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Tiny Timothy

Tiny Timothy
Tiny Timothy
Tiny Timothy
Chihuahua Mix
Male, 12 years old, 10 pounds
Tiny Timothy isn't exactly like the character he is named after but there are some similarities! Tiny Tim has some mobility issues that occasionally make it hard to walk. He may have come from a "not-so-great" home before ending up at the shelter, as he is terrified of many things. He is slowly but surely learning to trust new people. We hope this little guy will have a happy forever home for the holidays.

Tiny Tim wags his tail in hopes to be picked up. He becomes really happy when comfortable and gets along great with other dogs. He will ask his people to go up or down stairs and loves being able to get out in a yard. Tiny Tim is loving when he is not stressed, but he is bitey when he is. He is looking for an adult-only home, and one that has experience with anxious or frightened dogs would be great. A patient, dog-savvy person is what Tiny Tim needs to help him gain some confidence.

His mobility issues stem from significant arthritis and some disc narrowing along his lumbar spine -- it almost appears as if he may have had a previous spinal injury which has since healed. Both his patellas (kneecaps) are medially luxated (not in proper place) and will not return to their normal position, causing significant gait abnormalities and weakness in his back legs. There is also some mild arthritis in both knees as well. POMDR has consulted with an orthopedic specialist to find the best way to help his mobility.

Tiny Tim joined us from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter after being found as a stray.
If you would like to meet Tiny Timothy, press the Adopt Tiny Timothy button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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