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Looks like: Rat Terrier Mix
Female, 11 years old, 19 pounds
Dear little Rainier was saved by a good Samaritan who saw her in danger along a busy highway, and we are so glad! Rainier's foster mom lovingly calls this mellow pup a "space cadet," which is one of her most endearing qualities. This sweet gal is initially a bit shy of new people, but quickly becomes sociable with humans and is nonreactive to other pups. Rainier is a perfect angel with kitties too, according to her foster mom, who reports that her cats sit on Rainier and groom her! She is an easy-going, trusting little soul who will follow you around the house. She just wants to be where YOU are, in case you are handing out pets or head scratches. She is so grateful for your attention! She gets a bit agitated when left alone, so she likely will be happiest in a home where somebody is at home most of the time. Treats and toys make transitions easier for her. Rainier has been fine socializing with children.

Rainier seems to have a hearing deficit but is learning to respond to signal training - isn't it wonderful that old dogs CAN learn new tricks? She walks well on leash, stopping here and there to read her "pee-mail." Her energy level is fairly low, so short walks suit her just fine.

Rainier's goal in life is just to be at your side - she's ready for your home and YOUR LOVE. Her ideal home would be a quiet one, maybe even with another mellow doggy friend who could show her the ropes. Rainier is so deserving of all the care and attention you can give her!

She came to Peace of Mind from the Hollister Animal Shelter.
If you would like to meet Rainier, press the Adopt Rainier button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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