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Segunda Vida

Segunda Vida
Segunda Vida
Segunda Vida
Segunda Vida
Segunda Vida
Female, 8 years old, 9 pounds
This determined and independent lady would love to find a safe, quiet, and loving home with a nice cushy bed, perhaps in your office where she can curl up and supervise your work. In between supervising, she might need frequent reminders to go outside to do her "business."

Vida enjoys extended yard explorations and easy walks. She is indifferent at best toward other dogs and also cats, and needs a good while to warm up to new people; trust does not come easily to her. She tolerates being pet on the head, but is unsure about being touched on her back or being picked up, so she will need a home that is patient and understanding. It seems just a matter of time until Segunda Vida can fully relax and enjoy her second chance at life, and we are so looking forward to seeing her little tail finally unfurl and wag for the first time.

In our care we learned that Vida suffered from seizures. She is now on anticonvulsant medication that has managed her seizures, but she will likely need to take medications regularly for the rest of her life.

"Segunda Vida" means "second life" in Spanish, and this sweet Chihuahua is definitely deserving of a new and better life. She was found lying in the street, confused, and a Good Samaritan brought her to Hollister Animal Services, thinking she'd been hit by a car. We gladly brought her into our program to give her that second chance.
If you would like to meet Segunda Vida, press the Adopt Segunda Vida button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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