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Looks like: Siberian Husky Mix
Male, 4 years old, 45 pounds
Wobbles is an absolute doll. All he wants is to be with and interact with people. He is fine with other dogs, showing little to no interest in them.

Wobbles had back trauma in his previous life that left him with hind limb ataxia (loss of coordination). He was found by a good Samaritan who thought he was recently injured. After being examined, it is clear these were old injuries that had never received medical attention. The injuries healed and Wobbles learned to walk again. Once he gets up and going, he moves well. He is a capable and great dog.

An obstacle that Wobbles will face for life is he has a significantly dilated esophagus (called megaesophagus). It is suspect he was born with this condition given his young age. This is a very severe condition and predisposes to aspiration pneumonia. These cases require a lot of time and home care to keep under control and keep Wobbles safe. He is taking protectants to help settle his stomach and reduce acid in his stomach which can aggravate his megaesphagus.

This handsome boy came to us from Monterey County Animal Services.
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