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Little Tater

Little Tater
Little Tater
Little Tater
Little Tater
Looks like: Medium Mixed Breed
Male, 12 years old, 20 pounds
Sweet Little Tater is so much more than just your favorite side dish, he's got enough personality to be your main! Tater is happy to meet new people and doesn't mind the presence of other dogs, all contributing to his good natured attitude. He's not as interested in toys as he is in belly rubs and back scratches and likes to follow his person around just to make sure you have good company at all times. He is content to be left alone, spending his time sleeping, but makes sure he is up and ready to greet his person when they arrive home. He loves car rides and looking at the world going by through the window. He also loves to be carried around in any type of backpack that allows him to take in the world around him.

Little Tator seems to have enjoyed his fair share of 'tatos himself. He makes adorable little grunts to let you know he wants some food (and in his sleep - dreaming of tots?). He is a tad on the chunky side, but doesn't let that stop him from moving around and exploring his surroundings. He is hoping his person can help him shed some weight and feel more comfortable. Tater also has restricted breathing due to a severe tracheal collapse. He has to take it easy (fine by him!) and not over exert himself. Little Tater will be on a low cost medication for his thyroid for life.

Little Tater came to us from San Jose Animal Care and Services. His ideal forever home would be with someone who would like to help him shed weight and take him out into the world for slow and steady, calm exploration. He is just as happy to spend time in his bed as he is to be by your side.
If you would like to meet Little Tater, press the Adopt Little Tater button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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