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Ruthie B

Ruthie B
Ruthie B
Ruthie B
Ruthie B
Ruthie B
Looks like: Labrador mix
Female, 7 years old, 74 pounds
Ruthie B, or Ginny, is obviously beautiful but the poor girl had a stressful life prior to coming to POMDR and has been shut down. She has been adjusting and healing but is still looking for a patient and understanding adopter. She is becoming more affectionate after struggling to even make eye contact with people. When Ginny came to us she was completely shut down, thin, and fearful. A relationship of trust will need to be established at her future home and this should be a quiet, peaceful home with low activity.

Ginny is really sweet and gentle, she loves all other dogs, big and small, and all people. She is reserved with new people but friendly. She's very quiet and stays to herself on her bed. She walks well on a leash and walks at least a mile or two every day without fatigue. She will not jump into a car so someone capable of lifting her or guiding her up a ramp is needed. She gets out of a car easily and rides well.

Of late, Ginny has opened up considerably, she now greets and hangs out with visitors, making lots of eye contact and receiving affection well. These developments augur towards a more social personality emerging and it would be great for a potential adopter to provide an environment where that can happen. She really likes being around other dogs and this too could help her confidence grow.

Since she is still adjusting, a potential adopter in the Tri-County area is ideal so that Ginny can visit a number of times, of increasing length, so a bond can form before Ginny moves in. Developing trust and some affection is crucial for her transition. We can't let her ever feel abandoned again.

Ginny came to us from Monterey County Animal Services. She is a great pack dog and a social eater. She wants to have dog friends around while she chows down, otherwise she doesn't seem as interested and needs ample time to finish eating. She needs someone to give her a loving home so she can come out of her shell more.
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