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Looks like: Miniature Poodle Mix
Female, 9 years old, 17 pounds
Leyla is an affectionate dog once acquainted. Despite being somewhat shy at first, she is all sweetness and will just be wary of new attention. She will thrive in a quiet home and has lived with other dogs. She has a mellow energy level and tends to nap a lot! She would probably be fine around a dog-savvy cat. She is a rock solid companion and seeing her happy is heartwarming.

Leyla takes a daily anti-seizure medication at dinnertime. As long as she gets her medication every 24 hours, she hasn't had seizures in a very long time. If her dosage is skipped or altered, she may have a cluster seizure. She is good at taking her meds though and particularly enjoys baby food! As long as her person is able to administer her meds, Leyla is an easy kiddo. These meds cost about $25 per month.

We were contacted by her senior guardian, who is struggling with her own health, both emotionally and physically. She is currently working full-time, watching her grandkids and going to many doctor's appointments, and between it all she is no longer able to give Leyla the love and care she needs. Leyla ended up spending much of her day alone in the garage and she started to look a little rough around the edges. We were asked bring Leyla into our program and find her a new, loving family, and we are happy to help.
If you would like to meet Leyla, press the Adopt Leyla button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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