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Buddy Yorkie

Buddy Yorkie
Buddy Yorkie
Buddy Yorkie
Buddy Yorkie
Looks like: Yorkshire Terrier mix
Male, 13 years old, 12 pounds
Buddy is a bundle of joy, and despite his age, is a little motor of energy. Not only is he cute, but he is friendly and seeks out attention from people. He is happy around other dogs and good on leash. Buddy is a fun companion that was neglected for bit, having many burrs in his fur, horrible teeth, and cataracts. After a vet visit, he is feeling and looking better. He had all of his teeth extracted but devours soft food. He does have dry eye and will need eye drops to help. He still has vision and gets around well but needs your direction when exploring new areas on walks.

He has been around cats and guinea pigs and has no reaction to either of them except to sniff them and then move on to something else. He has been around multiple dogs of all sizes and does well with them all. He may do best with other dogs because he is more of a follower than a leader. He does not play with the toys but will pull them out to see what else is in the toy bucket.

Buddy eats with a ferocity like he hasn't eaten in days. Despite this, he does not protect food and is good about being patient for it to be placed. In his forever home, he will thrive from quiet, familiarity. A home that doesn't have a lot of new things will keep him comfortable and from being startled by not being able to see new things right away.

Buddy came to us from Monterey County Animal Services.
If you would like to meet Buddy Yorkie, press the Adopt Buddy Yorkie button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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