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Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button
Australian Shepherd
Male, 13 years old, 35 pounds
One look into Benjamin Button's sparkling eyes and smiling face, and your heart will melt a little. This soft senior has seen things we're not too sure about, but what we do know is that he is ready to share your couch, your home, and your company. Sweet Mr. Button is fine with other dogs and prefers to co-exist with them, rather than to mingle. While Benjamin isn't one for car rides, he certainly enjoys a stroll! He walks like a gentleman on leash and when that leash comes out, he's ready to go! He knows how to heel, stay by your side, and enjoys sniffing his surroundings as he goes.

Gentle and still getting comfortable with being shown affection, Benjamin Button would prefer to relish in the company of someone that is home often, as he does enjoy companionship. He is not a lap dog and not a snuggler, but he values the friendship of his humans. When his person enters the room, his tail wags with joy! He doesn't care much for toys, but he loves getting treats and he is very calm about taking and enjoying them. He is a bit stiff, so limited stairs would be best, and he has some masses that are currently being treated at our veterinary clinic. If you are looking for a sweet and reliable buddy to keep you company, this is your guy.

He came to us from San Jose Animal Services. His previous person could not afford his vet care and thus surrendered him.
If you would like to meet Benjamin Button, press the Adopt Benjamin Button button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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