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Looks like: Chihuahua-Terrier Mix
Male, 12 years old, 11 pounds
We at POMDR are really strong on the Dollar! You can just look at this good-natured boy and tell what a cool personality he has. Dollar LOVES people, and has made a career out of being the best companion dog he can be. He is friendly with other dogs, but does not require canine companions to feel at home. Dollar is entertaining and interactive. YOU will be the highlight of his day, and he loves to give kisses, snuggle, and follow you around the house. He yips when he's happy and excited. One of his favorite activities is going in the car. When he knows he's going he'll bark with joy, and then he will settle down and enjoy the ride.

When Dollar first came to us, he had signs of congestive heart failure, but after his "tune-up" and some new medications, he is full of pep and now acts much younger than his age. To prove it, Dollar can go on brisk 5-mile walks without slowing down! He is a good boy on the leash and doesn't pull. He has met kids and cats and is very relaxed around them. He loves to meet all dogs and people. He doesn't stay interested for long, unless they give him a lot of attention, then he loves that. He'll also play with soft toys for a bit.

Dollar has been used to eating table scraps, and thankfully his loving foster mom has weaned him from human to doggy food, which should help Dollar stay fit and healthy for a long time to come. He now has sweet breath and a sparkling smile after his dental! He will be on heart medication for life and should have his heart monitored regularly by a veterinarian.

Dollar came to us with his mother, Mama Jazzy, when his guardian passed away. They are not a bonded pair and will be fine adopted separately.
If you would like to meet Dollar, press the Adopt Dollar button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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