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Beanie Baby

Beanie Baby
Beanie Baby
Beanie Baby
Beanie Baby
Beanie is so tiny!
Beanie Baby
Looks like: Toy Chihuahua
Female, 12 weeks old, 3 pounds
This teeny tiny gal is named Beanie Baby, which is pretty fitting given that she is probably smaller than most beanie babies. She is absolutely adorable and pretty fearless too. She has no problems meeting new dogs and people. She truly is a social butterfly. She loves to play and her favorite game is trying to climb up your pant leg to be as close to your face as possible. She is shockingly good at it!

If you are considering Beanie, then for starters, know that she is not a quiet, timid, little girl. She is a bit of a wild child! She is fairly good on a leash, once you can wrangle her into her harness. She is always on the move. She walks well, but picks up interesting things along the way to see if they are edible. She is a lively, care free puppy. She cannot be loose as she is a flight risk.

She is teething, and gets rough with play and has little needle teeth. She would not be good around an older person with thin skin or a child that can't handle her gnawing. She will grow out of this, but needs to be a puppy! So far, when we yell Ouch! She just gets excited and makes it into a game. She likes to grab your nose too in play.

She is very intelligent and with training (a must), she will be a great little dog. She does need to go to someone who can constantly interact with her as she does find things to keep her occupied - but these are not always good things. She sleeps with people in bed as she wants to be close, sometimes settling on your chest, under your chin, or burrowed. She is good with pads and can be shown where to go potty.

Beanie will benefit from living with other dogs that entertain her and role model. Also, she is great with cats! She sees them as another dog.

Beanie Baby was rescued from a bad situation by a senior person. She realized that Beanie Baby probably needs more exercise and socialization than she is able to offer at this time and asked us to find her a really great home.
If you would like to meet Beanie Baby, press the Adopt Beanie Baby button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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