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Looks like: Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
Male, 8 years old, 10 pounds
Chewy is a shy guy that desperately wants to be loved, but on his terms. He came to us from the SPCA for Monterey County because the shelter environment was just too loud for this little fella to thrive. He is good with other dogs, rides nicely in the car and has an adorable little face!

Chewy is still really uncertain in new situations and can be fussy about being handled, so we think a quiet, patient, adult-only home would be best for him. If you have other accepting dogs to show him the ropes, that would probably suit him well. He can nap around and share space with other dogs. He is not experienced with walking on leash and mostly tags along next to the person but if he feels the pull, he rebels and fights it with an opposite pull and a little tantrum.

If left in the home alone he does ok if distracted with a treat but is sure excited for his person to return. He wants to follow his people around the home and sometimes shows off his play for a few minutes with a toy. at night, he can sleep in a crate but will send a whimper of protest at first. He really desires a lap in the car and will act like he cannot ride comfortably and safely without a lap. This guy really does love to be held as much as possible, and that includes being snuggles. He will give kisses in return. He definitely wants to be a good dog and give love to his person. He has a cute personality that really shines once he is comfortable. His ideal home has a patient person and a consistent routine that will lead to Chewy's settling and feeling comfortable.

Chewy is not a fan of the leash yet. He may cower from it pulling him and he needs to build confidence with a person and then be shown how to be lead with leash, perhaps with a tasty treat. Thankfully, this guy will crawl right into your lap or arms and is very content being carried.
If you would like to meet Chewy, press the Adopt Chewy button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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