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Looks like: Dachshund / Basset Hound Mix
Male, 17 years old, 25 pounds
OK, folks, we at Peace of Mind pride ourselves on keeping it real. We're here to tell you that this good old boy, at 17 years old and missing one eye, isn't going to win any beauty contests. Shorty has been around the block a few times! He's a low rider, and he's not built for speed. But what he's got that is more important is a really sweet temperament, a mellow personality, and a whole lot of "get along with everybody"! He will roll with whatever's happening, and then look for a cozy place to nap, usually near his human. Shorty loves being petted and offers kisses to show his bliss. Don't you agree that's more important?

Shorty is quite engaged with his surroundings, and if there's activity going on, he's ready to participate. Once things slow down, so does he, and he's quite skilled at going into "screensaver mode" to rest up for whatever's happening ahead. Shorty currently lives happily in his foster home with several dogs, a cat, and some goats, so he's clearly a team player. His foster mom thinks his best traits are independence and confidence, and she loves the fact that although he is a lovely companion dog, he's not needy. Shorty rides well in cars, and doesn't mind being left alone. He's fine roaming the house and is not vocal or destructive. What a good boy he is!

Dear sweet Shorty needs a stair-free one level home, and should not be jumping down from beds or couches, so ramps are one of his few requirements. He also is being treated for some skin issues, which likely will be ongoing. He will be so grateful to share your home and your company in his sunset years.

Shorty originally came to POMDR in 2015 after his guardian passed away and the guardian's family members were unable to care for him. He was adopted and is now back with us again, hoping for a forever home to toddle about and make his people happy. Thanks for considering Shorty!
If you would like to meet Shorty, press the Adopt Shorty button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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