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Looks like: Dachshund/Staffordshire Terrier mix
Female, 10 years old, 19 pounds
Zoe is a very low maintenance pup, looking for a home where she can just hang out and get love and attention. She is in a wonderful foster home where she gets along well with the other dogs living there. She LOVES to go for walks, but needs someone who will walk slowly with her...allowing her to sniff and take her time. Her energy level is low, but her excitement level is high! Short little walks through the day make her very happy!

Zoe was adopted from POMDR several years ago by a wonderful couple who adored her. Several months after adoption, Zoe had an unfortunate accident and needed emergency surgery, after which she had some seizures. It was touch and go for a few weeks.

The family did all they could to help her recover. After her surgery she made an amazing recovery! She has some residual hearing and visual impairment, but she gets around just fine and loves to go on short little walks and cuddle up for naps.

Zoe came back to POMDR because the adoptive family became overwhelmed with caring for a young child and an elderly parent. The senior mother in the family tripped over Zoe and broke her wrist. At that point they realized that it was too difficult to keep everyone cared for and safe. And, since POMDR has a lifetime commitment to our dogs, we took her back into foster care.

When she came back to POMDR she was very overweight. She has lost 10 pounds!! Her new family will need to make sure she maintains a healthy weight. Zoe would do well in a mellow home where she can get lots of love, and maybe has a yard to explore. She could be an only dog in the home, but she also gets along very well with other dogs. Zoe deserves her new forever home after the challenges she has faced.

Zoe originally came to POMDR after her guardian passed away. We hope to help her find her forever home!
If you would like to meet Zoe, press the Adopt Zoe button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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