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Shih Tzu
Female, 10 years old, 9 pounds
Aspen could use a human buddy. She is quite vision impaired. She seems to be able to sense light and sometimes flinches when she encounters shadows. Having someone nearby appears to soothe her, so we think she just needs someone to bond with and follow. We think Aspen will thrive best with a predictable routine. Aspen is fine around other dogs, but could take 'em or leave 'em, moving on to take in more smells and find comfortable places. She is the same with cats so will be fine in a home with other animals.

Aspen is ok on leash but should be kept close to her person due to her vision impairment. She is a quiet girl but will become vocal or whine when in a situation she cannot get herself out of or past a barrier. She wants to be in the same room with her people and is happiest wherever you are. Though, she doesn't care much for car rides.

Aspen is looking for a single story home with a person willing to help her. She is great with routine and a managing guardian can help be successful in almost all situations. Don't get us wrong though, she has very cat like tendencies and is actually very easy to care for and love. Transitions are tough for her but she really settles in and starts to snuggle and shadow her people. She's a sweetheart.

A home that will let her evolve on her time table with a lot of patience, understanding and love is ideal. Aspen will need a dog bed in multiple rooms. Right now that's her safe zone. She loves sunshine too. She's very low key but hopefully with time she will come out of her shell and show off her silly soul.

Aspen came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Shelter.
If you would like to meet Aspen, press the Adopt Aspen button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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