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Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy
Looks like: Queensland Heeler Mix
Male, 11 years old, 45 pounds
You will feel extremely lucky when you have the pleasure of meeting this adorable senior gentleman, Lucky Boy! Lucky Boy came to POMDR after his owner passed away and the rest of the family was unable to home a dog. He does well on a leash and enjoys exploring his surroundings. He loves to go on walks and has no issue going on extended hikes, so if you're looking for a hiking buddy, look no further.

In Lucky Boy's current foster home he is surrounded by other animals and does well with other dogs and cats. He's even had the pleasure of meeting a few goats, which he can't help but try to herd. He enjoys a good tennis ball, but other than that is not overly interested in toys. Lucky Boy has been dealing with a few health obstacles and will need a person who is patient and understanding as he overcomes these with POMDR's help, but he will reward your patience with devotion and love. He is very attentive and always aims to do well and please his person. Lucky Boy loves a good snuggle on the couch and back scratches. He will greet you when you come home with adorable vocal "talking," allowing you to have a delightful conversation with your new best friend at the end of the day.

Lucky Boy would do best in a forever home with kind and patient guardians who will be understanding of his mild needs and charmed by his attentive and devoted nature. Will Lucky Boy be lucky enough to have you as his forever home?
If you would like to meet Lucky Boy, press the Adopt Lucky Boy button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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