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Looks like: Poodle Mix, Poodle Mix
Male, Male, 8 years, 8 years old, 11, 10 pounds
Here comes AJ and Nano! What an engaging duo. Our pal AJ is one of the friendliest pups you will meet, with a strong curiosity to meet everyone. He happily meets and greets dogs and humans alike, and is ready to snuggle with his person the minute a lap is available. He loves to give kisses and receive pets in return. AJ wants to be everybody's friend! You can expect this little darling to follow you around the house like Mary's little lamb - he even looks the part, doesn't he?

Nano is incredibly playful and friendly, but can be a little timid and needs a little patience and guidance. Nano gets along well with other dogs, and enjoys running around and being part of the pack, but his absolute favorite activity is playtime. Nano loves fetch and could play nonstop if his person would let him. He loves his ball so much, he's even been known to carry it outside when it's time to do his business. This love of play comes out at walk time as well, when he pulls on the leash in excitement.

Nano is very excited about the world around him, but almost to his detriment at times. While he does fairly well in the car, he shows his impatience to get to his destination by moving around a lot and then wanting to leap out of the car and explore as soon as you arrive. He is also very eager to get his dinner, and if his isn't the first bowl down, he will try to eat whatever is available.

AJ has great manners! He comes when called, and loves walks. He gets excited on walks and needs some direction with understanding the leash, but is trainable. He's a good boy on car rides. At home, AJ is happy to coexist with other dogs (cats and children are an unknown at present), but his real wish is to have a person who can spoil him with love! His energy level is medium, and doesn't mind being left at home while you're out and about as long as he has his brother Nano.

Nano gets excited when meeting other people, and will walk right up to say hello with his tail wagging. Occasionally, he will meet someone that he is not so sure about and will hide behind his person until he feels ready to make a new friend.

Nano would do best in a home with a patient guardian who is willing to work on building his discipline and training as his presence us often overshadowed by AJ's confidence. Nano responds extremely well to praise and pets. The perfect person for Nano doesn't have to be home all the time, but should be ready, willing and excited to walk, play and love Nano as soon as they get home!

Our littles, AJ and Nano, are on their way to becoming fantastic companions for some lucky person. Could that person be YOU?

AJ and Nano need a new home because their previous guardian moved to care for her father, and their new location does not allow dogs.
If you would like to meet AJ, press the Adopt AJ button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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