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Looks like: German Shepherd, Husky
Male, 12 years old, 90 pounds
Specks is a true gentle giant. He'll give a low tail wag to say hello to other dogs, but he's not really interested in dogs, either big or small. If you kneel down next to him, he will give a couple of big, enthusiastic kisses right on your face! While he doesn't prefer to cuddle, he loves to have his ears scratched, and will stick his head between your legs to ask for more. He's also quite resourceful, as when he wasn't getting quite enough attention, he actually stuck his head into a bush to scratch his ears himself.

He walks along right by your side on leash, with no pulling whatsoever, and he is completely non-reactive to noises and creatures in his vicinity. He's not even interested in chasing squirrels. With his luxurious coat and his gentle demeanor, Specks will make a beloved companion for someone. He is looking for a home without children.

Specks came into our program because both of his senior guardians are dealing with health issues. His surrendering guardians adopted him six years ago, and were told that he had previously been a service dog for a hearing-impaired veteran. While they didn't receive any documentation for this, Specks immediately bonded with his primary guardian, who is also hearing-impaired, and was good about gently alerting her to noises. We were told that the day he met her, he climbed up onto a picnic table so that he could immediately lick her face, and he stayed loyally by her side from that point on. It was an incredibly difficult decision for her to let him go, but she was relieved POMDR could help.
If you would like to meet Specks, press the Adopt Specks button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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