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Female, 11 years old, 9 pounds
Adoption pending
Is this a dog or a stuffed animal?! Tippi looks just like a cute stuffie, but is better because she has a great, loving personality that will melt your heart. Tippi has a hard time seeing and hearing, so she startles pretty easily, and thus appreciates when she is approached slowly. Once she knows you are near, she is all yours and loves having pets and thinks that being brushed is the best thing in the world.

In her past life, Tippi was attacked by an animal and unfortunately lost her right eye, but this doesn't seem to phase her one bit. She is a curious little girl, and can sneak up on you at times as she always seems to be tiptoeing when she is walking around the house. Her future person needs to be careful with her under foot and restrict her activity as Tippi has a collapsing trachea.

She has a mellow demeanor and gets along with other dogs as long as they are not rambunctious. She is also ok with cats and bunnies, as well as older kids who will understand the need to approach her carefully and won't play too rough with her. Tippi would do well in a home with people who would be able to spend lots of time with her, cuddling and petting her. She would be an amazing office mate for someone who works at home or a shop dog, spending her time hanging out in a comfy bed while keeping you company.

Tippi came to us when her guardian moved to an assisted living facility. She is ready to find her forever home!
Interested in adopting? If you are interested in adopting Tippi, please keep an eye on our website in case the pending adoption doesn't work out and Tippi becomes available again.
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