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Chihuahua Mix
Female, 8 years old, 12 pounds
This little lady was a shelter favorite before coming to us. She adores attention, and her reaction to it nearly always results in an embarrassing display of affection from any person. Dalia rolls (or even flops) over for belly rubs at every opportunity! Sometimes she wants the belly rubs so badly, she just can't contain herself. If that doesn't encourage you to pay attention, she'll bump it up a notch and start wiggling around on her back while maintaining eye contact.

Dalia has a lot of pep in her step! She is really friendly and interested in other dogs and is a fun loving gal. On walks, she can be nervous about meeting new dogs though. People are her main priority and she has no issues bumping a lap-dwelling dog out of your lap to make room for herself. She is looking for a forever home where she is the only dog.

Dalia needs help learning how to walk on leash better. She also needs help with her separation anxiety. She is a needy girl when it comes to human affection. Dalia is like glue, she wants to be on you or next to you at all times. Following her person from room to room, waits outside the bathroom and seems very insecure and thus desires lots of attention and reassurance.

Her neediness will likely subside with security from love, patience, a routine and kindness. Ideally, Dalia will have a person or couple who can give a great deal of time and attention to her and will not be pulled away by work.

Dalia came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Shelter.
If you would like to meet Dalia, press the Adopt Dalia button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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