yet. He picked her up on the day she was surrendered and they instantly became family. Congratulations to all of you!

Beau ChiBeau Chi

Beau is a 1.5-year-old Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix who came to us when his senior guardian realized his energy level and playfulness wasn't a great fit in her home. Beau is still a youngster who adores playing with other dogs and loves to zoom around the yard! We knew we could find a family that was a great fit for him.

Christine and her family saw Beau's profile on our website and thought he sounded like a wonderful little dog. They met him, fell in love and the rest is history! Beau is now living in Campbell, CA.


Tanner is an 8-year-old Labrador mix. This big guy is a total love bug. He gets along great with other dogs and is incredibly friendly with people. Anyone lucky enough to meet him should be prepared for lots of dog kisses! Tanner came to us from a rescue group in Fresno who had him in their care since he was a puppy. We knew it was time for Tanner to find his family.

Megan took him in as a foster dog and quickly realized she had a great dog on her hands. He loves beach trips with his dog-sibling, Darla. After seeing Tanner through some medical issues, Megan knew she couldn't let this guy go! Congrats to all of you.


Smitty is a 10-year-old, 7 pound Poodle mix who was rescued as a stray by a good samaritan who knew this sweet guy needed a second chance. Everyone who meets Smitty loves him, including other dogs. He's just precious. Smitty came to us from Salinas Animal Services.

Kathleen and John were looking for a companion for their little family, which includes a Maltipoo named Addie. They took Smitty on a trial adoption and within days were sending us happy photos of him getting comfy at their home. They knew he was a keeper! Congratulations on getting such a great family, Smitty!

Charlie BrownCharlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a delightful 9-year-old, 18-pound Cairn Terrier. With his adorable chocolatey brown face, he's easy to fall in love with. Debbie came by our office looking for a new companion and had Cairn Terriers before. She heard about Charlie Brown, met him and the rest was history! Charlie Brown has been enjoying his forever home in Pacific Grove, CA.

Peanut CookiePeanut Cookie

Peanut Cookie, now known as "Tosca," is a 9-year-old, 16 pound Terrier mix. This little nugget is so sweet and outgoing that when our volunteer met her at the vet clinic, Peanut jumped straight into her arms and showered her with kisses! We knew someone would fall head over heels for her.

Marion and Samuel met Peanut Cookie and just loved her positive energy. They decided to foster her but realized within a few short weeks that Peanut Cookie was the dog they had been looking for and she wasn't going anywhere! Now known as Tosca, she is living a very happy life with her forever family.

Lena JoLena Jo

Lena Jo is a sweet and shy 1.5-year-old Corgi/Queensland Heeler mix. She's been deaf since birth so we were looking for a very special adopter who could continue to teach her hand signals and didn't mind her lack of hearing. She loves to play with toys and cuddling with her people.

Rameena and her husband were looking to add another pup to their little pack and something about Lena Jo's face grabbed their attention. They're experienced with dog who have hearing loss so Lena Jo's deafness was no big deal! They saw her for the fabulous dog she is and they are now one big happy family living in Aptos, CA. Congrats, Lena Jo!


Alder is a beautiful 14-year-old Plott Hound/Black Mouth Cur mix who came to us when her guardian could no longer care for her. Alder is has a wonderfully unique look to her, with soulful amber-colored eyes. She has a gentle, warm spirit and precious floppy ears.

George and his family were looking for another companion to add to their pack and they knew Alder would be a great fit. They have a big piece of property for Alder to enjoy and she has settled in beautifully. Congrats to all of you!


This little doll is Katy! She is a 10-year-old, 17 pound Cairn Terrier who came to POMDR after her guardian passed away from cancer. She has been a very loved dog her whole life and it shows - she's totally sweet, cuddly and trusting.

Pat came into the Bauer Center to inquire about available terriers and Katy happened to be here. She left our office but meeting Katy had made an impression on her - she came in a few days later to let us know she wanted to adopt her! Pat and Katy are just perfect for one another and we're so glad Katy has found a loving mama to spend her golden years with.


Polly is an ever-so-sweet 8-year-old Pomeranian mix who came to us with two other dogs after their guardian passed away. This tiny gal loves everyone and is just a doll.

Mary Anne and Pete met her at a POMDR reception and fell head over heels - they took her home that same night! It didn't take long for them to let us know she was a keeper. Congratulations on your new family, Polly!

Chloe SchnauzerChloe Schnauzer

Chloe is a very special 8-year-old Schnauzer who came to POMDR when her guardians were being evicted if they did not re-home her. Shortly after coming into our care, she was diagnosed with cancer. We were deeply saddened - Heather and Brendan offered to give her a loving home for the rest of her days, how ever many she had.

Chloe responded miraculously well to medication and has come into a full remission! We knew we would need to find special adopters willing to love her despite the possibility of her cancer returning. Heather and Brendan realized they had the best home she could ask for and decided to make her a permanent family member! We just love this happy ending.

Bear Border CollieBear Border Collie

Paul and Glenda are lifetime Border Collie lovers who had their hearts set on finding another wonderful herding dog to add to their family. We kept our eye out for the ideal dog for them for several months to no avail. Then the stars aligned and someone came to surrender a handsome, charming 8-year-old Border Collie named Bear to us because she was moving out of the country. We knew immediately that this could be the dog for them!

Bear is smart, playful and well-mannered. He went on a trial adoption with them and they knew very quickly that he was a keeper! He is now a lucky, loved resident of Pacific Grove.


Chaka is an extra-loving 12-year-old Labrador who came to us with several other dogs after their guardian passed away. She is a happy girl who gives tons of kisses and will offer her paw as a greeting to new people. Bonnie and her husband originally took Chaka in as a foster, cautiously proceeding to see how their two cats would feel about adding a canine to the household. We're happy to report that the cats have decided to tolerate Chaka! She has found an amazing forever home and we're so excited for her.

Princess IIPrincess II

Princess is an 8-year-old Chihuahua mix. She's a fun, happy little gal who came to us after her guardian passed away. She was a loved dog in her previous life and it shows. A good walk and playing with toys are her two favorite activities - what's not to love about this cutie?

Heather and her family were looking for a small, playful dog that would do great with their kids and kitty. Princess was the perfect match for them (as you can see!). She had very wonderful foster guardians who prepared her well for her new life as a beloved family dog!

Pearl HeelerPearl Heeler

Pearl is about as sweet as they come! This 8-year-old Queensland Heeler mix came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. She is so adorable and approaches all new people with wiggles and wags as if you're already her best friend! She's a very easy dog to love.

Joan and Ron were looking for another dog to add to their family and were drawn to Pearl. They took her on a trial adoption and knew she was a keeper! She can now be found on frequent hikes through the woods. Her new name is Picot and we're so grateful she got such a wonderful home!

Justin TimeJustin Time

Justin Time is a 7-year-old Cocker Spaniel who came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. When he was picked up he was in terrible condition, completely covered in mats and with eyes so infected they had to be removed. Despite his sad state, he was loving, gave kisses and adored everyone he met. Dogs are so forgiving. We couldn't wait for Justin to have the happily-ever-after he deserved.

Scott, an avid Cocker Spaniel lover, heard about Justin from a POMDR volunteer and thought he sounded amazing. As you can see, Justin fits perfectly into his pack! Justin Time will finally get the loving care he deserves and we know he is adored in his new home.


Gunner is a 12-year-old purebred Labrador who came to us with several other dogs after their guardian passed away. Gunner has a fabulous Labrador temperament - he loves everybody! He's all wags and kisses.

Natalie and her husband saw Gunner on our website and knew he'd be the perfect addition to their big pack. They live on a ranch in Browns Valley, CA and Gunner's new family includes dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, pigs and chickens! His new mama is a registered Vet Technician so we know he will be in loving hands for the rest of his days.


Elsa has been in our foster care since she was four weeks old after her mother, a wonderful Chihuahua mix, had an emergency hysterectomy and could not nurse her litter. Her and her sister thrived with TLC from their foster family. Elsa finally got an adoptable age and we knew someone was going to scoop up this precious little gal!

Mary was looking for a playmate for her dog and thought Elsa looked like the perfect dog for taking hikes and trips to the beach. Elsa is now living happily as a resident of Carmel! We're so excited for you, sweetie!

Sasha BeeSasha Bee

Sasha Bee is an 8-year-old, 9 pound Maltese. This loving, caring dog came into our program when her guardian had to move and couldn't take Sasha Bee with her. We knew this well-behaved babe would find a loving forever family. Steve heard about her and thought she would be the perfect dog for his daughter, Jennifer! He is pictured here with Sasha.

Well Dad's always know best and he was right! Jennifer now has another furry family member and we're so happy for all of them. Congrats on adding this cutie to your pack!


Simba is 12-years-young Shih Tzu mix who came to POMDR from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter after being picked up as a stray. Simba is one of the silliest, most charming dogs out there - a guaranteed dose of happiness any time you see him.

Our Dog Program Manager had a family member who was looking for an extra-sweet companion animal and she fell in love with Simba! They're perfect for one another. He's going to thrive with her TLC and Simba will certainly keep her smiling. Congratulations, Brenda and Simba!


Layla is a beautiful 1.5-year-old Persian Serabi/Shepherd mix who came to us all the way from Iran! A good samaritan sponsored her flight to us, and she became a beloved POMDR pup. Despite having a spinal injury that doesn't allow use of her hind legs, Layla is a vibrant, happy puppy who loves the beach and the dog park. Watching her blossom with vet care and eventually getting her "wheels" was an honor for all of us at POMDR.

Julie cared for Layla through every step of her rehabilitation as her foster mama. After all they've been through, Julie finally realized that Layla's perfect home was her own. This will always be one of our favorite foster "failures" - we're so happy for all both of you!

Lucky ChiLucky Chi

Lucky is a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix who came to us with two puppies after her guardian passed away. Lucky is such a loving, precious dog. Because she was separated early from her pups, she struggled with some separation anxiety but we knew the perfect adopter was out there! She's fun, friendly and super sweet.

Rachael took Lucky in as a foster dog but after a few months of living with the precious pup, she was hooked! Lucky is now a permanent member of their little pack. She's already been on vacation to Mt. Hood in Oregon and we know lots of adventures are ahead for this girl. Congrats, Lucky Chi!

Mu ShuMu Shu

Mu Shu is POMDR's famous 1,000th rescue dog! This perfect gentleman came to us when his guardian had to go into assisted living and could no longer care for his beloved dog. Mu Shu is a 13-year-old Schnauzer mix and he's such a good boy. He's friendly, great with other dogs and a wonderful couch buddy... he's the total package!

Bob wanted a canine companion around so he got set up as a foster volunteer. He got really lucky - his very first foster turned out to be the ideal dog for him! Bob loves Mu Shu and the feeling is definitely mutual. We're so happy you two found one another!

Louie and ClariceLouie and Clarice

Louie and Clarice are two wonderful POMDR dogs that didn't come in to the program together but found the same loving forever home! Louie is a 7-year-old Papillon mix and Clarice, now "Marici," is a 7-year-old Shih Tzu mix. Marguerite and David intended to foster both of these dogs but they were smitten and now they are a happy little family! We love our foster "failures"!


Quincy is a 5-year-old Terrier mix. You might recognize him from his "before" and "after" video! He came to us incredibly emaciated and weak after being picked up as a stray. Our vet quickly discovered that he had diabetes which was compounding his inability to gain weight. We got his medical needs under control and with the TLC from several foster mama's, Quincy blossomed into a new dog.

Quincy is a "velcro" dog who sticks to his person - we knew we would find him someone special to give him all the love he deserves! Suzanne saw Quincy on the website and thought he'd be a good fit in her pack. She's a Nurse and wasn't phased by Quincy needing insulin shots. We've already received photos of Quincy at the beach with his new dog-siblings! We're sure he is endlessly grateful to be healthy and part of a loving family. Congrats, sweet boy.


Clarabelle is a 7-year-old Schnauzer/Terrier mix who falls head-over-heels in love with "her" person. Her favorite pastimes are cuddling and playing with her little toys (she loves when you throw them for her!). Clarabelle came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

Maria saw Clarabelle on our website and said "She's the one!" She was looking for a new best friend and has found her in Clarabelle. We're so happy for both of them and know Clarabelle is living the good life in San Mateo with her new mama.

Penny PoodlePenny Poodle

Penny is a precious 3-year-old Poodle/Shih Tzu mix who was surrendered to us with two other dogs when their guardian had to move and was unable to take the dogs with her. Penny is just adorable - she goes belly up for scratches, gives lots of kisses and has a gentle, loving demeanor.

Laila and her family had never had a dog before and thought fostering Penny would be a great introduction! She is such a sweet girl that they all fell in love and decided she was a keeper. Congratulations on adding your first canine to the family!


Daisey is a totally lovable 9-year-old Poodle mix who came to us when her guardian had to move and was unable to find pet-friendly housing. She is a sweet, easy-keeper! Her foster family nicknamed her "Gluestick" because she was always by their side. Gloria had recently lost her dog to cancer and was ready to find a new best friend. She took Daisey on a trial adoption and the rest is history! Congratulations - we're so happy you two have one another!


Shirley is a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix who was surrendered to us when her guardian passed away. This sweet little dog was left behind in the residence of her deceased guardian and given to the new tenant, who could not keep her. She had nowhere else to go and came into our care. Shirley is a total lover and we knew we could find her a great family.

Shirley went into a loving foster home with Carol. Carol realized in just a few short months that Shirley was the perfect little dog for her and decided to adopted her! We're so glad she got the second chance she deserved.

Casey SpitzCasey Spitz

Casey is a beautiful 10-year-old Chow/Spitz mix who came to POMDR when the living situation in her previous home dynamic changed and became too stressful for her. She got into a quiet, loving foster home with Sue and quickly blossomed into herself again. She's just a wonderful dog and Sue always had endless great things to say about her.

Sue has fostered many other dogs for us, but this one was different. She knew Casey was a keeper and as soon as she found a new, pet-friendly living situation the adoption contract was signed! We're so happy that these two wonderful beings have one another - congratulations to both of you!

Duchess Shih TzuDuchess Shih Tzu

Duchess is a 13-year-old Shih Tzu who came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. This precious sweetheart just wanted a little love and affection.

Gwen had planned on just welcoming Duchess into her home as a temporary foster but Duchess worked her magic and really stole Gwen's heart. We're happy to report that Duchess has found her happily-ever-after and is now a resident of Pacific Grove. Congrats, sweetie!

Gus LabGus Lab

Gus is a 5-year-old, 62 pound Labrador/Mastiff mix who came to us when his guardian had to move and was unable to find somewhere to live that would accept pets. Gus is a loving, energetic dog. He came to us with a leg injury which turned out to be a torn ACL. He underwent surgery to correct that while in our care and we're happy to report he is mobile and healthy! Gary and his wife had over 40 years experience with large dogs and thought Gus would be the perfect dog for them. He's now happily romping in his big back yard in Salinas and loving his new family.


Achilles is an 8-year-old big, happy Labrador who came to us because his guardian became ill and moved into a nursing home. A family member cared for Achilles for as long as she could but dogs his size were not allowed in her apartment complex. Thankfully, he made his way to POMDR to find a loving forever home. He's a typical sweet Lab with a great personality.

Bill has been a dog lover his whole life and has had Labs before. He saw Achilles on our website and thought he'd be a great fit to be his new best friend - he took Achilles on a trial adoption and knew he was a keeper! We're so grateful he found his "happily-ever-after."

Pixie and BubblesPixie and Bubbles

Pixie and Bubbles are a totally adorable and tiny duo who came to us after being abandoned in a box in Hollister with a note which said they needed help. We gladly took these precious dogs into our program and knew we would find them a loving home.

A wonderful couple from Sonoma found Pixie and Bubbles online and were smitten from the beginning. They especially loved lap-sized Poodles and they found the perfect pair for them! Pixie and Bubbles life is now filled with lots of cuddling and their days of being abandoned dogs are long gone. Congrats to all of you!

Lucky PoodleLucky Poodle

Lucky is an 8-year-old Poodle who came to POMDR needing a lot of TLC. You may have seen him in our "Lucky Dog" video! Lucky is a laid-back little Poodle with a funny, lovable personality. He was adopted previously by a senior woman whose health declined and was not able to keep him but we knew his forever family was out there somewhere. He moved in with Marji and Michael and fit right in! We've never seen him happier than he is now as a part of their little pack! You're finally home, sweetie.

Cha ChaCha Cha

Isn't Cha Cha precious? This 4-year-old Spaniel mix came to us with two other dogs when their guardian was moving and could not take them along. She has a sweet, quiet temperament but loves cuddling and gets very attached to her person.

Greg has been looking for the perfect dog to add to his life. He took Cha Cha on a trial adoption when she first arrived to our program and it only took a short while for him to realize that he just loved Cha Cha and she was "the one." Greg has a new best friend in Cha Cha and we're so happy for both of them.

Millie MargaretMillie Margaret

Millie Margaret is a 10-year-old Welsh Corgi who came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. She has all the lovable qualities of a Corgi and then some! Millie has a gentle, sweet personality but can be sassy with other dog-siblings.

The stars aligned and Dan and Karen happened to stop by our office while Millie Margaret was here one day. They fell in love and we knew they could offer her the perfect home. She is now a resident of Pacific Grove where she is getting lots of love! Congrats, Millie Margaret!


Ebony is a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix who was rescued by a good samaritan after being chained up in a warehouse for the first six months of her life. Because of this, she was under-socialized and despite wanting to trust people SO much, was nervous in new situations. She truly blossomed with TLC from a few caring foster guardians.

Barbara had the pleasure of being one of these foster "moms" and her sister started to see lots of pictures and videos of Ebony. Her sister, Chris, fell in love and wanted to adopt her. Ebony is now living in Chris' happy family in Washington!


Walden is a super handsome 5-year-old Briard/Bearded Collie mix who came to us from Santa Cruz County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. We were all smitten when we met him for the first time, he's just a happy, loving dog who was destined to find a great home. Amanda and Fred were looking for a mellow, cuddly dog to add to their family who was good with their grandchildren. Walden was the perfect fit and he's now a part of a happy family in Marina!

Penny ChinPenny Chin

Penny is a precious 12-year-old Japanese Chin - isn't she adorable? Penny's previous guardian surrendered her to us when changes in her life left her unable to care for Penny. She has been a loved dog her entire life and we knew we had to find especially wonderful people to adopt this beautiful girl.

Kristine and her husband Shawn saw Penny on our website while they were in town on vacation. Little did they know, they would be heading home with an extra passenger after their trip to Monterey! They met Penny and she immediately loved them, curling up in their arms. You can just see how ecstatic this little family is - We love happy tails!

Cookie TerrierCookie Terrier

Cookie is a 1-year-old Terrier mix who came to us when her guardian was no longer able to care for her. As soon as we met this happy-go-lucky dog we thought she would be the perfect companion that one of our volunteers, Kate, had been looking for.

Cookie went home with Kate and instantly became a wonderful buddy for her dog Myla. They love playing together and she is even tolerated by their kitty, Sandpiper! We're so glad we could match Cookie up with a great home so quickly. Congrats to all of you!


Ariel was one of the precious puppies who came to POMDR with their mama, Lucky. Lucky had an emergency hysterectomy and was unable to nurse her pups, so a wonderful volunteer took over that duty when they were just a month old. At 8-weeks-old, this incredibly tiny little gal was a bundle of joy. Happy and healthy, she was ready to find the perfect home.

Sheri and her family were looking for a buddy for their current dog and saw Ariel on our website. They were in love and we knew they would give this sweetie a wonderful life. She now lives in Los Banos, CA with their two cats and her dog-sibling, Molly.

Cuddles PomCuddles Pom

Cuddles is an 11-year-old, 8 pound Pomeranian who really lives up to her name. She's happiest when she's keeping your lap warm or getting belly scratches. Cuddles came to us when her guardian could no longer care for her. During her days as an "adoptable dog" she spent many days in the POMDR office as our greeter and mascot - we all adore her and couldn't wait for her happy ending!

Judith was looking for a senior companion for her 21-year-old dog (yes, 21!). She met Cuddles and fell in love (like the rest of us) and took her on a trial adoption. Cuddles worked her charm and Judith now has a new family member in her pack, which also includes two kitties.

Alfie "Quentin"Alfie "Quentin"

Alfie, more commonly known as "Quentin", is a 6-year-old Chihuahua who came to us when good samaritan rescued him after he was being listed for "free" on an internet buy-trade-sell website. He came into our care slightly malnourished but really blossomed with some loving foster care. He has a quirky, sweet personality and we knew someone would just adore him.

Wendy and Tim have adopted from POMDR in the past and were looking for another little Chihuahua to add to their family. They took Quentin on a trial adoption and knew this funny little guy was a great fit for them. We're so happy we know he's going to be loved for the rest of his days.


Shawnee is a beautiful 5-year-old Border Collie/Labrador mix who came to us with her mother when their guardians could no longer care for either of them. She was raised as an outdoor dog with little socialization with the big, wide world and is a very timid dog with a sweet personality once she feels comfortable. Shawnee is an escape artist and once spent several months on an escapade after getting loose. It took a team of dedicated volunteers to help track her down and eventually bring her back to safety.

One of those volunteers was Kathy, who faithfully tracked Shawnee and was key to bringing her home. When she went back up for adoption, Kathy realized she might be the perfect person to become her family! She has settled in beautifully with Kathy's kitties and she is finally home for good. Congrats, sweetie.


Biscuit is an 8-year-old American Eskimo Dog/Pomeranian mix. He's a totally adorable little guy who loves other dogs! He likes to play with other pups and we knew he'd find a loving forever home. He came to us from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter after being surrendered by his guardians. We knew his second chance was coming.

Cindy and Jason saw Biscuit on an "American Eskimo" Facebook group after his photo was posted by his foster mom. They just knew he would fit in perfectly with their white fluffy crew and they came all the way from the Los Angeles area to get their new family member. His new name is Ruppert and he couldn't be happier!


Roky is a 9-year-old, 10 pound Spaniel mix who came to POMDR when his guardian was no longer able to care for him. He's a really "easy-keeper" with a wonderful disposition and calm energy. We knew the perfect adopter was out there for him!

Jennarose was looking for a mellow dog to be her companion. After meeting Roky and falling in love, she took him on a trial adoption but he had already stolen her heart. You can obviously see how loved he is in his new home! We're so happy for both of you.


Bleu is an extra-handsome 6-year-old, 105 pound Husky/Malamute mix. Bleu came to us after his guardian passed away. It took a couple tries to find Bleu the PERFECT home - he's athletic, intelligent and BIG!

Bleu was adopted by a wonderful couple, Christine and John, in Pacific Grove who are committed getting him the exercise he needs and giving him the love he deserves. We're so excited that Bleu finally found his forever home!


Joy is a precious 9-year-old Miniature Dachshund who is a lap-warming extraordinaire! She likes new people and dogs and is an all-around charming little gal. Joy came to POMDR after her guardian passed away. The family member who took her in couldn't keep her permanently and reached out to us to help her find her a new home.

Lynn was looking for a friend for her dog Buddy and both of them fell in love with this little Doxie. As you can see, the three of them are quite cute together! Joy is now a resident of Pacific Grove and is loving her new life.

Chloe PoodleChloe Poodle

Chloe is a 14-year-old Poodle who originally came to us in 2014 when her guardian couldn't afford to keep her and give her the care she deserved.

Chloe is adorable, loving and happily gives kisses to just about anyone. She found a great foster home with one of our volunteers, Kaoru, and has really fit in wonderfully with their family. They were planning a move to Arizona soon and realized they just couldn't leave without her! She will stay a part of their family forever and we're so happy for her.


Janie, now known as Ruby, is a precious 7-year-old Border Collie who came to POMDR from the Hollister Animal Shelter. She appears to have been a working ranch dog in her previous life and is surprisingly people-oriented. She is loving, affectionate and sticks to her person like velcro!

Judy and Larry have a long history of being herding-dog lovers and when we saw Janie we thought she might be the perfect dog for them. Luckily, we were right and Ruby is now a beloved family member who will live out the rest of her days getting lots of TLC!


Pippin is a 4-year-old Yorkie/King Charles Spaniel mix who came to us because his senior guardians could no longer handle his medical issues despite loving him very much. Pippin has diabetes which requires diligent monitoring and daily insulin shots. We knew someone would fall in love with this cutie despite needing some medical TLC.

His adopters saw his ad in the Monterey County Weekly and fell in love PLUS they had a ton of experience with special needs pets. He was the perfect dog for them! Congrats, Pippin!


Mandy is a 10-year-old Border Collie mix. Before entering our program, she spent her entire life living outside and sleeping in a garage. She is a shy little gal. Her foster family did an amazing job of socializing her, building up her courage and getting her ready to be adopted. We knew someone was out there who would just love this sweet dog.

Vicky was smitten with our wonderful senior Border Collie after spotting her on the website. She has had several other rescue dogs over the years and knew she could offer Mandy a quiet, loving home. We really couldn't be happier for Mandy - she found her spot in the world and will a cherished family member for the rest of her days.


Charming, now known as "Charley," is an 11-year-old Black Lab mix who came to us from the Salinas Animal Shelter after being picked up as a stray. This senior guy still has lots of pep in his step and is all wags when meeting new people.

Patricia and Robert offered to foster "Charming Charley" and knew almost immediately that he was destined to be part of their family. He loves his new life and his new name! We're so glad Charley has finally found his forever home - his days of moving around are over.


Simpson is a loving 12-year-old Shepherd mix who came to us when his guardian became ill and the family member caring for him could no longer do so. He's just a total sweetheart and is great with all dogs and people.

As you can see, Simpson has found himself the dream forever home and he's now a beach dog! Amanda took him into her home with the intention of being his foster mama but Simpson worked his magic and she knew he was part of their pack forever. He's happy as can be in his new life! Congratulations, Simpson!

Jake RetrieverJake Retriever

We really can't say enough great things about this super-sweet 7-year-old Retriever mix. He is loving, adorable and smart! He spent a few days in the office with us and we were all ready to take him home...

Jake needed a temporary foster home for one weekend and his fosters, Jette and Kurt, just couldn't bear to part with him. He was a perfect fit in their family and it was like he was meant to be there. He's now a part of their little pack that includes another POMDR alumni, Ella (pictured here on the left).


Martini is a 5-year-old Cockapoo who came to POMDR when her guardian could no longer care for her. She was taken in by a family member who wasn't allowed to have pets in his house but really wanted to keep her from going to the shelter. He reached out to POMDR and we brought her into our care.

Martini is a tiny, sweetheart of a dog and we knew she would be a perfect companion for someone. She was adopted by a wonderful couple up in Palo Alto, CA. Her new name is Marley and she is living the good life!


Stanley is an 11-year-old Cockapoo. He's a well-behaved, handsome guy who adores his daily walks and being a faithful best friend. Stanley came to POMDR when his guardian went into assisted living and could no longer care for him.

Doug was on the search for a cuddly companion with a great personality. After meeting several dogs, he knew Stanley was "the one." We're so happy for both of them!


Tootsie is an 8-year-old Lhasa Apso mix. She came to us from the Salinas Animal Shelter where the staff just fell in love with her resilient and happy personality. She is a roly-poly little girl who is all wags and wiggles despite being blind.

Tootsie had a bi-lateral eye removal while in our care because what remained her of her eyes was potentially painful. She has recovered beautifully and is healthier than ever! We received a fabulous adoption application from Barbara and Robert after just one day of Tootsie being in a loving foster home. They met her and were head over heels for her charming personality. Here's the happy little family!


Gizzy is an absolutely adorable 1-year-old bundle of joy. This little Maltipoo came to us because he had too much puppy-energy for his senior guardian and it wasn't a safe living situation for either of them. He's a fun little dog and he recently found the perfect new family in Monterey. He has a doggie playmate in his pack and will accompany them on all their outdoor adventures! He's going to be so happy with them. Congrats, Gizzy!


Pierre is a 10-year-old Italian Greyhound/Terrier mix who was a loved family dog. Sadly, his guardian's children were allergic to him and he came to us looking for a new home. He's incredibly handsome and well-behaved and we knew he would make someone a very lucky person!

Eleen had been meeting some of our adoptable dogs looking for the perfect fit. She happened to come by our office while Pierre was here and just knew he was the one. He is now living out his "happily ever after" in Carmel-by-the-Sea!

Grace PoodleGrace Poodle

Grace is a 10-year-old Poodle mix who is about as cute as can be. Grace was originally found on the side of a highway, thrown away like a bag of garbage. She had a broken pelvis and was horribly matted and dirty. Someone adopted her but ended up realizing she would be happier in another home and she came back to POMDR in search of her forever family.

Sweet little Grace went to Kandace's to be fostered but Kandace fell in love and knew she was a keeper. They recently finalized the adoption and this precious dog has finally found her way home.

Little JoeLittle Joe

Little Joe, a 2-year-old Terrier mix, had a rough start before coming to POMDR. He was found as a stray in Gilroy with injuries that indicated he had been attacked by another animal and was obviously traumatized. It took a little time for his emotional and physical wounds to heal but his foster guardians did a fabulous job helping him get ready for his forever home. He has really come leaps-and-bounds since we brought him in and we could not be happier that Sabrina and Jacob decided to adopt Little Joe and make him a member of their family!

Lil RedLil Red

Lil Red is a spunky 9-year-old Chihuahua mix who came to POMDR after his guardian passed away suddenly. He's as happy and wiggly as they come (and he has no idea that he's a "senior" dog).

Christina came to our office looking for a new addition to her little pack and we knew Lil Red would just love her. They went home together and we received a precious photo of all her pups snuggled at the foot of her bed on the very first night. As you can see, she's got a pretty cute little family! Congrats, Lil Red!


Oreo is a charming 3-year-old Poodle/Terrier mix who came to POMDR when his guardian became very ill. The family member who was temporarily caring for Oreo couldn't continue to do so and reached out to us for help finding him a new home. He's an absolutely precious, wiggly, happy pup.

Patricia was a friend of the family who had Oreo. She heard Oreo was available for adoption through POMDR and luckily, she was able to adopt him! Now he'll still have contact with some of his previous "people" who loved him very much.

Pepper HeelerPepper Heeler

Pepper is a 5-year-old Queensland Heeler who came to us from Santa Cruz Animal Shelter. She was surrendered to the shelter when she developed hip issues that her previous guardian was unable to treat.

Before she even made it to a foster home, Pepper caught Jan's eye. Jan met her at the vet clinic where she was being boarded and knew they wanted to adopt this sweetie. Her new name is Bear and she's so happy to be in a loving home with a great family! Congratulations, Bear!


Canela is a 6-year-old, 10-pound Chihuahua mix with a darling personality. Sweet Canela was left behind after her guardian passed away back in August. She was surrendered to a local shelter, where she was over-looked for four months, perhaps because of her dainty size. She came to us and found quickly found a foster mama who was willing to host her.

This little sweetie was SO charming that she became a permanent member of her foster family with Patricia within a week! She renamed her Chanel and both of them are so happy she has finally found her forever home.


Fluffy is a lovable 12-year-old Bichon Frise mix who came to us from the Hollister Animal Shelter. His previous guardian surrendered him there when he had to move into assisted living and didn't know what else to do. Fortunately, we rescued Fluffy - we knew we had to help this totally sweet boy get a second chance and find a loving family.

Fluffy's cute little face appeared in a local newspaper and caught the attention of Dan and Sherry. They came by our office and he happened to be here, and the rest is history! They've had Bichon's before and love the breed - Here's the new happy family all together!


Our buddy Linus has found his forever home! This sweet 8-year-old, vision-impaired Cocker Spaniel originally came to us from Salinas Animal Shelter just days before Christmas of 2014. He was adopted out to a family with a very young child, and they realized a few months later that two dogs were more than they really had time for. Linus was returned to us, back in search of his forever family.

Linus got lucky! Donna and her family read about his special situation on Facebook and it melted their hearts. They knew they could give Linus the loving home he deserved. Within just a few weeks, this sweet dog found another pack to call his own. Congrats!


Woody is a 7-year-old Lhasa Apso mix who came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He had a microchip and his guardian was contacted, but no one every came to pick up this little sweetie. He was in dire need of a grooming when he came to us, but his absolutely charming, goofy personality showed through his dirty fur and we all fell in love.

We knew Woody was destined to find an wonderful home. Rose and her family have been looking for the perfect addition to their pack for several years, and when they saw Woody they knew he was the one! He is doing great in his new home and we're all so happy for them.

Trixie and TuckerTrixie and Tucker

Trixie and Tucker are two herding dogs who came to POMDR after their guardian passed away. Trixie, an 8-year-old Border Collie mix, and Tucker, a 9-year-old Aussie mix, were very loved members of their previous family and very bonded to one another - our goal was to find them a wonderful home where they could be together for the rest of their lives.

It didn't happen overnight, but Trixie and Tucker have finally found their new family! We must say, they look SO happy and healthy. Already, they seem less worried. There's a special kind of contentment expressed by dogs who know they're finally home again. We're so happy for these two sweethearts!


Sharmayne is a beautiful 9-year-old Standard Poodle who came to POMDR when her guardian went into assisted living and was unable to take her along. She's a sweet, well-behaved beauty who fortunately didn't want to wait long for someone to see how special she was. Mollie offered to foster her and fell in love. She made the decision to keep her forever and this pretty Poodle will have a loving home for the rest of her days.


David, now known as Riley, is the epitome of a "gentle giant." This 110-pound, 7-year-old Golden Retriever is as mellow and sweet as they come. He was a beloved companion for his previous guardian, but when she had to move into hospice care, her family needed to find David a new home.

Carrie, one of our volunteers, heard about David and thought he would be the perfect fit for her parents who had been looking for another dog. Ernie and Bev just fell in love with this big boy, renamed him Riley and the rest is history! He's getting lots of love and attention in his new family, which includes a dog-sibling named Diva. Congratulations to all of you!


Sky is a super cute 8-year-old Pomeranian mix. She's a great little dog with a gentle soul who gets along well with new people, dogs and even likes the company of children. She was adopted out to a great family through POMDR several years ago but their schedules have changed so much recently they thought Sky might be happier with a family who had more time for her. We're so glad they let us know because Sky is now being spoiled in a forever home where she will get TONS of attention from Nancy and Ken! We're so happy for her!


Anthony, now known as "Bean," is a teensy, adorable 2-year-old Chihuahua who was down on his luck. One of our volunteers found him in Salinas running through traffic, tumbling like a leaf under moving vehicles. She was able to save him and he miraculously came away with only small scratches. He's very sweet and we knew a better life was ahead for this little guy.

Jan thought she would help him on his journey by becoming his foster mama and helping him find a forever home. The months passed and Bean went everywhere with her little pack, which includes two other Chihuahuas named Travis and Spice. Jan finally realized her they were meant to be a trio and emailed us to let us know she'd like to make Bean a permanent family member. We're so happy he found his happy ending!


Foxy came to us needing a second chance after his guardian suffered a stroke and had to move into assisted living. Her three dogs were brought to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. Foxy, an 8-year-old Chow Chow/Pomeranian mix, is known for his friendliness, his ability to get along with just about anybody (including kids) and his laid-back attitude. He's a very loving boy.

Lorrie and Lucienne have experience with Chows and thought Foxy would fit perfectly into their little pack. After a long drive to his new home, we're happy to say that he has settled in beautifully and that he has a new dog-sibling in Ginger! We are sure his previous guardian would be grateful that he is in such loving hands, as are her other two dogs. We wish you all the very best!


We're so happy to report Kelly has found his forever home! Kelly is a 7-year-old, 56-pound German Shepherd mix. This good lookin' dog came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He is incredibly loving with his family members and great with other dogs he meets but can have trouble with a "random" person coming onto his property - he's loyal and protective of his people. We knew he needed the perfect family to love him and help him with this and he found them!

Heather and her husband met Kelly and fell in love. He got along great with their current dog, Sophie. Kelly will have all the love and affection he deserves. Congrats to all of you!


Widget is a charismatic, loving 5-year-old Cockapoo. This little guy is a POMDR staff favorite - his combination of being extra cute and totally sweet make him easy to love. Widget came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

Hiro wanted to help a dog in need by welcoming a foster dog into his home. Little did he know, Widget would steal his heart within just a few short days of moving in! He made the decision to adopt him and we're so happy that Widget has finally found the perfect spot for him. We wish you two the best!

Fred AstaireFred Astaire

Fred Astaire is a totally charming 7-year-old Pomeranian mix. He steals the hearts of all who meet him and is just an adorable, super loving dog. He had been found as a stray and ended up at San Jose Animal Services before coming to POMDR in search of his forever family.

Fred had a huge change in his luck and found himself a loving family to call his own with Tom and Jill. They spotted little Fred on the website and had to meet him over the Thanksgiving weekend. Fred worked his charm offensive and sealed the deal only 10 minutes after meeting his new family! Fred will have long walks with Jill and Tom at Carmel Beach and Mission Trails park, just steps from his new home.

Lily MaltipooLily Maltipoo

Lily is a precious 8-year-old, 22-pound Maltipoo. This wonderful little gal was left in search of her forever home when her 101-year-old guardian passed away. With her loving personality, we knew Lily was destined to make someone a very lucky adopter.

Cynthea and her husband were looking for a companion for their current dog, Jack, and thought Lily sounded like the perfect match. They met her and fell in love, and Lily can now be found living happily ever after in Salinas with her new family! Congratulations, sweet Lily.


Bentley is a 12-year-old, 38-pound Chow Chow/Corgi mix. This adorable fellow was found locked on a property without food or water and was luckily rescued by one of our volunteers. He turned out to be a wonderful, super-loving dog who is friendly with everybody, including kids. We knew he was destined to find a great family to give him lots of love.

Eric spotted Bentley on the website and thought he would be a perfect fit for their family. Bentley is now enjoying his new life in San Francisco where he lives close to the local dog park! He's getting lots of attention and we're sure he's loving it.


Lola is a gorgeous 2-year-old German Shepherd. She came to POMDR with two other dogs when their bedridden guardian could no longer care for them. Lola is truly a special dog that is super easy to fall in love with. She's calm, sweet, beautiful and charming. We knew this girl would find an amazing family to call her own.

Lola stole the heart's of Bob and Cathy within days of being posted as an "adoptable dog" and found her home-sweet-home in Salinas, CA. They took her home and knew she was a keeper within a few short days. She's enjoying having lots of room to play and getting all the love and attention she deserves. We wish you all the best!


Poogi is a 6-year-old Terrier/Chihuahua mix that came to POMDR when his guardians were moving and could not take him along. His foster mama described him as "sweet, affectionate, loves to be petted, and loves to be with his person. He is very attentive, playful, and fun." What a great dog!

Lois has been a wonderful supporter of POMDR for a long time and was looking for the perfect companion. She met Poogi and knew he would be a great match for her - she has reported that they love taking daily walks together and that he is a wonderful supervisor while she is gardening. We're so happy for both of you!

Peaches and BaileyPeaches and Bailey

This adorable mother-daughter Papillon duo came to POMDR after their guardian passed away. Peaches is the 10-year-old daughter of Bailey, who is 11-years-old. They're crazy cute and very friendly - happy to be petted and cuddled by any willing person.

Rhonda was looking to add a senior dog to her home and wanted to meet Peaches. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to adopt these two out as a a pair and we're so happy to report that she decided she wanted twice the Papillon love and decided to take both of them home! Congratulations, girls!


George is a 9-year-old MinPin/Chihuahua mix who came to us after his guardian passed away. This sweet, easy-keeper was looking for his second chance at having a happy life. Virginia spotted George's adorable little face and she was head over heels for him! It didn't hurt that he got along beautifully with everyone he met and was an especially charming pup.

George was welcomed into Virginia's life after she had already been scheduled for a hip replacement. As it turned out, George was the perfect companion during her recovery, especially with his silly personality that kept her laughing. And as they say, laughter is the best medicine! He is now living a joyful life in Carmel Valley with Virginia and her husband, Roland. Congratulations on finding the perfect home, George!


Penny, a beautiful 7-year-old Shar Pei, came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. This sweet girl is known for being a bit shy at first, and then really warming up to her person. She'll even let out little grunts of happiness to let you know she how much enjoys you petting her. Penny came to us with entropion eyes that required surgery, and bounced around around from several foster homes, looking for the perfect spot to call her own.

She finally found her way to a new foster home with Gazala, who very lovingly looked after all of Penny's medical and behavioral needs. In fact, she totally fell in love with Penny and finally realized she couldn't separate with this wonderful dog. Penny is thriving with Gazala's TLC and we're so happy you found one another.

Gizmo LhasaGizmo Lhasa

Nicole and her boyfriend live in the Bay area and thought Riley, their 10 year old Lhasa Apso, could benefit from a little walking buddy. They saw Gizmo on the website and wanted to learn more about him so they talked to his previous guardian, met him at the Bauer Center, and whisked him off to his new home in the city!

Nicole has a lovely fenced yard, but really loves to takes Riley to the local park every day. Her dog Riley is diabetic, so she prepares all kinds of tasty homemade treats like REAL chicken jerky, and homemade chicken/kale meatballs. Gizmo will now be the happy beneficiary of Nicole's culinary efforts! Thank you for offering Gizmo a loving home.


Fitz is an 8-year-old, 15-pound Corgi/Terrier mix. Before coming to POMDR Fitz was picked up as a stray and found himself in a shelter. The shelter staff just loved him and described him as a "calm, sweet older boy." The fact that he's so handsome is just an added bonus!

Teri and Andy have been supporters of POMDR since we were founded and were looking to add another dog to their family. They love senior dogs and even have a website, The Senior Dogs Project, that educates and inspires people to adopt senior pups! Fitz is an incredibly lucky boy and we know he will be so loved in their pack. Congratulations to all of you!

Lucky PoodleLucky Poodle

Lucky is a 10-pound, 8-year-old Poodle mix. In a crowd, he's the laid back little dude who gets along with just about everyone. When we first met him, he was badly in need of a haircut. He sat calmly for the groomer and came out looking like a brand new dog. Lucky was surrendered to POMDR when his guardians were no longer able to care for him.

Marge was looking for the perfect companion to spend her days with. She met Lucky and they quickly bonded, and he now spends plenty of time in her lap, happy to have a new best friend. His rough days are behind him and we are so happy that he got his second chance. Congratulations, Lucky!


Harrison, a 10-year-old, 12-pound Shih Tzu, came to POMDR after being picked up as a stray and ending up at a shelter in Stockton. Harrison's earlier years weren't too easy - he came to us missing an eye, had poor vision in his remaining eye and he was in pretty rough shape. He ended up needing to have his remaining eye removed, as it was at a risk of a painful rupture.

From his first day with us the Fitzpatrick's saw past Harrison's medical issues to the gold-hearted dog inside. They met him during their dog-walking volunteer duties and when they found out he needed a loving foster home that could help him adjust to being blind, they stepped right up. Luckily for them, Harrison never really got the message that being a blind dog was supposed to be a challenge! This boy is a total gem and you'd never know he couldn't see. He's adventurous, loving, quiet, patient and resilient. They fell in love and knew they could never give up this perfect little gentleman!

Harrison can now be found lounging on their couch, playing with their daughter Abbey and stealing the heart's of everyone he meets. A big "thank you" to Chris, Korina & Abbey for giving Harrison the best life he's ever had!

Old RedOld Red

Old Red, now known as Ellie, is a 10-year-old Pitbull mix who had some rough days before coming into our care. This beautiful girl had been hit by a car and suffered a dislocated hip before being picked up as a stray and arriving at the shelter. We knew this sweetie deserved a second chance at happiness, and we had her hip surgically repaired.

After rehabilitation in her foster home, she was up for adoption and soon enough, Briana saw her on the website. She was searching for a mellow, loving, friendly companion and Ellie fit the bill perfectly. Ellie can now be found cuddling wit her new best friend and enjoying every minute in her forever home. Congratulations, sweet girl. We are so grateful that you made it to where you belong.


Jonah, a sweet 6-year-old Poodle mix, came to POMDR a matted mess after being picked up as a stray. Jonah's life has really turned around since those days - he is now a graduate of the Unchained Program where he learned basic obedience skills and he's looking quite dapper nowadays! He's charming, friendly and adorable... everything you could want in a dog. All he needed to complete his happy story was a loving forever home!

Ann and Jeff recently lost a beloved POMDR alumni and felt it was time to rescue another pup. They saw Jonah on our website and thought he would be a fantastic addition to their family. Jonah is a favorite among the volunteers and everyone at POMDR could not be more excited that Jonah will live out his days living the good life in Santa Barbara! We wish you all the best.


Porky, now known as Winston, is a dapper 10-year-old Yorkie/Pomeranian mix. This sweet little fellow adores belly rubs, kisses and having a best friend. He's an easy keep who gets along with everybody!

Cleta recently lost her little Yorkie and considered adopting again, but wasn't sure the time was right. Her granddaughter Laurel had her own thoughts on the matter and began searching for a suitable companion for Cleta. Something about Winston stood out and they decided to learn more about this handsome little gentleman. Upon first meeting, his foster mom knew Cleta and Winston were a match made in heaven! Cleta and Winston are now living happily ever after in Santa Cruz, CA.


Peabody, a teensy and charming 4-pound, 15-year-old Chihuahua mix, came to POMDR from a shelter. This sweet old gent stole the hearts of everyone who met him along his journey... he's just too adorable and friendly not to love.

Maryann's daughter had spotted Peabody on the county shelter's website before he came to POMDR and thought he would be perfect for her Mom. Luckily enough, Peabody made his way to our organization and Maryann is one of POMDR's many foster mamas so when Peabody was looking for a foster home she happily volunteered! Maryann knew she wouldn't be able to give up this sweet boy after just a few days and we're excited to report that Peabody has found his forever home. Congrats on your new bundle of love, Maryann!

Lucy Sussex SpanielLucy Sussex Spaniel

Lucy, a beautiful 7-year-old Sussex Spaniel, came to POMDR when her senior guardian went into assisted living and couldn't take her along. In the beginning, Lucy struggled with meeting other dogs and overcoming her anxiety. She bounced from foster to foster before she met a loving foster mama who was committed to working on her issues. With a little help, she blossomed into the wonderful dog we always knew she could be.

Lucy is now a social butterfly and lovin' life with her new family, the Lee's. She adores her daily walks, playing fetch in the waves at the beach and visiting the dog park. She has come leaps and bounds and she's finally found her spot in the world! We're so happy she's found her forever family. Congratulations, Lucy!

Hannah ChihuahuaHannah Chihuahua

Hannah is a very special girl. This teensy-weensy 4-pound, 10-year-old Chihuahua came to POMDR after being surrendered to a shelter in the Silicon Valley. With her delicate knees and health issues, we knew we would need to find her a wonderful caregiver who saw past this and recognized she was four pounds of pure love.

We're ecstatic to report that Hannah has found a handbag to ride in and a nurturing mama to carry her around in it! Shauna knows Hannah is just perfect how she is and she is now Shauna's full-time sidekick. Hannah is very content tucked into her purse and the two are an adorable pair. Congrats to both of you!


Sheba, a beautiful 18-month-old Cattle Dog mix, came to POMDR when her senior guardian had to move into housing that was not pet-friendly. Sheba is an exceptionally clever girl who really blossomed in the care of her foster mama, who taught her trick after trick! She is loving, sweet and well-behaved - we knew she was destined to find someone who appreciates her awesome personality.

Gerald saw Sheba and thought she was a charmer, but the official decision was up to his six-year-old son. She got the stamp of approval from him too, and now she is their little hiking buddy! You can tell by the way she looks at Gerald that she knows she's found her person. Congratulations on adding this fantastic pup to your pack!


Bristol, a 12-week-old bundle of love, came to POMDR when her elderly guardian had a litter of puppies she could not care for. One of our volunteers kindly helped Bristol find her way into our care and, of course, we all fell head over heels for this sweet little Terrer mix. We knew she would not be "homeless" for long...

Zoe was just as smitten as we were with this itty-bitty baby. She will getting the attention, love and training she needs in her wonderful forever home! We are so glad she found her way to safety with her new mama, Zoe.


Tawna, a 10-year-old Labrador/Shar Pei mix, came to POMDR from the Hollister Animal Shelter where she was surrendered by her elderly guardian who was moving and could not take her dogs. Tawna has a super sweet temperament. She is a calm girl that tends to ignore over-energetic pups. When she wants to play, it's in her own mellow way. We wanted to find a soft spot for Tawna to land during her golden years.

Stephanie had been considering adding a senior pup to her pack for quite some time. When she met Tawna she knew she had found a great fit for her family. Tawna, now renamed Anna, never even made it on our website! Congratulations on finding your forever home, Anna!


Willy, a handsome gent formerly known as Wiley, came to POMDR when his guardians were moving out of the state and could not take him along. This 13-year-old Cattle Dog is still full of life and love and we knew he deserved a second chance at having a family who cares about him.

It was love at first sight for Sheila and Dan, so Willy's stint as an "adoptable dog" was very short. He is now being loved and is an indoor family dog for the first time in his life. We are so grateful his final years will be spent being cared for and pampered! Congratulations, Willy!


Lily is a super sweet 11-year-old Rat Terrier who was surrendered to a shelter when her senior guardian could no longer care for her and her sister. Lily adores attention and is one of the best little lap warmers around. She's basically six pounds of cuddles and love.

Judi took Lily in when she was in need of a foster home, with the intention of helping another cute dog on her journey to a forever family. Little did she know that this snuggly pup would steal her heart and they would be inseparable! We were so happy to hear Judi was going to keep Lily forever and then to see Lily happily being held by her new mama was frosting on the cake. Congratulations to both of you!


Shaggy is a pawsitively adorable 7-year-old Cockapoo. This handsome little dude came to POMDR after his senior guardian passed away and the family members who were caring for him decided they could no longer do so. He's a real charmer and makes friends with everybody - he's great with other dogs, cats and kids.

Nicole and her family had been looking for the perfect pup to fit into their pack, which includes a sweet little boy. They'd fostered a few dogs on their journey to finding "the one" so when they met Shaggy they knew he was it! He gets along great with their son and their other dog, Annie. We are so happy for all of you that you finally found Shaggy! We wish you all the very best.


Chevy, our cute 3-year-old Papillon, came to POMDR after one of our volunteers saw him listed as "free" on a buy/sell/trade website. His senior guardian could no longer care for him and didn't know what else to do. Luckily for Chevy, we took him into our program so he could find a loving forever home.

Linda saw Chevy's cute little mug on the website and wanted to meet him as soon as she could. When Chevy finally met the Linda and Eric, it was love at first sight! They have a small farm with a menagerie of animals. He will have lots of company and guardians who will give him plenty of attention. We're so happy Chevy found his family!


Disney is a charming Shih Tzu/Cocker Spaniel mix who came to POMDR after he was left in the night drop box at Hollister Animal Shelter. Despite this misfortune, Disney showed us all his sweet personality and his cute little face made him easy to fall in love with.

Sharon had been looking for a new best friend and Disney was her perfect match. He's the mellow, loving, hypoallergenic buddy she wanted and we know he will have a blast exploring her big yard and accompanying her on strolls around the neighborhood. We're so happy you two found one another! Enjoy your newfound friendship!


Coda, a beautiful 15-year-old Queensland Heeler/Aussie mix, came to POMDR when her guardian moved into a living situation where she could no longer keep her. A loving, smiley dog, Coda enjoys going for walks, cuddling with her people and the company of cats and chickens!

Ellen and Chuck were looking to add a canine companion to their family and Coda was the perfect little lady for them. Her peaceful demeanor and experience living with kitties and chicks allowed her to fit seamlessly into their pack. She is now living a happy life in Palo Alto with guardians who have plenty of time to give her the love she deserves. Congratulations on your wonderful new home, Coda!

Jack and LucyJack and Lucy

Jack and Lucy, two lovable Black Labradors, came to POMDR when their guardians moved into assisted living. They are typical happy-go-lucky Labs who love everybody they meet. They are best friends and we knew once we met them that they couldn't be separated - we would just have to find them the perfect forever home together!

Daniela, Samuel and their family are exactly what Jack and Lucy needed! They'll have lots of attention, room to run on their property and most importantly, lots of people to love! They are great family dogs and we know this big bunch will be so happy together.


Copper is an 8-year-old, 80-pound Labrador/Pitbull mix with the personality of a teddy bear. This big sweetie was surrendered to POMDR when his guardian could no longer care for him. He walks on the leash like a gentleman and thoroughly enjoys sniffing around the neighborhood. His moderate, mellow energy level makes him an easy dog to love!

Sharon and Mike are big fans of large breed dogs so when they saw this gentle giant they fell head over heels. After seeing how great he was with their kitties, they knew he was the perfect addition to the family.

When congratulating Mike on how happy we are that Copper found them he smiled and said, "You can't be happier than we are!" We know you will be dearly loved, Copper!


Mona is a loving, athletic 14-year-old Plott Hound mix. She came to POMDR after being surrendered to a shelter when her guardian passed away. You would never guess this girl's age if you watched her chase a tennis ball or saw how playful she can be! She just has a youthful soul. Mona was a volunteer favorite and a total sweetheart who was just waiting for the perfect forever home to come along.

Mona really lucked out and has been adopted by one of our loyal volunteers, Amy! Amy heard about our charming and loving hound dog and had to meet her for herself. She was a perfect fit for Amy's pack and we are so glad this sweet girl found where she belongs! Congratulations to all of you, we wish you the happiest life together!


Kobi is a 12-year-old Border Collie/Chow mix who came to POMDR when his guardian had to move to take care of her elderly parents and was not able to take him along. She got this sweet boy when he was a puppy and wanted to ensure that he found a good, loving home.

Fortunately for Kobi, Conrad and Beth came into the Bauer Center intent upon adopting our gentle giant and offering him a wonderful home in Carmel. They fell in love and he is now part of a great family that includes two other dog-siblings, a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. We know he will be so loved. Congratulations, Kobi!


Spike, a 10-year-old Havanese, came to us after his guardian passed away. We knew that with a charismatic, animated personality like Spike's, this pup was destined to make someone very happy. Spike's adorable appearance and silly antics always put a smile on our faces. He dearly loves stuffed toys, making new friends and going for walks.

Sandhya intended to foster Spike but ended up falling in love. Now Spike is her faithful sidekick and playmate. We're so glad this fun pup has found a loving forever home. We wish you both the very best!


Champ, a 7-year-old Pekingese, was surrendered to a shelter in San Jose when his guardian became ill and could no longer care for him. Lisa and Bill had been looking to adopt a Pekingese so when they heard about this handsome little guy they immediately offered to pick him up and give him a ride down to the Monterey Peninsula.

It was love at first sight for everyone involved and before Champ even made it within the county lines, he had found his forever home with Lisa and Bill! We are so grateful that Champ will live out his days being fully loved and in the company of a wonderful family. Atta boy, Champ!


Bernie, previously known as Daisuke, came to POMDR from a situation where his guardians were no longer able to care for him. This perfect little gentleman was lucky enough to be fostered by our Executive Director, Carie, and found himself hanging out at the POMDR Bauer Center on a daily basis. He charmed everyone with his adorable face, but was particularly wonderful in the eyes of our office volunteer, Alice!

Alice was looking for that special someone and Bernie was perfect for her. He can now be found keeping her lap warm as she sits behind our front desk, or out-and-about soaking up the sun in Carmel Valley. You two are the perfect pair and we are all so happy you have one another!


Delilah, a 4-year-old Lab mix, came to POMDR as an owner surrender when her guardian could no longer keep her due to housing challenges. She is a sweetheart who likes meeting new people and will show affection to just about anyone, including kids! She especially enjoys children, who bring out her playfulness and energy.

Ginger and her husband, Larry, saw Delilah on the website almost immediately after she was posted and knew they had to meet her. When they met her at the Bauer Center with their 4-year-old granddaughter it was love at first sight. Delilah was so excited to be with them - it was a perfect fit! She is now their buddy for strolls around the neighborhood and all of life's adventures. Delilah, we are so glad you landed in such a great forever home!


Eli came to POMDR from Santa Cruz Animal Services where he was surrendered after his guardian passed away. He is an absolute sweet boy who truly enjoys lounging around and keeping his humans company.

Denise first took Eli to foster him over a weekend, just to give him a break from being boarded at the vet clinic. Eli got along well with Denise's husband and other critters, so she decided to continue fostering him for a few weeks... Then she and her husband got more attached to Eli and really enjoyed his company so they decided to keep fostering him. The weeks passed and Eli worked his magic...they couldn't bear to let him go! Eli has found his forever family and we couldn't be happier for him.


Sage came to POMDR after his guardian passed away and no one in the family was able to care for a dog that was both deaf and blind. Because of his special needs, Sage spent a great deal of his life in a kennel. At his foster home, he became fascinated with walking around the back yard and relished in chances to explore his surroundings. Luckily for Sage, the Chow family saw right through Sage's limitations to the absolutely wonderful dog inside.

Sage is now part of a big pack that includes Mary, Ray, Maddie and six feline friends! He is an absolute sweetheart and proof that despite any limitations it is possible to love, be loved and live a happy life. Congratulations, sweet boy. May the rest of your days be full and filled with lots of sniffing!


Corky, a 15-year-old Corgi/Basenji mix, came to POMDR when his guardian went into assisted living. This older gent is laid-back, pleasant to be around and has loads of pep in his step for his age. He loves going for walks and sniffing around the neighborhood. He was in loving foster care with POMDR for three months before meeting the forever family of his dreams!

Ted and Regina think Corky is just perfect, even with his "old dog" hearing. This handsome fella will be their sidekick for strolls and hanging around the house. Corky is a great dog and we know the three of you will live happily ever after together. Congrats, Corky!

Charlie White TerrierCharlie White Terrier

Charlie is a 5-year-old, 10 pound Maltese/Terrier mix. This gentle guy came to POMDR from a family who could no longer give him the care he deserved.

Fortunately for Charlie, he has a charming, wonderful personality and was destined to have someone fall in love with him! His second chance came along when Susan and her family saw his photo and just knew he would fit perfectly into their pack.

Charlie is now part of a big happy family that includes lots of pups, kitties and kids for him to play with. Congratulations on your fresh start in life, Charlie! We wish you all the best.


Chewey came to POMDR when his guardian could not care for him anymore. Her son who supported the family passed away suddently and she didn't have the means to take care of Chewey's medical needs.

Chewey is a charming 5 pound, 12-year-old Pomeranian. Despite his reduced vision and difficulty hearing, his new adopter, Angela, absolutely fell in love with him - she is a self-proclaimed "sucker for special needs dogs."

Luckily, that makes Chewey the perfect little guy for her. His easy-going, lovable personality and sweet face brought Angela all the way from Los Angeles to finally meet Chewey. A long trip kept her from bringing home Chewey for several months, but her enthusiasm for this cute senior Pomeranian never waned.

Chewey's new family will include a deaf Beagle mix named Pippin and a Chihuhua mix named Lolli. Angela thinks Chewey is just perfect the way he is. We could not be more ecstatic that he's found such a wonderful home!


Frosty is a 10 pound, 8-year-old Miniature Poodle mix. He came to POMDR as a stray from Salinas Animal Services who had unfortunately been hit by a car. He recovered wonderfully from his physical wounds and never let his bad experiences get the best of him - his best quality is his ability to power snuggle with his person and give lots of love.

Frosty now has a new family to cuddle with! Becca and her son, Owen, have given Frosty the home he always dreamed of in El Segundo, CA. We are so grateful Frosty got a second chance to live the amazing life he deserves. Thank you, Becca! We are wishing you all the best.


Queen, a 45 pound, 13-year-old Cattle Dog/Greyhound mix, is a wonderful, friendly dog whose 94 year old guardian passed away. She was adopted and then her new guardian passed away as well, which is how she found herself with POMDR. Queen is a shy girl who has not had the best of luck, despite being a wonderfully sweet companion animal.

We are so happy to report that Queen's luck has changed and she has finally found her forever home. Lexe, Queen's new dog-mom, has fallen in love with this girl and she instantly became a part of their pack. Queenie is pictured here on one of her frequent walks with her new dog-siblings!

Thank you Lexe & family for offering Queen the perfect place to live out the rest of her years in total happiness.


Biggie is a 10 pound, 8-year-old Terrier mix that came to POMDR from Santa Cruz Animal Services where she was surrendered after her guardian passed away. During her time with us, this fun-loving gal graduated from UnChained, a program which matches at-risk youth with shelter dogs who can benefit from training to help make them more adoptable.

Biggie's wonderful personality and good looks have paid off! Her new Mom, Kathy, could not be more excited to have Biggie as part of the family. We are so happy for both of them. Biggie will spend the rest of her days livin' the good life in Carmel!


Gidget, a 12-year-old Cockapoo/Terrier Mix, came to POMDR after her guardian passed away. Gidget's foster mom once said, "I know this pup will be incredibly loyal and stick by the side of her person once that person is lucky enough to find little Gidget."

Julie was that lucky person! She has watched Gidget blossom into a happy, confident little lady. Gidget's favorite activities in her new forever home include cuddling with Julie's daughter, Anna, and lounging in one of her multiple dog beds. Gidget also has hopes of being approved as a canine nursing home visitor. She is loving her forever family!


Bart is a 10 pound, 8-year-old terrier mix that came to POMDR after his guardian passed away. Bart is described as being a "sweet, funny, loving and loyal" dog. He is also a graduate of the UnChained Program, which matches at-risk youth with shelter dogs to assist with their training and make them more adoptable meaning Bart already knows basic commands. Who doesn't want a wonderful dog like that?

Darilyn and James absolutely did and made this cute little guy a part of their family. He even has a matching dog-sibling! Congratulations on your second chance at a great life, Bart!


Goldie came to POMDR after being abandoned at the Salinas Animal Shelter - someone had tied her to their gate and left. The vet quickly realized that Goldie had a mass on her front leg that was painful and that her leg would need to be amputated. Goldie was down on her luck, but not anymore!

This beautiful little tripod didn't let her rough past hold back her sweet personality. Goldie is still a gentle, curious soul that loves the outdoors.

Marti fell in love with this little golden girl and has made her part of her family. A perfect spot for Goldie, since she loves kids and lots of attention!

Sugar CookieSugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie came to POMDR after living a life of neglect. She turned out to be a very sweet, playful dog. She was in foster care for 30 days before Nancy spotted her on our website.

Nancy had adopted from POMDR before, but the pup she adopted had passed away. She was ready to bring another special someone into her life, and Sugar Cookie was a perfect fit.

Sadie PomSadie Pom

Sadie, a 15 pound, 7-year-old black Pomeranian, came to POMDR after her guardian had passed away. A spunky little bundle of joy, Sadie is loved by anyone that meets her. She will even dance with you if the music is lively enough!

Luckily for Sadie, Jackie was just as enamored with her charming personality as the rest of us. She will spend the rest of her days jaunting around on her neighborhood walks and making new friends with dogs and humans alike.

Congratulations to Jackie and Sadie - may you have many years of dancing together!


Tucker, a 5-year-old, 13 pound Pug mix, is an affectionate little gentleman that greatly enjoys giving kisses and going for walks. Tucker found his forever home with Dennis and Angelynn, who will be the lucky recipients of his love and playful energy. He looks like one happy camper!

Tucker came to POMDR with his half-sister when one of their guardians passed away. Both of them were adopted after just a few months of being fostered.

We wish the very best to Dennis, Angelynn and Tucker!


Parky, a 12-year-old Border Collie mix, came to POMDR when his family could no longer care for him. This sweet, deaf old gentleman was then adopted out to a family who realized they didn't quite have enough time for Parky.

Fortunately, he got another chance at his forever home with Vickie and Kirk. Parky is settling in nicely to his new living arrangement and will live out the rest of his days going for walks and enjoying the company of his new family. He loves meeting new dogs, romping in the dog park and going for rides in the car.

Congratulations on your new home, Parky!


Cush came to POMDR after his guardian passed away suddenly in a tragic accident. He was in foster care for just over a month before the O'Rourke's saw his photo and came to meet him. They fell in love instantly and despite a potential health challenge and some minor behavior issues, they took him home and promised to give him his forever home.

After a few weeks with Cush, Joy called us on Mother's Day to let us know that Cush is smart, wonderful, and charming and that they adore him. We are so happy for Cush!


Archie, a senior Dachshund mix, came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He had a non-visual eye with an old injury that was causing him discomfort so his eye was removed.

Linda walked into the POMDR office looking for a companion for her gentle Great Dane and Archie happened to be at the office for the day. He came out to meet Linda and she took him home the same day after a home check.

Archie and his new big sister are great pals and have even learned how to play with each other despite the size difference.


Trixie, a 6 year old Boston Terrier mix, came to POMDR when her senior guardian went in for surgery and could no longer take care of her.

Trixie was only on our website for about a day before Gail spotted her and submitted an application. Gail arrive with her Boston Terrier mix who was a little bigger version of Trixie. The trio are getting along famously!


Tiki, a 10 year old Pomeranian, originally came from a shelter out of the area. She was fostered with another rescue group for almost two years. When the foster mom was moving out of the area, she asked if POMDR could bring Tiki into our program since we specialize in seniors, and she thought we could help her find the perfect home.

She was in foster care for six months and then Michael spotted her on our website. Tiki now has two devoted guardians to spend the rest of her life with.

Sammy and BuddySammy and Buddy

Sammy and Buddy were surrendered to Santa Cruz Animal Services when their guardian had to be hospitalized for cancer surgery. She tearfully gave them up and contacted POMDR to see if we could help.

We didn't have a foster home open for them, we were able to board them while looking for a foster home. They never made it into foster care though because Michelle and Kim spotted the brothers on facebook and offered to adopt them together.

Michelle wrote, "The boys are doing fantastic. They are learning new commands and doing a great job at obeying, very protective of their home & new people, love to load-up for truck rides, absolutely charge the yard area chasing my husband Kim as they have 2 plus acres to run and play."

"I am so happy with these boys and love them dearly. Have not been with us long .... but oh my goodness .... are they ever spoiled. I take these boys everywhere with me. On occasion I will stop for a quick lunch, when I am done, I then stop at a fast food spot and the boys get a plain meat patty, they like that treat."

"Kitties are now allowed to snuggle with both dogs, although Buddy has that look of "hey, don't you know you're a cat & why are you snuggling with me ... a dog?" It's cute. Buddy is my talker and Sammy is my barker. Sammy is learning to play tug with me and occasionally with Buddy, but still likes to stand back and bark at the fun."


Penelope, an 8 year old, came to POMDR after being found running down the middle of a busy road. She was microchipped, but her chip had never been registered, so no guardian could be contacted. After posts on Craigslist, found dog posters, and listing her with local shelters failed to find her guardian, she came to POMDR.

She had spent five days in foster care when the Goodhues came into the POMDR office to talk about adopting a dog. Penelope happened to be in the office and came out to meet them like long lost friends. Within 15 minutes she had won them over, and they were making a shopping list of collar, harness, id tag, and leash to purchase for her. Penelope will enjoy living in the lap of luxury with her new rescued siblings. She left the POMDR office with a pep in her step, a waggy tail, and a lifetime of adventure ahead of her.


Tugboat found her love connection on Valentine's Day 2-14-15. Tugboat came to POMDR after her family gave her up due to housing issues. She spent two months in foster care awaiting her special someone. That is when the Cacklers noticed her on our website and inquired about her. Their beloved Jack Russell had passed away the previous year, and they were ready to love again. They came to POMDR and met with Tugboat and her foster mom and went home one big happy family!


Marilee and Bob fostered Daisy several years ago, and she was adopted to a wonderful home. Sadly, her person passed away and Daisy came back to POMDR. Bob and Marilee offered to foster her again. After eight months in their care, they knew she was theirs. As it turns out, they became her forever family, and they couldn't be happier. She is thrilled too!


Comet arrived as a stray at Salinas Animal Services so badly matted that a stick had caught up in his fur connecting both his front legs together. Also, a foxtail had pierced his eardrum, leaving him with a permanent head tilt and some coordination issues. Well, his sad days are over. He was adopted by Sara and David and this is what Sara has to say about this gorgeous boy: "We are in love, and he thinks we are pretty cool too! He's adjusting beautifully and loves to snuggle. We have renamed him Joe Cocker, and he's already answering to Joey." Hooray for Joey!


Debbie had already adopted Benji from POMDR. Then she fostered Coco, who came to POMDR after being hit by a car and had multiple health challenges. After only a week, Debbie decided to adopt Coco as well. She went above and beyond to help her regain her health. Debbie recently said, "She is ours for over a year now and one of the best decisions of 2014!"


Fabio came to POMDR from Santa Cruz Animal Services after being surrendered with five other dogs. He was fostered by the McIntyre Family and enrolled in the Unchained Program to be trained by at risk youth. He graduated from the program twice! And is now just the best little trained Chihuahua mix ever. After four months in foster care, his foster family decided to adopt him. Yah for Fabulous Fabio!


Bandit came to POMDR from the Hollister Animal Shelter after being picked up running at large. His guardian was unable to provide Bandit with the care he needed so declined to pick him up from the shelter. He was in foster care for just 12 days before catching the eye of Maria. He now lives with Maria, 4 chickens, 3 parakeets, and 2 cats and is enjoying being a spoiled and loved dog.


Hershey, a 7-year-old Cocker Spaniel, came to us from the San Jose Animal Shelter after being picked up as a stray. He had suffered years of neglect and had infected, painful ears. He saw a dermatology specialist for several months to get heal his ears. Hershey is as sweet as a chocolate bar, and has lots of energy and was in need of some basic training. The Marki-Dunn Family fell in love with him and now he enjoys palling around with their son, taking long runs with mom, and working from home with dad. Hershey found the perfect home to compliment all of his needs and to appreciate all he has to offer.


Molly, an 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier came to POMDR in 2010 and then again in 2014. Both times due to guardians who could no longer care for her. She is a lovely dog. Very mild mannered, well-behaved and gentle with all other living creatures. Molly was in foster care for 7 months and we all wondered why she wasn't getting adopted. Then along came Linda. She and Moly hit it off right away and now Molly enjoys spending all her time with her retired guardian and going to visit her horses at the barn. Now we know Molly was just waiting for her perfect match!


Freckles, an 11-year-old Jack Russell mix, came to POMDR when her guardian could no longer care for her. She was in foster care for six months before being adopted by the Reid Family. She will have three generations for Reids to love her and she'll have two little ones to look after. Freckles is a very affectionate, loving dog so she is in doggy heaven with all the attention she now receives and with all the lovin' she gets to give.


Dina Eastwood and her family were in love with their young Pug, Coco. When they saw Chica, a 13 year old Pug advertised for adoption, they thought she would make a perfect companion for Coco, and they were excited about being able to give a home to a dog in their senior years. When Coco and Chica met, it was love at first sight. The two dog bonded, followed each other around, and loved going for walks together. Dina and her family are now in love with two Pugs and we are thrilled for Chica that she has found her forever home.


Bronson came to POMDR after his guardian passed away, and went home with Jodi to be fostered. It took him a little while to adjust to his new situation, but soon became very bonded to Jodi and her Collie. After three months in foster care Jodi made the lifetime commitment to Bronson and he became one of the family.


Haddie came to us from Salinas Animal Services. She is a little girl with a big attitude! She was at the POMDR office for the day, when one of our office volunteers, Carole, came in to do her shift. She fell in love with Haddie immediately and ended up taking her home and finalizing the adoption a few days later. Haddie has a new family and three new furry siblings. She is enjoying being part of a pack!

Bruno and ZuzuBruno and Zuzu

Bruno and Zuzu came to POMDR when their senior guardian had to move and could no longer care for them. They went into foster care with Darla and Rick and became fast friends with their dog, Chance. They had several offers from people who wanted to adopt Zuzu, the smaller, more outgoing dog of the pair, but they were determined to keep these siblings together. After five months in foster care, they decided that although it meant they couldn't foster anymore, they would make Bruno and Zuzu permanent members of the family. A very happy ending indeed!


Bella the Papillon came to POMDR after her guardian passed away. The day we took her in, she went to an adoption event and met the Favalora family. They were immediately smitten with her and her loving personality. She started her trial adoption that day and within a week the adoption was finalized. We are so happy for Bella!


Missy came to POMDR when her guardian could no longer care for her. Devan and Quinn met Missy at a POMDR adoption event in Carmel where they were volunteering with their current foster dog. Her sweet personality and love of affection stayed with them until after their foster was adopted and they were excited when they found out she needed a foster home. Missy was obese when they started fostering her, but during the two months they fostered her they were able to get her weight down and start basic training with her. When they got their first adoption application for her, they realized that they had become a family and they decided to adopt her! Missy has now lost 10 lbs and is the happiest, spunkiest 10-year-old girl they have every met! The three of them enjoy hikes at Fort Ord, family visits to Los Angeles, and frequent playtime!


Kennedy came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services. He quickly proved himself to be an exceptional dog with a stellar personality. The Johnson family traveled from San Luis Obispo to meet him and it was love at first sight. They also adopted a dog from Animal Friends Rescue Project. The two dogs got along well and were happy to go back down south to start their new lives.


Cookie came to POMDR when her guardian passed away. She was quickly adopted, and spent seven months in her new home. Then her new guardian fell ill and was unable to care for Cookie. Cookie spent another few months in foster care and then the Page family saw her photo and fell in love. They already had a male Cocker Spaniel named Barkley and once the dogs met, they new Cookie was the perfect fit for them. She is now enjoying long walks on the beach, a playmate and a new mom and dad.

Coco and NoahCoco and Noah

You'll notice Noah's happy story further down this page. He now has a new sister, Coco. Coco, a nine year old Pit Bull mix, came to us when her guardian could no longer care for her. The Sears has an affinity for Pit Bulls and offered to foster her. It wasn't an easy fit right off the bat. Coco needed to learn not to chase the kitty, which she did. And Noah had to learn that his new sister wasn't as big and strong as him, so he needed to play easy with her. And he did learn that. Coco bonded most strongly with their son who loves her with all his heart. When Coco was diagnosed with cancer, Mark and Lisa decided it was best for her to stay with them, and they adopted her. She is responding well to treatment, and we are all hopefully that she will have many more years ahead of her with a loving family.


Harriet came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services when the shelter was full. Being a senior dog, she was a perfect fit for our program. Before she was even done with her vet work, she had a lovely couple from Fremont interested in her. After she had her dental cleaning and other health checks, they came down to the Bauer Center, met Harriet, fell in love, and adopted her. Richard and Harriet had an instant connection and Harriet sat right down in his lap. When they left, Richard was carrying her in his arms and she just relaxed right into him. You would have thought they'd known each other for a long time. These folks have had other Chihuahuas and told loving stories about each of them, now they can tell everyone about Harriet. We are so happy for her!


Roggie came to POMDR after his guardian passed away. Roggie was up for adoption with another rescue group in Washington for three months, but at the age of 12, he kept getting overlooked by potential adopters. POMDR offered to take Roggie in, knowing that someone on the central coast would love a dog like him. Roggie found his perfect match in Marge from Carmel. Her quiet cozy cottage and peaceful yard just a few blocks from the beach will be the perfect place for Roggie to settle into his golden years.


Oakley came to POMDR when her guardian became homeless and could no longer care for her. She caught the eye of Alexandra from Santa Barbara. The night before Oakley was to go to Santa Barbara to live with Alexandra, she had an ultrasound and we found out she a large inoperable mass on her kidney. We were pretty sure the adoption would fall through, but we were ready to provide hospice care to her as long as she was not in pain. When we called Alexandra to let her know, she said she would still adopt Oakley and give her the happiest rest of her life that she could! Oakley couldn't have landed anywhere better. She will be very well loved and cared for and we hope that mass doesn't cause her any problems for a very long time.


Peaches, an 8 year old Boxer, came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services. She was emaciated and when we got her to our vet, we found out she had segments of rubberized material in her belly that was preventing her to absorb her nutrients. She had surgery to remove the foreign objects and started to gain weight. She is the sweetest dog. When we sent out an email looking for a foster home, one of our volunteers sent the email to her sister who had recently lost both of her beloved Boxers to disease. Allyson came to meet Peaches and while getting gentle kisses on her chin, Allyson knew this was her new baby. We wish a long happy life for Peaches and Allyson together.


Misha, now known as Tasmania, a tiny wire-haired terrier, came to POMDR after her guardian passed away and she was abandoned. The miraculous transformation this dog has had since being brought into POMDR's care and adopted by her wonderful family is truly inspirational and heart-warming.

Tasmania was terrified to be handled and fearful of humans when she first arrived. After the loving care of her foster families and the her adoptive mama's commitment to showing her love, she has BLOSSOMED into a sweet, happy, confident dog. She is "Canine Good Citizen" Certified and competes in agility... leaps and bounds from where she started. We are so proud.

Tasmania is the perfect example of what love and commitment can do for a dog. Thank you, Terry and Jolly Mon, for giving her such an incredible home and the opportunity to be so happy.


Austin, a senior Black Lab, came to us from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He is a big, goofy, lover boy. He was in foster care for three months and at 12 years old he was still as mischievous as a puppy! He finally caught the eye of the Rogers family, a retired couple, who wanted to give a home to a senior dog and wanted a companion for their dog. They took him home for a trail adoption and within a week they knew he had found his forever home. His new family said he settled right into their routine.

Lil BearLil Bear

Lil Bear was mistaken for an older dog at Monterey County Animals Services because there was something not quite right about him. He was very stiff and guarded when he walked and he was missing patches of fur. We took him into our care and everyone who met him would say "What is he?" He was a most unusual dog. He was obviously experiencing pain and couldn't jump or go up stairs. He was seen by a specialist, and we found out two things about Lil Bear. He had probably been hit by a car and had a broken pelvis. He also had pituitary dwarfism. Lil Bear, it turns out, was only about a year old, and was a dwarf German Shepherd who was full grown. Lil Bear is on thyroid medication that helped his coat grow in nicely. His foster mom fell in love with him and decided to adopt him.


Prince, a 4-year-old Black Lab, came to us from Monterey County Animal Services. He had been hit by a car and needed elbow surgery. He came through the surgery just fine, but we soon found out that Prince was prone to cluster seizures. We were able to get the seizures under control with medication that Prince will need to take for life. Prince was in our care for just over two months before John saw him on our website and offered to give this sweet special needs dog a loving home. John recently wrote to us and said:

Prince is a wonderful family member and one heck of a cardio dog. He must have gotten a look at the prescription from my cardiologist because he has more than doubled my workout times. We typically do an hour walk in the morning and three half hour walks during the afternoon/night. He also reminds me when to take my meds. He has some for his epilepsy and when it is time for both of us to take our meds he goes from next to my chair to the door to the kitchen. He also is getting my number of snacks down since he expects a treat when I eat and I don't want him to get fat.

He loves to hike in Fort Ord. He is magnificent looking and a real sweetheart.


Daisy, a 10-year-old poodle, came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. Daisy was Debbie and Ron's second POMDR adoption. They met Daisy at a POMDR fundraising event and took her home the same day. Daisy has some ongoing medical issues, but her new guardians still say she is a perfect dog. Daisy enjoys going to their office with them, playing with children, going for walks, and, in general, being the princess of the household.


Buff came to POMDR after her guardian passed away. She had been very well loved and cared for her whole life and is a happy-go-lucky well-adjusted dog. She transitioned easily into the various foster homes she was in. Michelle, from Napa, saw her photo on our website and wanted to care for a dog in their senior years. She came down to Pacific Grove to meet Buff and fell in love with her sweet disposition and gentle personality and off they went to start their new life together! Doesn't get much better than that!

Joe CockerJoe Cocker

Joe Cocker is a happy-go-lucky 12-year old Cocker Spaniel. He came to POMDR when he guardian was ill and could no longer care for him. At first we brought him into our Helping Paw Program with the hopes that her health would improve and Joe could be reunited with his guardian, but it was not to be. After several weeks in our care, his guardian tearfully called and let us know it was best to place Joe in a new home. Within a week of officially being surrendered to POMDR. Joe found his new forever home. Joe now lives with two other dogs and is happy to be part of a pack again.


Tinker, a 2 pound terrier, was left in a box at Monterey County Animal Services with a note that said, "Please help our puppy. He has parvo, and we can't take care of him." We were able to hospitalize him to help him through the parvo, a life threatening illness, and he came through it just fine. Tinker was in foster care for just a few weeks before Andrea met him and fell in love. Have you ever seen a happier new mama?


Spottie is a 3-year-old Rat Terrier. Her story was publicized on a news report on TV. She and her mom and littermate had been living in a van for a month. The guardian had had a stroke and friends were feeding and walking the dogs. It was the middle of summer, and days were hot and the dogs had little ventilation in the van. After the news story aired, Santa Cruz Animal Services brought the dogs into protective custody and right away POMDR offered to help. When it was determined that the guardian was not going to be recovering and ableto take his dogs back, POMDR brought Spottie into our care. Within a few days Susan saw Spottie on our website and had been looking for a friend for her newly adopted terrier mix. When the two met, they hit it off immediately and played and played.

We discovered that Spottie has hip dysplasia and will need surgery. Her new family are ready and willing to see her through surgery and have even offered to pay for it. Spottie is in good hands and well loved. We are so happy for her.


Rousseau is a 6-year-old Havanese. He lived a very loved and pampered life with his original guardian and was very bonded to her. When her health began to decline, she realized she could no longer care for him and surrendered him to POMDR. He was only in our care for four days before Karen saw him on our website. She had been looking for a Havanese to adopt for months and months and was delighted when she saw his little face. He has two new brothers, enjoys going to the beach for play dates, and has adjusted well to his new pampered life.


The Manning Family had been looking for a dog for several months. The were signed up as a foster home with the intention of hopefully keeping their foster dog. We sent them to the shelter to meet a particular dog that sounded like who they were looking for. The shelter worker accidentally brought out the wrong dog - a male, white terrier named Marley. They visited with him for a few moments, but said they were there to meet the female, red terrier mix. The workder took Marley away and brought out the female dog, who was sweet, but they didn't feel the same connection that they did with Marley. They asked to see Marley again and decided he was the dog for them to foster. Sometimes fate intervenes so matches can be made! Marley was terribly matted and dirty and had kennel cough and needed to have his teeth cleaned. He was a mess! But nothing that couldn't be dealt with. When they got him home they discovered he was a perfect gentleman. He was great with other dogs in the neighborhood, mild mannered and well behaved. It didn't take long for them to decide to adopt him into their family for good!


Sheba came to POMDR after her guardian passed away. She is a shy dog and needed a quiet, patient home to blossom in. The Downers were looking for a dog to share their lives with and fell in love with Sheba's soulful eyes and wanted to help her feel loved and secure. It was a win-win and a perfect match! Thank you for opening your hearts and home to a special dog who needed a little extra TLC to gain her confidence.


Angel came to POMDR when her senior guardian was having health issues and could no longer care for her. Shortly after coming to POMDR she started having seizures. With medication we got the seizures under control. Angel was in foster care for two months before the Susan and Tom saw her on our website. They were eager to give her a loving home, special needs and all. She is thriving in her new home.


Birdie was found as a stray and got her name because she had bird feathers imbedded in her fur. We aren't sure how that happened. Perhaps she had been kept in a bird coop? What we did know was this was one special dog. She was easygoing, friendly with cats, dog, people, house trained, quiet, calm. Whoever adopted Birdie would be getting a wonderful companion. This senior Chihuahua mix was in our care for almost a year before getting adopted. We were befuddled about why it took so long for her to find her match, but it was all worth the wait. Birdie was adopted by a veterinarian's wife and will be well cared for for the rest of her life.


Betty is a 7 year old Coton de Tulear. Her senior guardian was ill and could no longer care for her. A friend of hers, Sarah, is a supporter of POMDR and offered to foster Betty if POMDR could bring her into our program which we happily did. After several weeks in foster care, Sarah and her husband decided that Betty would remain with them as a party of their family. Betty has a home again, and she is a happy girl!


Scooter came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He had been there several months and was a staff and volunteer favorite. By the time he came to us, he was pretty stressed from being kenneled so long. We knew he wasn't excellent with all dogs, but he was a real lover with people. After less than a month in foster care, he found the perfect match with Natalie who was looking for a dog to have a one on one relationship with and to bring to work with her. Natalie and Scooter are very happy together!

Solomon happy tail Solomon

Solomon, a 10 year old Poodle mix, was surrendered to a shelter when his family could no longer care for him. He was very stressed at the shelter and they asked POMDR if we could bring him into our program. He was placed in a foster home with a couple of look-a-likes and his foster parents soon decided to make him a permanent part of the pack. Which one is Solomon? It is anybody's guess. What we do know is he is one happy pooch!

Cherry happy tail Cherry

Cherry came to POMDR from Sochi, Russia. Although POMDR focuses on taking in dogs from our tri-county area, from time to time in urgent national or international situations we try to help when we can. When we learned about the plight of dogs in Sochi and heard Cherry's story, we knew we wanted to help give at least one Sochi dog a chance at a better life. Cherry had been trapped and was slated to be killed, but one of the shelter volunteers sprung her from the trap and took her to a shelter that had been set up in someone's home. With the help of our supporters, we were able to raise the funds needed to fly her to the United States. After two months in foster care, Cherry was adopted! Her new parents are Tera and Nick. Nick is from Saint Petersburg, Russia and was excited to help out a dog from his home country. Cherry is becoming very playful and gets along well with their kitty. They said she is very well behaved and affectionate and she is a perfect fit for their family.

Moxie happy tail Moxie

Moxie aka Gidget Joy, a four month old mini Aussie, was rescued from the beach after being traumatized repeatedly by her guardians who were throwing her into the rough ocean waves to get her to stop barking. She was shivering and trembling from the cold and fear. When questioned about why they were treating their puppy so poorly, they surrendered her. Lucky for Gidget, she now has kind, caring guardians who are thrilled to have her as a member of the family. She loves to go to the beach twice a day for long walks. Her former beach trauma did not make a lasting mark on her so she can still enjoy the beach!

Luigi happy tail Luigi

Luigi's guardian could no longer care for him. She placed an ad on Craig's List looking for help, and Tish, a good samaritan, took him in with the intention of finding him a good home. Tish contacted POMDR to see if we could help find Luigi a home. We signed Tish up as a POMDR volunteer and helped get Luigi the medical care he needed. He was on our website for about two days before Dan saw him and called about adopting him to be a pal for his senior Dachshund, Wally. The two became fast friends and now the trio are a happy family!

Alfie happy tail Alfie

Alfie came to us from Salinas Animal Services in a very neglected state. He was covered with dreadlocks and the hair was so overgrown on his face, he could barely see. From the beginning, we could tell he was an exceptionally sweet dog with people and other dogs, but he had no training or house manners. He was placed in a POMDR foster home with someone who spent an intense several weeks training him. He was a different dog! And a very smart dog.

Joel and his wife, Ute, had met Alfie at a POMDR adoption event. He was almost a twin to their dog, Jack. A few months later, Jack's petsitter also happened to be fostering Alfie, and when they came home from a trip, they went to pick up Jack and decided to take Alfie home too! Alfie is so happy to have a canine brother and a family to call his own!

Simba happy tail Simba aka Burt

Simba aka Burt came to POMDR after living at a sanctuary for several years. When the 90 year old founder of the sanctuary passed away, the board of directors closed it down and asked POMDR to take four of the senior dogs that had been there a while. Carol fostered Simba for 7 months and then decided to make him a permanent part of her family. He goes to the dog park every day and is very attached to Carol and her niece. He is happy that he is home!

Yeti happy tail Yeti

Tony and Ginger saw Yeti's sad photo on the internet. He had lots of medical issues and was in a shelter in Los Angeles. They fell in love with his funny, sweet face and asked POMDR if we could help. They offered to cover all his medical expenses and foster hime if we could bring him into our program. With the help of Chow Rescue in Los Angeles, Yeti was pulled from the shelter the next day and transported to Monterey. Tony and Ginger fostered him for about a day before they knew they would be adopting him.

Yeti, got the eye surgery he needed and with some TLC he was soon looking much better than when they first met him. We recently received an update on Yeti. "Yeti is doing awesome! He is a complete sweetie pie. Very, very gentle. He has taken over the couch and he LOVES going for car rides and hanging his head out the window. He is quiet and gentle. He LOVES scrambled eggs and hanging out with me in my office, or with Tony while Tony is sleeping during the day, after working a night shift. His skin is coming along...still has the horrible fungus, but it is slowly doing better. He was groomed last week and looks very, very handsome!" Many blessing to Ginger and Tony for taking in this diamond in the "ruff."

Duke happy tail Duke

Duke came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services after coming in as a stray. This easy going, friendly little guy stole the hearts of everyone who met him. Breana had been looking for a Pekinese to add to her family for several months and Duke caught her eye. She took him home for a trial adoption and it was a match! Duke now has his forever home and a new Border Collie sister.

Nina happy tail Nina

Nina found a home! Here is her story, written by her foster dad:

Cute little dog. Fairly spunky for an old girl. We’ll find her a home. How hard could that be? Or so we thought way back in September 2013. This week (May 2014) we found a home for Nina, our first senior foster dog. More likely, as in the case with these dogs, the home found her. It’s been a long road.

Nina came to us when good friends of ours moved their mom in with them (out of state). We fostered, and POMDR took her under their wing and into their system.

We quickly discovered that Nina had some health issues. More trips to the vet than I can remember resulted in attempts to fix the problem with rounds of antibiotics, follow-up exams, and months where we resigned ourselves to the idea that “Well, Nina’s not really adoptable. I guess we have four dogs now.”

Eventually, the problem was found. Big problem, in a ping pong-ball-sized tumor in her colon. Surgery, follow-exams, and months later, Nina’s now cavorting around a HUGE backyard in her new Oakland home.. She’s a happy girl. And a lucky one.

Nina was a project, which means she had lots of help. BIG THANKS to VCA Hospital in Santa Cruz, for Nina’s initial care, Dr. Merrianne Burtch at Pacific Veterinary Specialists in Capitola, Nina’s new guardian in Oakland, and of course Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Pacific Grove (an AMAZING organization) for providing all the resources (and funds) to get Nina healthy and on her way.

Note: Whenever we finally place a project dog like this, my wife and I always say, “we’ll take a break from fostering for awhile”. I also know that we’re kidding ourselves. These dogs find us. I think there’s a post on a bulletin board somewhere.

Duffy happy tail Duffy

Duffy is a big goofy 7 years young puppy of a Boxer. He was surrendered to the shelter because he had a large mass on the top of his head. POMDR was able to take him into our program and get him the medical treatment that he needed. Fortunately, the mass was just a large cysts and it was easily removed. Duffy spent close to 3 months in foster care and boarding and won the hearts of all how met him. His lucky day came when the Litt Family spotted him at an adoption event in Carmel and fell in love with him. They took him home to meet their two dogs and they all hit it off well. Duffy is happy to have his forever family!

Parky happy tail Parky

Parky was with a family for 10 years and then was surrendered to the SPCA for Monterey County. He was adopted and spent a year with a loving family. Then they had to move and could not take him with them. They came to POMDR for help, and luckily he very quickly found a new home with the Binder family. He is very happy with his new dog sister too!

Gigi happy tail Gigi

Beautiful Gigi was surrendered to Santa Cruz Animal Services in January 2013 and after two months, the staff called Peace of Mind to see if we could help. Gigi had been happy and outgoing but the stress of staying in the shelter for so long was beginning to take its toll, and Gigi was becoming withdrawn. Enter foster mom Sherry, who brought her into her loving home and Gigi was soon back to her full of fun tail-wagging self. But despite her wonderful temperament and impeccable manners, Gigi continued to wait for her forever home. You see, Gigi is a TLC: Tan Little Chihuahua. The sad reality is that there is a severe Chihuahua overpopulation problem in California, and many of these little dogs are tan, or brown. Because there are so many, they are often overlooked. Everyone who knew Gigi knew better, though. She was gentle, affectionate and playful. It took 14 months, but Gigi did find her dream home. She was adopted by Josh, who discovered her on our adoption page and saw how wonderful, and unique, she is. ¡Hurra por los TLC's!

Princesa happy tail Princesa

Princesa had been with Peace of Mind Dog Rescue for a few years before she was spotted by Deb Bayley from Arizona. Deb attended Doris Day's Birthday Celebration in Carmel knowing she would be going home with a new family member, and after meeting all the dogs at the event, Princesa was the lucky pup. This ten year old tan Chihuahua with no teeth stole her heart. Princesa's full name is now Princesa Doris. Deb says, "We had a smooth flight home and Princesa did great. When we got home, she met her new siblings, picked her spot under the covers and snored with the best of 'em. She is a real charming girl..Daddy's really smitten too. We are so very happy to have given her a shot at happiness."

Furby happy tail Furby

Handsome Furby became homeless when his former guardian could not care for him anymore. At eight years of age and with several health issues including seizures and a heart murmur, Furby's future was uncertain until his veterinarian called Peace of Mind Dog Rescue to see if we could help Furby find someone new to care for and love him. Of course we said yes, then found him a loving foster home and started him on medication to prevent the seizures. After four months, Furby found the home of his dreams. Esther saw him on our web site and thought he might be the dog for her.

Later, when she went into a local feed store and saw his adoption flier at the register she knew that she was destined to adopt him. The two met and as they say, the rest is history. Furby moved into his new home with Esther, Karyl and several kitties. Esther tells us, " I have to say once again that I am so happy to have found him. It still feels amazing that after clicking on the Peace of Mind website and reading all about this little guy time after time, then seeing his story and photo on the wall at our feed store -- well, it was meant to be, that's all there is to it! He and I walk in the park frequently, and also go to the feed store so everyone there can see him. We have his bed from his foster Mom's house -- he loves it and his little stuffed cowboy toy that came with him. It's such a treat to see him run and get that toy and proceed to shake and play with it." From homeless to treasured family member. It's what our Happy Tails are all about!

Roxy happy tail Roxy

Roxy is a smooth coasted Fox Terrier. She lived a very pampered life until her guardian passed away. When she came to POMDR, she quickly had a list of interested adopters. The lucky family who added Roxy to their life were the Webers. They had adopted Archie, the 12-year-old Cairn Terrier (formerly known as Toto) almost a year previously. The two dogs hit it off like old pals and have enriched each others lives and the lives of the Webers.

Samantha happy tail Samantha

Samantha came to us when her seriously ill guardian could no longer care for her. The day she went on our website she already had a line of people interested in meeting her for adoption. She was adopted by long time POMDR volunteer, Janet who hadn't had a dog in a few years and was ready for a constant companion. They two of them are inseparable and enjoying life as a pack of two.

Gus happy tail Gus

Gus, a 1 year old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, came to POMDR after his guardian broke both her ankles and faced a long recovery and could no longer care for him. Carolyn met him and fell in love with his happy personality. He has brought great joy into her life!

Humphrey happy tail Humphrey

Humphrey was found on the streets in Santa Cruz by Mary. She took him to the shelter hoping he would be reunited with his family. She couldn't stop thinking about him, but by the time she called the shelter to see if he had been returned to his family, he had already come to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. She contacted us, but we had an adopter lined up for him. She was happy to know he was in good hands, but disappointed because she had already fallen in love with him. As fate would have it, the potential adoption fell through and we called Mary to let her know he was available. She jumped at the chance to adopt him and now they're living happily ever after!

Ella happy tail Ella

Ella, a 6 year old yellow Lab mix, came to us when her guardians could no longer care for her. She is an awesome dog. Excellent with people, dogs of all sizes, and kitties. She was only with us a few weeks before the Fergusen Family spotted her on our website. The are so happy to have her as part of their family. And she is pretty happy too!

Cookie happy tail Cookie

Cookie, a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel, came to us after her guardian passed away. He had been ill for many months and neighbors chipped in to walk Cookie until his passing. Mary from Carmel Valley was waiting to adopt Cookie as soon as she needed a new home. She has adjusted well to her new life and she and Mary are very happy together.

Talulah happy tail Talulah

Talulah's family was heartbroken when they could no longer care for her and had to surrender her to POMDR. They had had her since she was a puppy. Talulah was only in foster care s a few weeks and at 11 years old, she still received several applications for adoption. With her perfectly congenial personality, she had many fans. The Ellis family, life long Boxer loves, fell in love with her as soon as they met her. They were thrilled to be the family chosen to adopt her. Here's to many more wonderful years for Talulah.

Noah happy tail Noah

Noah was at Monterey County Animal Services awaiting rescue when the Sears family contacted POMDR. They are a very compassionate family, and they said they wanted to rescue a senior Chihuahua or a senior Pit Bull. Music to our ears! We don't get a request like that every day. One of our volunteers arranged for them to meet Noah, an 8 year old Pitbull, who couldn't be put up for adoption at the shelter because he was limping.

Mark and Lisa offered to foster him and take him for his first vet visit. We found out Noah had a ruptured cruciate ligament and would need orthopedic surgery and 4 weeks of crate rest. After just a week of fostering this sweet boy, they made the decision to adopt him and see him through his surgery. And now, Babette, their POMDR Corgi mix has a big brother!

Micey happy tail Micey

Micey, a six year old Collie mix, came to POMDR from Taiwan when a Taiwanese rescue group reached out to us to give he a better life than they could provide. Micey was rescued from the streets of Taiwan. She had two bulging eyes due to glaucoma and had to have both eyes removed. Being blind, the group in Taiwan didn't think they'd be able to find an adopter for her. Micey was transported to the United States and went into a POMDR foster home. She was in foster care for a year before the Rowlette family spotted her on our website.

After meeting Micey they knew she was the perfect dog for their family and would be great with their young son. We are all so happy that Micey is finally home!

Leila happy tail Leila

Leila came to POMDR when her guardian could no longer care for her. She spent several months in foster care until Kathy Prew met her at a POMDR event. It was love at first sight, but we weren't sure how Leila would do with Kathy's 17-year-old cat. It turned out, Leila had lived with a kitty before and has perfect manners when co-habitating with a feline. That sealed the deal!

Leila is now a beloved member of the Prew family. She is already enjoying time at the beach, the local dog park, and hiking with her family.

Earnhardt happy tail Earnhardt

Earnhardt (now called Ernie), a 10 year old Border Collie, came to POMDR after his guardian passed away. Ernie was a little unsure of himself at first, but quickly fit right into his foster home. Just a few months after Gordon Smith saw him on our website. He was the spiting image of his dog, Toby, who had passed away. Tentatively, he asked to meet Ernie and then to do a trial adoption. After a week of hiking and bonding and getting to know each other, Gordon knew they were meant to be together. They both have found a new lease on life as companions. Here's to many adventures together!

Teddy happy tail Teddy

Teddy, a 5 year old long hair Dachshund, quickly became a staff favorite when he arrived at Monterey County Animal Services. Teddy is the perfect name for him because he is just like a little cuddly Teddy Bear. He couldn't go up for adoption at the shelter because his teeth and gums were in terrible shape, so they asked POMDR to take him under our wing. POMDR volunteer, Turi, jumped at the chance to foster him and within a few weeks she and her family and his foster doggie brothers and sister were all in love with him and made him a permanent part of the family.

Josh happy tail Josh

Josh, a 12 year old Maltese, came to POMDR after his guardian passed away. His whole world turned upside down, but he wasn't homeless for long. Mike saw Josh's photo on the website and was eager to meet him. Finalizing the adoption came shortly thereafter and now the two are inseparable. Thank you Mike for giving Josh his forever home in his senior years.

Betsy happy tail Betsy

Betsy, a one year old Havanese, was dumped in an orchard in Bakersfield. The owner of the orchard, put out food for her and eventually trapped her. She was a scared little girl, but soon learned to trust humans and loved the company of other dogs. Joanne needed a friend for her Havanese, Buttons, and it was a match made in heaven. The two little dogs began playing together the moment they met, and Betsy had a new home!

Hannah happy tail Hannah

Hannah, a 13 year old Fox Terrier, came to POMDR when her guardian passed away. She was in foster care for six months before Fox Terrier enthusiasts, the Altmeyers, found out about her. They welcomed her into their family and this one time single-child is learning about the joys and etiquette of living in a pack. Hannah couldn't have found a softer place to land in her golden years!

Lita happy tail Lita

Lita is a gorgeous 8 year old Miniature Pinscher/Pug mix. She was found as a stray and spent several weeks at Santa Cruz County Animal Services where she became depressed. Lita was spotted by one of our volunteers and subsequently came into our program and placed in a foster home. Lita bonded very quickly to her foster mom but was very timid around other people, but with plenty of love and attention from her foster mom Lita blossomed as she gradually regained her confidence. She is very affectionate and has a lovely sweet puppy like nature, which is just what her new adoptive mom, Polly, was looking for in a new companion. Polly already shared her home with a Pug named Dizzy, and she was looking to expand her canine family. She met Lita, fell in love and now Polly has two dogs to love and Dizzy has a canine friend.

Max happy tail Max

Max, an 8-year-old Mastiff, lost his family when they had to move to Germany due to military orders. They were heartbroken, but were afraid that at his age and with his flat muzzle, he might have trouble surviving the long plane trip. Max was adopted by Kelly who was thrilled to make him part of her family. Max has a new dog brother who is his best bud and also lives with three kitties who are good friends of his as well. We are so glad Max fit into his new family so well. And his previous family and new guardian are staying in touch via email.

Maci happy tail Maci

Maci, a 3-year-old Jack Terrier mix, was spotted by one of our volunteers at the Homeless Pet Day Celebration at From the Heart Dog Training. Our volunteer took Maci home to foster her and was considering adopting her as a playmate for one of her dogs. It turned out Maci was pretty mellow and not too interested in playing so she decided Maci might be a better fit for another loving family.

The Luna family had also seen Maci at the same event but wanted to think things over before adopting her. A few days after the event, they contacted us to inquire about Maci. They visited with her again and had their dog meet her. The two pups started playing within 15 minutes! They decided she would be the perfect addition to their family. And little Maci is homeless no more!

Benji happy tail Benji

Benji, an 8 year old terrier mix, came to us from Salinas Animal Services. The shelter vet detected a mitral valve insufficiency and noted that he needed a dental cleaning and had sparse fur due to flea allergies. He was in need of rescue. POMDR was able to take Benji in and he was fostered by Debbi. It didn't take her long to fall in love with Benji and decide that he was hers to keep.

Debbie said, " After our Lucy died the first of April, our house truly felt as if a major part of the house was missing, the most important part of the house that keeps you warm and secure. We truly had no intention of keeping Benji as we were leaving on a 3 week vacation but within days, while Ilyse was at work, I texted her saying 'I think I love him.' While I am not sure how one deep in grief over the loss of their 13 year old family member could fall in love so quickly, but we did. Benji is the perfect senior dog for us and nothing like Lucy. He's such a cuddler and incredibly loving and the antithesis of our schnauzer who wanted to be in the same room as us but just not near us. He a great walker, speedy runner and loves his kibble! Just like people, it's hard to judge a senior dog by its cover ... While we still grieve the 13 years with Lucy, our Benji has put the roof back on our house and brought us great joy. He will be the most spoiled dog for the rest of his days with us. Our dog sitter has even been stopping by on a variety of pretenses because he misses our Ben!"

Maury happy tail Maury aka Roger

Maury came to us from the Salinas Animal Shelter and was with us until the day he caught the eye of Patty and George. Here is Maury's story, in Patty's words.

"One day as I was sitting at the Cliff Cafe waiting for my husband George to arrive, I glanced through the weekly Good Times paper and saw a POMDR ad and the photo of a sweet dog named Maury. Seeing him struck a chord of "Oh my, we want him!" We debated about adopting another dog -- we already had three and there were expenses to consider, but we looked at the photo again and decided we had to have him. He was the guy for us! I called POMDR the next day, and Maury (whom we now call Roger) was still available. We met his foster mom, Christine. We assured her that he would be well-cared for and loved. At first he was shy and didn't want to climb our stairs, but quickly got over that fear and started using the dog door. Burrowing under the covers was never an issue ...
George is the dog walker and photographer in the family. No one in the neighborhood was surprised when they saw him with four dogs not three. The five walk everyday through the neighborhood like they've been doing it for years.

Having had several dogs (sadly deceased because of age or illness) we knew we made a good decision in adopting Roger. We knew we'd be six happy campers. And it's true -- as of July 30th Roger has been with us for six weeks. He knows he's home AND he is!"

Roger (back right) is pictured with his sisters Jasmine, Daisy and Sugar.

Miss Spot happy tail Miss Spot

Miss Spot, the 14 year old Cattle Dog, came from a neglectful situation. As she got older her guardian had less time for her and less use for her. She planned to have her put down, but a concerned co-worker encouraged her to surrender to POMDR so she could be loved in her golden years. She fit in well with her foster family and then along came the Donigians who have a soft spot for senior dogs and for cattle dogs. They met Miss Spot and pretty quickly new she would be a perfect addition to their pack.

Spottie happy tail Spottie

Spottie came to POMDR when his guardian was faced with eviction if she didn't find a new home for him. She struggled with the decisions and tearfully realized that she just could not care for Spottie and he was better off in a new home. The Jones family saw an ad for Spottie and he looked a lot like a dog they had loved who had passed away. He tugged at their heartstrings. They arranged a meeting and he fit right into their family with two dogs and two cats. Spottie is home again!

Leimanu happy tail Leimanu

Leimanu's world was turned upside down when her elderly guardian went into a nursing home. A relative took care of her as long as she could, but lived in Montana and knew her home and lifestyle wouldn't be safe for Leimanu. The Benway family noticed Leimanu on the POMDR website and were so smitten with her that the drive for 7 hours to come meet her. She got along well with their dog, Henry, and they decided to adopt her. Leimanu is happy to be part of a family again.

Gavin happy tail Gavin

Gavin was 7 years old when he was surrendered to San Jose Animal Services by his family. Gavin had a severe urinary tract infection that required surgery when he came into our care. With veterinary care and a team of supporters Gavin regained most of his bladder function but continues to be a special needs dog.
Gavin was in foster care for 6 months because most potential adopters where put off by what they saw as the challenge of his special needs. Then Kathryn and Beverly saw his photo on our website and fell in love with him. Kathryn and Beverly are fabulous dog parents.
Gav loves cruising in ‘his’ truck and travels with Kathryn to markets all over the Bay area where Kathryn works as a vendor selling jewelry. Gav also loves his walks and ‘his’ yard which is literally named after him. We couldn’t have found a more loving and suitable home for Gavin.

Bart happy tail Bart

Bart came to POMDR after being picked up running at large repeatedly by Salinas Animal Control. This last time, his guardians decided to surrender him to the shelter instead of pay his fines. The Grabers were looking for a spaniel type dog to add to their family and Bart caught their eye and the met him, loved him and adopted him. Congrats Bart. You are home!

Victor Jake happy tail Victor and Jake

Victor and Jake came to POMDR after their 64-yar-old guardian passed away suddenly on a road trip to their new home in Missouri. Their guardian's friends and family pulled together to fly Victor and Jake back to Pacific Grove so POMDR could help find them a new home. Within a few days of going on our website, the had a wonderful couple interested in adopting both of them. They hadn't even arrived back in PG yet.

After just 2 nights in foster care with a friend of a friend of their deceased guardian they met Ann and Bob at their new home in Watsonville. After several traumatic weeks, the boys are settling in nicely to their new life and Bob and Ann are very pleased with their new family members. We wish them all many beautiful years together.

Preston happy tail Preston

Preston, an 18-month old Jack Russel Terrier, came to POMDR when his ill guardian could no longer care for him. Clay and Jim spotted Preston on the POMDR website and were smitten with him immediately. He fits in perfectly with their other rescued family members - Piper, Micky, MInnie and Tubby and his name is now Presto. Clay says, "We are most fortunate to have this wonderful family."

Smokey happy tail Smokey

Smokey, the 9 year old Yorkie, was found as a stray and taken to Monterey County Animal Services. He had a terrible cough which we latter found out was a condition called collapsing trachea. He was treated for the condition, had a cyst removed from his back, and had his teeth cleaned. He was barely done with all his vet care before we received an adoption application for him. It turns out the applicant was a perfect match for Smokey and now he and Julia are inseparable.

Roscoe happy tail Roscoe

Roscoe, the 5 year old Cocker Spaniel came to us when his guardians could not afford the expensive ear canal removal surgery he desperately needed. We talked about helping with the surgery and keeping him with his guardians, but with a baby on the way, they felt they wouldn't be in the position to cover any future financial obligations for him and made the heartbreaking decision to give him up. Roscoe was in the hospital for three weeks. His surgery went well and fully healed up.

The Coffey family saw his photo at our adoption booth at the Good Old Days in Pacific Grove and then went to the vet clinic to meet him. They were from out of town, so we arranged for one of our volunteers to make the drive to Madera for a home check which went well, and the next week they came to pick up Roscoe. He now has a new family and is happy to be the center of attention.

Ginger happy tail Ginger

Ginger came to POMDR when her elderly guardian could no longer care for her. She had a history of seizures and spent 165 days in foster care before getting adopted. She did experience a few seizures while in our care, but for the most part, they were prevented with medication. Ginger's adopter, Marilyn, came all the way from Sacramento to meet her. She had experience with an epileptic dog and felt she was the perfect person to give Ginger her forever home. And we agree! Ginger is very happy to have a home at last.

Fox Lucy happy tail Fox and Lucy

Fox and Lucy were 13 years old when they came into our care. Their story was one of heart breaking neglect. Prior to their rescue they had been living in a dilapidated shed with a small fenced in area for almost 6 years where they had very little attention or social interaction.

How did they end up in the shed you may well ask? Well, that is a question we still struggle to understand. All we know is that, after their guardian passed away, they were relegated to the shed. We found out about them when their guardian’s wife also died and the person inheriting the property didn’t want them so a Realtor was asked to deal with the situation. Thankfully someone passed on our details to the Realtor.

As a result of the years of neglect both Fox and Lucy required significant Veterinary care and thanks to our generous supporters we were able to provide them both with the care they needed to be healthy and get ready for adoption.

We were able to keep Lucy and Fox together as two of our volunteers fostered them over a 6 month period. We networked extensively to try and find them a loving home, where they could live out their golden years, without success. Then along came Kathryn and Bruce. They saw Fox and Lucy on our website and fell in love with them and welcomed them with open arms into their new home. They start off their mornings with a lovely walk in the surrounding trails and end their days the same way. In between, they are free to snooze away the day or just follow their new family around. We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal and loving forever home. Sadly Fox passed away 6/19/13 from an aggressive cancer.

Holly happy tail Holly

Holly came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. She was fairly overgrown and matted, but very sweet and happy. Rosemarie, an active senior, had been looking for the perfect little companion for a few months. When we met Holly, we were sure this was the dog Rosemarie had been waiting for, and we were right. Rosemarie and Holly are very happy together and can be seen walking all over Pacific Grove together.

Nelson happy tail Nelson

Nelson came to POMDR after being surrendered to a shelter by his guardians. Nelson was in foster care for 10 months before getting adopted. When his foster mom went on vacation, she had a friend take care of Nelson, and they fell in love! Nelson now lives part time in Carmel and part time in Washington and he is loving his new life.

Karen happy tail Karen

Karen, a 9-year-old, blind Cattle Dog mix was surrendered to a shelter when her family moved and couldn't take her with them. Due to her age and vision loss, the shelter was not able to put her up for adoption.

We were able to take her into our care and placed her in a foster home with Meg in Aptos. Two weeks later, a new POMDR Volunteer, KimMarie asked if she could foster Karen with the intention of adopting her. After just a few days at KimMarie's house, she knew this was the dog for her. She emailed us and said "Karen is an absolute sweetheart and is part of our family. We would like to adopt her. She has been accompanying me all over town and greeting people and other dogs. She is often shy at first but does greet everyone. She also loves going for car rides. She is fine while I am at school or we go out to dinner and she is at home, she learned to open the blind and lay on the back of the couch and look out the window. Smart doggie."

Greta happy tail Greta

Greta came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. Eva was a new foster mom eager to help Greta get adopted, but after three months in foster care, Eva knew she could not let Greta go! She fit in too perfectly with her family. Greta has a new family and will be very well loved and cared for for the rest of her life.

Babette happy tail Babette

Babette came to POMDR after being found as a stray and being taken to Salinas Animal Services.She was put up for adoption, but when the shelter got too full, they asked us to take Babette. She had an old eye injury and the eye had to be removed. When the vet removed her eye, she found a pellet lodged behind it! Poor Babette had been shot through the eye at some point in her life.

Soon after putting her on our website, Lisa and Mark noticed her and asked to meet her. She was a perfect fit for their family! The Sears family says, "Just wanted to let you know Babette, now Abby, Pirate, Chunkers and Slo-Mo is doing great. She is very much a "love", follows us everywhere. This is her in her favorite hangout, the kitchen, she is banking on the teenage boys being very messy and leaving crumbs for her. We are all enjoying her and we just want to say thanks for the important work you do saving senior dogs!! This precious girl was very much worth saving."

Rita happy tail Rita

Rita came to POMDR from the Kern County Animal Shelter in bad shape. Her fur was overgrown and badly matted. She was barely recognizable as a dog. She looked more like a ball of filthy fur. Underneath all that fur were two eyeballs that were bulging with untreated glaucoma. They were both at risk of bursting at any time. She underwent immediate surgery to have both eyes removed.

Rita was adopted to a wonderful woman, but when she became unable to care for Rita, she came back into our program to look for another home. One of our volunteers, Gayle, introduced Rita to some family members who fell in love with her fast and hard and she was quickly adopted by Gayle's niece Stephanie. This is what Stephanie has to say about her new best pal, Rita. "It's like she's always been a part of our family, what an incredible addition she is. We all love her so much. She's such a good dog! I can't tell you how much I love Rita. She's changed my life, and I would spend every hour of every day with her if I could." Thank you Stephanie, for opening your heart to lovely Rita and giving her another chance at love.

Velvet happy tail Velvet

Mary and Patrick offerred to foster Velvet who came to us from Monterey County Animal Services. The shelter staff thought she had a tumor but it turned out she had a hernia. She had her hernia surgery and then went into foster care. After just over a week, Mary and Patrick decided they definitely wanted to make her a permanent addition to their family. Velvet deserved a happy story!

Rocky happy tail Rocky

Rocky came to us from Santa Cruz County Shelter after being classified as not an appropriate adoption candidate due to dental disease and an irregular heart rhythm. Following further evaluation and dental work, Rocky moved into his foster home with Jonni and Taz. Jonni was a new volunteer with POMDR and Rocky her first foster dog. They were so enchanted by this little gentleman they decided he was already in his forever home.

Benny happy tail Benny

Sweet Benny was in foster care with POMDR for 485 days. Although he was well cared for and loved in his foster home, we all wanted so much for Benny to be in his permanent home. When we got the call from the Percival family, we didn't get our hopes up. There had been other possible homes for Benny that didn't pan out for one reason or another. Once talking with the family and seeing how they interacted with Benny and his response to them, we felt sure this was the match he had been waiting for and it was! After Christmas, his new mom sent us this email:

"Happy Holidays! We had a great first Christmas with Benny. He had his own stocking, Santa brought him stuff for outdoor play, and the kids gave him treats. He continues to be much loved; we can't imagine not having him." We are all thrilled for Benny! He is finally home.

Lobo happy tail Lobo

Lobo was with POMDR for almost a year before his forever family found him. Lobo had been through a lot, losing his home and family to a foreclosure, losing his best-friend, Kaiser, to cancer, and going to adoption events only to be overlooked time and time again. The Turco family spotted Lobo's photo on our website and sounded like such a great match, that a POMDR volunteer drove him to Castro Valley to meet them, and she left him there! It was a rough start because Lobo was nervous and had never really been an indoor dog with a family. We recently got this email from the Turcos. Lobo is home.

"Things are going well with Lobo. He has become the favorite with family and friends. After the first 48 hours we saw a dramatic reduction in his overall anxiety and at this point he is a lovely combination of calm yet puppy like when we go on walks. He gets lots of love here and has done a great job transitioning into the house hold. He is house trained, has a soft mouth when he gets his treats, doesn't chew and is a good companion. He has done well with a female lab in our neighborhood. His ear and eye infection are cleared up, he's been bathed and his toe nails have been trimmed. He looks great. Appreciate you checking on him and letting him be a part of our family."

Snowflake happy tail Snowflake

Snowflake came to us from San Jose Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. He wasn't in his foster home for long before the Hansen family spotted him at an adoption event. He was so playful and gentle with their young son, that they thought he would be the perfect match for their family. Snowflake loves being part of a loving family and has become a loving companion to everyone in the family. Thank you to the Hansens for giving Snowflake the home he deserves!

Mattie happy tail Mattie

Mattie came to us after her guardian passed away. Her foster mom took her to Doggie Day Care in Pacific Grove where she found a pal named Harley. Mattie and Harley clicked like two long lost friends. Luckily Harley's mom fell in love with Mattie too and brought her home to join the family. Harley and Mattie keep each other smiling and entertained all day.

Butternut happy tail Butternut

Butternut came to us from Monterey County Animal Services just hours before he was going to be put down because he had a severe bite wound and couldn't be put up for adoption. Dr. Annette Richmond from Natural Veterinary Therapy noticed him on our website and offered to foster him. Within a few days her family was in love with him , and he had his forever home. He goes to work with her everyday and enjoys greeting the two legged and four legged visitors.

George happy tail George

George came to us from Salinas Animal Services when they were full. He was fostered by Amy and Lee while Amy was stationed in Monterey with the U.S. Army. George is a great dog, but he was a little over-exuberant with other dogs and being a large dog could be very intimidating to other dogs that he met. This made it difficult for him to find a home. Amy and Lee fell in love with George, but when Amy got out of the army after 7 months of fostering George, it looked like they were going to have to leave him here when they headed back hone to Michigan.

We all put in one last ditch effort to find George a forever home or a foster home, but to no avail. He was going to go into boarding, but Amy decided to drive home to Michigan with him and keep her fingers crossed that her dog, Amira, and George would get along. They are now the best of buddies and George has the home he deserves!

Princess happy tail Princess

Princess was picked up in Prunedale on September 28, 2010. She spent 3 months in the shelter. She was a staff favorite and had hearts and stars and happy messages all over her kennel card saying what a good girl she was, but no one adopted her. She came to POMDR in January 2011 and was in foster care for nine months before Ann and Pete Rose saw her photo and fell in love. It was just one week short of her one year anniversary of being homeless. When she arrived at the Rose home, they were smitten from the moment she walked through the door. Princess finally found her castle and will be well loved and cared for in a manor fit for, well, a Princess!

Birdie happy tail Birdie

Birdie came to us from Monterey County Animal Services weighing under three pounds. He had a bite wound, a bad skin condition, and a severely low thyroid. After several weeks of medical treatment, Birdie was ready for adoption. For Rennie, it was love at first sight. She met Birdie while he was still in the hospital and was waiting to adopt him the day he was released.

Birdie and Rennie, we now you'll be happy together for many years to come.

Sally happy tail Sally

Sally was surrendered to POMDR when her guardian could no longer care for her due to illness. Sally and Rhonda met at an adoption event and made a heart connection with each other. When Sally arrived at Rhonda's house for a trial overnight, she walked through the house, then plopped down on a dog bed in the corner and made herself at home. And that was that! Rhonda and Sally enjoy hiking and traveling together. At 12 years old, Sally is not slowing down!

Hope happy tail Hope

Hope came to us from a hoarding situation in Southern California. She has come a long way in a short time. She has given her love and trust to her new dad, Richard which was a big step for her. Instead of hiding under a bush, she now watches TV on the couch with him at night, sleeps on his bed, and goes everywhere he goes in the car. This is one happy, transformed pup. They are lucky to have found each other!

Lucky happy tail Lucky

Lucky's guardian had passed away and fortunately a concerned neighbor contact POMDR to find him a new home. One of our volunteers contacted the Brown family knowing they were Jack Russell lovers and might be interested in fostering Lucky. They agreed to take him and he soon became a new member of the family. He loves hiking, the beach, and greeting new people. He's a happy dog!

Precious happy tail Precious

Precious needed a new home when her guardian could no longer care for her. Antoniette had Standard Poodles her whole life since she was a young girl and she was ready to downsize to a mini Poodle. As fate would have it, these two needed each other and the timing was right. It was love at first sight and then are now an inseparable pair.

Coco happy tail Coco

Coco, a tiny little terrier/poodle mix, was living with a family who did not have time for her. She spent many hours alone crated or in the backyard. Her family reached out to POMDR for help, knowing she wasn't getting the care and companionship she deserved. Coco was soon adopted by an adoring family in Carmel Valley and is now living life to the fullest!

Sky happy tail Sky

Sky is a four year old Pomeranian. After her 94 year old human companion passed away, she was depressed and confused. None of the family members could give her a home, so POMDR was contacted to help find her a new home. She went in to a foster home and three days later she was adopted from the POMDR booth at Good Old Days in Pacific Grove.

She was adopted by a local family - a mom who works from home, two children, and a 15 year old dog who welcomed her into the home immediately. Sky looked right at home with the family immediately, enjoyed being carried in her pink carryall bag, and looked darling with her new daisy wreath on her head!

Roxie happy tail Roxie

Roxie, a black and tan Aussie mix, was like a fish out of water at the shelter. She had obviously been someone's beloved dog. How she ended up at the shelter, we'll never know. This well mannered, trained, affectionate senior girl was waiting for her person to come get her, but they never did. Instead, POMDR foster mom, Lisa, picked up Roxie to foster her. By day 4, she became a permanent part of their family!

Lisa says, "After having her about 2 1/2 months, Roxie started to blossom! I think she was finally feeling better physically, losing weight and feeling more at home with us. All of a sudden she started playing with toys and getting very silly. She loves to look in the toy basket and find something to play with. Between her and Buddy our living room looks like a day care center! Toys everywhere. Bud has been great about sharing his toys with her.

Every day she changes. She is quite the silly girl. She runs everywhere. Loves to go in the car, to work with me, and walks in the forest. She especially loves
her new toy Busy Bee.

She is such a good friend and companion. We can't imagine not having her. She keeps us laughing with her antics. She will steal toys from Buddy, a big no no,
and he lets her. Go figure. Sometimes, if she gets a good run at it she can jump on our bed. Quite the thrill for her. If she can't get up we help her. In the beginning she was so insecure she had to sleep on our pillows. Now she is so comfortable she sleeps at the foot of the bed......until Alan gets up... and then she's a pillow girl again!"

Thank you Lisa, Alan, and Buddy for giving Roxie a great home.

Delilah happy tail Delilah

Delilah came to us from a crowded shelter. She was in poor health and emotionally withdrawn. We believe she was used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill. When she could no longer produce pups, she was discarded. Delilah had a large mammary tumor that needed to be removed, but she was not healthy enough to undergo surgery. She was anemic, and her liver and kidney values were high.

With some TLC and medical care, Delilah got strong enough to have her surgery. The tumor was found to be malignant, but her prognosis was good since it had been removed and had not spread. Her health continued to improve and she soon began to bond with her foster mom and enjoy life.

Wendy and Valerie had been thinking about adopting a dog when they met Delilah at the Dance for the Rescues Fundraiser. They were taken with her gentle disposition, and their hearts went out to her when they heard her life story. Delilah is now a happy and cherished member of their family. Thank you Wendy and Valerie for giving Delilah the loving home she deserves.

Delilah passed away on 2/23/11.

Scruffy happy tail Scruffy

Scruffy came to us from the Salinas Animal Shelter. This adorable, friendly pup was at the shelter for 2 months without getting adopted! When the shelter got full and they could no longer keep Scruffy, they asked us to take him. That day, one of our POMDR board members ran into the mayor of Pacific Grove, Carmelita Garcia, in a grocery store. Carmelita mentioned that she was still looking for a dog to adopt and said she likes "little scruffy dogs." Well Scruffy was the perfect match!

After hearing about Scruffy, Carmelita went home and looked up Scruffy's photo on the POMDR website and filled out an application. Scruffy is now the "First Dog" of Pacific Grove and is loving life and bringing Carmelita much joy.

Blondingo happy tail Dingo

The Kirschenbaum family never thought they would get a dog until they moved in next door to one of our foster moms. Their 2 young boys, Samuel 8 yrs. and Simon 6 yrs., really wanted a dog and started borrowing foster mom Kathy's dogs.

After about a year, they found the perfect dog for them, Dingo. Dingo is great with the boys and doesn't mind being carried around by them. He's nice and calm and loves going for walks, but he also loves getting together with Kathy's dog for a little play time. He loves being the center of attention after coming from a home with 11 dogs.

Chelsie happy tail Chelsie

Chelsie is a 12-year-old Lhasa Apso who was raised from a pup by Cathy, her loving guardian. When Cathy's emphysema progressed to the point that she was unable to care for Chelsie anymore, she prayed for an answer to what to do with Chelsie.

That's when she came across a newspaper article about POMDR and contacted us for help. Chelsie was in foster care for several months before Sally from Carmel saw her photo and decided to adopt her. Chelsie and Sally are very happy together, enjoying each other's company and short walks around town. Chelsie is trying to make friends with Henriette, her new 16-year-old kitty sibling, but Henri is not quite ready to snuggle up with her yet! Thank you Sally for opening your heart and home to Chelsie in her golden years.

Redford happy tail Redford

Redford was found as a stray in Monterey County and taken to the shelter. Being that he was eight years old and a hard breed to adopt out, the shelter asked POMDR to take him. He has an exceptionally gentle and endearing personality and quickly enamored himself of every volunteer who met him. He was in a foster home for several months before the perfect family came along for him.

Red is now living with an extremely kind couple who's only children have four legs, not two. They recently lost one of their pups, Bockus, of old age and Martha, his canine-sister was devasted. Diane and Hugh were also feeling empty and wanted another chow type dog.

When Diane and Hugh came to meet Redford, they couldn't keep their hands off him and Redford couldn't keep his head off their laps. Fur balls were flying around the house from all the petting and loving. Hugh laid on Red's dog bed with him during the whole time they visited. Upon taking Red to his new home, Diane had some homemade dog cookies available and was preparing homemade dog food for dinner that night. Redford made himself at home sniffing every corner of his new enormous back yard and settling in with Martha as though they've been friends forever. Redford is set as he and Martha will rarely be left alone. Between Diane and Hugh, someone is almost always home. Yippee for Redford!

Sammie happy tail Sammie

Sammie was surrendered to POMDR when her elderly guardian developed Alzheimer's and had to go into a nursing home. Sammie was very devoted to her mom, but found a new loving home quickly. She had only been with her foster mom a matter of hours while she was working a volunteer shift at AFRP, another rescue organization, when new mom, Cindy, first met her.

We were delighted to receive this update recently:

"Our newest member of the family 'Miss Samantha', is our dream come true and our Dream Dog. I had no intention of adopting a senior doggie when I stopped by AFRP on Lighthouse to pet the kitties! Sometimes everything that needs to happen, seems to happen...and it was as though something a lot bigger than us, was at work. Samee must have a very special Guardian Angel, and ours was surely on duty too, because everything has worked out better than my husband and I could have imagined. Adopting a "senior" was perfect for us, as we are "senior" ourselves. Samee has brought that very special frequency into our home; I call it "the love channel". I hope, if you are considering adopting, you will give one of these seniors a chance to warm your heart, take you out for a walk, and remind you that someone is always glad to see you when you return home. Thanks to everyone at AFRP and Peace of Mind, from Cindy and Stan Gum."

Timmie happy tail Timmie

Timmie, a five-year-old, three pound Chihuahua, was found as a stray and taken to Monterey County Animal Services. Being so tiny, shelter life was hard on him so the staff asked us to bring him into our program.

The same day Timmie's picture was posted on POMDR's wedsite, Susan saw it, and immediately filled out an adoption application. Susan thought that he would fit perfectly in her home, along with her husband Norbert, their two chi mixes, Spot and Scramp, their cat, Cali, and their many aviary birds. She wanted a small dog who would cuddle with her, while Norbert, Spot and Scramp went on their 5 to 7 mile runs.

Timmie is a much loved addition, who loves to run laps around their house. He loves to be outdoors and explore. Even though they have a completely fenced yard, Norbert is in the process of installing 1 foot of chicken wire below ground, and 2 feet above to thwart Timmy from trying to explore beyond their yard. He's on his mom's Facebook page, and is also known as "Mr T". Susan sometimes takes him to work with her, where he is a huge hit.

Annie happy tail Annie

Annie came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services because the shelter was full and being a senior gal, she needed help the most. Her new mom, Andria is on POMDR's list to receive ongoing emails, which she loves to read, about the happy adoptions, and about the precious senior dogs waiting for their forever homes. When she saw Annie's picture, she thought Annie may be a great companion for her senior chi mix, ChaCha. They both look very much alike. Annie weighs in at 7lbs, and ChaCha 8lbs.

Their first meeting at Berwick Park went well, so Annie went for a sleepover, as both Andria, who is general manager of a busy Monterey restaurant, and her firefighter husband Mike were both off the next day. Anyone that is around Annie for a small time, is drawn in by her personality. After a weekend, Andria's and Mike's huge hearts wanted to give Annie a permanent home. ChaCha mother's Annie, and is very gentle with her. They sleep in the sun together, and play with Mike on the floor together.

While at the shelter Annie did not like men. Their was a concern that Annie may have a problem with a male parent, but there is absolutly no problem with that. This is a happily ever after story for all four.

Annie aka Lucy Lemon passed away on 2/28/11.

Alex happy tail Alex

Alex, a 15 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd, lost his guardian to cancer in January. Her dying wish was for POMDR to find her baby a loving home. She and Alex had been together since he was a puppy. At 15 1/2 we weren't sure if we'd be able to find an adopter for Alex, but we made the commitment to take care of him for the rest of his life in foster care if need be.

After several weeks in foster care, Lisa and Alan, read his bio and saw his photo and were attracted to his wise face and sad story. He had been through so much and they wanted to make his golden years his happiest years yet!

Lisa says, "Living with Alex has been filled with constant surprises. He has quite a funny personality and has won over not only our hearts, but our dog Buddy's as well. We're still working on Lucy the cat, but I'm sure she'll come around. Alan, was smitten as soon as he saw Alex's picture. They bonded instantly! Alan keeps very busy teaching him all the bad behaviors he has taught Buddy. What is a girl to do? Buddy has taught Alex to bark if you take too long getting their food ready or if you take too long getting ready to GO!!!! It turns out that Alex really likes to cook. He helps me every night preparing dinner. He also loves walks and rides in the car and sleeping."

Thank you Lisa and Alan for finding room in your hearts for our special boy!

Alex passed away on July 1, 2010

Justin happy tail Justin

Justin is a 10 pound terrier mix who was wandering the streets of Salinas until he was picked up and taken to Monterey County Animal Services. For three weeks he waited at the shelter, overlooked and unwanted by potential families until we were able to take him into foster care. He happily followed around his new canine friend, Elvis, and enjoyed snuggling in bed with his foster mom and dad.

While at the POMDR booth at Good Old Days in Pacific Grove, Justin was spotted by Jody, Rick and Andy, who were visiting from Dublin, and they fell in love with this sweet little guy. The family wandered by the booth throughout the day and decided they wanted to adopt Justin. They even put his picture on their computer as their screensaver before the adoption process was finalized!

Justin is now at his new forever home in Dublin and is settling in very nicely He enjoys playing ball, taking walks, napping and looking out the window. His new family absolutely LOVES him more than words can say.

Thank you so much Jody, Rick and Andy for saving this wonderful little dog’s life and giving him the perfect home that he deserves.

Taylor happy tail Taylor

Ten-year-old Taylor was picked up as a stray and taken to Monterey County Animal Services. While in the shelter he was very nervous and growled at the shelter workers. He was not suitable to be put up for adoption so he was on the euthanasia list. Little Taylor was actually taken into the euthanasia room, when finally, he gave a tiny sign of being lovable and wanting another chance - he began to wag his tail. Deb Mag, the shelter manager, approach him and he accepted a little scratching under the chin and then allowed her to pet him and give his hind end a little scratching. He rolled over and was so eager for kindness and a gentle hand to trust. Deb decided the next call she needed to make was to POMDR.

We had Taylor picked up and moved to Carmel Holistic Vet Clinic for an exam, teeth cleaning, and neuter and then he went to his foster home. Taylor's foster mom ran into Christina and little Dexter on a walk and they were taken with him and decided to adopt him. Taylor, now named Wally, fits in perfectly with his new canine, feline and human family members. He enjoys being spoiled with a new fleece coat for cold mornings, a high quality diet, regular walks, time to enjoy laying in the sun, and snuggling in bed at night. This is certainly one Happy Tail!

Gill happy tail Gill

Gill, a 7-year-old Pug, was surrendered to POMDR when her guardian could no longer care for her due to financial circumstances. Gill had a chronic ear and skin infection that needed attention, but otherwise was a healthy senior. Gloria, a POMDR volunteer, picked up Gill to bring her to an adoption event and stopped in at the Raw Connection in Carmel to buy her a harness. While she was there, Judy Z. spotted her, fell in love and insisted on adopting her. This story may sound familiar because the exact same thing happened with Lily, another happy story on this page. Same volunteer, same location, same reason for stopping in, but different dog!

Gill, now Jilly (short for Jillian), has wiggled her way into the family beautifully. She lives with two ten-year-old pugs. She also visits Judy's adult children often and adores the grandchildren and their 10-year-old pug. Jilly enjoys romping on the beach in Carmel, running in the park in Carmel Valley, and dining out in fine restaurants. The whole family couldn't be more thrilled with their newest family member.

Merry happy tail Merry

Merry came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. This little 5 pound darling won the heart of Carmel Valley resident, Marilyn, and became her newest family member.

Marilyn saw Merry's photo in the Carmel Pine Cone pinned it up on her refrigerator and couldn't stop thinking about her. Within a week she had met Merry and adopted her. The two became fast friends and are delighted with each other!

Gertie happy tail Gertie

Gertie is a precious little 8 pound terrier mix. She often gets comments about being the cutest dog people have ever seen, and she has a darling disposition to go along with her good looks.

Gertie had a mammary tumor that needed to be removed which kept her from going up for adoption at Salinas Animal Services. Once she got into her POMDR foster home, she came down with a terrible case of kennel cough which turned into pneumonia.

Gertie started on a long road to recovery that lasted 2 months and included many vet visits, x-rays, surgery to remove the mammary tumor and a consult with a cardiologist regarding a heart murmur.

Gertie's health finally stabilized and she found a match made in heaven with Lillian from Novato. Gertie now has a large sunny patio and afternoon sun to bask in in the living room. Gertie will go for little walks around her townhouse on park-like paths, stretching several blocks and will also go on daily 3-5 mile walks with Lillian. Gertie will happily ride in a doggy pouch when she gets tired. Lillian reads to first graders three times a week & plans to bring Gertie along. Gertie and Lillian both feel so blessed to have found each other!

Gertie passed away on 10/7/11.

Jake happy tail Jake

Jake was found by one of our volunteers, running the streets of Seaside. He had been loose for at least four days, many people saw him running in the streets and it took Karen hours to finally catch him. He was very frightened and submissive. She finally got him late on a Friday evening. She had no where to take him so she took him to the Seaside police dept. They transferred him to the SPCA the next day.

He is a really sweet dog, with no teeth. His tongue hangs out of his mouth about 6 inches! He is a sweet, sweet, sweet, gentle big guy with the big sad eyes. He was in bad shape though. Very thin and he behaved like he'd been mistreated. No one claimed him at the SPCA and when he did their temperament test he did not pass with other dogs so they could not put him up for adoption. When Karen rescued him off the streets she had two dogs with her and he was fine with them. The stress of the shelter situation probably put him on edge.

A friend of the volunteer that found him offered to adopt him. Only one hitch - she lived in Mississippi! But that was an obstacle we could overcome. The SPCA neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated him for us and then he spent two days at Carmel Holistic Vet Clinic waiting for his flight to Mississippi. He flew from San Jose to Dallas, changed planes and then flew into New Orleans where he was picked up by his new mom and driven to Laurel, Mississippi to start his new life.

Jake is grateful to everyone that had a hand in making his happy tail happen: SPCA of Monterey County, AFRP, POMDR, the Seaside Police, Karen Sonne,, Dr. Tom Boekbinder at Carmel Holistic Veterinary Clinic, and everyone who donated toward his medical and travel expenses.

Here is a quote from new mom, Cynthia:

Thank you soooooo much for saving Jake!!! He is the most loving sweet angel! He loves me and his little brother, Sunny the cat, so much!! He is soooooo friendly and is winning everyone's heart he meets!!! He loves his toys and is very obedient! I couldn't have hand picked a better pet!

Jake passed away on 10/19/10.

Daphne happy tail Daphne

Daphne was found as a stray a few days before Christmas and no one came looking for her at the shelter so she came to POMDR. She is one of the sweetest dogs you'll even want to meet. Her foster parents were having coffee at an outdoor cafe in Carmel with Daphne, and she was wearing her "Adopt Me" bandana. That is when she caught the attention of Debbie. Debbie had been looking for a sweet, mellow, older poodle to adopt. She introduced herself to Daphne's foster mom and Daphne and it was a love connection!

Daphne now goes to work with her new mom and dad. She gets three walks a day and watches the goings on out the office window until it's time for a nap. Dolly, her 3 pound, 13 year old new sister, gives her attitude,but Daphne doesn't mind at all. She even barks at her when she's asleep, but Daphne is in doggy heaven in her new home and doesn't mind her "sister's" jealousy.

Lily happy tail Lily

Lily, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, was picked up as a stray in Prunedale a few days before Christmas. She was taken to Monterey County Animal Services and did her stray time while the staff hoped that someone would come looking for her. This little girl was not a happy camper at the shelter. She was nippy and not easily handled. She was at risk of being euthanized but her life was spared when Carmel Holistic Vet Clinic agreed to foster her for us until a fsoter home was available.

After a thorough exam and blood work, we found out that Lily had severely infected teeth and infected gums and she has Cushing's Disease. She was started on medications for Cushings to stabilize her and then had a dental cleaning and had several rotten teeth pulled. When Lily was ready to go to her new foster home, her foster mom picked her up from the vet clinic and took her over to The Raw Connection in Carmel to buy her a new harness. While at the Raw Connection, a woman named Mary walked in and made an immediate heart connection with Lily! She visited with her for quite some time and was smitten. Mary followed up with Lily's foster mom and visited her again before making the commitment to adopt her. Lily now has a new family including two kitty siblings. Mary will be pursuing natural therapies to assist Lily in becoming as healthy as possible. This was a divine match indeed!

Lily passed away on 8-24-10.

Sassy happy tail Sassy/Gem

Sassy was one of our first POMDR rescue dogs. She arrived at the Monterey County Animal Shelter as a euthanasia request after her guardian lost his home. Life before the shelter was hard for Sassy. She had been badly neglected for years before being surrendered to the shelter. Sassy was fostered for three months before finding an amazing home.

Sassy's new name is Grandma Ehtel Moonbeam (GEM for short). Her new mom, Wendy, reports that Gem is adjusting well. She's a happy girl getting 2-3 walks a day and going to work with her mom several times a week. She has a new family which includes a few more Chihuahuas and some cats. Gem is a lucky girl. She will be well-cared for and loved for the rest of her life as it should be.

Brandy happy tail Brandy

We first became aware of Brandy when her elderly owners could no longer care for her. This 14-year-old Beagle/Yellow lab mix was older in years, but very young at heart! A vet tech took her home from the clinic until POMDR found a foster home for her. In the mean time......

Mac and Marie weren't looking to adopt another dog. When their beloved pug Sadie passed away earlier this year, they were sure that it was the end of their dog owning years. However, their dog loving neighbor didn't believe that had to be the case. When she heard Brandy's story she and Brandy's foster mom decided to pay a visit to the couple. With Brandy's sweet smile and gentle demeanor, it didn't take long for the match to be made! Once it was clear that Brandy would walk nicely on the leash with Mac, and learn to sit patiently for her dinner from Marie, instead of jumping up in excitement....well, the adoption was made official!

Savvy Lucy happy tail Savvy and Lucy

Savvy, a 7 year old spaniel mix and Lucy, a 9 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, were being fostered by Scott and Carie and were both looking for new homes. Savvy's person had passed away from Emphysema and Lucy's person was elderly and could no longer care for her. The two spaniels became such good friends and got along so nicely with the kitties and the other two dogs in their foster home, that they stayed on as permanent family members. Sweet, goofy, friendly Lucy has helped shy, reserved Savvy come out of her shell and trust new people she meets. It's one big happy family now!

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