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Ms. Hercules

Ms. Hercules
Ms. Hercules
Ms. Hercules
Ms. Hercules
Ms. Hercules
Looks like: Poodle mix
Female, 12 years old, 10 pounds
Ms. Hercules is ready to snuggle and love you with the strength of her Greek-myth namesake! She has great energy and will run laps through the house. She gets very excited, hopping and spinning around, when she sees her foster mom getting ready for walkies or getting a toy ready. Her favorite toys are balls! She will play fetch until YOU tire out, and also loves rope toys and tug-o-war. Ms. Hercules takes her cues from other dogs, but is happy to greet and sniff politely. She does well on a leash and her happy, infectious energy is irresistible to those who meet her while out on a walk. She is mellow and patient with children. She wants to be with her person, and will be a little vocal about her dislike of you leaving the house without her. She is great about letting you know she needs to go to the bathroom, and sleeps through the night.

Ms. Hercules loves to play, engaging other animals and people in her attempts for fun! She would do well in a house with people who want to play just as much as she does, and smother her in love and affection. She may be only 8 pounds, but she will love you with every ounce she has!

Ms. Hercules came to POMDR when she was picked up by a good Samaritan. Scanning discovered that she did not have a microchip. She was in rough condition, covered in matted hair and had several concerning masses on her belly. It was discovered she had an aggressive mammary carcinoma. Her lymph node and her groin showed definite signs of cancer. The masses were excised and she is currently on meloxicam, an anti-inflammatory. This medicine will help treat her cancer as well as keep the inflammation down to prevent recurrence. This Herculean fighter is doing much better!
If you would like to meet Ms. Hercules, press the Adopt Ms. Hercules button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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