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Male, 8 months old, 7 pounds
Rocket is a tiny nugget, being all fur, and has a lot of personality. He came into our program with a broken front leg because he ambitiously jumped out of his stroller. The leg has yet to properly heal and has actually been re-fractured. He is predisposed to these injuries, having multiple similar injuries despite being so young. Because of this, Rocket needs a special home. He is looking for someone with untrained-puppy experience and patience to teach. His best trait is absolutely his cuteness, but he deserves a home that sees past his appearance to his needs, which is training and preventing him from jumping from any height. Rocket could be a real find for someone but he's not an "easy" dog - he is a rambunctious puppy who needs training and guidance. He needs someone to start working with him and likely also a professional dog trainer.

Rocket needs a home without kids. He is not a fan of his weekly bandage changes for his broken leg, and can be bitey during that process. He also play-bites when engaged in lively activity. He does play with other dogs but can be pushy, as a puppy usually is. He can live with other dogs and share space but his energy level is fairly high and may clash with some senior dogs. He is not used to walking on leash at all and currently bites it, twirling in circles.

Priority will be given to applicants who are willing to hire a trainer and/or enroll him in basic obedience class once his leg is healed. Rocket loves any and all toys, especially cardboard tubes, and will entertain himself. He is good in a crate, riding well in the car in one and staying calm when left home alone in a crate. He is vocal when he sees new dogs and new people but if someone comes to the home, he greets them like long lost family.

Rocket is not affectionate. He does not want to cuddle and is very independent. He will get excited and come for food. He will need regular full grooming and at-home fur maintenance.

Rocket comes to us because his guardians could no longer provide the care and cost of his medical treatment due to his repeated broken legs from his rambunctious tendencies. They had already spent thousands of dollars in vet care to tend to his broken bones, and as much as they loved him, they realized he needed a different home.
If you would like to meet Rocket, press the Adopt Rocket button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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