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Looks like: Pit Bull Mix
Female, 9 years old, 46 pounds
Judy is one balanced lady; she does downtime beautifully at home but still has plenty of pep in her step when out on walks. She does well on leash and off. She will happily run around in the woods but comes reliably when called (even to the names of the other dogs in her foster pack). Judy is currently living with 4 other dogs - 1 young, playful pit bull and 3 senior small dogs - and doing well with all. She tolerates but rarely responds in kind to the pittie's very boisterous play attempts, although they do engage in the occasionally game of chase and are very companionable on the trail when out on hikes. She shows far too much interest in cats to share a home with one.

Judy was housetrained from day one at her foster home and learned to use the dog door immediately. She has loved every human she's met, greeting enthusiastically but politely. Her manners take a little dip with people she really adores and she will sometimes jump up on family members returning from an extended absence. She is not a kisser but is a major snuggler!

Her initial greetings with new dogs tend to be slightly forward and eager by dog standards, so the dog park may not be Judy's ideal environment. She's impressively adaptable, so multiple in-home scenarios could suit her. She could live in a household with another friendly dog (or 4) but would also probably love being a cherished only dog in the home. As long as she doesn't get lost in the shuffle, her approach to humans that will pet and love her is "the more, the merrier" so a large family could be heaven. That said, she could do equally well as the Robin to your Batman.

Judy is not exceptionally needy but does like to be with her people, often opting to curl up wherever you are; a family that is permissive about access to all spaces will give Judy the type of retirement she's earned. As the weather has improved, Judy is relishing the opportunity to sunbathe so a home with some outdoor space would be ideal. She is a very quiet girl, at least in the rural setting of her foster home. She rides well in the car, is food motivated, and is just wonderfully even-tempered.

Judy loves treats and will become a playful girl for them. She is smart, fun, and aims to please. She knows sit, shake, and more. A DNA test was done for Judy, revealing her to be 45% American Pit Bull Terrier, 18% German Shepherd, 15% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12% Cocker Spaniel, and 10% Supermutt. She is 100% lovely.

Judy came to POMDR from Oakland Animal Services after she was abandoned by her previous people when they moved and she was brought in to the shelter by a kindly neighbor.
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