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Dim Sum

Dim Sum
Dim Sum
Dim Sum
Dim Sum
Looks like: Chihuahua Mix
Female, 12 years old, 8 pounds
Dim Sum's name is almost as cute as her giant ears. This little lady has an adventurous heart. She is pretty fearless and loves to explore every nook and cranny she can find but is surprisingly not big on walking. She really enjoys being held, though. She has some arthritis, which makes it challenging to go up or down stairs or furniture. She needs help better understanding the leash and is likely the culprit of why walks are not her priority. She is polite with other dogs and cats who mind her space. She will greet them but has no interest in mingling with them, she would rather be in your lap. She enjoys meeting new people.

Dim Sum is great in the home and being left alone, but prefers to not be left in a crate. She has lived with indoor cats and does fine with them. She is also great meeting children. Dim Sum does have diminished hearing and vision. Her last dental had all of her teeth removed, but it does not slow her eating and a maze bowl is often used to help her eat appropriately. She has no off button when it comes to eating and she needs to be regulated by her future person. She is a mellow dog that is not interested in playing.

Dim Sum craves people. She is a wonderful friend and wants to lie down and be near her people. She occasionally whines if left behind in the car but is otherwise great for rides. A calm home with lots of snuggle time will be ideal for her. She does protect her food and water and we hope this diminishes and can be corrected. Dim Sum is potty pad trained she doesn't quite know how to tell people that she needs to go out but will use a potty pad if accessible. She is on heart medications and needs a kidney diet.

Dim Sum came to us because her guardian has a family member with autism and the disruption to his normal schedule has been really challenging for him. They knew Dim Sum would be safer and happier in a new home.
If you would like to meet Dim Sum, press the Adopt Dim Sum button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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