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Isla Roo

Isla Roo
Isla Roo
Isla Roo
Isla Roo
Isla Roo
Looks like: Poodle Mix
Female, 1 year old, 12 pounds
Isla Roo is a quiet girl, a little on the shy side, but gentle as a lamb (and she looks like one, too!). She likes meeting other dogs, and will roll over submissively when she meets a new friend, but she will let them know if they are too forward or too active for her liking. She loves her toys. She gathers them up and likes to play.

Isla is a beautiful young pup with a wobbly gait likely caused by some neurological issues. She likes to bounce around and explore, but her legs will occasionally give out on her and she'll go sprawling. It doesn't faze her for long, though, and she's soon back up on her feet.

Isla is looking for an adopter who can help her stay safe. She needs a home with no stairs, or at most a few. She does sway a lot and falls down easily and can tumble off of ledges or high beds. She also seems to have some tremors, most noticeable when she is anxious. She does have separation anxiety and wants to spend all day with her person, barking and trying her best to follow if left behind. She needs time getting used to cars, but is great being carried and can handle short, slow walks.

Isla came to us as a transfer from South County Animal Rescue, where she was surrendered by someone who could not care for a dog.
If you would like to meet Isla Roo, press the Adopt Isla Roo button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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