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Sir Duke

Sir Duke
Sir Duke
Sir Duke
Sir Duke
Alaskan Malamute
Male, 6 years old, 90 pounds
Sir Duke is an enormous teddy bear! He is such a good boy with affection, adoring all of the attention. He is good with other dogs, too. He loves to play but isn't overly energetic in that he does know how to chill. He adores people and will happily prance around showing off his super thick fur. He responds fairly well to direction, but Duke is needing a secure home and yard as he has the ability to jump fences and open gates - being a little escape artist. He is also showing separation anxiety, seeming fine with everyone about and then when left alone, he is overwhelmed with anxiety and becomes vocal and may make some decisions he wouldn't otherwise do - like eating items, chewing on items, and trying to escape.

Duke is a Malamute, and breed experience with his adoption is a big bonus. The breed, and thus Duke, are known for being roamers, escape artists, and talkers. Duke will act independent one minute and then cry out for his person the next.

Sir Duke came to us from Oakland Animal Services. They reached out to us because he has a limp in his front right elbow. It looks like he's got a skip in his step but Duke doesn't let it get him down. We hope we can help him with that and find him a great forever home.
If you would like to meet Sir Duke, press the Adopt Sir Duke button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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