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Miss Ella

Miss Ella
Miss Ella
Miss Ella
Miss Ella
Miss Ella
Looks like: Australian Shepherd
Female, 15 years old, 40 pounds
Foster needed
Ella, Ella, BoBella! Banana, Fanna, FoFella - Who will be the sweet Ella's lucky adopter? This sweet, old dearie came to us from San Jose Animal Services, where she was being held as a stray. Her previous guardians were unable to bring her home and they asked the shelter to euthanize her. Fortunately, POMDR was able to bring her into our program and make sure her final landing was a warm, soft, gentle and loving one.

Ella is a lovely old girl. Calm, enjoys her little walkies (a single block will suffice and she's great on leash), loves 'splore and sniff sessions in her foster mama's yard, greets her humans with a gentle wag of her tail and is happy to settle in for a nice long nap, content to be alone or with her people. Though she loves to ride in the car, she does need a "rear-end boost" in and out as her arthritis precludes fancy gymnastics.

This sweet, old lady could care less about other dogs (maybe she can't see them very well?) and her age and stiff joints have definitely diminished what may have been a playful nature. Just a warm, cozy, friendly, soft and kind place to land, kid-free for her safety and comfort, where she is loved and appreciated for being the sweet old lady that she is. She'll follow you everywhere and show loving appreciation for treats (soft ones, please), ear scratches and kind words.

Would Ella sweeten your life? Could you sweeten hers?
If you would like to meet Miss Ella, press the Adopt Miss Ella button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
Interested in fostering? Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. Email us if you are interested in fostering Miss Ella, or see all dogs that need fostering.
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