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Sheree when she first arrived - before grooming and care
Looks like: Poodle
Female, 7 years old, 12 pounds
Adoption pending
Sheree is a pretty frightened little thing in new circumstances. She can "shut down" in new situations, so she'll need a patient, quiet home to thrive in. Our hope is that Sheree warms up and comes out of her shell with lots of TLC. We have found that she copes better when other dogs are present. Therefore, Sheree does need a home with a calm, confident dog to help her feel comfortable.

Sheree lived with four other dogs in her previous household and seems to be a social learner, feeding off what other dogs are doing. She needs a slower, quiet home and one without kids. She does not currently enjoy attention or high energy situations and can be quickly overwhelmed. She will be happiest getting to know you on her own terms. She will do well with a very patient and gentle person who can show her a better life. Her trust will take time to earn and her social ability is a work in process.

Sheree loves walks! She is still frightened in the car and cowers, but may grow more accepting with experience. She is interested in humans but will not like being approached and yet will follow behind a familiar person at what she feels is a comfortable distance. Whether she blossoms into a social butterfly or not, her future person will have a lovely and beautiful companion.

Sheree came to us because her senior guardian passed away and she needed to find a new home.
Interested in adopting? If you are interested in adopting Sheree, please keep an eye on our website in case the pending adoption doesn't work out and Sheree becomes available again.
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