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Looks like: Poodle
Male, 11 years old, 12 pounds
Foster needed
Georgie is a handsome boy. He is a friendly little guy and is content finding a soft place to sleep and relax. He likes getting cookies, doesn't mind being held and is friendly with other dogs. He is very vocal and his future person will have to be accepting of this. He will become talkative at new things, people and noises. He's just sounding an alert, as he responds in a friendly way to new things. He is not a good apartment dog as he does not want to be alone in the house or in the car and will let it be know by barking incessantly, and even howling at times. Someone willing to help him with this separation anxiety and willing to spend more time than not with him, is ideal.

While on leash, he walks very quickly, pulls a little, but responds decently. He mostly wants brisk walks but will occasionally stop short and cuts across one's path. He will also stop and look at any dogs that come near but he prefers not to engage. With new people, he is a little distant, willing to meet adults and allows a sniff of the hand and a brief pet. While home, he likes to explore the house and yard but does not have interest in playing. Georgie is not crazy about car travel, although he jumps in as if it's a natural thing to do. Then whimpers or whines a little. Sometimes he quiets down, and curls into his car bed.

Since Georgie is deaf, it is necessary to communicate with him visually. He seems to be quick to learn the territory--the doors, the furniture. He is very self-consoling and does not beg for attention. Georgie needs a quiet home with one or two adults, might be fine with other small dogs since he previously lived with two others. He will also do best in a home without stairs.

Georgie's guardian's home tragically burned down in the recent fires in Santa Cruz. His senior guardian decided moving into an assisted living facility would be her next step so she had somewhere to live, and unfortunately couldn't take Georgie with her. He was adopted from POMDR and unfortunately it did not work out due to an intense bladder stone complicating his health. This has been treated but he is susceptible to urinary crystals and will need future monitoring and care. He also has a heart murmur and will be on heart medication for life.
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