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Foxie Roxie

Foxie Roxie
Foxie Roxie
Foxie Roxie
Foxie Roxie
Looks like: Catahoula Mix
Female, 11 years old, 41 pounds
Adoption pending
Roxie is a sweet dog who is great in the home, comfortable with crates, and walks well on leash. She loves her walks! She occasionally pulls and gets distracted by other dogs but follows commands and directions well. Truthfully, she's a couch potato unless a walk is a possibility. She'd walk all day if you let her.

Roxie gets along well with dogs and usually wants to play with them. She has been great with all animals actually: cats, horses, cows and chickens. There has been instances of hackles towards cats so a safe and proper introduction could really help. She pulls a little bit on leash to say hi to new people. She loves people! She will wag her tail and walk right up to new people, and she is great with kids!

Roxie loves riding in the car and will stick her head out the window, sending her drool off in the wind. She has limitations in her hips and should continue taking glucosamine and not overdo her exercise outings. Roxie is a quiet dog, making grunts, whines and squeals to elicit play, but is otherwise fairly non-vocal. She is a fantastic dog.

Roxie is calm most of the time, and except for her much loved walks, she mostly sleeps during the day. She loves to snuggle and lounge with her people and she will be an amazing companion for a lucky person. She likes to snuggle and is so sweet and gentle with people. She acts much younger than her age and lots of walks are a must in her future home.

Foxie Roxie is looking for a forever home because her previous person moved away. A friend of that family has been helping Roxie find a new home. She thinks Roxie is an amazing dog but is unable to keep her.
Interested in adopting? If you are interested in adopting Foxie Roxie, please keep an eye on our website in case the pending adoption doesn't work out and Foxie Roxie becomes available again.
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