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King Charles

King Charles
King Charles
King Charles
King Charles
Looks like: Poodle Mix
Male, 9 years old, 18 pounds
King Charles is a fairly relaxed dog who absolutely loves going on walks. He is good walker - no pulling or tugging but does like the occasional slow down to 'smell the roses.' He loves the outdoors and does two hour walks with ease. He accepts being touched without any issue or attitude. He likes car rides and looking out the window. Charles sits quietly while you eat and does not beg for food. He does like treats and takes food very gently.

King Charles is social with humans and dogs of all sizes. He's friendly with lots of tail wagging as he likes to meet new friends. He'd be happiest in an active home, and needs one with another dog.

King Charles is a total champ with other dogs. He has been around dogs of all ages, sizes, temperaments and he is absolutely excellent. He is even a social butterfly with cats. He does have separation anxiety though, and will whine when left behind. Another dog for company helps alleviate that anxiety and once acclimated to a home it should subside.

He will benefit with a secure yard that he can have access to, including to sunbathe. He does have diminished hearing. King Charles will need help being shown where to go potty and his person will need patience with him as he learns a new routine. He is currently on medications and a prescription diet to help with incontinence. He means well but he occasionally leaks. He needs someone with patience to see him through that journey. We have found belly bands to be very helpful.

He came to us from Monterey County Animal Services.
If you would like to meet King Charles, press the Adopt King Charles button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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