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Sunny Delight

Sunny Delight
Sunny Delight
Sunny Delight
Sunny Delight
Sunny Delight
Looks like: Dachshund / Terrier Mix
Female, 5 years old, 11 pounds
Sunny Delight had a rough start, but she has blossomed in her foster home and is a happy dog when she is home with the people she trusts. In her foster home she has joyous, bouncy energy and her tail wags constantly. It does take her some time before she trusts people, so she would do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter who will let her progress and trust at her own pace. This is very important for her. If you push her too quickly, she'll lose the trust in people that her foster family has worked so hard to earn.

She does trust females more readily than males, which is often the case with shy dogs. Additionally, she needs a home with another confident dog to help her. She becomes very sad with no other dogs around.

She still gets worried if either of her foster parents approach her or try to initiate a pet or touch, but she will allow affection when she's curled up in a bed or on the couch or if she goes to them for affection which is starting to happen little by little. Interactions need to be initiated by her. She does enjoy being by her person and hanging out wherever they are.

She gets along well with other dogs, and we think she'd be fine in a home with cats. She'd be a great buddy for another dog. She can be playful if they want to play, and is also happy to snuggle up to another dog and take a nap.

She is very quiet, polite, sleeps through the night and is house trained. Riding in a car stresses her out at this point. Having a secure yard is important for Sunny. Her potty routine is made much easier and less stressful on everyone involved if they there is a secure yard she can access.

Sunny Delight was found by animal control with a stillborn puppy hanging out of her and she had more stillborn puppies inside. She was taken to Hitchcock Road Animal Services. They were able to get her to a veterinarian for a c-section and to be treated for sepsis. It was touch and go, but she survived. She went through a deep depression after losing her puppies.

We believe she lived on the streets fending for herself for quite a while or was very under socialized in a previous home because of her semi-feral nature. With all she has been through, she has never shown any sign of aggression. She really wants to trust people and to love and be loved. It will just take her some time and patience.
If you would like to meet Sunny Delight, press the Adopt Sunny Delight button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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