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Looks like: Chihuahua
Male, 15 years old, 7 pounds
Adoption pending
Muñeco means "doll" and that is just what he is - a little doll and a little darling! Muñeco loves to be with his person, accompanying you around the house and always ready for a walk. When Muñeco sees you going for the leash he wags his tail and prances around. Once outside, he does wonderfully on leash, staying right by your heels. Muñeco is very calm and polite and gets along well with other dogs and has previously lived with cats. He loves to meet new people and will come up to you to say "hi" especially if you have a treat!

Muñeco likes to naps (who doesn't?), but is peppy when awake. He has no issues going up or down stairs, but likes to be lifted into the car. He does great in the car, falling right asleep as soon as the ride gets going. He does prefer to be with his human, so will give a little bark to let you know he is unhappy about your leaving, but in general is a quiet little guy.

Muñeco has been a loved dog his whole life. Unfortunately, his guardians recently moved due to a career change and weren't able to find pet-friendly housing in the area.

Muñeco loves company and would do best in a house where someone is home the majority of the time, or able to take him with them when they venture out. He adapted to his foster home very quickly and easily, learning where food, water, bed and bathroom were in record time. He loves life and loves to explore so would love a person who is ready to take him out and about. If you are looking for a loyal and kind companion who has a lot of life left in him, make sure you check out Muñeco.
Interested in adopting? If you are interested in adopting Muñeco, please keep an eye on our website in case the pending adoption doesn't work out and Muñeco becomes available again.
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