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Babycakes and Gemmie

Babycakes and Gemmie
Babycakes and Gemmie
Babycakes and Gemmie
Babycakes and Gemmie
Looks like: Pomeranian / Yorkie / Poodle Mix
Male, 12 years old, 3 pounds
Looks like: Pomeranian / Yorkie / Poodle Mix
Female, 13 years old, 3 pounds
Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, and you're not seeing double. What you are seeing is two of the sweetest, tiniest little lovebugs you could hope to meet. Gemmie and Babycakes have spent their lives together and are totally bonded. They lost their guardian a few months ago and are now looking for a soft place to land - together.

With these two cuddly cuties, you get double all the good stuff. Double the snuggles, double the laughs and double the love. They adore everyone they meet, walk well on leash and are gracious when encountering other dogs. Naps are high on their to-do list, and they delight in gifts of soft, small treats. (Baby is missing all of his teeth while Gemmie still has five of hers.)

They prefer company but are well-behaved when left home alone. Though they love attention, they're not too demanding of it. Gemmie is fully potty trained, while Baby benefits from a belly band if he can't go out with regularity. They can live with other dogs as long as they get plenty of attention just for themselves!
If you would like to meet Babycakes and Gemmie, press the Adopt Babycakes and Gemmie button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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